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  1. I don't want the police to throw tear gas. I'm not sure where you got that from. My point is that police seem to treat these Trump supporters civilly but when it comes to BLM/liberals that's when the police decide to use more force. There's a blatant bias police have when it comes BLM and they seem to care if the protest they are doing is peaceful. I'm not going to pretend like police do not use excessive force on people who do not follow their obvious agenda.
  2. The police are going to go easy on them. When they were outside chanting "STOP THE VOTE" outside of the polling stations there was no police throwing tear gas at them. They obviously do not play fair when it comes to this.
  3. Watched the movie with my boyfriend and thought it was a decent film. It had some moments that I thought were pretty corny and Sonic came off as a "forever alone" guy in the beginning. The people in my theatre were pretty quiet while watching the film but there was still a few laughs here and there. Alot of older kids and adults were watching.
  4. I find Sonic's bad jokes to be charming. I don't have much of a problem with it.
  5. I had a chance to go to the panel. I only really enjoyed the music and new cartoon short. I did get bored to be honest and I was bummed out about not getting a picture with Iizuka but I did get a picture with Jun. Iizuka vanished after the panel and the meet and greet lmao.
  6. Shadow is just jealous that he can't be as good as Sonic.
  7. Honestly, looking at the state of the franchise and the care put into it...Sonic didn't need to survive and it's sad. The franchise is just for profit. Like a for profit college. They don't care what quality is put into the games, just as long as they have your money. While it's true that Sonic is one of tge most important IP to Sega, I just dislike how some people act like Sonic is the sole Franchise keeping Sega afloat. As a matter a fact I actually want Sega to take a long hiatus away from Sonic and focus on other IPs, because it seems as though they don't have any passion for Sonic. They have done this many times, yet we still have people being optimistic about the every single Sonic game coming out lmao. When will they stop falling for it? Sega/Sonicteam can promise alot of things to wheel in consumers but when the game comes out it's a underwhelming experience most of the time. Look how many people were excited for Forces only to be disappointed. They failed to see the red flags because they put too much faith into Sonicteam. It's Sonicteam dammit lmao!
  8. I can handle a little joke review. It's not that serious. But it was quite funny to me.
  9. When I saw this thing's face I knew the game was going to be garbage. The custom character, to me was seen as a way to garner attention and simply be "filler" for Sonic Forces. I see alot of people complain about classic Sonic's appearance but when I saw him it had me thinking Forces was a extension of Sonic Generations. Unfortunately, since the release of Sonic Forces we can see that was not the case. Classic Sonic was thrown in to garner attention and be filler in the same vain as the custom character. Sonic games are hardly of good quality when they throw in poorly implemented gimmicks to artificially extend game length. Then there was this guy. Seeing Mr McEdge face was a glimpse into how forgettable and generic the new villian will be and I was pretty much right. It was also safe to assume that the story in the game would try to be more "serious" but fail HARD, due to being poorly written and most likely incomplete. Who thought that boosting through most of the stage with no player input was a good idea? Did they not learn from Shadow The Hedgehog? It's lazy and it's another example of how crappy the level design is in Sonic Forces. Maybe a little child might find this mechanic cool because they are watching Sonic run with their character, but for me I just see it as a terrible idea. Just pointless. Look at what they did to "Good Sonic" from Mania. Smh.
  10. We are joyous about it because we want Sonicteam to try harder. All the little superficial fan service isn't going to cut it. I would hope this backlash continues until they actually get down to making another quality Sonic game. They need to stop trying to cover up their lies and incompetence and do something right.
  11. I expected Sonic Forces to get scores between 5 and 6. But it's quite pleasing to see the actual low review scores come to light.
  12. 1st review out for Sonic Forces. https://www.polygon.com/2017/11/5/16609838/sonic-forces-review I guess we know what's to come now. lol
  13. Sonic Twitter probably just doesn't announce everything.
  14. Nothing really impresses me about Null Space. It makes me realize how bad the abundance of rails, enemy hordes, and homing chains are.
  15. Rise of Lyric was Sonic 06 2. Sonic Forces is Sonic 06 3.
  16. I feel like it's also due to the fact that they were saying really cheesy lines. Very reminiscent of Sonic Heroes and it's atrocious dialogue.
  17. Over time I learned to have low expectations for Sonic games in general.
  18. Hell to the no. The custom character was a terrible idea in the first place.
  19. I never had a problem with the 3D/2.5 gameplay. It has been decent for the most part, however with a few exceptions.
  20. I actually hope Sonic Forces bombs now. But I don't think it'll teach Sonicteam anything to be honest.
  21. To be fair Tails always been a little bitch, it's just been taken up to whole new level lol. The last time I remember him growing balls was when he was in Sanic Adventure. Then they shriveled up causing him to never be the same again.
  22. From what I have seen and heard so far the story is Sonic 06 levels of bad writing. It doesn't make sense.
  23. Sonic Twitter acknowledged the jab. I thought it was pretty funny though because it reminds me of the old rivalries during the 90s.
  24. Not really feeling it. But then again I never liked this song from White Jungle.
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