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  1. The Sonic Mania Soundtrack thread!

    On the FFshrine forums they have a lot of video game music for download. You can find the other tracks there in lossless quality. It's a pretty good site. But I have been wondering something. On this video that Tee Lopes uploaded, there appears to be a custom ending for Studiopolis Zone Act 1. In the comments Tee Lopes says that this custom ending will be on the vinyl for Sonic Mania. But people on the FFshrine forums are saying that none of the tracks on the vinyl have custom endings. Is this true? That would be really disappointing if so. This is the video in question btw.
  2. Sonic Forces file sizes revealed

    It is important to remember that file size does not equal content. This information doesn't tell us anything about the content of the game.
  3. tfw Mario has better rolling physics than Sonic does


    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      Sonic has forgotten how to be a hedgehog.

  4. Some things of note in the English trailer. Eggman calls Infinite "this invincible instrument of destruction". That seems to suggest that Infinite is an artificial being, rather than someone Eggman found like some others were suggesting. Also a few lines are different compared to the Japanese version. But that's really all I got. It's an alright trailer, but I just hope that we see more gameplay.
  5. Sonic Forces has Denuvo

    Ah, it appears that the Persona 5 costume thing was a misunderstanding. The Persona 5 costume will be included for the PC version. Thanks to Siliconera for contacting a representative and asking them. http://www.siliconera.com/2017/09/21/sonic-forces-pc-will-included-denuvo-persona-5-costume/
  6. Sonic Forces has Denuvo

    On the Microsoft store, it lists the Persona 5 DLC separately from the Sega Pack. But the Steam page only lists the Sega pack. That's why people think that the Persona 5 costume won't be in the PC version.
  7. Sonic Forces has Denuvo

    Also it doesn't have the Persona 5 costume either for some reason. Sega really haven't learned, have they? What a shame. EDIT: The PC version will have the Persona 5 costume. Thanks to Siliconera for confirming that.
  8. I'd be down for a Bridge Zone return tbh.
  9. You can clearly tell that the director of Colors is directing this game. This level looks like a level like something straight out of Colors. I hope at least that there are not too many 2D Modern sections, and that the 3D sections are well designed like Generations. Also, did anyone else notice this? The boost seems to behave differently in this game compared to others. When you boost in the air, you seem to have a downward arc. And when you jump while boosting, you seem to have an upward arc. I wonder why it functions like this now?
  10. That's completely nonsensical. Are you saying that free DLC necessarily shows a lack of confidence? The Zelda DLC in Lost World was free, and they made a bunch of new assets for that. In fact, it was one of my favorite levels in the game. Most of the content in Splatoon is free DLC, and the game sold over 5 million copies, with it's distribution model being near universally praised. Plus, they are not sneaking it in. They are advertising it RIGHT NOW. How can you say they don't have confidence in it when they are advertising it?
  11. Holy shit, the absolute madman. They actually made it free. This furthers the theory that the reason they made it downloadable was to avoid the "Sonic's Shitty Friends" complaint. Rather clever of Sega.
  12. This is a possibility that I haven't heard people talk about. What if Shadow pulls a Majin Vegeta? In other words, he sides with the villains in order to get more power, but not because he agrees with the villains. He realizes that beating Infinite in his current state is impossible, so he sides with Eggman and Infinite in order to get more power, and then he betrays them later on? That could be a much more interesting than just plain mind control, and it also furthers the Vegeta parallels. One reason I believe this is because they specifically pointed out Shadow as separate from the others, which means that he is probably not just afflicted with the same condition as the other villains. Another reason why I believe this is because in some shots Shadow's eyes are clear and in other shots they look dead. Maybe when his eyes are clear he has shaken off the brainwashing, and when his eyes are dull he has succumbed to it.
  13. Well Eggman does say this in the new trailer. It looks like Infinte's power has some sort of limit, and he needs 3 days before he can remove Sonic and his friends from reality. It will be interesting to see the limits of Infinite's power, and what exactly he did to the world.
  14. Sonic Forces Japanese official site opened!

    It's a combination. It has both a stylized world and a gritty one. I really don't get how you can see this as not gritty. It's practically the definition of gritty. You are right in saying that the style of music in the boss theme and in Metallic Madness are funky, even when the lyrics are dark. But that doesn't change the fact that the lyrics exist. Also, acting like the whole game is just trying to be as funky as possible is just wrong. I already posted the Game Over theme and Final Boss themes which do not conform to that style at all, and are all dramatic. That makes no sense. How can you have a nonrealistic depiction of destruction? Why does CD not fit this mold? It shows realistically dilapidated factories. Or does that not count because it doesn't take place in a city environment? I really don't get what you mean by that.
  15. Sonic Forces Japanese official site opened!

    I disagree. When it comes to grittyness in Sonic games, the best place to look towards are the Classics. After all the Classic games are the origin point for Sonic, they are the most pure representation of Sonic's identity. Sonic CD is the first Sonic game to depict a world under Eggman (even though Little Planet is a small world). So let's see what that looks like. This is what a world under Eggman's rule looks like. I think Forces is rather tame compared to this honestly. And if we are talking about grittyness, remember the songs in Sonic CD. The boss fight music repeats the words "Work that sucker to death" over and over again. Metallic Madness Zone has the lyrics "You can't do anything so don't even try" and "Sonic dead or alive, is mine!". The Game Over music and Final Boss music are also incredibly dramatic. Forces looks like it's made for babies in comparison to this. I disagree with you when you say there is no realism here. Sure it is not entirely realistic, no Sonic game should be. But there is a gritty aesthetic that is meant to inspire fear. It's not all fantastical and fun, and that is a very deliberate choice on the part of the designers.