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  1. I don't think we have confirmation about fish in general. Octopus feels like a special case since they can look humanoid enough without adding additional limbs. If they're gonna do fish again, I hope they're more weird and underwater-y instead of "regular mobian with fish theme".
  2. I personally prefer (what I assume to be) SoJ's direction of the lore/characterization, but the "west" has more creative outlets and audiences for Sonic to prosper.
  3. I check back on this game every now and then out of curiosity, but I am amused how many people are obsessed on publicly shitting on the game. Like...my impression of it was disappointing too but I just said "ok it's bad, bye" and moved on, with some occassional comment when appropriate. I don't think it's harassment-level but there are people bombarding every official tweet (and occassionally tweet from fans) with negative comments to the point it feels pathetic.
  4. While I agree Sega can be incompetent, I am glad they put their foot down when they need to. While I understand Ian really wanted them in, sounds like a shitty move for him to do. Well, we don't really know that. I personally think Post-Archie is different from IDW or the games, for example, and we definitely dunno how SoJ sees it.
  5. I guess it was initially "you do your thing, we do ours", and now it's "why do we have to use your old ideas when we could just make new stuff that fits our specific need?" seeing how IDW's new characters have specific purpose/role in the narrative. I don't think SoJ would want to change or adjust their ideas/lore for the Freedom Fighters to fit in (who weren't made with the game in mind). But if Sega decided to use the Freedom Fighters but in name only, it brings the question of why bother using them.
  6. Ooh thanks for the screenshot, that's pretty darn cool. I was skeptical because ABT posted the image without any comments. Still, very surprised considering she started out as an artist's OC. Wonder if minor characters are allowed more freedom? Also curious if some of the other characters I vaguely remember seeing several times are included in this category.
  7. The chibi sprites remind me of one of those generic party games on the wii. In the older games, the trainers having a tiny sprite in the overworld and a more realistic/taller sprite during battle never bothered me, but with this graphic upgrade it feels so...wrong.
  8. Wait, really? Is there a source on this? I just assumed he made his own character sheet just because, similar to how he keeps including her in the background. If she is official, I'd think he (or any of the other staff) would announce because a fan character being "official" would be pretty surprising news. Although, I'll be surprised Sega would approve a preexisting fancharacter without any tweaks or edits whatsoever. Even Evan had to design the background character in the annual (rooster and owl) from scratch w/ feedback.
  9. Ah. I was beginning to get interested in the series, so it's a nice opportunity I guess. Though instead of buying 1+2 for $50, I can go and buy used copies of the Remix's on PS3 for $20 each. Idk about the other ones. The whole series and it's releases is so confusing.
  10. Huh I thought Kittea mentioned problem with audio, since KKM's post was respond to that? Maybe I remembered incorecctly. Either way, there were a few other who thought it was Japanese voiceover like PC the Hedgehog in the previous page and preferred English dub, so I think it's reasonable for KKM to point out it's fictional. And for pppp and Kittea to specify the trouble with subtitles.
  11. There were mentions of playtesters when talking about using power-ups....I'm surprised the team didn't realize on how bad the game was at that point? Or was it too early/late in development that they didn't care? I am completely lost on where the story is supposed to go, if there was any. I assumed Lance was the Big Bad that ties each chapter together but he appears in a midchapter minigame, acts cocky, and get's blasted away by Balan in a comical manner. I was expecting him to be at little more mysterious/threatening.
  12. I never said the writers were fully on board. It was a reaction to how some people are annoyed at Shadow getting squeezed in where he doesn't need to and failing/learning his lesson for the Xth time. If Shadow is supposed to be this jerkass rival character who SEGA is super restrictive of, is the published stories the writer's attempt to "showcase his best side whenever possible" (from Evan's tumblr)? Even if SEGA was the one responsible for returning Shadow to the status quo I personally the writers should know that by now and not make the narrative repetitive, or at least make the development more subtle so you don't feel the sudden change back to square one the next time they appear. I'm assuming the writers create an overall draft of their narrative first, then send it off to SEGA & the IDW editor to get feedback, then the writers have to rewrite based on that? Does SEGA tell them 'Shadow would do this' or 'Shadow doesn't do this'? Do they pitch in ideas to replace the original? If the writers wanted something to happen that went against canon lore, is it the fault of SEGA for denying it (sure) or the writers who decided to replace it with a mediocre alternative (also yes)? Ian have said multiple times that IDW is a joint effort, SEGA is very cooperative & flexible for the most part, the mandates are a case-by-case that "changes" based on the narrative situation. So we know the writers aren't fighting against them like people believe, but working with/along what is given. I am not saying SEGA is 100% in the right. It just rubs me the wrong way when people think the IDW writers never do anything wrong and it's solely SEGA's fault, who goes quiet when it's something that can't be fully blamed on them like the overall narrative, pacing, or character portrayals that isn't Shadow and the writers haven't mentioned SEGA's involvement. Cuz I see that a lot in other places.
