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  1. Kind of. That was how we got the mess of "two world", "no currency", etc. (iirc the curreny one was revealed by Ian? Actually I'm sure there's a lot of info Ian partially revealed that opened many can of worms...) It would've been totally fine if they never brought it up or tried to explain it, like Mario and any other timeless series. What was it about TSR?
  2. I went back and checked. It was "don't go that far" "pls don't directly show violence against the child" to his original plan of Zeena kicking Cream while she was already down. Here's the timestamp if you wanna hear that specific Q&A: (The question was about what Ian thought he wouldn't get away with and whatnot about IDW. ) My longest question/confusion about Cream & the more younger cast is.....at what age range are the considered/treated as "kids"? I can see Vanilla's concern of Cream more as a concerned mother-thing, but iirc in the Chao race they were told "we don't allow children to participate in this race". Maybe it was supposed to mean the specific race was for "adults" only, but makes me wonder...ok at what age are they considered & treated as equivalent to RL kids, and at what age do they stop questioning/be treated as mature? I always assumed age worked differently/didn't mean anything in Sonic games (not in the WRONG way, mind you), and when Archie brought it up it was because the writers tend to base stuff on RL. I mean almost all of them are minors and act independently, the most obvious example being Tails driving & going on adventures. Would Amy who is a preteen be considered "too young" to enter the race too? It only happens around Cream too, interestingly.
  3. Cover B for IDW #37 is out: Also someone on twitter posted previews? for Bad Guys #2: (Guess we have confirmation about the hooded figure?)
  4. Can't you watch it on your own? (no offense, just curious) The video description has all the questions, so I usually jump around & only listen to those that I'm interested. The only one I know rn is that all the "new villains being male and heros being female" were completely unintentional and Ian didn't notice until pointed out later. IIRC they don't have any female villains on the waitlist right now, but he will keep that in mind for the future. He also mentions that he'd want something new, like someone who will get down & actually fighting w/ the heros instead of being the leader/ruler. He also wanted an irredeemable, THE EVIL type of girl. Which I am very very delighted by, since I've made a fuss about that specific topic here (or in another topic) fairly recently. More independent, unsympathetic, threatening villainesses please. (there was another one about Ian wanting Zeena to stomp/kick Cream on the floor to make sure people hate her, but Sega said do not hurt the child)
  5. (unrelated but were we allowed to remove spoiler tags eventually? I kind of forgot...it's hard to go back & search for posts I wanna quote.)
  6. Aside from Cream & Vanilla, I'm wondering who officially has a family?
  7. Idk if I said this before, and I'm gonna assume this is unpopular, but I'm peronally not fond of Silver's "huge adorkable dork" character portrayal recently. When/where did it start anyway? I used to be more familiar with the JP side of the fandom and while some fans portrayed him as "cinnamon roll that may kill you", most people's view of him seemed to be classic "nekketsu" shonen protag, compared with Shadow as the dark antihero and Sonic as the unique/western rebellious hero (oh yeah I saw some people complain he's becoming more of a traditional hero recently). Which was mostly because one of his only major appearance was 06 for most people there. That is changing of course but....Idk I really liked what he showed in 06, and felt most of the spinoffs/minor appearance supplemented that so it feels so weird, it feels like a small part of his personality was exaggerated and made to be his prominent trait. Wanted to write this because I saw a tweet comparing Silver in 06 & IDW, being confused/amused at the difference.
  8. So #33 is out. I accidentally saw some spoiler screenshots on twitter.... I am curious to see how this goes.
  9. Given that according to the synopsis & what we have,
  10. Oh it was a retcon? I only know/remembered the part where she got with Snively & attacked the main city, giving Nicole a cool new look. Tbh the Zeti feel pretty lame compared to her. Oh yeah the whole nanite thing too....it was so convenient and so weird. I do like the idea of a hostile group/kingdom/force of some sort. Hoping IDW can add like, ONE small/medium sized army or some sort. I know C.S. has more backstory and action in pre-reboot, but unfortunately she doesn't do much in post. DId they talk about her in Dulcy's arc? Oh sorry, I was describing the current IDW baddies for comparison. Like in a "I hope the female villains have similar independence" way. Those are good points. My biggest confusion of Starline was his attitute toward Eggman. He look up to the mad scientist to the point he wants Eggman to rule the world. But also think he's incompetent, planning to do the job himself then handing Eggman the throne or saying, "now you choose to exceed my expectations?" when all Eggman did was delete Starline's login info. I guess its like "I respect your knowledge and ambition, but everything else sucks"? He may eventually be able to establish himself as a real deal. But as of now it's hard to take him seriously as a villain.
