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  1. Idk I think Sega would be fine with a sentient AI (there's several of them in game), but having the ability to create a physical hologram of a regular mobian lynx that can also touch & feel sounds a bit far. But then we have more bizzare things in the game, I guess? I'd imagine the game would go for a robot, AI in the ship the FF uses, or a handheld like the original cartoon. Unrelated, but apparently Ian participated in one of the official Sonic Livestreams yesterday? I remember someone tweeting they'd be doing some Q&A, I hope someone was able to take notes...
  2. Oh sorry, I thought the talk was more about difference in origin/amount of lore so I got confused why the IDW characters were mentioned. Especially since Lanolin is a cameo OC. I didn't know those process details, so thank you for that! True. I think there's zero to little chance that they will actually make it in....Even if Ian tried his best to make their personality/lore more streamlined, post-reboot Archie is still different from the games. And a lot of what makes them stand out is stemmed from the unique concept and worldbuilding the comic had. But it's still interesting to hear what people think is the FF's core/spirit. Whenever the topic is brought up, I wonder "How much can Sega change until those fans thinks it's not the FFs anymore?" Also, totally forgot about Nicole. I'm pretty sure they won't use the whole holo-lynx thing.
  3. Ah, thank you for your answer. Ian did well to maintain their spirit while reseigning them. I'm not so attached to the characters, so if Sega were to drastically change them I'd at least want them to keep: Sally - Leadership (of anything, perhaps similar to the Diamond Cutters?). Her logic-based serious personality may also be interesting to play with. Antoine - I can't recall anything unique aside from being Bunnie's husband. Sorry 'Twan. Maybe his sword skill? My biggest impression of him used to be his original personality (cowardice and narcissism), it'd be interesting if they played with a toned down version of that. Bunnie - Cybernetics. Maybe accent too, but to me the cybernetics is her main trait. Rotor - I don't recall anything about him that stands out aside from being the chubby tech guy. Sorry buddy. Why is it always the guys?
  4. I am curious to know if there were any people who hated/despised the game pre-release, but ended up liking it. Or the opposite, those who supported/defended the game pre-release but ended up feeling betrayed by it. Kinda hard to search for that type of review.
  5. Haha, true. I was kinda avoiding saying this as it's a touchy subject, but seeing you're pretty open toward another possible reboot...how much change do you personally think is ok? Because if Sega/SoJ were to include the FFs in the game I'm sure they'd go another strong reboot. Even though there were closer to the game post-reboot, they still had connection/reference to the old cartoon/lore that doesn't fit the game. Looking at twitter people have different opinion on what the spirit/cores are, how Sally & co. should be brought into the game. Some think Sally needs to be a princess, others think it's fine as long as she's a leader of something. Some think her relation with Sonic is a must, other think she and/or the FFs can be an individual character completely seperate from Sonic. Some think Sally is ok by herself, others think they need to bring all the Knothole and whatnots in. Could you please elaborate on this? I only know Sega is more involved in the character designing process.
  6. Idk if they add characters from series that's not active anymore/considered "dead". Guess it depends on if Sega (specifically SoJ) accepts the FFs as an important part of their history, and official Sonic multiverse. If they do, they do. If they don't, they don't. A thing to note is that while the FFs/Sally has a big presence in the west, specifically the US, they are barely known outside the country. They also have multiple versions, and their own unique story/deep history completely separate from the games. At least Mighty, Ray and the Chaotix were all game characters (obscure, but still created by Sega) with barely any traits so they seemed more appealing to "reboot" or "revive" back into the series.
  7. Well I'll be darned. A part of me assumed it was a well made prank, but they're actually here. Yeah I remember hearing he didn't get any comments on how he designed the comic-exclusive characters (aside from not using Honey Woman's design). Though the point was whether Ian not breaking formula and being overly-rigid in following the game plot was his idea or the editor's. That makes sense. It was a response toward KingScoopaKoopa's comment that Ian may have been able to follow Ariga's formula, whether Ariga-level of loose adaptation would've been possible by Ian during his Mega Man run under editorial restrictions. Ariga said it may be different now, but Ian was able to do loose adaptation under SEGA's supervision post-reboot with the FFs and more original characters. .....uh.....let's just say reading the discussion over the direction/characterization/pacing of Ian's writing reminded me (idk why) of how I felt about the Mario pitch and people's reaction to it. Just me being unnecessarily salty.
