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  1. What's the origin of your username?

    I am bad at making names, so I looked up musical instruments on the wikipedia and choose one that sounded nice. Kodaiko (小太鼓) is simply "small drum".
  2. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I wonder what their motivation for rivalry would be? I can only think of it relating to Sonic.
  3. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    You can make Megaman interesting, all Ian had to do was not make the adaptations so formulaic and loyal to the games. You know, like what he does with his Sonic adaptions. Most of them are "Wily does bad, Megaman makes his way to a room, fights the Robot master, travel to another room, fight another Robot master...occasional emotional scene...fight each and every boss, fight Wily, reach the ending" Example? As Mister X says, Ariga's Megamix: Ariga doesn't show every boss, doesn't fight every robot master, doesn't make them wait in a room at the end of a dangerous maze, make them be doing something, make them work together, doesn't make it an emotional "why are we fighting?" moment every time. Some people hate it because of this, but I think it's great.
  4. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Wait, did Forces come out? Are people playing it already? I thought it was coming out next month. How do they know it sucks? Sonic game stories are usually mediocre, with occasional terrible ones, so I won't be surprised if it turned out okay. As long as they don't mess up character portrayals.... I hated Lost World's story, but did look forward to the comic adaption because I was sure the comic can make it better (on the opposite, liked Unleashed game's story but not enjoy the adaption). If they ever did a 06 adaption, I'm willing to try because while there were parts that was meh I enjoyed the story and want to see how the comic can change it. I don't know if Forces will suck, I don't know if it will be good. But I think the game will be "okay" as long as they don't portray anyone out of character, and an adaption will be "okay" if done right. I mean, all they need to do is have most of the game cast, Infinite, and (an) OC(s). I think the concern is more of what kind of world the IDW comic will be in normally...it would've been so weird if Archie adapted it: Eggman already rules the world, there is already the FF, nothing new. I have a feeling if they ever do Forces it will be a separate, special issue since it is kind of a crossover event between Modern and Classic.
  5. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Didn't Ian initially explained Cream can't fight because she isn't "trained" like Tails and Charmy, then said it was ooc because Cream was a pacifist, THEN said it was part of a mandate? At least, that's what I remember. As for Blaze, I think Ian said in Bumblekast that Blaze was one of the female character that was popular with boys because she was cool, which was why her story doesn't need a male game character to attract more readers. Which is confusing seeing how she was handled.
  6. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    The concern for me is using the same material and same writer can result in the same or very similar thing. Recycling characters from Archie can drag in the backstory/connection they had because that’s what defines then and people loved about them. Also, some writers occasionally fall into using the same/similar formula and character portrayals. Especially if it’s for the same subject, same concept, and same main characters. Not saying Ian does that, but I’m sure it will be harder the more material they recycle. Example: If they want to add Sally and her friends people would want them as Freedom Fighters, because that was their defining trait. And if they are Freedom Fighters people would associate it with Eggman ruling the world again, with local FFs and EggBosses. Then people may want them to have frequent appearances with Sonic and thus Archie 2.0. Who knows, maybe IDW can keep the FF as cameos. Maybe they can pull off giving them totally different roles. But if using them as main or frequent characters, I worry if they can keep the world different. Ian can try, but I don’t know if he can completely shut out how he thought of the characters during Archie.
  7. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Ian coming back isn’t a surprise. I’m sure 70% of the fans expected it. He is a experienced writer but I worry Ian (intentionally or unintentionally) will recreate a world and formula similar to Archie. I hope he can do a completely new take on the series. This pretty much. People demand to know a better writer, yet refuse to let said "writers" try. Maybe there are writers that suck in other comics but good in Sonic. Maybe there are new writers who can write well but aren't well known. I understand the safe-than-sorry thinking, but this was the best opportunity to have a totally fresh reboot. I can imagine some of the fans getting angry that IDW Sonic's character hasn’t changed from Archie’s, saying “but...IDW has more freedom!! Less Mandates!! Why isn't he more emotional??” when they're just keeping him in character.
