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    PandaChao reacted to Ming Ming Hatsune in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    We always had multiple versions of Sonic.
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    PandaChao reacted to PeterPancake in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    There are several versions of Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men, Superman that all exist at the same time right now. Why can't Sonic have multiple versions as well? 
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    PandaChao reacted to SSF1991 in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    I think this film was risky for one reason and one reason alone. They did a live-action/CG hybrid Sonic the Hedgehog movie.
    There is nothing about that sentence that rubs me the right way at all. Whenever they've taken this brand into a realistic and/or live-actiony route, it had never ended well. They took a big risk by going that route for the movie anyway. And for once, it paid off, I think this is actually the very first time in the history of this franchise that Sonic was put into a realistic non-cartoony environment, and they managed to do it right.
    The movie has proven, beyond my wildest expectations, that the Sonic brand is perfectly capable of being ambitious and taking risks on this scale. You'll be just fine, as long as remember is to give it some love and care. That's what gives Sonic the heart and soul that has kept this franchise going for nearly 30 years. Never forget that, and you'll see the little blue hedgehog shine. And you can't help but be proud of him. Just like I am right now.
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    PandaChao reacted to Kuzu in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    A lot of people expected worse and came out surprised at  something decent. If you're coming into the movie with a negative or apathetic mindset well...what did you expect to feel lol.
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    PandaChao got a reaction from Nicky Nicardo in Sonic's Awful Jokes   
    I find Sonic's bad jokes to be charming. I don't have much of a problem with it.
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    PandaChao got a reaction from SBR2 in Sonic's Awful Jokes   
    I find Sonic's bad jokes to be charming. I don't have much of a problem with it.
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    PandaChao got a reaction from PublicEnemy1 in Sonic @ SXSW 2019   
    I had a chance to go to the panel. I only really enjoyed the music and new cartoon short. I did get bored to be honest and I was bummed out about not getting a picture with Iizuka but I did get a picture with Jun. Iizuka vanished after the panel and the meet and greet lmao.
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    PandaChao got a reaction from Skull Leader in Sonic @ SXSW 2019   
    I had a chance to go to the panel. I only really enjoyed the music and new cartoon short. I did get bored to be honest and I was bummed out about not getting a picture with Iizuka but I did get a picture with Jun. Iizuka vanished after the panel and the meet and greet lmao.
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    PandaChao got a reaction from Mil-O-Lantern in Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread   
    Rise of Lyric was Sonic 06 2. Sonic Forces is Sonic 06 3.
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    PandaChao reacted to UpCDownCLeftCRightC in Sonic Mania Sales Thread   
    Overly small cast is not even close to one of Mania problems. If anything it benefits greatly from a smaller, more focused gameplay cast. 
    The tone was also fine. A little on the goofy side but it was a celebration game aimed at fans reliving the past.  It was an enormous part of the marketing for the game. There's going to be targeted, "inside humor" and the like.
    Reused levels was perhaps the primary drawback to the game but again, the entire point of the game was to revisit and celebrate the glory days of the 90s. 
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    PandaChao reacted to Diogenes in Sonic Forces sells an estimated 234,000 units worldwide in the first week at retail.   
    No, but we got one anyway.
    Forces is a bad game. I don't want it to sell because I don't want Sega/Sonic Team thinking they can get away with making more bad games. Money is the ultimate carrot and stick for businesses; nothing says "fix your shit" louder than not buying the product.
    And yeah, I'm aware that there's no guarantee that it'll work, and that if the budget for the next game does get slashed that could cause its own problems. But them making the same bad games with a bigger budget doesn't get me any closer to what I want out of the series. I want a clear message sent that games like Forces will not be tolerated, not some wishy washy finger wagging with no actual weight behind it.
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    PandaChao got a reaction from AzureLakeSanic in Why does Shadow still look down on Sonic in some ways   
    Shadow is just jealous that he can't be as good as Sonic.
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    PandaChao got a reaction from UpCDownCLeftCRightC in The State of Sonic Team   
    Honestly, looking at the state of the franchise and the care put into it...Sonic didn't need to survive and it's sad. The franchise is just for profit. Like a for profit college. They don't care what quality is put into the games, just as long as they have your money. 
    While it's true that Sonic is one of tge most important IP to Sega, I just dislike how some people act like Sonic is the sole Franchise keeping Sega afloat. As a matter a fact I actually want Sega to take a long hiatus away from Sonic and focus on other IPs, because it seems as though they don't have any passion for Sonic.
