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  1. Don't mean to make negative comments, but sad to see many people spoil themselves with leaked titles and synopsis, get overly-hyped w/over-analyzed predictions, then watch the leaked episode and be disappointed and angry for not being what they expect. Steven Universe isn't that type of show...there may be some bad parts, but blame yourself for placing fake and high expectations...
  2. I kinda like Amy in this cover. Maybe also Bunnie. The rest is creepy. Looks like a mashup of different art styles. Sally is just...why. Why. Then you have the horrifying mop with eyes underneath... (who is that? Fiona?)
  3. I think comic cast can happily exist with the reasoning of "well this is the comic universe, not the game universe". I think it's weird that certain comic characters exist/have a certain role because it lessens some of the existing character's appeal (Like Tails is good at mechs! becomes less significant since there is another mechanic working with him), but I don't mean "I hate this because they're useless". I just think it's weird to suddenly apply RL logic to Sonic and say "Yes Tails had proven to be capable by himself, but he is a child so it must be too much for him to handle and it's more realistic to have multiple mechanics (so add Rotor in the same team sharing roles)" "Cream is strong, but she is a child so she obviously can't fight as much (but Tails, Charmy, and Marine are fine)". As people say many times, it would've been interesting if the FF was a completely separate team from Sonic& his friends. Then we could've seen Tails and Rotor cooperate on a project while also showing they are capable independently, or Sally to care for Cream because she THINKS she isn't capable but proven otherwise by the game cast and herself.
  4. I don't mind having much "fighter" roles (everyone, specifically Sonic Bunnie & Antoine), but I did feel odd that 2 out of 7? 8? (+2) main members were a mechanic. Maybe because they're important but minor, and also considered more "special". In the game the cast were small so each had a specific "role" or trait that characterized them and didn't overlap much. If they did, there was something that made them different. Rotor and Tails doesn't have much distinct differences to me. You can say the two have "specialties", but tbh I think Archie make it look like so so they can keep the game character and comic character in the same team. I mean, not to overrate him, but game Tails is the type who can make anything from bombs, laser swords, translation gagets, hover boards, airplanes, walking mechs, and fiddle with computers. He also makes a giant plane in SonicX. I won't say he's the type to make a giant high-tech aircraft, but who knows, in this alternate universe where Sonic and his friends join a freedom fighting team maybe he can. "Two mechanic as backup" makes me think, does the Freedom fighters have specific "roles"? Sally's the leader, Tails and Rotor (and Nichole)'s the engineer/repair, what else? Do they have a backup leader? A medic? A scout?
  5. I also hear the "Ian made Sonic ooc for the ship" "willing to portray [character] as a jerk but not Sally" and "everyone forgives her flaws" argument. I don't know how much is true, though. Personally I was more concerned of the unnecessary romance and drama related to it I do have problems with the modern stories now (like pacing, dumb jokes, characters and some inconsistency) but it is definitely better and enjoyable than what I know of pre-reboot.
  6. I haven't followed the very old comics that much either TBH. I learned a lot of the "bad" stuff that happened from tumblr blogs posting parts of the comic and either analyzed, explained, or made fun of them. Most of them were about Jesus Knuckles, creator's pet Sally, bizarre echidna culture, and evil Sonic hooking up w/ every other girl.
  7. What was the target audience again...? Looks like something aimed at little kids. Like, not kids, very little kids. Whatever attracts people, I guess? I was angry at the end scene, with the 8-bit classic megaman walking on top of the title and transform into Akiman. I know I'm taking it too personally, but felt like they were saying "ya know this classic guy? well, this is him!" It was as if they were replacing classic with Aki instead of treating as a new series. Unrelated, but realized MegaMini remind me of a cyber elf. A very ugly one, that is. They could've made him look more elf-like, would've fit the PowerRanger-MagicalGirl-Ladybug feel more.
  8. I took a glance at the trailer, but no. Just. No. I know Live-Actions, especially "fantasy" type ones are mostly failures, but the quality still saddens me. Looks like a fan-film with cosplayers using effects to try hiding the low quality. Tbh the moment I heard they changed Yukako and Kouichi's character I gave up on this thing.
  9. Amy's 12 years old. So she's like, 5th, 6th, possibly 7th grade? I googled "breast development age" and it said puberty/breast dev can start anywhere from 8-13 year old, sometimes older or younger. Why did you make me look that up? Some girls apparently develop faster (and get teased/bullied for being taller or have bigger breasts). So I think even for humans it's normal? Can someone tell me if this is correct or not I don't know human...
