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  1. Happy Birthday Mambo! :)

  2. Happy birthday, Mambo. I sure hope that today is going well for you.

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday, boss!

  5. As a kid growing up, I had a loooot of Sonic stuff, and I don't recall the toys, games, merch etc being exclusively marketed towards boys (I think stuff like tees and other clothing were...) so at the time it seemed quite accessible to me. Having said that, as a kid growing up being quite loud about being a Sonic fan, I did get bullied quite a lot, especially as I got older and apparently should've been more interested in boybands(!).... so I think in that bullying there was a gender aspect going on. I didn't have any friends who were also into Sonic, let alone any girls... so as a kid being a Sonic fan was kinda lonely. Discovering fellow fans online, I do notice there are more guys to girls, but part of me wonders if that's just an Internet thing in general; whether some girls and women consider it safe to display their gender. We don't exactly get the best reception, in forums or in online gaming. On SSMB however, I notice there are female fans and that they aren't afraid to show it, so yeah... go, girls! *high fives* Also; megapoints for mentioning peannlui/Leeann Hamilton. Her art is faaaaaan-fuckin'-tastic.
  6. The device has been modified.

    1. Osmium


      Please proceed into Android Hell 

    2. MamboCat



  7. Sorry I realise this was a while ago but I just saw it... Personally I think it was an attempt to wean the Western audiences off "Mobius", because IIRC that name was never a thing in Japanese Sonic. Although, tbh I don't know where the name came from (I assume someone saw the "moebius strips" in the manual and thought it was a catchy name to use for Sonic's world), and I don't know which version of Sonic used the name first. My first experience with the name Mobius was AoSTH, then it was used in STC, then again I heard it in SatAM. These days, the thing that bugs me is that now it's supposedly not Earth, either! It's just "Sonic's world", which for me is hilarious because that was the name of the second/backup Sonic strips in STC... but it's kinda odd. Many fantasy stories name the place their characters live in, and that name in itself becomes a major thing. Say the name Middle Earth and everyone knows which fantasy franchise you're talking about! Having said that, it's really not such a big deal that it dampens my enjoyment of the games but in Sonic Unleashed it so obviously is Earth, with different names for the countries/continents. And yes, there's the loops and winding roads... ffs I would not want to be a driver in Empire City!
  8. 22/6/2015 22/6/2015 22/6/2015!! Called it! *victory dance* I'm seeing a lot of posts on Tumblr assuming the Gem turning her head is Yellow Diamond. Has that been confirmed by any Crewniverse source?
  9. Gorsh, everything is so shiny and bright white! *puts on sunglasses*

  10. ^ That's the one I have, too... somewhere!! :3 It's such a nice plush, it just feels so much more... substantial than the ones you'd typically find today. :3
  11. I absolutely love it! His face sort of resembles the really old concept art where he's just a black and white doodle; I think it's the bigger muzzle that does it. Not to mention the environment is lush. Also, those boots man! Those boots! The idea of a motocross game just makes me think of Homestar Runner's AweXome Cross: http://www.homestarrunner.com/awexome.html which yes, I used to enjoy playing very much back in the 2000's! Sonic on a motorcycle would be hilarious.
  12. Continue? *inserts coin* Day 06 Yeah, I kinda lazily skimmed on this one, cause it's Sonic 06 and I really can't be arsed to think about it! So my apologies, and also sorry for harping on about other people's work instead of coming up with something to say myself. :B Anyways, I'mma stick with my first choice which is this beauty: why, daddy?! D; Shadow Chaos Controlling then Roundhouse kickTMing Silver in the back of the head! I laughed so damned hard when I first saw this, and I think it's fair to say we all love this! Not just for the action of kicking that little shit in the back of the head, either. I just love how nonchalant Shadow is, how he hardly moves when he lifts that Chaos Emerald up and bullet-times Silver into that kick, then Silver eats that dust. You will eat that dust, and you will like it, Silver; there isn't any in your future! It's all ash! ASH! It's just so stupid, so hilarious and I think it's a perfect example of what Sonic 06 boils down to: an over the top mega fail. And their massive heads and tiny legs just make it so much funnier. Also, for the question on my favourite merch, I reduced it down to just my retro Tails plushie. I have always considered my Tails and mini Sonic a pair, and odds are they are both mouldering away in my parents' attic together but yeah they weren't part of a set at all and were given to me on different occasions. I definitely got the Tails first and I probs gave him more cuddles when I was a kid! I was a massive Tails fan back then. So yes, it's that lil dude for sure. As a last note, I'd like to thank Crusher and Kiah for another 30 Days o'Sanics and for extending the event into July to let us catch up. Thankies, guys. You rock.
  13. I liked Sonic Dash. I mean, I don't play it very much these days but it's pretty good for an endless runner. I'd be willing to give this a shot.
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