  13. That reminds me how it sucks many people blame SEGA for any flaws in the narrative while crediting the writers for any perks. Unless we have a detailed list of what part is Sega's revision and what part is the writers contribution, it's better to consider that IDW is a joint project where both sides are responsible for it's success and failure. Just that the writers have more freedom in voicing their side of the story.
  14. Perhaps he E.M. shielded his mech like he did in issue 2? Or maybe he didn't but had a brain-fart and forgot.
  15. I only watch twitter but if this is correct, it's apparently December 23, 2020.
  16. While I personally believe the possibility of the Freedom Fighters coming back is extremely unlikely....the idea by itself doesn't sound that bad. Seeing how MoA decided to do their own spin of Mega Man while making people believe it will be an adaptation, I won't be surprised if they decided to give that a try.
  17. I'm always wary about 3d/cgi cartoon, especially if they're 1) a series, and 2) focused on action. Most of the time they just don't have the flexibility and expressiveness that 2D has, especially when they have a limited budget. MoA & MMFC I used to hate, now I don't really care. Heard decent amount of people like it, so I assumed it just wasn't my cup of tea. Heard the comic is very good, probably better than what the cartoon was trying to do. Imo Sega's mandate problem feels exaggerated than it really is. While mandates can & do suck, the writers has some responsibility for making it work. So I'm more worried about the writers not being able to balance what they really wanna write w/ the official direction & guidelines.
  18. Sorry for the double post, but we got some news. New cover for Bad Guys #4: Preview for Bad Guys #4:
  19. Isn't that what was already shown? It's still OP because he can immediately swap to a different one. It may have been better if they showed him constantly or initially struggling to use each core to it's full potential. Like not being able to turn/brake properly in speed, jumping/floating too much in flight, using too much force in power. Would've matched with what we were shown pre-ElectroSpurs (not a physical fighter).
  20. I didn't know where this was appropriate and posted it in a nother topic like an hour ago, but I guess this place was better. What do you guys think of Rodea the Sky Soldier? Do you think it would work for Silver in a Sonic-style game? EDIT: oh, apparently Yuji Naka was one of the producers? that's nice to know.
  21. I was gonna post this in the "Why Silver Matters" topic but thought this place was more suitable... A while back I saw someone reviewing a game called Rodea the Sky Soldier (Wii, Wii U, 3DS,). Basically aim the cursor somewhere and press a button to have the protagonist fly toward it. If it's an object he will spin dash toward it like Sonic. When I saw the gameplay I thought "If Silver gets his own game & mechanic I want it to be like this." Gameplay for reference (Wii):
  22. New cover for IDW #36: Oh yeah, I saw someone on tumblr mention that Starline's powers are a bit too OP atm, and Evan agrees it's something they need to be careful about: (sidenote, I wonder how much Evan and Ian communicate while writing the stories?)
  23. Based on their devil idea from another topic, I assume they just want a brand new character that can eat him (and Eggman) for breakfast. That and see Sonic characters suffer extremely emotional/physical/psychological damage, and/or have their ideal villain "toy" with the main characters with the same effect. Have no idea why Spongebob came up tho.
  24. Ok so the conclusion here is that yes, devils/demons are fine and would totally work in Sonic (but would need a lot of good writing). But I forgot to answer EmTiven01's specific question/fan idea. We can have a literal cultish demon-looking guy (secretly an elderitch blob monster) with god powers and his own set of minions who can easily toy with the main characters. But I need to ask: why make an extremely condensed, straightforward stereotype devil design & character? Wouldn't that be a bit boring? These are just general questions/comments. May add more later (under spoiler cuz long):
  25. Idk if this is supposed to be a joke but that sounds very unlikely. Sega (at least SoJ) seem to see Shadow as the "edgy cool strong darkhero" so they wouldn't treat him like crap for "sh*ts and giggles". Reminds me. I'm still wondering how much of Shadow's treatment was Ian's idea and how much was Sega's. Iirc Ian only said his original idea was shot down because "inhibitor rings don't work that way". From what I could gather from the Bumblekast...Sega only seem to say "don't do this" but doesn't ask/order specific plot points, and is usually fine with whatever the writer does as long as it's not too OOC. I agree some mandates are questionable, but when I heard the Ian really wanted/needed Shadow to be infected at that specific issue and had to roll with it, it felt more like Ian's problem and not Sega's. Idk I'm sure there were better ideas or alternate story direction he could've taken instead of having Shadow act stupid. There's also that people are praising/okay with Evan's portrayal of him (or at least, compared with the Metal Virus version). Which means a decent Shadow can be written with Sega's regulation.
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