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  1. Amy's 12 years old. So she's like, 5th, 6th, possibly 7th grade? I googled "breast development age" and it said puberty/breast dev can start anywhere from 8-13 year old, sometimes older or younger. Why did you make me look that up? Some girls apparently develop faster (and get teased/bullied for being taller or have bigger breasts). So I think even for humans it's normal? Can someone tell me if this is correct or not I don't know human...
  2. For the chest: 1) which one are we talking about? and 2) Idk if you can call it a B. For driving......this is a world where Tails is allowed to drive and Cream can ride a hoverboard to participate in a race. I feel you're still applying real world/human standards to them. I just pulled these out from the wiki: I don't think her breast is that big? For the left one, I think it's more of the small waist making her breast look bigger.
  3. It's true Japan is more open to sexual content than over here, but I don't think Amy's 12 for pedos. I mean, she doesn't look or act like a "little girl" even if she's a little immature. Cream would be a "little girl", but even she isn't seen as such. Tells what kinda person you are... Wasn't Amy's love supposed to be a cute forever one-sided love? I'd say Amy isn't close to Sonic's age on purpose. Because a 3 year age difference is taboo. Maybe making her closer to Sonic's age would make people ask "Hey they're a great couple, why won't SEGA make them be an actual couple???" or to those who think age should reflect human age, "why is she being a brat/acting immaturely (dreaming of Sonic marrying her)???". I say age isn't important, but raising her age but not changing her character would make her look more crazy. Also there's the fact that they don't change information once established. If they decide to retcon Amy's age, they would probably need to change everyone else. And that wouldn't be the current Sonic anymore.
  4. Wait, are we talking about the Boom or the entire series in general? I'm not so familiar in Boom, so I won't say anything on that. For the overall series, I assumed mobian/Sonic-species isn't the same as humans. As in, not supposed to really reflect realistic human behavior of that age. I mean most of the characters are teens but have varying matureness and personality; with the 6-8 year old kids w/ Tails as child genius, and the 20 yr old crocodile as outlier. As you said, it's just numbers. That's common in fiction. The best reason I can think is so she isn't considered too young, but also not too old/closer to Sonic's age. VA isn't a good evidence because if then I'd say the Japanese VA are just fine. And yeah, the Sonis series is timeless. They go through countless birthdays and anniversaries but stay the same age. Maybe it's to emphasize that he's a child genius? I just said age is just numbers, but being a genius is one of Tails's main characteristic. Lower than that is too young, and older than that would categorize him as a (pre-)teen like everyone else. And a smart teen isn't a big characteristic in Sonic's world. Also the age difference makes him feel more "little brother" to Sonic.
  5. I don't know what "real growing up" is, but I think SU is great because it's not always action, development, and progress in plot. Steven is a kid, and as SonicComicFanboy said it's also about Steven and his "family"'s life. It show that the plot isn't only about alien threatening Earth and his Mom being a part of it. It shows that there are normal threats too, even if silly, and life is fun and interesting by itself. The breaks aren't all fillers either. Some showed the Crystal gems are getting along differently than before; some had minor casts given more depth; some of them actually told you some backstory that was not related to plot but related to the main character's life; others showed Steven with new powers.
  6. Reminds me of Medalot/Medabots; the recent games started using those type of artist/designers for their human characters, and I think the newest one had all the main characters female where the loser get’s their clothes ripped off. Digimon went a similar route, or that’s what I feel looking at the character art & design... It’s sad that the company think the only way to revive an old game is to add fanservice. At least they're also releasing Super Bomberman R. I don’t know if it’s cheaper to make them, but I’m sure they’re too lazy to think of more new & fun mechanics to put in. Also it’s probably easier, or they believe it is, to lure in new people (especially those who think Bomberman isn’t fun) with bait.
  7. I’d say it depend on whether the characters has to be exactly the same or close to the original counterpart. In the comic most of the characters have a developed background story that also works as world building of the universe. Like Sally; her character revolves around being a princess of a royal family in an important royal kingdom and being the leader of a group created to combat constant threat of Eggman’s “empire”. If she is to be included, can it be a completely new character with only her name, physical appearance, and "princess leader" part? Or will they also need to establish the Kingdom of Acorn, her dad, and/or the other FF members? I would definitely NOT want the FF team, because it would be very difficult to include them. They would need to balance out their active roles along with the game character and story, so they won't be dominating everything but also not stand around there as cameo NPCs. There would also need reason to be in a formal team fighting for justice, since Eggman isn't a constant threat in the game (unless the new games create a situation like that. even then, it will probably be a one-time thing...) and Sonic will not join them nor actively try to interact with them. ...I'm thinking too narrow-minded, aren't I...? If I need to choose someone, and I can ignore their origin and history, I would probably choose the metal series (just make a metal series for everyone except Tails), Finitevus (one insane echidna better than a whole tribe of OP echidnas. Also his design is edgy and cool, young kids love those), NICOLE (talking AI sounds fun).
  8. I also heard people saying it was something along the line of "clip for investors" or "demo reel for animators" (like a portfolio I suppose?). Which is odd, that’s clip did not look good nor “experimenting” to be excused as a demo or advertisement. Well, if the show is set for this year, that's not a lot of time left to fix depending on what stage of developing they’re on. People are going to expect much MUCH better quality for Man of Action, hope they're telling the truth and not trying to dodge criticism.
