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  1. KoDaiko

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I don't understand why Shadow should be treated differently right from the beginning. Sure, he's popular among many edgy teens. But as others say, he's also hated or mocked by another bunch of people. Shadow was a heavily plot-and-story-oriented character. In the past. His introduction and development arc was sorta done in game. Now SEGA intends him to be one of the support characters. He may be a tier different than the rest, sure, but he's still low compared with the main protagonist and antagonist. Also, Shadow has a different tone and character than the rest of the Sonic series, so they need to be careful in handling him. Even if some may think Shadow is the most popular and should have special treatment, I think the IDW comic exists (and Archie existed) to give equal opportunity to the charcters, not just pandering to the vocal part of the fandom. It's going to make you like character you weren't fond of likable, or give those character you felt were neglected a chance to shine. I'm sure they're trying to make you enjoy Sonic as a series, not just specific characters. Shadow having a story arc later on? Sure. But this is an introduction. It's supposed to be light and simple. It's supposed to equally show off the characters in game. After the intro they can do whatever they want. Also, even if one think it's a well known fact and IDW is an idiot for not investing now, IDW needs to see numbers and sales on their own to back that claim. Maybe later IDW will say, "Hmm, the issue with Shadow sold well, let's have an issue focusing on Shadow as the main character later" but even then they won't say "Shadow is the most popular so we're gonna give him 6 issues everytime. The other guys? Eeh, the regular 4 is fine."
  2. KoDaiko

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    We have to remember that SEGA always had trouble portraying characters like they intended to. I mean, we've been complaining how Tails/Amy/Knuckles/anyone's portrayal was one-dimentional and useless in recent games. Do they lack potential? What if Infinite was also the same victim? While many may consider Infinite as "bland" and "lame" in game, in concept he is SUPPOSED to (I think??) be this sadistic & elitist, but sorta complex villain character. He even has a backstory and all that. So if you didn't feel that in game, the comic can fix that. Just like the comic brought back Tails and Amy's intended character. They can flesh out his personality more, and even build off from there. Given people praised Archie for making certain character likable and enjoyable, I'm sure IDW can do the same. That is, as I said earlier, if he isn't dead. If he's dead, then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ or maybe SEGA has a different plan? who knows.... Infinite being Shadow's edgier fancharacter was sort of a joke. He reminded me of how certain people portray shadow in their fanfic or treat it as canon.
  3. KoDaiko

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Infinite can work in the comic, given he is not confirmed dead. His cruelty, ego and inferiority complex has some potential if done right. In description he sounds more like a villain from the comics anyway. tbh I see him as an edgier fanfic-version of Shadow. What...is the difference between city and village (and town)? I never really thought about it....
  4. KoDaiko

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I haven't read the comic yet, but how different is Tangle's reaction in talking to Sonic and Blaze? I won't be surprised if Tangle reacted more to Blaze because: 1) magical powers 2)pretty strong 3)cool personality 4)maybe she looks pretty in Sonic standard? I mean, women in RL would admire someone like Blaze too (even without the fire). And they're not ALL lesbians. I know representation matters, and sure it'll be nice to know as extra info, but I don't really see the point in confirming it rn. I'd prefer the natural process of Tangle showing hints of her liking girls rather than straightout saying "Oh yeah she's lesbian (or bi)" right from the beginning outside the comic. Especially since romance isn't a focus and little or none of the character's sexuality is shown anyway. If they debunked their read, I can see a certain group of people be very pissed and accuse IDW and Ian for something stupid. If they did confirm, it'll make the extreme side of the fandom raise it as a reason for "their" ship to be better, or use representation as a sheild to harass other people. Also it will support the very insulting "showing any type of care or support=romantic interest" belief that the same group of people claim to be fighting against.
  5. I personally think loot boxes are fine as long as it's not a requirement to play the game (some games intentionally make it difficult to play without "upgrading" something), or it gives an unfair advantage over other players (common in one of those Japanese Gacha games). Tbh I was annoyed more at free & optional gambling elements in game considered more dangerous than lootboxes. RIP Pokemon slot machines... The 48 hour thing is ridiculous, but for the most part harmless. It will be shitty if there is no free demo though.
  6. KoDaiko

    Mega Man

    Guess I’m the only one then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I do agree new series will be pointless. If they did Classic again with the same staff members, that is. Archie Megaman was put on *hiatus* AKA cancelled, but it had a conclusion unlike Sonic’s abrupt “it’s gonna be exciting from heeere---nvm” so in my mind the series reached a proper end. I dunno, I feel there should be more adaptations of Mega Man. If Megaman was continued, it’s gonna be so weird since Sonic is already hard rebooted. The first crossover is fine except for the final part where Sonic remembers pre-reboot Mecha Sally (right? My memory is vague), but the second crossover has the FFs fully in it. I wonder if that means Archie Sonic will be reprinted too?
  7. KoDaiko

    Mega Man

    If a new Megaman comic comes out I hope it's a new series. Preferrably not-classic, I know it's the most iconic series but the other series deserve some attention. If Archie Megaman comes back, I hope Archie is the one to handle. There would be some confusion if another company picked up where it left off (and idk how they'll deal with reprinting past issues). ...okay, I just prefer each company have their version than having one version continued through multiple companies. I also enjoy seeing various takes on the series with different writers.
  8. KoDaiko

    How would you picture Silver's future?

    I always imagine the future to be like how it was in 06, since I liked to imagine everyone in the future needed phychic power to survive. (Sidenote, if IDW decide to do Silver' world again I hope they make everyone/the majority have phychic powers) I agree that Silver's future breaks off into a separate timeline every time he travels. He can't have something be the cause of future disaster multiple times. I mean he can (pre-reboot was like that, right?) but I'm not really fond of Silver being unaffected by the change. Also it doesn't make sense for Silver to try changing the past when he said his future was good in one of the games. Maybe if it was like a time bomb and became a problem later it would? I wish SEGA can pick up on that, but that's impossible.
  9. KoDaiko

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I wonder what's the point of Blaze being in the issue. It looks like the first few issue is going to be a "Sonic and [one game character], plus background and maybe a villain" format, but Blaze is from another dimension and the book is currently in a post-Forces setting. Doesn't help they have to fit whatever they're doing in a single issue. Maybe because Tangle isn't enough to support the issue? Or because the first three issues was too similar and they needed a breath of fresh air?
  10. KoDaiko

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Are the Hooligans back as in "the three characters are back" or "the trio are still a team of baddies"? I was hoping it was the former. I guess Bean and Bark are canonically villains now?
  11. KoDaiko

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I assumed Tumble would be frowning all the time, so it's a surprise to see him grinning like that The art felt odd by itself, but I agree it stands out more when you compare it with the previous issue. I wonder if it's because of the outlines? Postures? The characters not blending well with the background?
  12. KoDaiko

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Maybe SEGA sees them more closer to humans than animal? Tail wags or any obvious "animal-like behavior" will get in the way of portraying them more as a person(-ification). ...yeah I'm confused.
  13. KoDaiko

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Ah, that's what felt familiar about them. I wonder if that means Bean and Bark would have a completely different role, if they ever appear?
  14. KoDaiko

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I agree with that. Some of the background characters (like that white dog with blue dot on her forehead) had a reccurring-level design. They're too detailed compared with the other randomly generated looking ones. I wonder if some of the background characters are the actually artist's personal OCs. That would explain. Or they're planned to be recurring in the future.

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