  8. Overwatch (Currently: Lunar Year Event!)

    Reaper's pose in theannouncement video is hilarious. for the costume in question:
  9. As expected. I wonder, what could convince Capcom that Megaman games can sell? There is a large fanbase, sure, but that doesn't seem to be enough. Because I'm sure that's why Capcom is being stingy on the series.
  10. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    So in the trailer, Lapis wanted to flee and Peridot wanted to stay on Earth with her.
  11. Interesting. They will probably be doing a small "reboot" or "remake". I wouldn't mind if it's 8bit tbh, as long as they do it well. If not, well.....if I can see redesign of other characters, I'll be happy. Hey, at least it looks better than the Man of Action Cartoon!
  12. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I don't think MetalSkullBane was expecting a "God tier epic". It's not a ridiculous standard either. (who decides on this "standard" anyway?). There there are writers who has their strength making up their flaws so the readers don't mind, while there are others with good parts but a major flaw that ruins the experience. Even in the standard of the subject. I do think Ian has some flaws in his writing that occasionally ruins the fun, both Sonic and non-Sonic. Doesn't mean he sucks. But shouldn't be dismissed by "it's a Sonic comic" or "no writer is flawless".
  13. Don't animals only do that when they are overly-stressed or think the young is not theirs? It says occasionally, but I wonder how it work? Is it " Honey, I just...ate our daughter" "It's ok dear, it was an accident. it had to happen. Don't worry, we can have another one" or "Doctor, my husband tried to eat our only son." "His feral instinct are kicking in. It happens occasionally." "Is there a cure for this? Any modern technology, medication..." "I'm sorry ma'am, our society is advanced in all levels, but we never bothered to invest in fixing ourselves."
  14. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    The necessity of OCs depend on the writer and how creative they can get. Also what the readers like. There was a Megaman manga that doesn’t have OCs except cameo from other mangas and fan-submitted ones he used in background. I heard he considered adding a major OC (Bass’s sister?) but he decided not to because he wanted to use the game characters more. It was fun to read. His manga was aimed at people who already knew Megaman. Some stories followed the game format, then some stories were only presented as flashbacks, some skipped, others adapted but altered enough to make it seem like a different story. Of course the manga had it’s flaws, there are parts I disagree, and the style wasn’t for everyone. I was not fond of the OCs in Archie. The Emerald Spears had potential world-building, but ruined by being a terrorist cult and ran by a crazy leader who became an overpowered super villain subduing the main villain of the game. Tempo was interesting, but was a side character who never interacted outside her character development arcs or Protoman. Lalinde I despise because of her impression as both scientist & "mother". The two police duo was ...not so memorable. I admit I am very biased. The manga matched my taste better than Archie. But you get what I mean. I agree. They never figured out the best balance between game and creativity. Or what part of the game the writer think is important and what the reader thinks is important. Closest to success was Champions. Let's hope IDW can figure it out.
  15. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Putting Sonic in school is an odd concept because although Sonic does live in Earth (or whatever), it doesn't mean they share the same culture and tradition as us in real life. This is a world where teens and very young kids can fight bad guys. They have an 8 year old driving a car and plane. A 12 year old girl probably lives alone. Archie had that issue too, trying to make the world more "realistic" by explaining mobians. They used to say humans need proper training to fight which is why Cream can't fight while Charmy and Tails can. Maybe he supports Archie as a Branch of Sonic and a product everyone enjoys, just not interested in it personally. I understand that feel. He may have cut it out because he can't provide an answer. Better than saying "I don't read the comic (or only read a few)" "I don't have any" or even lying, which would probably cause more reactions. Just because Aaron disregarded, it doesn't mean the entire SoA doesn't care. Also, notcaring =/= dislike. Also also, doesn't the staff of IDW listen to the voices too?