  8. I know Whisper was based on the avatar creator in Forces, but it throws me off everytime I see her missing eyelids (and the position). I got used to it in 2D art, hopefully I can get used to 3D.
  9. That reminds me of the end of the Mega Man 3 arc. Pacing is definitely the biggest problem Ian struggles with. It's like he has a bunch of ideas for specific scenes and plot points, but doesn't know what to do with the rest or how to connect/make them flow well.
  10. Looks like it's from Bumblekast #115, starting at 1:27:48.
  11. Uh...again, you do understand that not everyone is upset because of the "progressive" parts, right? What the people will or have a beef with right now, aside from the very minor progressive elements: Behind the scene (like Naughty Dog treating their own people badly) The gameplay (such as the rumored "no fun allowed" & "you're supposed to feel like sh*t" mechanic) The story (mainly how the original cast is treated, and major plot points) Because it looks like you're ignoring that, which makes you sound exactly like the "whiny gamers" you mock, just in the extreme opposite. Eeeh, I feel you're overpraising critics. They're professionals sure, and you should take some of their words for consideration. But they're also human with their bias, preference, and agendas. And I feel you're either ignoring or treating any non-"fans" who don't agree with the critics as part of "the gamers". They're not hive minds, you know. Some gamers/hardcore fans will love it, some casual/new fans will hate it.
  12. Just need to mention that not all people were upset at the "progressive" parts. I don't trust reviews from Big Review Sites (especially those who give it a 100/100), and rumors say Sony is restricting what they're allowed to talk about, so we'll just have to see the general public's reaction. I'm sure it's gonna be a love-it or hate-it type of game like/more than the original, which is already assumed by many. Slightly unrelated, but why are "progressive" works are so difficult to handle. On one hand it lets people who dislike it overly-sh*t on it to the point they call the entire game terrible, even if it's a very minor element. On the other hand they can get overly-praised for it and lets the flaws be overlooked, sometimes using it as a shield for any criticism.
  13. I totally forgot what the armor design looked in the comics and had to go look it up. Side by side for comparison: Given the context (Created by the doctors under Sigma's orders) I'd say the final design is better. It does look dull but at least it looks uniform. The concept one looks weird especially when you don't know the reference. It's like they were asked to make their own halloween costume. I'd say the ideal solution was to have the final design as base, plus some color/accessories from the references. LIke giving a group of people the exact same clothes to customize.
  14. Hmmmm I'll def. look into it...sucks that it doesn't want to ship to here, and even if I use a buying service the virus is messing with the shipping cost/time. Hopefully one day.
  15. Yeah, it was more of my personal interpretation. There are multiple ways to say you're welcome in Japanese too, just like English (no problem, happy to help, my pleasure, anytime, etc.). While all can be translated as the same thing, the default for どういたしまして=you're welcome. JP Tails feels like the type who says "you're welcome" rather than "my pleasure". I may have mixed up "my pleasure" & "with pleasure" (喜んで) too.
  16. Whoops, I didn't know there were more images on that instagram link. You're talking about the Sonic & Tails one right? ENG: Sonic: "Seriously though, thanks for the save." Tails: "My pleasure!" JP: Sonic: "Thanks (for the save) Tails!" Tails: "You're welcome!" ...I'm guessing the text was shortened to match the characters. Sonic isn't that wordy and usually keeps it brief. Tails' line is pretty much the same in both language, but the speech bubble is longer because どういたしまして is one word. The Japanese text looks slightly bigger (unless my eyes are tricking me) and the leading is wider, most likely for legibility. Also Japanese may be able to write more with fewer characters (using kanji), but they also want to keep the nuance and meaning accurate to the original.
  17. Wasn't asked, but here's a rough translation: "I compared it to my own translation as I read. Despite multiple restrictions (size of speech bubble, original nuance, Sega’s supervision), the lines were translated naturally and cohesively. Made me realize how good/different the professionals are. Which makes me very happy when I have the same translation as them (laugh). Personally, the lines in Japanese were as I imagined, including the comic original characters. Seeing the dialogues feel like the characters themselves, I can’t thank enough all the people that were involved, given the multiple restrictions as mentioned earlier. With this, I can’t wait to see how Whisper and Starlines’ speech will be! Also, Tangle is more reserved in her introduction episode and will have a more relaxed/friendly impression when she appears again, so I’m looking forward to that too!"
