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  1. I'm guessing it's this? From Evan's tumblr: (This is the link to the post, and this is the Huldra link in her answer) Tbh Belle doesn't look that "strange" if that was Evan's intention. Sure you wonder what animal she's based on, and her puppet features is unique, but aside from that she looks pretty similar to everyone else. Kind of wish the characters pointed it out more in the comic? For me Sonic seeing her as a badnik/robot was more surprising.
  2. We now have some previews for IDW #35:
  3. It depends on what you mean by devil-type. Straight up referencing the devil and Satan would be more risky since some people would not like religion in a Sonic/kids friendly game. Mephiles and Iblis were vague enough for some people to miss the reference. Also, you don't really want a villain with god-like powers to be reoccuring. If we go with "manipulative evil tempter who screw people over", more threatening than the petty/personal type (I think that's more of a bully/rival)? That's pretty normal in fiction, sometimes even for kids stuff, and would probably work since Eggman is commonly portrayed as such (see: Archie). Only problem will be how evil he is and where to use him. Those type of character ends up being the big(gest) bad in many works...but given the fact Sonic games don't have many characters (=potential victims), lacks deeper storytelling, and the bad guy has to be defeated with a happy ending...it's gonna be hard to use them or make them reoccuring. The comic has more freedom and flexibility so there's a highter chance of it working, but their effectiveness will depend on the writer.
  4. Someone got their hands on some previews for Bad Guys #3: sooooo...
  5. Sorry for double post, but we got additional preview pages for #34: They have all the previews together here: https://tailschannel.com/idw-sonic/updates/sonic-the-hedgehog-34-previews/
  6. Oh yeah I just realized. Remember that one cover for Bad Guys #3?
  7. New cover for IDW #35 is here. Warning, it spoils some future plot points:
  8. Yeah, the cover reveals for future issues didn't help either. At least they didn't spoil a big cliffhanger in the next preview or somethin'. About the reveal itself (note: I haven't read #2 yet aside from some spoilers so my thoughts may change)
  9. MAD RAT DEAD came out recently. It's a 2D-platformer rhythm game with awesome music. Basically Sonic + Necrodancer. Even got a homing spin attack. I think it'd be a great way to make a Sonic rhythm game. Somehow. Maybe make it different characters based on the stage & difficulty? For reference, Japanese trailer (English one sucks) under spoilers:
  10. I have no idea how Chronicles did it (kind of afraid to check) but when I hear "Sonic RPG" I imagine the non-battle/field section looking like Paper Mario w/ each character having unique abilites to help progress forward, and the battle section looking like Mario & Luigi w/ characters able to combine moves for a unique effect.
  11. I still wonder what ABT was thinking when he drew her on the sketch cover. Was he having fun knowing she won't make it in (cuz no matter how much love Lanolin gets from the fan, she is just one of countless background characters), or does he secretly wish her to be "official"?
  12. Idk about the others, but Don and Nite were approved by Sega and given some lore. I'm sure it's because they were created for the comic, not the authors' preexisting OCs making a cameo. Here are the tweets by Evan Stanley:
  13. Oooh, I totally forgot about that in TSR. Yeah it depends on how much Tangle gets used in the future, but she's fine for now. We don't know what kind of character Belle is but I kind of imagined Cream would be the type to befriend her. Ah, I am still disappointed he is not a bulky guy It took me a while to understand what's happening in the background.
  14. Kind of. That was how we got the mess of "two world", "no currency", etc. (iirc the curreny one was revealed by Ian? Actually I'm sure there's a lot of info Ian partially revealed that opened many can of worms...) It would've been totally fine if they never brought it up or tried to explain it, like Mario and any other timeless series. What was it about TSR?
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