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  1. Hmm I wonder... Since Mega man is "alive" again, with this much attention, maybe some company will do a comic on Megaman. Will Archie end the "hiatus"? Or will IDW decide to take Megaman with his blue friend? It would be interesting if both company did a Megaman comic. I know people want IDW to pick up from where Archie left off, but I'd prefer IDW to be a new series like Sonic will be and hope Archie can handle their own adaption.
  2. They do it when they have time and motivation to. They may do it in a few days, a week, or even months after the video. It's easier to listen on your own if you can't wait.
  3. Anthropomorphic Animals

    You mean one of those funny sickkick animal buddies in disney films? Or just Anthropomorphic animals in general? I clicked on the first furry thread on google that talked about it (slightly nsfw ), and a person says "It's the combination of the best characteristics of humans mixed with the best characteristics of cute animals. If you're attracted to something anthro, you're most likely actually attracted to the human elements that are wrapped up inside the cute, "furry" aspects." So something that is boring if a human character does it can be cute or funny if an animal does it, because you have a different impression/bias on them? Maybe people like them because they are human-like but not actually human. Or because animals are considered cute, pure or innocent in general.
  4. Ok, it got pretty long so here: P much. If they say "we don't have female characters" people will criticize for not considering. If they say "they considered but didn't because [reason]" people won't believe and criticize for making excuses. If they DID add a female character, I am sure people will still criticize for whatever reason they come up with. On a change of subjects, I wonder when they'll announce a new X game? X makes appearances in other games, is producing goods and is gonna release a collection, just like Classic Mega man did before the announcement.
  5. That is subjective. I like Splash and Honey, but I didn't like Quake and Vesper's design. And I don't think their gender was related to what kind of character they were. And we're talking about design/appearance here, not personality or character. We don't know how much the robots are given character in the new game, but in past series they were just bosses with some personality but didn't really effect the plot. The comic is different because they're created for different reasons:development and focus/contribution to the plot. Yeah, pretty much. It's like being hired for a job. Instead of being chosen because "we need a women in our workplace even if they don't fit our needs, or else people will think we're discriminating", they just chose the ones that matched out of a list of candidates. They're just prioritizing the need of the workplace. As they said, "This is one of those things where we feel like it's all about what fits best for each occasion." It's not that they didn't choose a female just because. The female just happen to be one of several designs that wasn't chosen because it didn't fit what they want to make. That's it. We've seen concept art of 9 and 10, with a list of design for one RM that didn't make it for various reasons. It's like that, where one (or more) was a girl. And she wasn't chosen because her weapon didn't fit. I'd say people should be happy just to know there were female designs in concept. They even said there are willing to add female characters in the future (if they are good enough). I'd prefer good characters rather than a character made to fill the status quo. And we need to question "Do I like this character because it's a female, or because they are good?" There are times when it's both, but I see a lot of people believe the character is good because it's progressive and dismiss the bad flaws for it.
  6. An interesting topic (or, an annoying one for those who love progressive activism or whatever) from Rockman corner that updated http://www.rockman-corner.com/2017/12/mega-man-11-details-from-game-informers.html#more MM11 will not have a female Robot Master. Oda said, "There was actually a female Robot Master at the concept stage [for Mega Man 11], but when we paired up all the different weapons, she was one of the Robot Masters that didn't make the cut. We definitely feel like there are plenty of opportunities to add female Robot Masters in the future. This is one of those things where we feel like it's all about what fits best for each occasion, and there are those occasions where a female would be more appropriate than a male." While a side of the fanbase will be pissed off, I'm happy they focused on making the game good. Better to put in what fits and works, than try to force something in just to be "progressive".
  7. Huh, pretty neat! The Japanese title is ロックマン11運命の歯車!!, or "Mega man 11 Gear of Fate!!". Reminds me of MM9's subtitle, 野望の復活!!(The Ambitious Revival!!) . MM9 came out after 11? years of Classic hiatus. Instead of continuing the 32-bit style from MM8 and MM&B, they decided to go nostalgic and to the root via 8-bit. MM11 was announced after 7 years of hiatus, this time with a completely revamped look. From the interview, it seems this project had much difficulty without Inafune. This game may determine the series' fate. Have a feeling this is intentional.
  8. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Can robot dogs be poisoned with metal chocolate? Can they even eat?
