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  1. Looks like we won't be getting any spoilers for now. But someone else will likely get it before long. Anyone still worried about spoilers should probably leave now.
  2. I'm pretty sure that only works in the corners. Once you go to the corners and stand still, he shouldn't be able to hit you. For reference, I was right under the three rings when I did it, but I'm not sure if that is a requirement or not.
  3. Don't worry so much about that guys. Both the Avatar and Classic Sonic have idle animations, so this is clearly just a case of the demo being unfinished.
  4. There are quite a few alternate paths in the demo. Unfortunately the demo ends before you can explore any of them. What a shame.



    1. MegasonicZX


      Why they only let you play the first part of this level is baffling to me since the first bit is very boring.

  5. I didn't understand what this tweet meant before, but I think I understand it now.


    1. Dejimon11
    2. Crazy_Diamond


      He's probably saying that in relation to the new demo that released for Japan only.

  6. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, but this account has been translating the tweets and other information accurately. This twitter account is a great resource, so we can always look back to it if there is a tweet where we can't understand the meaning.
  7. I wouldn't be so sure of that. The final zones of Mania are chock full of indications that the Ruby can manipulate time. For instance, in Titanic Monarch Zone after you jump into the portal to face Eggman, the timer resets back to zero and is completely stopped. The timer does not move again until Eggman activates the Phantom Ruby in a flash of light. Also, during Egg Reverie Zone, the timer is constantly displaying random numbers without rhyme or reason. I think that the Phantom Ruby can affect time as well as space. Which makes sense, as in reality space and time are not two different things but rather one and the same. But I digress.
  8. People need to realize that those praising the game for some aspects aren't excusing it of any flaws. Like come on, it seems like every positive post here is met with "but this other part is shit though". We weren't talking about that other part were we? And I am really laughing at the people saying that anyone hyped for the game is "falling for marketing". So when a person likes the game based on what he has been shown, that's falling for marketing, but when someone dislikes the game based on what he has been shown that is a fully legitimate and valid critique? Come on now.
  9. OK, I get what you are saying. Yeah, if that were the case then the future would already be messed up. It wouldn't be peaceful and then suddenly turn into a dystopia. However, in time travel there is often a common plot device where it takes some time for changes to the past to "catch up" with the present. Back to the Future is a very good example of this. It's not really something that makes logical sense, but it serves a narrative well. If we consider this to be true, then there was a buffer period between when Silver got back and when the world turned into a dystopia. Silver likely enjoys those periods, as he even says in Colors that in the future he comes from "the sky is blue and everyone has a smile". So that's why he stays in the future. That's true. But again, plot points can serve to explain it. There is a common plot point in time travel stories that certain things are meant to happen and that there is no way to prevent them from happening. Usually this rule exists to prevent time travel stories form being riddled with paradoxes. If you travel back in time, even if you try to kill your parents or prevent them from meeting, you won't be able to because you being born was meant to happen. An easy way out of any paradox. We could apply this rule to Silver as well. No matter what happens to the timeline, his birth is a fact that cannot be changed. That's the thing though. Caring about narratives and ensuring every little thing makes logical sense is different. Back to the Future's time travel rules really make no sense when you stop to think about it. However, it all serves to create an exciting narrative. So long as you are not making a mystery story, a few inconsistencies are fine as long as the narrative itself is exciting. I wouldn't want any author to limit their creativity or dive into a ton of exposition just to make sure every single little thing is logical.
  10. It does make sense if you consider the ability to alter time. If you perform actions in the present normally, then obviously the future wouldn't change, because it is progressing normally towards it's intended conclusion. However, if you alter time itself, which we already know that the Phantom Ruby can do, then the course of history would change. So this would obviously affect the future and cause it to become different than it was before. The real puzzling question would be why Silver is even aware of the previous history if time was rewritten. Shouldn't his memories be rewritten as well? But that's the problems you run into when you try to write about an impossible phenomenon like time travel. The best thing to do is ignore stuff like that unless the narrative is really dependent on every detail making logical sense.
  11. I get what you mean. However, that logic only works under the assumption that this is an isolated story, when that is not the case at all. When you have a story that ties into other stories already (for instance, tying into Adventure, Mania, etc.), then using another story to explain the connections isn't shitty, it's smart. As for everybody being an illusion, I'm not sure exactly. They is something I've noticed in this comic, and that is the fact that the glitchy effect doesn't appear once on Chaos, despite it presumably being an illusion. However, it does appear on Chaos and Metal Sonic in Forces. That makes me think that there is some other part of this that we don't know about. For instance, there might be some difference between the powers of the Phantom Ruby and the Phantom Ruby Prototype. It's definitely an interesting thing to think about.