    They have done this many times, yet we still have people being optimistic about the every single Sonic game coming out lmao. When will they stop falling for it? Sega/Sonicteam can promise alot of things to wheel in consumers but when the game comes out it's a underwhelming experience most of the time. Look how many people were excited for Forces only to be disappointed. They failed to see the red flags because they put too much faith into Sonicteam. It's Sonicteam dammit lmao!
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    PandaChao got a reaction from RedFox99 in The State of Sonic Team   
    There's no reason to even have "trust" in Sega or Sonicteam after so many failures. They are just a company at the end of the day that just care about money. There's no reason to have high expectations for the Sonic franchise anyways because I'm convinced the same thing will happen over and over again. 
    And besides that Sega has other franchises to survive on that are doing better than Sonic. Of course they can't only survive off "hardcore" sonic fans.
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    PandaChao reacted to Dizcrybe in The State of Sonic Team   
    I think saying you feel betrayed is a bit dramatic, though.
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    PandaChao reacted to Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in The State of Sonic Team   
    The reality of the attached consumerist mentality. THX 1138 is a movie I recommend to everyone for this subject on some bits of this discussion.
    The comment wasn't singling you out per say, as I feel similar with the Disney Star Wars movies.
    Because the game doesn't please you or the media bullying Sonic fans? Don't feel, think.
       Come on, it's just a game. What is the point of hardening the heart over a disappointing product? The only ones who deserve to have such a emotion would be Sonic Team. I have felt sorry for them for so long and still do. Such talented people yet unable to make creative games besides Sonic titles. Yuji Naka left for a validated reason because of that(P.S I'm a firm believer that Kishimoto is a good director, just not for Sonic games on a caliber such as this. Much better with more contemporary stuff).   Changing the topic but Sonic Team can be the very best at making video games if Sega would let them spread their wings more, with good direction mind you.
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    PandaChao reacted to Zippo in Sonic Mania Sales Thread   
    Sonic Mania stayed strong in Europe at #11 despite very strong competition. Meanwhile, Forces barely cracked the list at #15.
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    PandaChao got a reaction from UltraGizmo64 in Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread   
    Rise of Lyric was Sonic 06 2. Sonic Forces is Sonic 06 3.
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    PandaChao reacted to Sean in Is Mania's "philosophy" of speed and player control worse than the classics'?   
    I think Mania feels different from the classics because it took all the good stuff from them and condensed them into a single game. I believe it's better designed than any classic game, even though I would still rank S3K higher than it due to personal preference.
    Sonic 2 is actually one of my least liked Sonic games so I can't say I agree on that part; I consider its design to be overly punishing (not dissimilar to the Advance games' design) and there are way too many not-fun parts of that game for me even when I am going fast. This is coming from someone who thinks Sonic 1 is more brilliant than most people give it credit for and I actually don't mind Marble or Labyrinth Zones at all.
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    PandaChao reacted to Maxtiis in Is Mania's "philosophy" of speed and player control worse than the classics'?   
    When I first played Mania I also had similar thoughts about this, especially in regards to levels like Studiopolis; then I started trying my hand at the time trials and those gave me a much greater perspective of how Mania was designed. Sonic 2 is one of my favorite games in existence so you're not alone in thinking it deserves its praises, but that game has a very different structure to its level design to Mania: Sonic 2 is constructed in way that there's very little intermingling with level layers with exception to zones like Chemical Plant Act 2 and Aquatic Ruin, in contrast to Mania where the level layers are constantly intersecting. Just to clarify, when I say level layers I'm referring to the invisible triggers that when stepped on make the characters suddenly able to walk on level design in either the foreground or background such as this spot in Chemical Plant Act 2:

    Mania is full of instances like this and it makes learning how to speedrun it a very thrilling, and admittedly confusing, exercise of skill. I say this because learning the routes through some of Mania's levels is fairly challenging due to how often they intersect between one another, which doesn't even take into account some of the advanced strategies like slope jumping which can allow you to traverse between routes in ways the developers may not have expected (but I'm sure they anticipated). Hell, sometimes the routes are so interconnected you may end up switching between them without even realizing it (I believe Hydrocity and Oil Ocean are good examples of this). If you haven't already, I'd recommend watching a few of Werster's time trial runs of Mania to see some of this in action, he makes great use of it much to my aggravation when I've tried to replicate what he does (screw you Stardust Speedway).
    Regardless, I think we can both agree that Sonic 2 and Mania are masterclasses of their genre and deserve all the acclaim they get.
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    PandaChao reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in Is Mania's "philosophy" of speed and player control worse than the classics'?   
