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  1. LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH SUGGESTIONS FROM TWITTER AND CARTOON BREW, AS OF 12:49 - 18/FEBRUARY/2018. Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you're all doing well! This update's the biggest one in quite some time (taking us a bit over the 3200 FILMS mark), largely due to me taking recommendations from Cartoon Brew's Cartoon Brew Pick, an almost daily section of the site where the site runner recommends a music video, episode, animated short or anything in general that is worth checking out. I've not listed every short that has been recommended back to mid-early 2015, since they are live-action films with an interesting use of video FX (CGI, basically) but otherwise could not be considered animated films, but there are a lot of cool or amazing works that I otherwise would have missed out on, and I urge you to check out any that catch your attention. As well as this, I'm uploading a video later today on my YouTube channel, in which I announce the fact that I'm back and am planning to work on videos discussing animation, as something of a way to help promote this project. If you have any suggestions for videos or animated works I could look at, please let me know! I really want to get back into the game, and would love to hear as many ideas as I can to give me inspiration! In the meantime, thank you all again for your support. Share this project with your friends, contribute with suggestions/feedback/questions, and until we meet again, have a great day! -Jim McGrath/FrDougal9000
  2. LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH SUGGESTIONS FROM DK VINE, TWITTER, OTHER WEBSITES AND BOOKS I'VE BEEN READING, AS OF 18:52 - 5/FEBRUARY/2018. So that update came a bit more quickly than I thought it would, thanks to some free time I happened to find today. That makes yesterday's post a little redundant, but I think it can be forgiven considering the big news that comes with today's update. Now, there is over 3000 FILMS, TV EPISODES, SHORTS, MUSIC VIDEOS, FAN ANIMATIONS AND MORE listed under consideration for the 1001 Animated Films You Should Watch List. It is baffling to think that in just under ten months (not even a year!), I've been able to accumulate so many works; and it's thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project and beyond. To everyone who gave recommendations, feedback, ideas, and all manner of support, I thank you. And to every animation fan, enthusiast, historians and more whose blogs/books I've read and whose videos I've watched to get a better understanding of the wide and wonderful world of animation, I thank you as well. Like I said some time back, I'll continue to work on gathering suggestions until we're in the realm of 4000 films, which I reckon will happen sooner than I think, and that's because of all of you. I'll also try to get back to updating the Facebook page, and to try and make animation-centric videos on YouTube in the near future, but I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Y'all are amazing. Have a wonderful life. Thank you.
  3. AN EXPLANATION FOR MY ABSENCE: It's been nearly a month since the last update, and I apologize for the delay and my lack of explanation as to why there is such a delay. I've had a busy few weeks in which I've been doing work experience for my college, and subsequently working on the paperwork I had to do afterwards. It's left me pretty tired by the time I get home, and writing a post about the new update, rewriting the opening post to include all the new updates, and so on is a bit too much for me to want to do at the moment. Don't worry, the next update is done; I just need to have the desire and drive to upload it online and then write about it. I'm sorry about that, and will strive to work on it as soon as things quiet down. Thank you, and have a good day.
  4. What type of fanservice is next?

    I was going to suggest a visual novel dating sim where you play as Tails, and have to figure out which one of the sexy boys you want to be with (the options would be, of course, Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Espio, Scourge, Ray, and Antoine). But then I realized that's probably not what you meant by 'fanservice'. Never mind.
  5. happy birthday!


  6. No, they're not, and the reason for that is that there's one ENORMOUS difference between the two: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles are both great games that also form two halves of the same experience. Meanwhile... Sonic Mania is a fantastic game, and Sonic Forces is a mediocre nothing of a game that have pretty much sod-all to do with each other (apart from minor connections that don't go anywhere or affect anything).
  7. Anywhere in the UK to get Archie Comics? :-)

    If you've got an Android phone, you can still get them on Google Books (I haven't checked to see if they're all on there, but the singles a couple of bucks apiece, and they have quite a few of the collected arcs).
  8. LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH SUGGESTIONS FROM DK VINE, TWITTER, OTHER WEBSITES AND BOOKS I'VE BEEN READING, AS OF 13:52 - 9/JANUARY/2018. Hello, everybody, and Happy New Year! (Plays slightly odd, but somehow fitting celebratory music) I hope you're all doing well! Today marks both the first update to the 1001 Animated Films You Should Watch project for 2018, and the nine month anniversary of this project. To ring in the occasion, we've got another big update to kick off the year! This update contains 182 films, which means that the total number of suggestions has gone a little bit over 2900 FILMS! It's baffling to think that in just nine months, we've nearly reached 3000 suggestions of movies, shorts, episodes, music videos, and all manner of subjects that define why animation is such an excellent medium, but here we are! I thank you all once again, and to the various websites and books I've visited as of late; I don't know where I'd be without you. I haven't been updating the Facebook page since the last update, so I don't have any recommendations or write ups to offer you. Sorry about that. As for any possible plans for 2018, part of me does want to get back into video making (I used to make YouTube videos once upon a time, doncha know) but with a particular focus towards animation. However, we'll see. In the meantime, please contribute with any suggestions/questions/ideas you have, share this project around to friends, and check out anything on the list that takes your interest! Thank you very much, and until we meet again, have a great day y'all! -Jim McGrath/FrDougal9000
  9. Which games should I buy?

