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  1. Yamper's face looks like it came straight out of Dragon Quest. Impidimp looks like a yokai Level5 designed. Nessa reminds me of Shelly From ORAS (yes I know her skin tones are slightlydifferent). Seeing that Vespiquen is there, I guess no new bee pokemon I wonder how many new pokemons they're gonna have?
  2. I think the new pokemons feels Pokemon-y aside from Corviknight. Just that, as mentioned before, it feels like they're based off past designs. Like it was done by a new designer who was unsure and decided to use the past ones as reference. But the legendary could've done way better. Their design is very....well, different compared with the past legendaries. Very busy, coloring looks mismatched (like a fan-recolor) and a bit too similar (same/very similar color palette without any distinct characteristics) to be treated as the head of two versions.
  3. I don't have time to watch the video, gonna watch it when I get home. But looking at the screenshots.... I hear they have a new art director, or whatever is responsible for design. Is this true? Maybe that's why the new pokemons look similar to past ones with a new twist. Most of them makes me think, "huh, this reminds me of [pokemon]". (Scorbunny looks like Buneary+meowth, Sobble reminds me of Mudkip, Grookey...sooorta like a pre-evo for Passimian, Gossifleur reminds me of Lilligant, Eldegoss =Jumpluff+Whimsicott, etc...) Which isn't bad, btw. It's just that I never had this feel in the previous gen. Of course, there's also the fact there's too many pokemons that the concept/motif starts overlapping. Wooloo reminded me of Mareep but that's more of "they're both sheeps" rather than their designs are similar. But then, I was expecting them to be more distinct. Like we have a lot of flower pokemons but they're pretty unique and different. I hope they have a bumblebee pokemon. We have enough butterfly/moths. We need more bees.
  4. So I watched this movie like on the weekend.
  5. I'm not gonna watch, but I hear positive reaction from people. That's nice. ...Well except for the "we already knew the big reveal" reaction. I've heard that Namagem's identity was supposed to be kept secret, which makes sense. But then, I'm sure anyone will figure out with that name.
  6. KoDaiko

    Mega Man

    I wasn't sure where to put this (hey didn't I do this before?), but while writing down the Q&A for the newest Bumblekast #90 there was one Archie MM question. Might was well write it here. Includes the original question and timestamp:
  7. Oh hey. I decided to take some notes (more like transcribe) for Sonic-related questions in Bumblekast #90. Bit messy, may have missed some info. I included the question and timestamp for those who want to listen for themselves:
  8. I mean, yeah. I just feel it's too straightforward in Japanese. Idk, I'd prefer if they go a bit more creative, like "cool (like in a chuuni/edgy way)" or "silly" , as they do the high-damage moves. Example:
  9. Japanese pokemon doesn't use kanji for names and moves. It'll be in hiragana, so もろはのつるぎ (mo-ro-ha no tsu-ru-gi). Which is still under the limit. Though I feel it should be a physical move for it to make sense. Also, there's already a move called もろはのずつき (mo-ro-ha no zu-tsu-ki), "Head Smash" in English. I need to mention though. The Japanese name doesn't have to be translatable into English, or vise-versa. There are many moves that have a different name in Japanese and English, for example "Mindblown" and ビックリヘッド = "Head Surprise" "Assist" and ねこのて = "Cat's Paw" "Head Charge" and アフロブレイク = "Afro Break" "False Swipe" and みねうち = "to strike with the back of one's sword" (for reference, Final Fantasy translates it as Swordstrike or Bladebash) So whatever silly name Japan comes up with, the English version can still be called Double-edged Sword. Or not, idk what the word limit for the English version is.
  10. They made it public now, but there was a link waaay down in the video description (the Patreon Ads section). I'm sure most people wouldn't bother reading it unlike me, who doesn't have the patience to sit through an hour long video and looks at the Q&A list first.
  11. Both of them says "Mewtwo & Armored Mewtwo". Will he be getting two forms like XY?
  12. If I ever get this game in Japanese, Scorbunny: ピョンすけ, Grookey: くちばし, Sobble: ミズシロウ. If I got it in English.....probably use their Japanese names (Hibanny, Sarunori, Messon) just because. I like Scorbunny's design the least. Something about him throws me off. But I'd probably choose him as a starter. I wonder when they'll release more info (especially the first evolutions)?
  13. It'd be funny if it's a DP remake. Jokes aside, I never watched any Pokemon directs/announcement videos so I can't help but wonder how much information can a 7 minute direct give us. If it WAS a new title....maybe the legendaries, protagonists, title, region detail, new gimmick/feature, ....and a silluette of the starters at the end?
  14. yeah the image is fake: Pokemon doesn't use hiragana for their names (or Japanese words, aside from the 1st and 2nd gen since they were colors), generic font, and the "queen" is simply spelled wrong. It's possible they may go a royalty theme, but separating to "King(boy)" and "Queen(girl)" is a bit.....meh.
  15. Hey it's better than pointy toes. They can't wear regular sandals.
  16. I'm sure Cosmo is in the same category as the FF, aka "either keep most of what creates the character, or don't bother including them".
  17. It really depends on the comics, cuz aside from each country havign different rules, each work may have different styles in writing/art. There's also what kind of story/genre they want to tell, and who the audience is. Some use fewer panels, less words, use "show dont tell" and manage to get their point across without making the readers unsatisfied. Some use way too many panels, craming paragraphs of words in each one, and somehow prevent the reader from being overwhelmed. And others just fail to balance them out. I think Sonic is eeeeeh okay for now. I agree it feels like they stretched the story a bit for issue 9-11, but the artwork is great.
  18. Yeah he looks new. Given Lord Obsidian suit is waaaaay big compared with Sgt. Night, maybe that's the real "Namagem" inside his suit? ....though from what I've seen, he isn't the type who would look relaxed showing a V sign.
  19. KoDaiko

    Mega Man

    Haha, they are both smart, techno wizard daughters of Dr. Light. Though one is an adult and the other is a child. Which reminds me: which do you guys prefer, Roll as combat robot (Pachinko) or a techno support girl (MMFC)?
  20. You could've at least checked if spoiling was ok first. (it's the eye icon btw)
  21. There was also Tabuu and the Master Core. Even before that we were given Giga Bowser.
  22. Reminds me of that small art in her concept sketch, with her tearfully reading a shojo manga. Maybe she dreamt of recieving romantic lines (or whatever you want to call Brock's words) like those. I head she's basically a female version of Brock, so they're a good match.
  23. My sister who claims she sucks at these games (worse than me, who also sucks) is having a fun with WoL. She never showed much interest in the past series and kept losing in WoL, but I guess the one-stock quick fights and the whole aquiring/training/using different spirits in different situations feel accomplishing. She's doing better now that she's using Duckhunt and has a bunch of useful spirits. I'm not so interested, so been doing the Spirit Board. The roulette system SUCKS!!! Also some of the CPUs were darn hard. Had a hard time unlocking some of the characters. For DLCs, I guess the criteria for being "invited" is 1) From a game, 2)Main character/protagonist, 3) Iconic or is popular/trending rn...?
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