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  1. For the record: Lack of major connections with old save data aside, I'm really enjoying Strikers so far. I've made it a fair ways through the story and, while the combat can get particularly nasty whenever those heavy hitters and/or bosses arrive, it's otherwise something that I'm increasingly growing fond of the further I go along, and the more the characters' skills improve.
  2. I have some conflicting thoughts on the new Pokémon Sinnoh games:

    - Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl don't look all too good to me; just simple remasters instead of interesting remakes like the last 3 (even OR/AS). I only hope that any QoL improvements made give me legitimate reasons to pick this up over a copy of Platinum.

    - Legends looks... okay, I guess? At least from a design perspective; having an actual open-world adventure has me intrigued, at the very least. However, the performance in the trailer has me concerned, which is only furthered by Game Freak's recent games' declining quality.

  3. Luckily, the re-release on PS4/Switch/Xbox added co-op into the game, so there is a way to play Lego City with a buddy. But since the story plays out exactly the same as the original, Player 2 just ends up playing as a second Chase instead of another character. That may or may not be an issue, but considering how many other Lego games make excuses to have two different characters around, a part of me feels just a tad disappointed. Despite that, though, I agree that LCU is probably the best post-Star Wars Lego game to get.
  4. To those who have played the Yakuza games: Between Kiwami and Zero, which one would you say is the better game to start with?

    I ask because I recently bought Kiwami while it was on sale, but with Zero currently just £4 on PSN until February, I'm very tempted to pick that up too.

    1. Teoskaven


      Kiwami was done after 0, meaning it has nods and a refined gameplay from that, so you better start with the latter.

    2. Tracker_TD


      Zero is arguably the best game in the series to this day. Kiwami, despite being a remake of the first game, just winds up feeling like a less good, glorified expansion pack for it. I'd say 0. 

    3. NegaMix


      Thanks! I'll pick up Zero then.

  5. Huh, Bowser's Fury actually looks pretty cool! I was already debating on picking up the game since I missed out on a Wii U, but this may have just solidified my purchase.

  6. > looks over recent statuses

    I'm always late to the good shit.

  7. Had some (really belated) Christmas gifts finally arrive today:


    Now I've got all the classic Mega Man games on one console, as well as a handy way to play some PSP/Vita games (coughPersonacough)

  8. This Christmas has been pretty hectic for my family. All because one of our cats had to get an amputation...

    Yeah, it's a strange one this year.

  9. FINALLY got the internet patched up today; It's been absurdly slow throughout the past couple years. Turns out that the phone line had been slowly corroding and getting damp, so it's been replaced with a new line.

    Now hopefully I should be able to download, play and watch stuff online without any major hassle.

  10. I think you're confusing assist trophies with regular ones, at least regarding Lucas. He had a trophy before being added in as DLC, but he wasn't an assist trophy in that game. It's no different than Min Min already having a spirit (basically the equivalent to trophies) in Ultimate before her DLC. Also Fire Emblem, as of Ultimate, only has about 3 assist trophies. And none of those assist characters (Lyn, Black Knight, Tiki) have been promoted to playable characters either. Point is, there's nothing yet to suggest that a current assist character like Shadow can or will be upgraded to playable in Ultimate. If you really want to hope, then you're better off waiting until the next Smash game if/when that happens.
  11. Just finished Miles Morales. All-in-all, 'twas a very fun (if a tad short) follow-up to the first PS4 Spider-Man game.

    I don't think I'll be doing a New Game + run just yet, though. Might wait until I get a PS5 to do that...

    1. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Just arrived to today, I've been having a lot of fun with it.

      Trying not to rush through it, since I kind of had a feeling it was going to be a shorter game, but It's been hard to put down, just like the first one.

  12. Got my copy!


    Might take some time to download, though. Internet hasn't been all too good around here lately.

    1. Tarnish


      The sentence "Got my physical copy, but I still need download it." is a sentence that still makes no sense to me.