    I figured it might be a good idea to make a forum thread where people who can't decide what game to get can ask on here and get a few answers to help them out.With that in mind, I've thinking about getting a game on the 360's XBLA, but I have no idea what to get. This is largely because XBLA game prices never depreciate (meaning something that cost €10 back in 2005 STILL costs €10 now), XBLA games are only ever priced at €5, €10 or €15 (the latter two are what most games cost), and there aren't any sales to offset that problem.So I thought I'd ask y'all about what to do. Here are three games I've got my eye on:Lumines Live (€10, a really addictive puzzle game with a Rez-style synesthesia and a lot of content)SEGA: Monster World Collection (€10, contains three platform action games; Monster Land, Monster Lair and Monster World IV)Banjo-Tooie (€15, played the demo and I really liked it - I want to know far this exploration expansion goes)If y'all can give me a good recommendation, I'd really appreciate it!
  10. Christmas 2017 (Christmas Haul/General Topic)

    Well, that means you get to eat all the Terry's Chocolate Oranges while everyone else is nursing their combined Xmas/New Year's hangovers. I say that's pretty lucky! Anyway, I got a few gifts, including: -€25 eShop card (which I've already spent on Ace Attorney 6, Mighty Gunvolt, Blaster Master and Wario Land 3 - hey, it gives me a reason to start playing the 3DS again!) -€30 GameStop card (probably gonna use that to try buy Etrian Odyssey V: I need that series back in my life!) -A Crash Bandicoot/Spyro T-Shirt -A pair of Crash Bandicoot socks with lineart of some of Charles Zembillas' old artwork -Two notebooks -The Mitchell & Webb Book (it's based on my favourite sitcom, so I'm looking forward to see how it goes) It's overall been pretty good, but I'd like to celebrate it even further with a special gift for y'all! I decided to make a free album consisting of damn near every music track I composed over the last year, and I figured I'd post it here as well for folks to check out: Songs for Everyone. Have a very Merry Christmas, have a wonderful New Year, and have a fantastic life in general!
  11. LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH SUGGESTIONS FROM DK VINE, TWITTER, OTHER WEBSITES AND BOOKS I'VE BEEN READING, AS OF 16:25 - 22/DECEMBER/2017. Good evening, everyone! I hope you're all doing well! Today's update will mark the last update to the 1001 Animated Films You Should Watch project of 2017, and I would like to mark this occasion with three things. First, the latest update features 130 new additions, which means that the total number of suggestions is a little over 2700 FILMS! No matter how long I've been working on this project, the fact that there's still so many works to consider including on the list; nevermind the fact that there's always a dozen or so new things over the horizon; is both ridiculous and amazing! Secondly, here's the collection of daily recommendations I've been doing on FB since the last update. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and whatever I recommend. And finally, I want to thank everybody who has contributed to it over the last several months. I wish I could find the words in me to express the gratitude I have for all of you, for helping me find all kinds of amazing things from across the history of animation, for helping me to further understand and appreciate how amazing this medium is, and for giving me something to work towards during times when I felt like I couldn't do anything. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and I want to wish you all the very best in everything. Have a lovely Christmas, have a wonderful new year, and have a fantastic life in general. -Jim McGrath/FrDougal9000
  12. Can you suggest non-violent/cheerful games for the Xbox 360?

