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  1. I first joined this forum 4 years, 6 months and 13 days ago, though I lurked around the site for at least a few years before. It's good to see a quality Sonic website that hasn't been lost in the interweb abyss or abadoned like some others I have known over the years. Happy birthday, Sonic Stadium! ^-^
  2. Congrats, Carbo. A position well deserved.
  3. Anyone know of a good screen capture program for Windows that also records audio?

    1. Koala Poop

      Koala Poop

      I quite like Bandicam

    2. Mandyrobin


      I'll look into it. Thanks. :)

  4. Happy birthday! :3

  5. Happy birthday! *throw confetti*

    1. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Thank you! *Dances in confetti*

  6. Mandyrobin


    IKR? The only movie toy I ever bothered with was the Thundercracker redeco of Starscream from the TF2 releases, but that's 'cause it's Thundercracker. And the colours were actually half-decent.
  7. OMG, I love that wallpaper so much. *runs off to download it*
  8. Sonic & All-Stars is so much more enjoyable to play with a PC gamepad. :)

  9. I couldn't be bothered to look through all 68 pages here, but hopefully this video hasn't been posted before.
  10. And now I'll fill this thing out properly like I should have from the beginning. Derp. Again, my PSN and Steam IDs are both in my sig. Please let me know you're from SSMB in a message, as I delete all empty requests. (You can also tell me by PMing me here too if you want.) I'm just gonna list all the online games I have for both. PSN Games LittleBigPlanet LittleBigPlanet 2 Killzone 2 Killzone 3 Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Mass Effect 3 Persona 4 Arena Portal 2 Pure Chess Transformers: War for Cybertron Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Steam Games Castle Crashers Dota 2 Magicka Portal 2 Sid Meier's Civilization V Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Tomb Raider Torchlight II Trine 2
  11. Wow, that was a pretty awesome chapter. You kept me on the edge of my seat. I can see why this one took so long, but I think you did a great job.
  12. Anyone who have been involved with fanbase for a while may remember how much I love Rouge as a character. In fact, she is one of my top favourite Sonic series characters. That's why I made a fansite for Rouge over a decade ago, in a time where everyone was making fansites for Shadow, and I was the only one to do so for a while. I loved Rouge because of when and how she was introduced. Before she appeared, the only recurring female character was Amy. Don't get me wong, I don't hate Amy. I actually don't mind her at all. However, Amy's primary role was to serve as a damsel in distress. She always needed to be rescued. Even in Sonic Adventure, when she got her own story and fought Eggman's robots decently on her own, she still needed to be rescued by Sonic and Tails. She seemed borderline useless to me aside from being a Sonic fangirl. That was a huge turn-off for me. When Sonic Adventure 2 introduced Rouge, I was immediately drawn to her. She was a strong female character, both physically and mentally, who didn't need a male character to make her interesting. She was mature, intelligent, beautiful and had a unique personality. She knew what she wanted and how to get it. I particularly loved how she paralelled Knuckles is almost every way. As time went on and she appeared in more games, I was quite happy to see she was not a one-time thing. I've also always been fond of her close friendship with Shadow, and how it added to her character. However, like many others here, I feel she has a lot of untapped potential that SEGA is throwing out the window. When it comes to her appearance... honestly, she never really bothered me at all. These days many teenagers, and some older women, dress a lot worse than she does and we see that out in public on a daily basis.
  13. I read through everything you have here so far, CSS. I'm really loving this story you have going. I can't wait to read more. ^-^
  14. Like a lot of us here, I feel somewhat nostalgic when I think about Sonic Heroes. Though I would never go back and play the game now, there are a few things about it I liked (and still do). Oh course, I was also one of the unfortunate suckers who had the PlayStation 2 copy of the game, so that didn't help matters at all. I remember back when I bought the game, I was still on a high of sorts from playing Sonic Adventure 2, so I was really happy to see Rouge's return as well as Shadow. This led me to start playing the game with Team Dark first, which was not the brightest idea on my part. None the less, I stuck with it until the story was over despite how painful it was. I was pretty frustrated when I couldn't get any of the Chaos Emeralds from the Special Stages but I didn't feel so bad when I discovered it was due to a shitty port. The graphic glitches got on my nerves too. The story was meh. I really disliked that all the teams shared the same levels and bosses. The whole team mechanic thing had great potential but it could have been executed better. What I did like about the game was this: music (mostly), return of the Chaotix, Shadow's return (despite how rushed it seemed), Neo Metal Sonic, voice acting (mostly), and the CG cutscenes. That's... about it actually.
  15. I know its well over half a year late now, but thanks for the birthday greeting. :3

  16. Welcome, welcome to the SSMB guys! It's always great to see new faces. Sometimes it may not look like it, but we don't bite. Well, I don't at least, dunno about anyone else. Anyway, enjoy your stay here and have fun! :3
  17. Like it? I love it! And a were-omochao is super creepy. Just sayin'. This is way better than it should be. Seriously, it's awesome. Aw, man. So many good entries. Now I wanna enter this one too. Dammit people! XD
  18. Mandyrobin

    Doctor Who

    Ah, a Doctor Who topic. Excellent. I am a recent converter to Doctor Who. I first saw the Doctor a few years ago when I saw Planet of the Dead and The Next Doctor on Space. I thought it was interesting but I never really bothered to look into it. Fast forward to this year. My sister and her husband get me into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and it is through Time Turner/Doctor Hooves that I became formally introduced to Doctor Who. About a month ago, my boyfriend and I finally sat down and started watching the series from the Ninth Doctor on, and I am loving it so far. We just started watching Series 4 tonight. This show is a lot better than I though it would be.
  19. My guess is 2016 at the earliest. Either way, I am very happy to see KH2.5 is being released next year and will be eargerly looking forward to KH3. I also love BBS and I can't wait to see it in glorious HD on my TV.
  20. I'm doing quite well thanks. I loved reading through your profile btw. Kudos for having Rouge as a top favourite character, I really think she deserves more than what the fandom gives her. I'm a recent converter to MLP:FiM as well. My favourite of the Mane 6 is Rainbow Dash (favourite background is Soarin). Dr N Gin is awesome too. My all-time favourite Crash Bandicoot boss. I love that guy's voice! Anywho, have a great trip! See you around. :3

    1. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      Hoho, thank ye kindly for having a gander at my nonsensical profile drivel. =)

  21. Yeah, I've been part of the community for quite a while, but forgot about this place for... I forgot how long. Anyway, how do you like it here?

    1. spinny


      Yeah, I'm definitely liking it around here. I've been hanging around for about half a year, it's a pretty homely place. Nice to see you've returned too. :3

  22. That's too to hear. How do you like SSMB since you joined?

    1. Uraraka


      i like it alot :) i have been here almost everyday since i joined :D do you like it?

    2. Mandyrobin


      Oh yeah. I keep coming back, so I think that's a good sign. It's kind of like a Digimon community I frequent.

  23. I'm surprising myself by saying this, but I am very tempted to do one myself very soon. And now I've got the song stuck in my head. :3
  24. Been a while since I was here last. How is everyone? :3

    1. Uraraka


      hi welcome back! i am well thanks :D

    2. spinny


      Welcome back~! I don't recognize you so I guess ya were around before I came in, heh.

    3. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      I'm not too bad, thanks. And yourself?

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