  12. I actually think this comic in general is a fantastic idea for several reasons. The first reason is that the story in Forces won't need to be bogged down by endless exposition. So they don't need to break the pacing of the story by introducing Silver and explaining why he has come back from the future and stuff like that. By getting this kind of stuff out of the way first, the story can be more tightly paced without going into tangents. The second thing is the fact that the comics have really cool art and are really well written. ABT and Ian Flynn have really done a great job with this for sure. I think we know for sure what the Phantom Ruby does now. It can create physical illusions, Phantoms basically. A very powerful effect indeed. But what's really interesting is the fact that Eggman is already in possession of the Phantom Ruby, before the game starts. I wonder why he uses the Phantom Ruby Prototype to create Infinite then? This seems to be getting more and more interesting.
  13. I'm pretty sure it will be an equal amount of stages for each gameplay style. So a Classic stage, a Modern stage, an Avatar stage, and a Tag Team stage for every zone. We've seen Modern Green Hill in the story trailer, Classic Green Hill, Avatar Green Hill (Guardian Rock), and Tag Team Green Hill. We also see Modern Sonic in Casino Forest in the "Enter Infinite" trailer, and they talk about needing a shuttle to catch up to Sonic in the Space Port gameplay. So I wouldn't worry about stage distribution, because it seems like they are trying to make it pretty even.
  14. It's unusual for a Sonic game to have an easy mode. A lot of Sonic games do include hard modes, but the only one I can remember off the top of my head with an easy mode is Sonic Jam. This could mean that the game is harder than most ordinary Sonic games, but that seems a bit hard to believe given what we we've been shown so far. I just hope that it also has a hard difficulty as well, because that would add significant replay value.
  15. So it appears that a problem that we've noticed in the Classic Sonic gameplay has been fixed. Old IGN footage New Gamespot footage He goes faster downhill now, and rolls off the incline in the proper way. It looks like a 100 ring limit is in place as well (only on Easy Mode apparently). I wonder what other things they changed?
  16. Why did IGN use this for the thumbnail? Anyway, this is their footage. Not much new stuff is shown.
  17. I wouldn't be worried about levity mate. The story seems to be almost like Sonic Heroes in nature, where you fight an edgy villain with the super power of teamwork! Hell, even the main theme has this in spades. And this is just a small part of the theme, the whole main theme is about friendship and working together, etc. The story is obviously going in the direction where you defeat the powerful Infinite through the power of friendship, just like with this guy. The only thing I'm worried about is that he'll be sort of generic just like Neo Metal Sonic was.
  18. OK, honestly I don't get this discussion at all. So everyone is saying that Infinite is bad because he has a bunch of "cool" traits. By that logic you all should hate Sonic lol. No, but I know that the real reason is the fact that the "cool" traits have not been justified. But you do realize that again, it will most likely be justified when the game comes out. Infinite's mysterious nature has been emphasized in trailers, so of course they will solve that mystery in game. People are also laughing at how edgy and ridiculous he is, but honestly? Infinite just looks like a standard shonen villain to me. I'm pretty sure Infinite even takes this exact pose lol. But Frieza is still far more edgy than Infinite, considering he committed genocide against an entire race, and has likely done that multiple times over. What will really show if Infinite is a good character or not is how shallow he is. If he's just a generic evil guy with no motivations, no goals, no dreams, and no hopes, then he'll be really bad. However, I don't think that will be the case, because his lyrics suggest that he does have goals and hopes, and that is what he is pursuing by becoming Infinite. If that show that in a cool way, I think Infinite has the potential to be a great character.
  19. OK, but that is your pejorative. You don't need to look any deeper, and that is fine. But you are saying that because you aren't bothering to think past a surface level about this, that it is an inherently surface level trait. I don't even need to point out how that is wrong. When we say there might be some meaning to the sword, that is speculation, yes. But what you don't realize is by saying that there is no reason for Infinite have ever used a sword, that is also speculation, and one that has even less backing than our speculation. Our speculation is at least backed by the fact that Infinite's lyrics suggest that he has fought in conflicts before. Your speculation is backed by nothing.
  20. OK, no. You are saying that there is no contextual reason why Infinite has a sword. People replied by saying we have no contextual reason because we only saw it in an unfinished drawing. How is that an excuse? It's just a fact. You really expected a contextual reason right now? Remember that Infinite doesn't have his armor in that image. It is very likely that this is before he got any of his powers. Thus, using a sword for self defense makes logical sense. Nothing we know about him suggests he needs one because we know nothing about his past. All we know is that he is a person like Sonic and co., and that the reason why he becomes powerful and why he becomes evil will be revealed in the Shadow DLC.
  21. Of course there is a lack of context to Infinite's sword. It was revealed unofficially by an half-complete sketch of a comic book cover. You are basically demanding that we be given context on something that was not even supposed to be shown yet in the first place. You are presuming there is no reason for Infinite to use a sword because you haven't been given a reason, but that is illogical. Like for instance, you said that it would make sense for a literal knight to use a sword. What if Infinite was a knight? That would justify it right? We don't know the reason he has it, so saying there is no justification is jumping the gun.
  22. So uh, how are the existing characters taking a backseat again? Shadow is playable for the first time in over a decade, Knuckles is the leader of the resistance, Espio and Silver are described as hero figures, Tails looks to be the main partner of Classic Sonic, and Eggman looks to have a huge role given the fact that he took over the world. What else could you want honestly?
  23. According to the description there is a hidden area in the mystic jungle where Casino Forest is. While the forest is burning, the rookie finds these hidden waterways that he must navigate to reach the depths of the jungle.
  24. That's my best guess at the lyrics. I've listened to it a couple times and that's what I got. Some words are hard to make out, but I feel I got most of it.
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