    Holy hell, that's a lot of feedback in just a couple of hours! I'll start by addressing the whole non-violence point. I have no problem with violence in video games, but there's a specific brand of violence I'd like to avoid at the moment: very realistic violence (typically involving weapons, bombs and war) with either an almost-propaganda like boner for those ideals, or an overly depressing or grim outlook in general. Those are concepts that hit a bit too close to home for me right now, and I'd like to avoid them. I don't mind games with other kinds of violence (you can recommend some beat-em-ups if you want), but I would just like to avoid the depressing military shooters. Also, to answer this question: I do live in the PAL region, which means I can't play 2X (annoying as it is), but there's still a good deal of games I could tackle. If you want to go in-depth on the PAL games you think I might like, do so by all means. I can check on my own time as to what I can and can't play, so it's no problem. Anyhow, thank you all again for replying so far. It's given me a few ideas of where to go, and I really appreciate it!
  13. Recently, I've been getting back into playing my Xbox 360, and I'm itching to play games I'd previously ignored. However, it only took a quick glance at the local CeX to realize how much of the system's library is made up of games about death, war, murder and other grisly subjects. I don't have a problem with them, but I'm in no mind for them at the moment. With that in mind, can anyone recommend me 360, XBLA or OG Xbox games that are either non-violent or a light and cheerful affair? If you want examples, some games I've been playing include: Amped 3 Spider-Man 2 Switchball Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
  14. LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH SUGGESTIONS FROM DK VINE, TWITTER, OTHER WEBSITES AND BOOKS I'VE BEEN READING, AS OF 22:10 - 1/DECEMBER/2017. Good evening, everyone! I hope you're all doing well! To ring in the last month of 2017, we've got another update to the list, which features 78 new additions!It's a pretty interesting update, full of the earliest known animations from various countries round the world, which comes from the very interesting Animation - A World History: Volume 1 by Giannalberto Bendazzi, an animation history book that I might discuss later on this week (more on that in a minute). To everyone who has already contributed, thank you all once again. I'll say more in an update later on this month (since it'll likely be the last one for the year), but I do appreciate everything y'all have done. In the meantime, I've been keeping the Facebook page busy with daily posts, recommending various animated works and articles/books/etc. about animated works. For those who don't use Facebook, I've decided to include the posts in a small document down below for you to read. I hope you enjoy the various things I recommend! There's not much else I have to say for now, so I think I'll leave it at that. Please continue to contribute with suggestions and feedback, share this project and the Facebook page around, and thank you all again. Until we meet again, have a great day! -Jim McGrath/FrDougal9000
  15. It's the start of the final month of 2017, a year that (depending on where you live, and how often you read the news) was arguably even worse than 2016. And as we reach the end of the year, I figured I'd take a cue from a similar thread I did last year and talk about the good things that happened in 2017. Good things that happened to you, good things that happened somewhere, or even just coming across good pieces of entertainment; all were welcome here. The only thing I will request is you not be snarky about it; if you've got nothing good to say, simply just don't reply. It's been a heck of a stressful year for a lot of folks (me included), and I want this to be a place where people can celebrate the good things that happened to them, and hopefully to recognize how good things still exist no matter what. With that, I'll begin with a smattering of thoughts: -My family and I were able to go to Waterville, Kerry this year. We'd always gone there for a week or two every summer, so it holds a lot of nostalgia for me in particular, but we hadn't been able to go there since 2014 for one reason or another. Thankfully, this last July, we were finally able to head over there for a week, and it was so relaxing to just be there again after so long. To go to places I hadn't been in for years, to walk on the beach in the early morning, and to -Working on the 1001 Animated Films You Should Watch thread has given me the chance to check out all kinds of things that I might have previously ignored, and some of them are just amazing. It's also given me something to work towards, in a year when I haven't been too creatively productive, and I really appreciate having something to look out for when I've not got much else to do. -I finally graduated from my Film & TV Production course in a local college, and have gone on to work on a Music course in another college to try and improve my music composing skills, understanding of terminology, etc. I'm currently able to read and write music at a Grade 2 level, and I think I'm about to go onto Grade 3. I have something of a performance anxiety, but hopefully I'll be able to deal with it in the coming months. -I got to write a series of reviews for long-running gaming website Hardcore Gaming 101, under the pseudonym 'Apollo Chungus'. It's helped me learn how to work under an editor, how to take screenshots on emulators, and I've even gotten paid for it, which has allowed me to buy books, games, donate to websites, and do other things I wasn't able to do before. -I listened to a lot of good music this year, and gotten into quite a few artists/composers like Anne Dudley, nelward, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Pogo, Wojciech Kilar and more. I even took track of the awesome music I heard on YouTube through a series of playlists, and you can check out the playlists with these links! -Actually got to see a few great live-action films in the cinema, such as Baby Driver, Kong: Skull Island and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. After a couple of years of seeing mostly generic franchise tripe, it was great to see really well done live-action movies again. (Seriously, go watch Valerian if you liked The Fifth Element; it's an awesome spiritual successor!) -Sonic Mania was fucking excellent. No word of a lie; fantastic level designs, kickass music, gorgeous graphics, and perfectly replicating how the original games played - goddamn, my hat goes out to Whitehead and everyone else involved with that game. I wish them the very best for what they've done. With that done, I'll leave y'all to discuss the good things that happened this year. Have a good day, everyone, and let's hope for a better 2018! -Jim McGrath/FrDougal9000

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