    I know this probably won't be an popular opinion here, but I just played a bit of Sonic 2 with my sister and even from that small amount, it really drove home to me how much better that game is than Mania to me. Sonic 2 has an amazing sense of speed, probably the most of the classics. Mania is also very speedy, but it's nowhere near as satisfying as Sonic 2's since the levels are designed to frequently throw you around all over the place, not only giving you speed you haven't "earned" but giving you speed even when you don't even want it. It's frenetic and honestly kind of tiring and not as fun to me. In the real classics, it feels you have more control over your speed and you can actually take responsibility for it, making it more enjoyable. It's both a reward for playing well and something that can enable you to play better, but going fast without care, discernment and good reflexes can get you in trouble, which makes it all the more satisfying when you can use it right and burst through a level. A lot of the time, Mania seems more oriented around the idea of speed just being a given, which is nowhere near as interesting or fun.
    (For what it's worth, Sonic 2 isn't perfect, though I am a bit surprised at the fact that it seems relatively unpopular here. There are so many things it did so right. It's definitely one of my favorites.)
    I really like Mania, it's brilliant in many ways, but as far as my personal preferences go, I've realized I definitely still prefer the actual classics for multiple reasons, but this one, a matter of level design and overall philosophy, is probably the biggest.
    I'm probably not the best person to talk since, for various reasons, I haven't actually played these games nearly as much as many of y'all (especially Mania due to being busy with school). Is this just crazy talk? It just seems there are quite a few times in Mania where the level design forces you to go fast and you have much less control. It makes the game feel perhaps more shallow and just not as interesting or fun to me. Going really fast in the actual classics always feels great to me, while in Mania it often feels frenetic and unsatisfying.
    Having control feels empowering, while the opposite does not, and it also risks making the game less interesting to play. I can't think of an exhaustive list of times in Mania where it feels like there's not as much control, but it feels like something that happens a lot. Metallic Madness' launching you into those springer-things all the time and Titanic Monarch constantly forcing you into those Sonic-3K-bonus-stage-tribute-electric-spheres are two examples that come to mind very readily, because both of them border on forcing you into a different kind of gameplay, shifting it to more of a solely reflexed-and-timing-based thing without the many other elements that make up Sonic platforming.
    Mania's more "speed is a given" style of gameplay can definitely be fun, but overall my preferences definitely guide me to favoring the classics with their greater platforming emphasis and perhaps a more multidimensional view of speed.
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    PandaChao reacted to Tornado in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    Alabama voters' insistence on being pro-pedo but anti-choice keeps reminding me of this every time I see it brought up on CNN:
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    PandaChao reacted to Mad Convoy in where will sonic team go from here   
    Woah dude. I know that you're upset with what happened with Forces and all, but this comes off as excessively bitter and harsh.
    For one, what do you have to back that this would be entirely Sonic Team's decision-making, given how involved Sega often is in the development of Sonic games?
    For one, what do you have to back up that everybody at Sonic Team is lying about passion? I find it incredibly irritating when people immediately jump to saying that the developers were passionless/lazy/etc. when the real development situation is usually a heck of a lot more complicated than that. Take Sonic 06 for example. It was initially assumed to be the product of laziness and lack of passion. The leak from that former Sega guy (jpeg, I think it was?) saying basically just that only fortified it. But all the while, the problems were revealed to really be a ridiculously short development time, short-staffing, overambition, and a confused direction. All that lack of passion people talked up as so damaging and fundamental to Sonic 06's failure didn't actually come along until near the end of its development as a result of the aforementioned issues, and was far from the largest problem the game's development had. Given how ambitious Forces is with stuff like the Avatar and breaking the status quo in terms of letting Eggman actually take over the world, I get the impression that the influential problems with Forces's development wasn't a lack of passion (at least not at the start or the middle).
    Furthermore, how do you know that Sonic Team will just make more simplistic Sonic games if they do decide to make another try at Boost? It also comes off as you saying that Sonic Team would do this deliberately or as the product of some kind of arrogance/spite (e.g. "resting their laurels even harder", "proving that whatever new Legacy Sonic they had in mind was only really meant to stick around for one game before everyone told them it sucked")-- again, citation seriously needed because that is a really big claim with a vast array of implications and questions surrounding it. Immediately what comes to mind is "how long has Sonic Team done this or thought like this?", "so Sonic Team planned for Forces to be condemned from the start?", "so Sonic Team planned for Boost to be condemned from the start?", "so how did Generations happen if Sonic Team never wanted boost to succeed in the first place, wouldn't it be easier to just make Sonic Unleashed but worse in every possible way?", "does this mean that Sonic Team has never wanted a Sonic game or 3D Sonic game to succeed and has always been planning to have the constant switches in direction?", and "what exactly does Sonic Team have to feel arrogant enough about to rest its laurels on when this implies that it hates itself and most of what it creates and does?"?