    2. NegaMix


      Thankfully in this game's case, it's only an update that needs downloading. The game itself is all on the disc, from the looks of it.

  13. 20 years, huh? Crazy to think this place has been around so long.

    Happy anniversary!

  14. Shit, forgot about the PSN store changing soon! Guess it's now or never if I want to pick up the other Persona games for a decent price (and avoiding the PS3's god-awful store).

    PSTV prices seem to be going down too, so hopefully I'll have a way to play them all soon.

    1. Sean


      I picked up Persona 2 but I'm holding off on Devil Summoner for the future. I'll just bear through the terrible PS3 store to do it.

    2. NegaMix


      Fair enough. Persona 2 is the one I wanna get the most, since I often hear a lot of good things about it but physical copies go for stupid amounts of money. And PS1 versions are a no-go since it never released in European countries.

  15. Having beaten the fourth boss today, I feel pretty adamant in saying that this game is pretty fun... when I'm not bothering with the gems at all. When I am, however, it becomes one of the absolute most INFURIATING games i've ever played! Good lord, what the hell were they thinking with some of these crate placements?! I've struggled to get a single 'All Crates Broken' gem since the second world because they put just one or two crates in the most asinine hidden spots they could think up! It's insane! The 'Beat in Less Than 3 Lives' gem isn't much better, especially with the longer levels. And sure, I could just do one run focusing on the crates, then another trying not to die... but apparently there are now relics that require A DAMN-NEAR PERFECT RUN IN ONE LIFE to obtain?! Just... NO! ... *sighs* Thing is, I still like this game in terms of story, presentation, music and general stage design. But when the game gets bullshit hard, it REALLY gets bullshit hard! While I'm not really much of a completionist, I do like to try and complete as much of a game as possible before putting it down. But to be frank, I just don't see myself ever even attempting to 100% Crash 4 at this rate. I think I'd rather 100% Wrath of Cortex...
  16. My copy of Crash 4 arrived! Man, I really wanna just start playing it... but I have to wait for the update first.

    1. NegaMix


      ...Eh, screw it. The patch is only 5GB, so it should be fine to start a little early.

  17. > Minecraft characters

    Aaaand I go back to not caring about Smash.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Friendship ended with Smash

  18. I'd be more excited for the next Smash character, but lately I've been losing interest in the game, mainly due to the lack of fun single-player content and the awful online issues I constantly have.

  19. > Brother insists for months that Pokémon SW/SH won't get an 'all-in-one' physical bundle

    > Pokémon SW/SH are getting an 'all-in-one' physical bundle


    (For the record, I'm not sure if I'll be buying this anytime soon, but having the expansions on-cart is far more ideal for me.)

  20. Hmm. Very tempted to do another New Game + run of Spider-Man PS4 before Miles Morales comes out (and to pass the time until I get Crash 4).

  21. Tbh, with Miles Morales coming to PS4, I'm gonna be waiting quite a bit before upgrading to PS5. There's just not much in the launch lineup that excites me.

  22. I'm conflicted about this collection. On the one hand, having all three games on Switch would be rather handy, especially Sunshine. And it's a good selection of games too, all of which I genuinely love. But on the other hand, the seeming lack of enhancements (mere texture updates for 64, 16:9 ratio for Sunshine, and handheld play for Galaxy) as well as Galaxy 2 not making the cut leaves me feeling underwhelmed with the collection's contents. And then there's the limited release, both physically AND digitally. Just... why?! Who the hell thought that putting such a time limit on the collection's availablity was a good idea?! I almost want to wait for a discount before thinking about picking this up, but considering the limited time until it becomes unavailable, I dunno if that'll even be a possibility.
  23. Man, it feels like the first time since March that I've been able to just relax at home...

    For reference: my family's gone off camping for the week, leaving me to look after the pets in the meantime. It's so quiet, but I love it!

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