  10. For the chest: 1) which one are we talking about? and 2) Idk if you can call it a B. For driving......this is a world where Tails is allowed to drive and Cream can ride a hoverboard to participate in a race. I feel you're still applying real world/human standards to them. I just pulled these out from the wiki: I don't think her breast is that big? For the left one, I think it's more of the small waist making her breast look bigger.
  11. It's true Japan is more open to sexual content than over here, but I don't think Amy's 12 for pedos. I mean, she doesn't look or act like a "little girl" even if she's a little immature. Cream would be a "little girl", but even she isn't seen as such. Tells what kinda person you are... Wasn't Amy's love supposed to be a cute forever one-sided love? I'd say Amy isn't close to Sonic's age on purpose. Because a 3 year age difference is taboo. Maybe making her closer to Sonic's age would make people ask "Hey they're a great couple, why won't SEGA make them be an actual couple???" or to those who think age should reflect human age, "why is she being a brat/acting immaturely (dreaming of Sonic marrying her)???". I say age isn't important, but raising her age but not changing her character would make her look more crazy. Also there's the fact that they don't change information once established. If they decide to retcon Amy's age, they would probably need to change everyone else. And that wouldn't be the current Sonic anymore.
  12. Wait, are we talking about the Boom or the entire series in general? I'm not so familiar in Boom, so I won't say anything on that. For the overall series, I assumed mobian/Sonic-species isn't the same as humans. As in, not supposed to really reflect realistic human behavior of that age. I mean most of the characters are teens but have varying matureness and personality; with the 6-8 year old kids w/ Tails as child genius, and the 20 yr old crocodile as outlier. As you said, it's just numbers. That's common in fiction. The best reason I can think is so she isn't considered too young, but also not too old/closer to Sonic's age. VA isn't a good evidence because if then I'd say the Japanese VA are just fine. And yeah, the Sonis series is timeless. They go through countless birthdays and anniversaries but stay the same age. Maybe it's to emphasize that he's a child genius? I just said age is just numbers, but being a genius is one of Tails's main characteristic. Lower than that is too young, and older than that would categorize him as a (pre-)teen like everyone else. And a smart teen isn't a big characteristic in Sonic's world. Also the age difference makes him feel more "little brother" to Sonic.
  13. I don't know what "real growing up" is, but I think SU is great because it's not always action, development, and progress in plot. Steven is a kid, and as SonicComicFanboy said it's also about Steven and his "family"'s life. It show that the plot isn't only about alien threatening Earth and his Mom being a part of it. It shows that there are normal threats too, even if silly, and life is fun and interesting by itself. The breaks aren't all fillers either. Some showed the Crystal gems are getting along differently than before; some had minor casts given more depth; some of them actually told you some backstory that was not related to plot but related to the main character's life; others showed Steven with new powers.
  14. Reminds me of Medalot/Medabots; the recent games started using those type of artist/designers for their human characters, and I think the newest one had all the main characters female where the loser get’s their clothes ripped off. Digimon went a similar route, or that’s what I feel looking at the character art & design... It’s sad that the company think the only way to revive an old game is to add fanservice. At least they're also releasing Super Bomberman R. I don’t know if it’s cheaper to make them, but I’m sure they’re too lazy to think of more new & fun mechanics to put in. Also it’s probably easier, or they believe it is, to lure in new people (especially those who think Bomberman isn’t fun) with bait.
  15. I’d say it depend on whether the characters has to be exactly the same or close to the original counterpart. In the comic most of the characters have a developed background story that also works as world building of the universe. Like Sally; her character revolves around being a princess of a royal family in an important royal kingdom and being the leader of a group created to combat constant threat of Eggman’s “empire”. If she is to be included, can it be a completely new character with only her name, physical appearance, and "princess leader" part? Or will they also need to establish the Kingdom of Acorn, her dad, and/or the other FF members? I would definitely NOT want the FF team, because it would be very difficult to include them. They would need to balance out their active roles along with the game character and story, so they won't be dominating everything but also not stand around there as cameo NPCs. There would also need reason to be in a formal team fighting for justice, since Eggman isn't a constant threat in the game (unless the new games create a situation like that. even then, it will probably be a one-time thing...) and Sonic will not join them nor actively try to interact with them. ...I'm thinking too narrow-minded, aren't I...? If I need to choose someone, and I can ignore their origin and history, I would probably choose the metal series (just make a metal series for everyone except Tails), Finitevus (one insane echidna better than a whole tribe of OP echidnas. Also his design is edgy and cool, young kids love those), NICOLE (talking AI sounds fun).