  11. I didn't mention pre-reboot since my memory of the series is waaaay more vague and I never got to read many of the issues. From what I hear, Iron Queen sounded like a strong villain aside from the possibly overthrowing Eggman part. Kinda want to see someone like her in IDW (Wait, isn't she like a Zeti power-wise?). Mecha Sally was a mixed bag. She's just Mecha Sonic #2, a robot pawn for Eggman, but there was a nice twist of making Sonic & co. to fight their friend. But she lost her formal personality and everything so the "we don't wanna fight you!" "we know you're in there!" struggle would be kind of pointless. Also she would eventually need to be cured, so unfortunately cannot be recurring. Thunderbolt was an obsessive fan like Starline but aside from that her role was just one of the many minions of Eggman (I reread her wiki and it said she was supposed to be "irredeemable" so I guess she counts?). Neph and Cassia/Clove was more of a sympathetic not-villan that doesn't make you happy of their defeat. We don't know much about C.S and she didn't really do anything aside from the epic group showdown. I feel like the overabundance of Eggbosses really...diluted? thinned down their significance aside from establishing locations. Does Phage count as a female? I assumed she was a genderless virus. It was a unique concept though. Kind of. Rough and Tumble were baddies already from the start who were temporarily being hired by Starline/Eggman, and we see them messing around by themselves. From what we know, Mimic's ability is overpowered but he aligns with those who benefit him and only cares about himself. Starline was explained earlier. Zavok is...Zavok. To be specific, I hoping to see more independently "problematic" female characters. Not just badass. Like terrible parents, manipulating abusers, irredeemable henchmen/bullies, inhumane scientists, even straight-up murderers...but female. But it's true that I look forward to seeing more female baddies in general. Ladies that can work on their own without Eggman and enjoys being evil, that I can laugh at their hulimiating defeat by our heros like the Bad Guys. Given IDW aims to create fewer well-developed characters instead of a bloated somewhat shallow cast (as Ian said in his Bumblekast), I do want to trust their plans for the future.
  12. Oh it's totally fine, I didn't read anything as hostile! I hope you didn't read mine as mean-spirited too. You made a good point, and I saw it as a exchange of opinion. Oh really? Rouge said "he/him" in the preview so I assumed he was male. Could be a mislead? I also think the Witchcarters just wasn't important aside from the reference. Thank you for explaining Abyss because I did remember she was ocean/pirate related but totally forgot about the Otter crew. I don't think she really did anything significant in the story tho? To be fair, I don't think SEGA is too focused on adding female characters just because they're female. Idk if they don't care or just wants to keep the status quo/norm they built long ago (which I will give some respect, some companies rush to add diversity because its popular/trendy and it sometimes clashes with what they have) or females are considered in the concept phase but it just so happens only the males make it (which is what happened with Mega Man 11). But I think there's nothing wrong with that. I think you can fit them into stereotypes if you want to, but yeah. Sonic characters (used to) have distinct personality to make up for lower cast numbers. Which brings back to my original point: one of the reasons I worry is because given it's a series "for kids", Idk how people will react to female villains in the same level as the Bad Guys in IDW. Archie had a much larger cast and I don't remember any important female villains that were in the same level. We have comically mean bullies (Skunk bros.), guy who betrayed & murdered his entire team (Mimic), obsessed fanboy who is ok being abused by Eggman and having failures kick him in the ass (Starline), and I guess powerful but publicly despised (Zavok). I won't say they're irredemable, and they're definitely going to be developed further which may change things. But as of now they aren't that sympathetic and is will stay and enjoy their time as a pure villain. Seeing recent trends...I personally don't think they would've been portrayed that way, or readers would've been fine if any of them were female (or maybe they would; it really depends on the work and fandom). Guys are usually given a pass because they're like the default, but there tends to be double standards when minorities/women are given the same role. But that's just me, perhaps IDW will prove my worry wrong. I'm looking forward to seeing brutally evil female villains that I can enjoy being defeated.
  13. Oh yeah. I don't remember readers' reactions to them that much compared with the other female villains (which were mostly positive). Carrotia was constantly brainwashed to be a pawn so hard to say anything, I literally cannot remember what Abyss did, and Thunderbolt was.....the most loyal I guess? But was kind of portrayed as a creepy joke compared with Starline's. I wonder if Clutch would be a one-time thing (since his current role is plot-specific), or gonna be a frequently appearing character.
  14. You have a point, but that is why I said "vocal minority" I know not everyone thinks that, but watching many sh*t happen in various fandoms makes me think it could be one of the reasons. I'm look forward to what kind of female villains (& any male support casts) they can add. IMO Post-reboot Archie is a little different since they got a large cast pretty quickly. Cassia & many of the other Eggbosses were also portrayed as redeemable/sympathetic & not really bad (forced to work under Eggman). Breezie was more neutral with a bunch of "positive" traits: threatening, powerful, confident, cunning, and flirty. I know Sonic Channel accepts obscure characters (even Archie ones), but it's nice to see IDW get love & approval. Not important but しょうゆさし is probably 醤油差し = Soy sauce dispenser lol.
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