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  1. LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH SUGGESTIONS FROM DK VINE AND OTHER WEBSITES I WAS RECOMMENDED TO CHECK OUT, AS OF 18:08 - 4/SEPTEMBER/2017. Hey there, everyone! I hope y'all are doing well; I'm doing pretty okay now that my shingles have (mostly) cleared up, and that means I was able to do a bit of work updating this list! Admittedly, there aren't too many entries compared to the last few updates, since that list by tamerlane was finally cleared up, but I've done what I could during the last few weeks in finding more interesting animated films, shorts, music videos and loads of other things! Massive thanks to YTWes and ibcf for recommending me shorts to watch while I was sick; I really appreciate that! Here's the latest updates to the list: Before I go, I should point out that I'm currently looking into doing a music course in a local college. It starts in October, so if I do manage to get in, I won't be able to update this list as regularly as I've been able to do for the last few months. As well as that, I've not yet set up social media accounts to promote the project, but I happily admit that's pretty much due to my own laziness more than anything else. I'll get onto it eventually, but I don't want to make excuses as to why I've not gone anywhere with it at the moment. With that, I'll leave you to try and figure out a plan for this project based on the above paragraph. In the meantime, thank you so much if you've contributed to the list in some way, please keep contributing with suggestions, feedback and other general ideas, and until we meet again, have a great day! -Jim McGrath/FrDougal9000
  2. New Sonic Forces scans via Famitsu

    This is the best sentence I have read all week.
  3. Can anyone tell me if there's a Chrome extension that blocks websites and allows you to write a personalised message for when you try to visit a website? (e.g. "Oi, don't go looking up stuff you know will make you miserable. Here's some Podtoid if you're bored...)

    Thanks to anyone who replies.

  4. AN EXPLANATION FOR MY ABSENCE: It's been a couple of weeks since my last update on this project, and that will continue to be the case for another couple of weeks. The reason for that is because I've gotten a case of shingles (chicken pox for adults, as far as I understand it) over the last few days, and I've been advised to rest a lot while the medication I've been given tries to sort things out. I don't like working when I'm sick, mainly because I'll be too tired most of the time, so you won't be seeing anything from this project until I get better. I hope you're all doing well, and I hope you'll still be doing well when I update this project again. Have a good day! -Jim McGrath/FrDougal9000
  5. I wouldn't buy the game, because fuck micro-transactions in games you already have to pay a not-insignificant amount of money to play, and whoever came up with that idea (along with everyone who enabled that decision to go through) can fuck right off.
  6. LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH SUGGESTIONS FROM DK VINE, THE BOOK 'ANIMATION ART', AND OTHER WEBSITES I WAS RECOMMENDED TO CHECK OUT, AS OF 15:13 - 13/AUGUST/2017. Hey there! I'm back with another update, and it's another big one! With 210 films being added to the list, that means we have a total so far of 1809 FILMS - JUST A COUPLE FILMS UNDER TWO THOUSAND FILMS! For this update, I'd like to thank icbf, an animation enthusiast on Twitter who directed me to the massive list of animated films that I've been using to add to this suggestions list over the last month. I'd also like to give my thanks to tamerlane420, another animation enthusiast (though he seems to have left the internet some time last year) and the guy who compiled that massive list in the first place. I didn't think I'd get to anywhere near as many films as it turned out to be, so I'd like to thank the both of you for that! As of this update, I've finally listed every film/short/etc. in that list (which you can find here), so unless I'm directed to a similarly massive list of completely different films, there's a decent chance these updates won't be as voluminous from here on out. But considering we're not too far off from reaching 2000 films, that's fairly understandable. Nevertheless, I'll make sure to keep updating this as often as I can. Here's the update list for today: Now, I've not made much progress with making social media profiles for this project, largely due to a rut I'm been in the last week or so where I've not the energy to do much of anything creative, but I hope to pick myself back up and move forward. If anyway wants to offer ideas or advice in this area, please let me know and I'll get into contact with you about ideas. In the meantime, please keep contributing with suggestions, feedback and advice, thank you so much if you have already contributed, and until we meet again, have a great day y'all! -Jim McGrath/FrDougal9000
  7. The Ace Attorney Topic (DS, 3DS, iOS) - News in OP

    I didn't realize they were planning on re-releasing Ace Attorney Investigations.
  8. Do Remasters Make the Originals Pointless?

