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  1. Sonic Force- 100 ring cap in "Easy Mode"

    Why would they have "easy mode" for a game that basically plays itself? LMAO
  2. I never cared if it was Modern Sonic or Classic Sonic. All I want is a good quality Sonic game to play. I have standards and don't just buy any type of garbage because Sonic's face is on it.
  3. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Well, the spaceport gameplay looks slightly better from what we've seen earlier. But Infinite's boss fight looks too easy and simple.
  4. Rate Sonic Mania's Bosses

    The bosses in Sonic Mania aren't hard at all. I think the problem some people have is that they just aren't used to the trial and error approach alot of old games used. I like being challenged in my games so I didn't mind when a curve ball was thrown at me. I like trying to figuring out what strategy I should use to get past an obstacle. I welcome challenges like this because I don't see too many challenges with the more recent Sonic titles. They are a bit too easy for my liking.
  5. Characters you think are currently popular

    Does classic Sonic count? According to Sonicteam he's popular and loved by everyone. <3

    ayy ayy listen.

  7. The only appealing thing to me about Infinite is his sword. Everything else about Infinite would have appealed to me if I was 13 years old again.
  8. Seeing Sonic Mania be so successful has made me very happy. I like seeing this kind of achievement for the franchise, hopefully this could mean more good things are to come for Sonic. *cough another Sonic Mania*. <3
  9. Sonic Forces OST Details Reveald

    I'm not too crazy about hearing the vocal tracks, but I am eager to hear what they have in store for the non vocal tracks.
  10. Sonic Forces Impressions

    I never had a problem with Sonic games being short. Especially if they were not padded out with alternate gameplay and bad gimmicks. I didn't like a huge percentage of the adventure games because I didn't care to play shooting levels or fishing. I just wanted to play the game like how I would expect a Sonic game to play. I do see now that Sonicteam did not let Sonic's traditional type of gameplay stand on it's own. They always had to add some padding to game to make the game feel "longer". However, I think the flaw to Sonic is that, Sonic runs through levels so fast that it's expected for Sonic games to be short naturally. Also, Sonicteam has to build really large stages to accommodate Sonic's speed so I think they are having trouble finding a balance. But quality is more important to me than quantity. I'll take quality over a game that has a forced gimmick in it to artificially make the game feel longer.
  11. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    They always seem to use deflection tactics like that instead of having a normal conversation. When you don't see things from their perspective they start to take it personally or act like you are your opinion. Being aware of inequality issues that persist in our society shouldn't mean that "you are the one that's racist!" or "being racist against white people".
  12. A Returning Zone Spotted in Sonic Forces

    I don't know why I don't feel excited at all. I'm not disappointed or happy about it, it's just "okay that's cool I guess". The references to the past have been so overdone at this point that they lost their effect.
  13. Sonic Forces OST- Sunset Heights

    The music sounds like one of my japanese animes.
  14. Sonic Forces New Famitsu interview

    Anyone want to guess what DBZ character Infinite is inspired by?
  15. Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?

    No. Despite the game being priced at $40 I still have no desire to waste my money on forces. Someone else will waste their money buying it for me.