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  1. I've been running into this annoying bug lately, and so it goes like this: Sometimes, when I die and then watch an ad to revive myself, when the ad is done playing, it won't revive me, but it will instead bring up the different revival options again, and it can never get past the revival screen no matter how many ads I watch. It forces me to select "No" and end my run. I don't want to use the Red Rings because I'm saving them for spins on the Premium Roulette. And as I said, it only happens sometimes, usually after playing the game for an extensive period but it can also happen randomly at any time. To ensure it doesn't happen a lot, I have to reset the game after every single run, but even then this glitch can happen on the first run of a session. It's very annoying. I'm playing the game on an iPhone 6. I was just wondering, has anyone else run into this glitch at all while playing? I know it can't be fixed until Sonic Team does something about it but I just want to see if this is a common problem.
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