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  1. I could see Drop Dash functionality being added to his down-special if used in the air. Other than that, he's had some minor changes; dash attack is just the kick, reticle on neutral special, and a slew of changes to knockback/damage/frame data (like all the other characters) documented on SmashWiki.
  2. I've only recently gotten to know the Snake Eater song recently when my brother started getting around to the MSG games. Didn't play too close attention to the song when it was in Brawl at the time. But man, this is a really cool remix. I wasn't even expecting another MSG remix at all, honestly. So this is a nice surprise. Sonic remix when?
  3. New Song added on the Smash Bros. Blog Mega Man 4 Medley Arranged by Jun Senoue I'm already liking the sound to this, especially since I don't hear much takes on stuff past the 3rd MM. Interesting seeing Jun Senoue do this one. REALLY makes me hopeful some actual Sonic Remixes come to Smash Ultimate.
  4. Huh I thought this game didn't need a connection to play. Or am I just mistaken? (Was trying to play this while grocery shopping with my brother. The store tend to block cell signal inside save for certain spots.)
  5. Pretty sure that even the original Runners did that with all the animal buddies. Oops, I see that everyone else already established that :X
  6. It's definitely content-light, which would explain the 36MB size. I too wish that they add more to this game down the line. While playing, one of the automated sections glitched on me where I went through a spring instead of hitting it. It resulted in me clipping through enemies and a loop section as if they weren't there.
  7. We can only hope they do, because from my understanding, the game hasn't changed or updated since it's soft launch from the Gameloft Store.
  8. The whole custom server thingy has been dead for a while due to lack of interest last I heard.
  9. Looks like it's been released now... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftICHM https://itunes.apple.com/ua/app/sonic-runners-adventure/id1306844643?mt=8&ign-itsct=1306844643-1306844643&ign-itscg=0176&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Gonna try it out since I've got some spare Play credits
  10. Wasn't expecting that. My interest has already came back after coming across the trailer on Sonic Wikia. This may end up being my 5th Sonic mobile game on my phone (after Dash, Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Forces: Speed Battle, and Sonic Jump) :L
  11. Before they swiftly deleted their tweets replying to people asking for iOS/Google Play release, they answered that they were only licensed to sell it on the Gameloft Store.
  12. Well that's very disappointing to hear. Can't say I'm bothered to even try this game if it's ONLY on the Gameloft store. And iOS users seem to be SoL EDIT: lol they deleted their tweets.
  13. Well, now it looks to be OFFICIALLY released...
  14. Oh man, the way they cut around the segments of the Desert event song, it sounds so weird if you've heard the original song before. Interesting trailer, but maybe they're just getting things into place for a reveal soon? Hopefully it becomes officially acknowledged/revealed soon. More UI changes. Very, very slight though. The ring counter and the mission goals; their font was made a bit more cartoonish, and gave a few things solid outlines.
  15. After getting a closer listen to the ingame music from various gameplay footages, I'm pretty positive that the music is in some common audio format, or at least a format that doesn't support looping like .adx does. Most of the songs in this game don't have their proper intros (such as Green Hill from Generations, and the event song from Runners used for the Desert Stage) and just start in the middle of their tunes, looping at those very same parts of the song. So to me, it sounds like the entire audio stream is being looped as opposed to using loop points. I don't typically play Gameloft games outside of UNO, so I don't know what they typically do for music. But when I was playing UNO on iOS a long time ago and even on the iPod Click Wheel, the music was in AAC and MP3s. EDIT: Someone on Twitter pointed out that the game was moved to the first games listed on the Support Page
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