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  1. I've been playing Runners since the soft launch, actively as I love this game, or more like used to love this game. I haven't written on this forum in a little while because my frustration with the game had gone away during the summer. Right now I must say that 2.0 has destroyed the game as a source of fun, I had even deleted it from my phone because of the spike wall. At the current moment, I honestly want this game to be decompiled so it can be modified to our own liking. And no I do not mean to cheat or steal items in the game, because most likely you would have to remove the games online capabilities, but then you won't have to be online to play. For myself, Modifying the game to be fair and play it offline by myself would be a dream come true.
  2. No all the files are encrypted with file extensions like " .assets" or some have no extensions at all, 7zip and other unzippers can't open the archive I believe
  3. I would also like to know how to explore the games assets, find hidden files, I'm really curious how it is done... Do you need to have a mobile developers sdk or a unity program on your computer?
  4. I would like to thank you Hogfather for referencing me in your newest Sonic Runners Review! It means a lot to see my findings being featured in such a manner! I also experienced the aforementioned file size issue on my iOS device, where it was in excess of 500mb, and as others have done, i used the Data Transfer method to lower my Runners size to roughly, 215mb. Since a few have asked why red rings don't get transferred between Android and iOS platforms, i believe i partly know why this is. As we all know there are hackers who have maximized their red rings ((cause just about every Android Device, and Android Emulator on home computers, can be "Rooted" allowing users to mod files or game values in the system Ram)) and by doing so they can unlock everything. There are numerous videos on youtube displaying these hacks, which were all done on android devices or emulators ((These hackers are usually caught by Sega's anti hacking software))... For whatever reason though, even with the recent Jailbreak for iOS 8.4, there are no such hacks available on iOS devices, so i believe the reason why red rings are not transferable between platforms is, someone could use an Emulator, hack the red rings and currency, then switch to another platform and they would have all the hacked currency, and they could also circumvent the software Sega is using to block hackers because if they log the old android transaction but not the new iOS transaction or vice versa, one could get away with it.
  5. Oh okay!! I wasn't completely sure, but hey I guess 3 special eggs isn't that bad
  6. Now I know everyone is going to hate me, but i just spun my first time since the Omega Event started and low and behold who do i unlock but Omega!!! ... Now i will be brutally honest, i wasn't even aiming to get Omega, because I had even unlocked Classic Sonic last week during the birthday event, and even he i didn't want to unlock as i already had done the Facebook sign-up to unlock Amy before the world-release broke facebook in june, and unlocking her took forever by the way!!! My Star Team is near-perfect for me with Tails at level 100 and Amy near 100 at level 83 currently, with Shahra maxed out and Kuna even though she is only level 0 ... So did i need the new characters no, but beggars can't be choosers as they say, and now there's even more incentive to play the game so yay i suppose! Congrats Sega, i have taken the stance that i can no longer complain about the game, because you guys have actually been good to me.
  7. The LTE Radio and (even wifi chip in any phone) uses alot of power, if the radio is constantly being used, alot of power is being used. Believe me, you can also do a google search "LTE battery life", and you'll find tons of articles illustrating it. As for stuttering, yes your device pooling http requests can cause stutter, because your processor is processing the data downloaded by the radio, which if its a big file, like a video ad, can cause performance issues. It is possible that had happened, but i feel that the fact that it did happen for me, it could happen for someone else. It would explain some of the issues we have reported in the past.
  8. I wouldn't go as far as to say it is Malware because its not malicious, but in other aspects yes it is because the app is nonstop running on your network, and if you don't have unlimited data, i would actually say not to play the game, because you could get overage charges.
  9. I set up a Proxy server on my desktop, which allowed me to monitor the traffic from the app. All of these requests were made during a run, so yes that would cause performance issues. I currently have over 300 requests listed on my computer, so yes it is constant and never stops, which would cause all the stuttering, heat, and any other issues you could possibly think of.
  10. After so many people experienced heat issues on their phones, i decided to analyze the HTTP traffic the game was requesting for ads, as that can cause excessive battery drain and heat generation. I was surprised to see that so many requests were made in such a short amount of time, these were all made in one run that i played for a period of 5 minutes. No wonder why there is excessive amounts of heat generated and the battery being drained. I don't know how to upload images onto a post like this, but here are the two links to the pictures i took. http://postimg.org/image/o6tsaruxj/ http://postimg.org/image/fulyaunkd/
  11. Yes Taokaka i completely agree with what you said, other than what companions, gameplay wise the game is pretty much the same but everything else, is just like testing our patience... I have enough patience to keep going, but i am upset with what has changed because it feels like to me, sega is trying to pinch pennies. Before i forget, I've also noticed a bug that has occurred a few times since the worldwide release that never happened before ((it happened yesterday when i went with my family to a local park and today when i had to eat dinner)) I paused the game during a run and the phone went to sleep for a few minutes, when i returned, the game played for 5 seconds, then it crashed and i had to restart from the home screen. Hopefully this will be fixed, because being able to pause the game and returning a couple minutes later can happen fairly often in anyones' case.
  12. I've been actively reading this forum for the past month, but i never had the feeling to chime in and share my opinion, but with this recent update to the game, i can't keep quiet anymore. I have an iPhone 5s, so i never had any of the bugs experienced in the android version, but I am very upset by the numerous nerfs that were introduced in this version. I can understand from a business standpoint why Sega would reduce the amount of red star rings awarded at the end of an episode to 5, but to reduce the amount rewarded for completing Episode 50-5 "The Boiling Point Finale" to only 10 red star rings when it used to be 50 is unacceptable. I could accept if it was 25, as that would be half, but certainly not 10 that is just down right ridiculous and greedy. Also as for Companions, it is ridiculous that they no longer collect Animals which they always had done from the beginning of the game released back in February, it may not sound that bad, but if you focus on it, you can see numerous animals would have been collected by your companions if they had been collected them, i've noted at least more than 30 lost in of my runs. Now Sega may have made this change because the Death Egg is so humongous that every single animal no matter where it is on the screen would be collected, but then they should have changed it so only the Death Egg can not collect animals, but every other companion still can. I am glad that Sega was able to stop hackers, but they also severely limited us, the players who play fairly. The only way i see any of these to change, is that we keep critiquing and complaining about what we have lost. In previous versions, they have listened, such as that flight type characters can attack fully when flying. Hopefully Sega will listen and they will enhance the game to the more feature filled game it used to be.
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