  18. Wait after I posted this I was worried and went to my bookshelf to check. I was pretty off, sorry. I only checked those that caught my eye but of those that I own, the cheaper ones were the 5"x7"-ish ones with ~180 pages (estimate, not all have page numbers), cost varying between 390yen to 620yen/$3.50ish to $6ish. The most expensive was a 6"x8" one (reprint of a collection of volumes, include two colored pages) thats 300 pages and its 1500yen/$14ish. So the correct average should be like $4-5? Size, paper quality, ink limitation, and number of sales I guess? I heard kids magazine try to make the cost low so more kids can buy it. Maybe having one author (with assistants) instead of a bunch of different creators lower costs too. That or they're underpaid with terrible schedules. Seriously, publishing a chapter every week sounds like a nightmare.
  19. Correct, the kanji is def. 有名人. I can read it just fine, but the image/text gets a little pixelated/blurred on screen (you can see it with the other complex kanjis above it) so perhaps that's why it looks simplified? For the じゃない thing, it's not a slang but the way you say. Basically "You're a celebrity?" vs "You're a celebrity?" vs "You're a celebrity!" vs "You're a celebrity." and so on. Perhaps if she said "おっ、有名人じゃん。" it would've been much clear. Oh yeah, iirc manga volumes were around $3-4 in Japan, but like $7-9 in the US?
  20. "Xじゃない" can mean "not X" but also "isn't that X" So Tangle is saying "Oh! Hey you're a celebrity! It's Tangle the Lemur." I was expecting her to either be あたし/atashi or あたい/atai, so I am pretty happy about this. I wasn't expecting her to use modern slangs (トラブる/toraburu instead of トラブルになる/toraburu ni naru) but that's a pretty fitting trait for her. One tiny personal complaint is I was imagining her speech to be always gender neutral (so no "-よ/yo" or "-わ/wa" at the end).
  21. As Big Panda said, making a hetro character bi is more natural than flipping their preference to the complete opposite. ...you know love isn't just about sex, right? it can be emotional/romantic too. Unless the kids are very small, they should know/have some form of crush and love. There's multiple RL stories where a kid asks a gay adult "why don't you have a [partner of the opposite gender]?" and they totally understand the answer, "well I like [same gender]". Like hetro romance, it should be treated as natural and not put too much focus on the orientation/preference itself. It will feel forced if they take the time to point out a man is dating another man and how it's 'different', with the other characters reacting "wait, you're gay!?" "wait, what doesn that mean??"...unless it's important to the story. It won't if the man casually introduce his bf and no one makes a fuss. They can have Sally mention she was close with a male character in the past, while ""dating"" a girl (cuddling, holding hands, whatever people associate with love) in the current time. They can have her blushing or flirting with both male and female characters. Sure it can be interpreted differently by people, and parents can make up excuess for their kids, but that's enough for the writer to say she's bi. I mean adult readers immediately theorized Tangle was lesbian because she was excited at Blaze, same with Whisper for becoming besties with Tangle.
  22. Unfortunately there are many parents who control what their child can consume. They can get quite nasty and force change if there’s enough of them. But yeah kids are mostly open minded and tolerant. Unless they're raised in a bad environment, they'd probably be chill about it.
  23. We have modern cartoon like Steven Universe that goes over mature topics. It's not new either, I remember old cartoons and animes having pretty dark or adult themes. Also this depends on the environment, but it shouldn't be an entirely new concept for them in this day and age. The question is whether SEGA would want that, the parents would be okay with it, and Ian has the ability to portray it well.
  24. Eh it could work if done right. Same goes for any topics considered inappropriate, really. The problem is more how it should be executed rather than if they should. it depends on where you look. In certain places lgbt is the norm while straight is considered icky or boring. Mostly when it's about female characters for some reason.
  25. One that I immediately thought of reading this thread, is what seems to be a climax scene from a horror movie I saw as a child. From what I can remember: there is a room/hall with checkered floor and walls there are a bunch of kids? trapped inside said wall there are faces that appear on the checker squares to talk (some had arms stretching out instead) I think there were an adult or two there is a young boy that seems to be evil there is a young girl who seems to be nice the girl is slowly sucked into a door? Acting-wise she is spinning around while slowing walking toward it Said boy changes his mind last minute to save her I consider myself decent at finding movies based on small details I find, but I could never find out what this was from.
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