  9. I think cartoon Drillman's problem is balance. There's so many identical drills on his upper body. It reminds me of Drillman.exe, who looks good despite using more drills: As for Fireman, he.....got spikes flames? I'd like to give the show a chance, but seeing how I'm cringing at the animation I don't know if I should watch. I don't know if this is normal nowadays, but the art and movement of the art looks quite cheap. I can't help but see some of the...what do you call it? In-between?...art. For a second Aki-Man's face becomes deformed slightly, for example. It's a problem if you can actually see the bad quality art used in the animation multiple times. And I'm the type who usually never notice or cares about those.
  10. I am most familiar with Classic, then Battle Network, then a little X series, so after playing MN9 I am not interested in RedAsh or any other title Inafune is creating. I guess that's a good thing? I don't want to make this too off-topic, but on the topic of Archie's version I cannot resist: Their artstyle was pretty much imitating the official Megaman art, so I can't say much there. The comic was pretty good and I think it would be the best western adaption of the game. Why didn't CAPCOM make a cartoon of this? *looks at Man of Action* Some of the inconsistency made me confused though because in one place the robots are portrayed as having enough will, then in other times emphasized that they "don't have free will"; it was confusing to me why they chose "not having free will" as in 'having a will and understand/comprehend the restrictions that prevent them from doing it what they want to' rather than just having limited AI that takes away their capacity/ability to think certain things. I am sure it's not "lacking free will" when robots think "oh, I want to hit you but the law say I am not supposed to hit humans. Wait! I figured a loophole!". Or the whole "Wily's robots are good gentle guys and are disloyal to him and doesn't want to fight" but they "need to" fight because "they don't have free will", Auto shown emotions and complex thought, but later on say it's too complex for him, or the whole Quickman not wanting to be modified and everyone being emotional over his deactivation and Megaman refusing to listen to his reasoning even though he understands the feel of being modified against his will when later Gutsman and Concreteman casually talk about being in a museum after being deactivated. Also Xander Payne's ruined potential. Also Protoman; while I knew the western version was more closer to RS (Though I was surprised to hear the MM: RM Field Guide used the more Game/Japanese version of Protoman's story), I couldn't like the whole angst and drama around him. I don't know how to explain. I know he's the ever popular, only interesting and ambiguous character with potential for it, but the comic focused too much on how "melodramatic man" was holding a childish grudge/jealousy and taking it out on everything. Not saying it's bad, and I'm most likely exaggerating it; they did it well enough, people loved it, but him thinking he doesn't "deserve" to be Light's son and need to earn his original name back? It's hard to believe this is supposed to be him from the games or even the version of him in World Collide.
  11. I got the game during Steam sale and planning to play when I get time to, so I can't talk much about the quality of the game yet. But I totally agree on Inafune not owning Megaman. He may be a (temporary) adoptive guardian of Megaman, but he's not the creator or the owner of him. From the interviews it seem AK had a different plan for Megaman in background and story but Inafune decided to make it more simple, happy and easy. While he can be credited for making the series popular that way (especially since Kitamura's games seem to never be successful), and I see why he keeps trying to create another Megaman since that's the most success he had, I do feel irritated for his obsession and some of the things he did for the series.
  12. For a moment I was confused; should'a noticed the quotation mark. It's cute but feels weird when Tails is described as Sonic's 弟分 ("friend treated like a lil brother"). I mean it's true, but still.
  13. Oh, ok. So it's a failure as in "not a big hit, didn't meet company's goal of success" and not the failure as in "everything sucked, no one likes them". As for whether it would cause a boom, I don't know. As JezMM said, at that time the main style was only Modern since Classic was a thing of the past. Now there's like three different styles. Boom has a completely different gameplay than the mainstream Sonic....Ok, even if the new fans didn't play the game and only watched the cartoon, mainstream Sonic is somewhat different in characterization and setting. Even Classic and Modern are similar yet still different in style and gameplay. The crossover seem to be an official attempt to mix in the target audience, but that doesn't guarantee Classic fans will get into Modern (which is where all the "material" for the fandom is). At the same time, as CottonCandy say, you can enter a fanbase in any way. You could've played the game. You could've watched the cartoon. You could've read the comics. You could've saw all of them on the internet for free without helping the companies. That's what let people easily enter and enjoy a fandom to create fan material. So sales would be uncertain, but the fandom may get a boom, the question being whether people are willing to give the different Sonics a chance. But I can't imagine Sonic getting a large boom. I dunno why. (Also, I can't imagine there would be hoards of "shitty fanart and shipping wars" because...that's not new? There may be new members, but the Sonic fanbase is already quite huge, including both deep and shallow fans, and many are continuing the shipping wars and production of fanarts. Unless it's shown to be a visible repeating pattern it would be like throwing a match into lava. I think it would be more calmer than the original since the fanbase is already set up.)
  14. Is Boom actually considered failure by SEGA? I don't follow much Boom-related news, is this based on the overall sale and views or SEGA seem to imply that? Sorry, it just reminds me of that "rumor" of the comic ending because Boom was a total failure when the show is somewhat popular, the game is still being promoted in Japan, and hearing that the second game was decent.
  15. Oh, I see. Thank you for the correction. I need to make sure they're accurate to use before citing as evidence.