    Not inherently. It largely depends on a case by case basis. For starters, there's the quality of the remaster/ports. Despite the intention of the porters to make the best possible version of the game, things can go wrong during the development process and things that were perfectly fine in the original version are screwed up in the remaster. The Silent Hill HD Collection is an infamous example of this, with graphical glitches resulting in the game looking unfinished (such as the series' iconic fog being removed), audio clipping and crackling on a regular basis, and framerate issues so bad that it's become pretty common knowledge for Silent Hill newcomers to avoid this collection at all costs. But even games/collections that aren't so bad still have their problems; Sleeping Dogs has a worse framerate on the PS4/XO than the original PS360 version; the Prince of Persia Collection on the PS3 is prone to crashing if connected to the internet;PC re-releases/remasters tend to have issues with mapping the controls to game pads; the list goes on. In addition, there's also changes that could be made to the remaster, due to legal issues, attempts at 'improving' the original, etc, that meddle with things fans actually liked (to be fair, this wanders into the realms of personal preference, which means these aren't automatically bad). I remember playing the Ace Attorney Trilogy and noticing a few lines that were changed from the first game, which was a shame considering how good some of them were (the 'old cheese' bit from Rise from the Ashes doesn't have the quite the same impact in the new version). The music for the Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection had to be completely changed (considering the composer was since found out to have a long history of plagiarism), but that soundtrack defined the game for a lot of people, who would be understandably soured by the change. Even tweaking the visual style, as seen in the director's cut for the first Broken Sword, messes with what made the original great for some folks. I do believe remasters can be great thing; they allow more people to check out a game that might have otherwise passed them by; they can fix up technical errors and maybe even add content to make for the 'true' version of that game; they allow nostalgic players to relive memories without dealing with the expenses/issues that come with trying to find or play old systems/games. But that doesn't automatically invalidate the original release, even if there are improvements. Like I said, it's best to look at the remasters on a case by case basis, taking into account the quality of the remasters, changes made, and one's own personal preferences.
  9. LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH SUGGESTIONS FROM DK VINE, THE BOOK 'ANIMATION ART', AND OTHER WEBSITES I WAS RECOMMENDED TO CHECK OUT, AS OF 14:49 - 4/AUGUST/2017. Hey, I'm back from holiday, and with an update of 245 films! That takes us past 1400 and 1500 films, with the total count at this point being just under 1600 FILMS! A small number of these films come from reading the animation history book Animation Art: From Pencil to Pixel, the History of Cartoon, Anime & CGI, a very interesting read for anyone even the slightest bit interested in the global history of animation over the last 100+ years. Sadly, there's nothing on Google Books, but I can at least give y'all a link to buy it on Amazon if you're interested: https://www.amazon.com/Animation-Art-Pencil-Pixel-Cartoon/dp/0060737131 Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to the suggestions so far, or given feedback to help me improve and guide what I'd like to try do with this project. It's allowed me to see much how there is the world of animation beyond the few scraps that I knew when starting off, and it's given me enough confidence to start trying to get somewhere in the realm of animation appreciation. Writing articles about animation for certain websites, planning ideas for that YouTube channel to promote this project, etc. Like I said before, and will continue to say, you are all amazing and I love y'all. Thank you. Here's the list of films added to the list. Please keep contributing to the project with suggestions and feedback if you can, and have a great day.
  10. Sonic Headcanons

