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    AKA Maxanda, Admin of Untamed Beauty
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    Video games (mostly RPGs and adventure platformers), reading (usually fantasy fiction and select manga series), writing (fan fiction and some original stuff to publish in the future), music (Sonic music and anything else that sounds good to me except for Rap), art (fan art and some original art), television (mostly anime and Charmed), website design (I build and design all my own websites) and internet (I'm addicted, seriously).
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I am a young woman from Canada who is very much a computer addict, gamer girl and all around nice person. I try not to "judge a book by its cover" and am always an optimist, preferring to keep moving forward and be happy rather than stay behind a wallow in self pity or grief. I work part-time in retail. I love to read and write.

I own a personal domain @ Crystalline-Ice.net, where all my little website projects are stored. I also have a deviantART account that I update on occasion.

I am also the founder and admin of the longest-running Rouge the Bat fansite (to my knowledge), Untamed Beauty. It was formerly known as Fly in the Freedom. The website is returning in early 2014. :3

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