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  1. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask about this, but does anyone know why the TSSZ website is suddenly gone? I have been following both that site and Sonic Stadium for years. I usually check each website like once or twice a week to see what the newest Sonic news is, but today I just saw that the whole website seems to be shut down and I am really confused as to why. Did someone say something? Also if this is a totally inappropriate form of entering/inquiring about this, please let me know if there's some sort of chat box or something I could revert to to ask folks about this. It seems to be a really recent development (Google Images tagging the current stock image on the website to about 6 hours ago), so I figured maybe it would be talked about soon somewhere...
  2. Dang. Honestly, it's times like these when I wish I could have a direct convo with Aaron Webber with a copy SA1, SA2, Heroes, and 06 and ask why they decided to totally abandon more of the open world 3d sonic. Heck, even Unleashed had more expansive sections excluding the werehog segments. So much of it is literally on rails too! I mean I know SA2 introduced the concept of grinding, and since then basically every major main series game since has had at least 2 levels that were primarily grinding, but come onnn. It doesn't feel like their trying to reinvent the wheel enough, and it's a shame because they just made a whole new game engine (albeit modeled off of the first Hedgehog Engine, which I still think looks better visually).
  3. Right, but I thought it was supposed to be a Day 1 patch?
  4. So are there any current streams? Or has the game been 100%-ed yet?
  5. Oh true. Well in that case at least there's some content/replayability we haven't seen yet!
  6. Can someone pm me a link to the stream please?
  7. Just rewatched the IGN Tag Team video. A couple things I noticed: First was that I just realized the animal specific power-ups/perks were in play (and have been, but I really only noticed it now for some reason). The two wolves and cat gameplay were interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing the other animal perks in action hopefully soon. Next was that I think they are definitely cutting these levels short for the demo. I'm not so sure about the Custom Hero Green Hill, but it looks like Sonic will have some sort of mini-boss/cutscene/checkpoint with Shadow in Park Avenue, and the Tag Team level clearly showed the Eggman logo on the goal checkpoint at the "end" of the level. Plus the level gives you 60 or so rings as you drop down into that corridor in the factory pyramid, which I can only imagine leads to a boss. It's possible though that these actually are the full levels and that we'll have to navigate through the stage select to actually progress to the potential Shadow boss and Green Hill Pyramid boss. Time will tell I guess
  8. I'd personally like the development team to try and put out a game with a quite a bit of content, but maybe not a storyline as long and deep as Unleashed? 5-7 hours seems like a kind of sweet spot I'd think. Maybe 100% could be 10-14 or at least twice as long as the main campaign. I'm not sure though. I feel like the trend with the past few times Sonic Team implements a new game engine is to try something a little bit bigger and a little bit bolder. I feel like that's held true with new engines have been introduces at least since Sonic 06. Actually one could possibly make the case that every new engine is on a main console sonic game is met with a big/longer debut since Sonic Adventure. SA1, SA2, Heroes, 06, Storybook games if you count them, Unleashed, and Boom have all been games that pushed a new game engine (I think), or at the very least major gameplay style shifts. Forces could be the latest iteration of that effort, albeit similar to the Hedgehog Engine, but if my hypothesis is correct, then I personally welcome the new effort with cautious optimism. The one exception I can think of (and I might be totally wrong so someone please tell me if I am) is maybe Lost World, but I thought that ran on the Hedgehog Engine.
  9. say, can anyone cross check that world map overview to see if it's showing the same location as the E3 demo? Maybe that can be a hint to a new stage being shown. I guess we'll find out on Thursday either way
  10. As a general question, has anyone tried reaching out to the development team and/or Aaron or Sergio to ask them directly about the story gaps/missing transitions? Like via Twitter or on a Twitch stream maybe? Some of them are on some forums like Sonic Retro, right? Not going to be able to get the game for some time, but it really sounds spectacular except for the fact that the story apparently deteriorates at times...
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