    I like to think that in the Sonic-verse, the Shinobi games were adapted into a tokusatsu (Power Rangers/Super Sentai) TV series called The Super Shinobi, and that the reason Espio is a ninja with Sentai-esque tendencies (posing and declaring silly phrases like "Ultimate Ninja Power!") is because he loved The Super Shinobi as a kid and wanted to be just like its main character.
  11. Just looking at that page, I'm not even thinking about the artwork. Yes, it's hysterically bad, but what do you expect from Penders after the last five years? (Wow, has that much time passed already? Dang!) No, my problem with the page is how busy it looks. When writing and drawing a comic, the best thing to do is draw the reader's eye in such a way that they see the actions, read the dialogue and get what's going on as easily as possible. You can show progress by having characters move to the right of the panel, which is natural if you read from left to right (as seen in Hergé's later Tintin books). You can have the dialogue spaced between actions and sound effects, which makes potentially complex scenes a much more comfortable read (as discussed on a Kotaku article analysing the artwork of the Dragon Ball manga). Whatever you do, the end result should always be towards making sure that the reader can understand what they're seeing without going through it multiple times. Unfortunately, that's not what happens here. There's so much going on in terms of the panels being used and how everything's displayed, all the elements feel like they're being squished together instead of being given room to breathe, and it overall looks like a cluttered mess. And as Penders himself clarified, that's without the word balloons! Having read a bit of Penders' older work with RobotnikHolmes' blog, I imagine that it's going to be even more of a pain to read once the reams of dialogue are included. Let me make it clear, Penders being a bad artist doesn't automatically mean that he can't layout a comic book. After all, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto is a fantastic artist, but the way his page design in the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga leaves something to be desired. However, I think that this page suffers from the same problem that I had with the first page back in 2014 (unfortunately, I can't link to the post due to a server wipe that happened round that time): there's too much being introduced too quickly. None of these elements leave any impact, because there's so much happening in such a short span of time that it leaves the reader unable to really comprehend what's going on. When trying to get someone invested in a story, you've got to start slowly and build up to something much bigger, or you risk going into sensory overload by throwing all of these things in the reader's face. This is the third page, and yet I'm already confused and struggling to understand the very basics of who's who and what's happening. It's a really bad first impression that would more than likely have all but the most curious of people putting the book back where they found it and going off to find something they can at least read. My only guess as to why it's written like this is because Penders has only written for licensed comics, which are often on some sort of deadline that forces him to make sacrifices, dump exposition on the viewers, and make everything feel rushed. But he's not on a deadline; he's been working at his own pace for five years, so he shouldn't have to worry about establishing things out as quickly as humanly possible. He can pace this comic however he wants, and I feel like it would be best if he found a balance between the rushed nonsense seen here and the meandering timewaster that was Mobius 25YL (personally speaking, I'd much rather he have someone help out with the pacing; even if he never credited them because that's just his way, at least the final work might not be as painful to read).
  12. Dang, man! Those are actually really good! All of the elements are nicely laid out; nothing feels too cluttered or spread out; it's easy to read the text, the colours contrast nicely, and there's just a really clean and simple design to the covers that's just so satisfying to look out. I'm not a game cover designer, but I must imagine that it must be really hard to do them well. And I've got to tip my hat to you on a job very well done; I honestly kinda wish that I had GBA games to keep in DS boxes so I could try to emulate what you've done for these. Well done, man!
  13. It's time for another update for the 1001 Animated Films You Should Watch Suggestions Thread! This will be the last update for quite some time, since I'll be going on holiday soon enough, but please check it out! Thank you very much, and have a great day! https://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/21993-1001-animated-films-you-should-watch-suggestions-thread-updated-17july2017-over-1350-films/?do=findComment&comment=1134558