    Again with story and Tails and the implication that its deliberate. You make it sound like Sonic Team has Dakari-King Mykan's philosophy on character development and characterization cemented to their office wall or something-- namely that character development is bad and cannot be allowed to slip past the radar in any of their works, and that characters can only be one shallow archetype or another. Do you have evidence to back that up? As it stands, it seems like Sonic Team isn't being active or malicious in making terrible Sonic stories. Sonic Team writers are just either just not very good at writing (hi Takashi Iizuka, you're a producer not a writer why did you sign up for writing for Shadow the Hedgehog?) or not given enough creative control and/or resources to be as competent as they should (hi Sonic Generations, still mourning the loss of all the awesome ideas Sonic Team had for you but didn't have the time to implement).
    Again, how do you know that the new villain will just disappear and Eggman will always be the final boss? And how much would this affect your enjoyment of the game?
    I love the Wisps. SLW and Forces didn't execute the concept of Wisps as well as I would have liked, but I like the idea of using them as the modern day equivalent of the item boxes from the Classic games with either them being some kind of Wisp-like tech or Wisps that moved to Mobius after Colors and have decided to keep helping Sonic as a way of thanking him. Plus Colors did a good job with them-- drill makes water control really good, laser isn't overused and is really tricky in the right way, etc. So what is your reasoning that Wisps are inherently bad? Why do you think the decision to implement Wisps in the next Sonic game would be deliberately, specifically because Sonic Team wants to force everybody to love Wisps? You also seem to imply that a concept in a Sonic game is bad if not everybody likes it-- which I can demolish pretty quickly, because I have zero interest in the Classic Sonic games and do not enjoy playing them, yet it would be extremely self-centered to claim that they are bad games or that Mania has no right to succeed.
    Why the spite towards people on Twitter? They don't have much of an effect on what major features are included in Sonic games, Twitter is a terrible place for elaboration and thoughtful explanation, so why are they of such importance to you? Who are these people acting like nothing is wrong out of obligation? Aaron Webber (who is just doing his job, does not make the major decisions, and is actually remarkably lucky enough just to be able to pass on bug reports and criticisms to the higher ups, and thus does not deserve ire)? Fans (who also have no control over official Sonic stuff)? Fans who disagree with you (really petty if that's the case, and they also have no control over official Sonic stuff)? Fans who are excessively positive (who are annoying, I'll give you that, but they can be easily blocked and don't have control over official Sonic stuff)? Sonic Team and Sega employees who tweet about their work (okay, these guys actually do have some control over Sonic games but they're not likely to take much of substance from Twitter and I really don't want to shoot down Sega of Japan letting its employees be more open with fans and customers given how much of a rarity that is for Japanese companies)?
    Evidence that Sonic's in the exact situation as Mega Man? Also I am not a Mega Fan, so please explain the Mega Man situation and how Sonic Team is similar to Capcom so I can understand where you are coming from.
    Thank you for reading. I look forward to your response.
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    PandaChao reacted to Patron in Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread   
    Looks like Classic Sonic has some leftover unused dancing animations from Generations. Also Monokuma doing the Gangnam Style, because why not?
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    PandaChao reacted to Tarnish in Sonic's future as an RPG series   
    I for one, completely disagree. As a fan who was first introduced to Sonic by my older brother with Sonic 2 when I was 5 years old way back in the day, I didn't know anything about the story, I didn't know about the characters, all I saw was the fast, smooth, fun gameplay and that was what fascinated me. Sure, there characters seemed cool, but had they used the same character for a Mario style block platformer, I wouldn't have cared nearly as much.
    And to this day, I'm looking for gameplay first in every Sonic game. If the gameplay sucks, everything else could be perfect and I still wouldn't care. When I discovered Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, I saw it as a (mostly) fun game with good gameplay, the story/plot being a neat bonus rather than the main appeal.
    So maybe it's no suprise that when I heard about Sonic Chronicles, my reaction was, and is to this day: "What is the point of this? Sonic is a platformer game, change the genre and it's not a Sonic game anymore, just a game with Sonic characters." Maybe that's enough for other people, but for me it's not.
    It's like if my favorite rock band suddenly started playing country music: they might be good at it, and others might like it, but that's not what I want/expect from them.
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