  9. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I worry adding FF can risk making IDW into Archie 2.0. FF is from a cartoon with a lot of lore, and I feel Archie-verse was based heavily on it. Even including the characters bring in much of the plot and world because they are intertwined , like Bunnie related to Eggman’s domination and technology of cybernics while Sally is a princess of a kingdom and leader of a justice group that fights Eggman ruling a large part of Earth. Also Archie added some stuff like Antoine and Bunnie marrying, Nicole is given a lynx form, and so on that fans enjoyed. How much of those trait will people accept losing to have them in? While some people say they’re fine with having FF being totally stripped off their original character to be included, I’m sure the majority would want them as they know and loved. Maybe IDW can get backlash like, “ If you’re including Sally&co as completely different characters, why bother including them? ” Similarly, will people really be fine with them being in as minor or not-main characters? Because if they want to appear frequently Sonic and his friends have to be with them, which can result in Archie comic Freedom Fighter all over again. I'm being pessimistic here, but I truly want IDW to take a fresh new direction first.
  10. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    If there was a mandate, there would be other ways to execute it. They could’ve made Cream be fully dedicated to being support and be happy with it. But they made Cream wanting to help the FF fight and Sally trying to prevent that. Maybe there was going to be an arc of Cream wanting to do more but later settling down with how she is. But she doesn’t have any role that is significant or important. She’s just there, unlike Tails or Rotor or Nicole who specializes in the gadgets and base and all that, or Sally who orders around, or the rest whose main job is to fight. It brings the question of, “Why is she here? What is her job?” The problem is there are too many in the group. It’s understandable that each character doesn’t have a strict and limited role, but that means Cream who can’t fight (the most basic and standard role everyone else has) lacks meaning in the team composition who can fill in most of the other non-combat roles. She works better in a smaller group. I think Team Rose could’ve been a separate FF group or an independent team traveling and helping on their own, occasionally teaming up with the FF.
  11. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    It reminds me of the confusing “she’s too young and isn’t properly trained to fight like Tails/Charmy/Marine” reason Ian brought up in the beginning. I don't think there is no official statement if all the characters train to be physically strong. She is confirmed to be able to fight in game (with Cheese). Sure there are games where she helpless but heck, Tails switch between a fighter and weakling between games too. Then the “she is a pacifist” reason, still bad since pacifists can still fight when they need to. Then they say Vanilla and yada yada... Okay, “comic is more realistic, different from the game”. So everyone needs to be of decent age and train to fight. Tails and Charmy are young but given professional training by their friends, sure. If she can’t really do combat, then she still can do the passive support role that the other fighters need. But Cream wants to do more, the leader tries to overprotect her, and Freedom Fighter has all the roles they need. Why did Sally allow Cream to come in if she thinks she isn’t strong enough? Why is she here? Why won’t Sally tell Cream she needs proper training is she wants to help? If that’s how the world works, did Vanilla know Cream was weak but agreed because everyone will protect her? Didn't she worry Cream will be a nuisance/baggage to the fight for evil? Maybe they were planning to develop it but...why, why? I...Is it just me or the character who got hurt by the FF format and comic logic the most is Cream?
  12. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I will always think IDW should go clean slate given this opportunity. Clean slate as in "no stuff they built in Archie comic because that would just be Archie Sonic 2.0", and not "no original whatsoever". I'm totally fine with adding stuff from various series and obscure materials, and having original main characters as long as they don't start pulling in Archie's Sonicverse in. I want something new. But that's just me and some other people. Doesn't mean I will not read if they add Archie's stuff. In the end I'm fine with anything as long as they do it right. I don't think arguing "I want the comic to (not) have this/that" would change anything so I don't mind what people want or don't want.
  13. Why.. why are you still Sonic fan?

    *Sees the phrase "Sonic Forces bombed" when the game isn't out yet* I....*Also see "All Sonic game bombed" when they are mostly subjective, and in my opinion just mediocre* wha....?? *Is a fan of Mario than Sonic, say "Mario is platform genre GOD (haha yes, very logical...)" and "You all should stop playing Sonic and play Mario" * Ok, you just don't like Sonic...You thinking Sonic sucks doesn't mean it's "illogical" that everyone else thinks differently. Pretty much what Remy said, people have their own joy and fondness. Just because the recent game sucks, doesn't mean you have to stop liking it. Just because they don't produce new content for years, doesn't mean you should forget it. You can still enjoy the part you liked, and look forward to something good. Or not be active in the fandom, and still call yourself a fan. Also, why are there two of the same topic? Is there a anti-Sonic movement trending?
  14. What's the origin of your username?

    I am bad at making names, so I looked up musical instruments on the wikipedia and choose one that sounded nice. Kodaiko (小太鼓) is simply "small drum".
  15. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I wonder what their motivation for rivalry would be? I can only think of it relating to Sonic.