  14. LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH SUGGESTIONS FROM DK VINE AND OTHER WEBSITES I WAS RECOMMENDED TO CHECK OUT, AS OF 13:09 - 17/JUNE/2017. Eh, I just couldn't stop myself from updating this project one last time. And bleeding buggery, this update's the biggest one yet; with 346 films, the amount of films on the list skips straight past 1100, 1200 and 1300 films, and heads to just over 1350 FILMS! Once again, this is both insane and beautiful, and I can only thank everyone who has suggested films or recommended other lists for me to check out. Y'all are amazing and I love you. Here's the list of films being included with today's update: I've not made much progress on the social media front just yet, but I'm gathering ideas for what I could do. One of these involves doing a YouTube channel focused entirely around animation-related topics (reviews of animated films/shows, discussions about certain topics, countdowns listing favourite shows/films/whatever, animator reels). I will start getting to work on them when I come back from my break. And that will likely be about 2-3 weeks, since I'm going off to somewhere on holiday for the first time in 3 years, and I plan to not do any kind of work during that time. In the meantime, please keep suggesting animated films, providing feedback, and giving me advice on how to promote this topic on social media if you can. Thank you all, and have a great day! -Jim McGrath/FrDougal9000
  15. Just finished watching the series and I gotta be honest, that was terrible. I'm not really a fan of the series, so this isn't some bitter fanboyism masquerading as critique. My issues with the series lie with its mistakes and them alone. So, what did I not like about the series? The Content: In a post I made shortly after the series' announcement, I expressed my fear that the show was going to be claim its rating of "R-rated as fuck" (an actual thing said by one of the show's producers) by cramming each episode with gratuitous gore, disgusting spectacles or subject matter, and basically all manner of nonsense for no other reason than to appeal to teenagers who think that kind of shit is 'mature'. And that's exactly what happened. Whipped out eyes, rainstorms of bat foetuses, disembowelled children, talk of goat-shagging; shit like this is done constantly (especially early on), and it feels like it has no other purpose beyond shock value. I understand this is a horror-action series and that it wouldn't be presenting family-friendly content for that reason, but there's a reason that the best horror media (and non horror media) choses to use gruesome/disturbing content sparingly. Be it showing the brutality that a being is capable of (the climax of Evangelion Episode 18), to contrast the terror of this creature with the tone of the work in general (Gygas in Earthbound, anyone?), or to simply scare the shit out of the viewer after a peaceful respite (Clemens' death in Alien 3); good works wait to disturb the viewer until the right time. Netvania, meanwhile, chooses to subject the viewer to an un-relenting amount of gore and other disgusting scenes, unaware of how quickly that ceases to affect the audience and simply results in them getting bored with your nonsense. If you want effective horror, you're not gonna get it here. The Writing: Netvania is written in the same manner seen in too many other shows or films: an overly serious tone that wishes to depress the viewer with 'heavy' themes, only broken up with Joss Whedon-esque quips from Trevor or one of the other characters to provide moments of 'humour'. The different tones don't play off of each other well; it feels like writer Warren Ellis felt that he had to do a 'funny scene' at this point, with no regard for comic timing or the context in which the scene happened. It's hackneyed writing at its most blatant, and it makes me groan with irritation every time. The characters themselves, though well acted, are as one-note and predictable as you can get. Trevor is your typical roughed-up hero who stays out of things until he decides not to. The Bishop is the same misguided religious nut who believes the word of God allows him to do whatever. Sypha's the grand-daughter who wants to get out and make a difference. The Elder of the Speakers is a wise old man who exposits background information and is hesitant to abandon people in their time of need. There's nothing wrong with using old character tropes (they're tropes for a reason), but there's nothing interesting going on here. There are dopey 60's sitcoms with more nuanced characters than this show. What drives me up the wall more than anything, however, is the dreadful use of screen-time economy: this is a principle where you try to get across as much as you can while saying very little (Mad Mad: Fury Road and Perfect Blue are very good examples of films that use screen-time economy effectively). That doesn't happen here; every conversation feels like one-note exposition that has nothing to interpret beyond what the script is literally telling you, every scene goes on for 5-10 minutes when it could have very easily been done in half that time. The end result is that it feels like very little happens in each episode, even though it feels like an eternity. It belies the fact that Warren Ellis is a comic book writer, since that kind of expository dialogue can work far better in comics than in animation. The Animation: When it comes to TV shows and films, most people tend to think that the script and the acting are the most important elements when analysing and critiquing them. However, they forget to take into account that those are not the only elements that exist; there's the visuals, the use of sound, the editing, and the pacing (each of which contains at least ten other elements that all play off each other to create the film/show that you are watching). What I'm getting at is that there's more to a show than just the script, and those elements need to be as strong as they can be to really make the show work, or they feel wasted. And the animation in Netvania is more than wasted. Sure, the characters look 'detailed' and 'on-model', and some of the backgrounds look pretty good, but it's so uninteresting. The character designs are bland and have too much detail for them to be animated well, and the animation itself is often stilted, mediocre and lacking a soul. There are a couple of decent scenes (the fight against the Cyclops in episode 3, and the fantastic title sequence, both animated by animation director Spencer Wan), but for the most part, it feels like the animation was done by a series of drones who were told to serve the script and character designs, and little else. This isn't helped by the incredibly lacklustre visual storytelling. Every other shot shows the characters in 3/4 profile, making most shots feel very repetitive. When characters are talking, it shows them talking without trying to do anything interesting in terms of visuals. It ends up making the already long exposition scenes feel so much longer, because there's nothing going on beyond seeing pictures of people talking. This right here was what killed the show for me; I can get over the needless 'R-Rated' nonsense, I could have tolerated the boring script and hackneyed tone, but this show is just so goddamn boring to watch! It reminds me a lot of DC's animated work since Batman Beyond, in that you have to like the script or characters to enjoy them, because there is absolutely nothing else of interest. If you haven't yet seen this series, avoid it. Go watch the 1997 Berserk anime if you want a horror-action series that tries to keep you interested. Go play any of the Castlevania games if you want to have a good vampire-whipping time. There are much better shows and films that deserve your time and attention. (Also, the music is terrible. It's the kind of boring electronic Zimmer-lite arpeggios that's been popping up in every hackneyed show or film since Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It's awful and forgettable, and the fact that Castlevania is a series known for its often great soundtrack just rubs salt into the wound. Fuck this series.)