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  1. Happy Birthday Mambo! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday, boss!

  4. As a kid growing up, I had a loooot of Sonic stuff, and I don't recall the toys, games, merch etc being exclusively marketed towards boys (I think stuff like tees and other clothing were...) so at the time it seemed quite accessible to me. Having said that, as a kid growing up being quite loud about being a Sonic fan, I did get bullied quite a lot, especially as I got older and apparently should've been more interested in boybands(!).... so I think in that bullying there was a gender aspect going on. I didn't have any friends who were also into Sonic, let alone any girls... so as a kid being a Sonic fan was kinda lonely. Discovering fellow fans online, I do notice there are more guys to girls, but part of me wonders if that's just an Internet thing in general; whether some girls and women consider it safe to display their gender. We don't exactly get the best reception, in forums or in online gaming. On SSMB however, I notice there are female fans and that they aren't afraid to show it, so yeah... go, girls! *high fives* Also; megapoints for mentioning peannlui/Leeann Hamilton. Her art is faaaaaan-fuckin'-tastic.
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  6. 22/6/2015 22/6/2015 22/6/2015!! Called it! *victory dance* I'm seeing a lot of posts on Tumblr assuming the Gem turning her head is Yellow Diamond. Has that been confirmed by any Crewniverse source?
  7. Gorsh, everything is so shiny and bright white! *puts on sunglasses*

  8. ^ That's the one I have, too... somewhere!! :3 It's such a nice plush, it just feels so much more... substantial than the ones you'd typically find today. :3
  9. I absolutely love it! His face sort of resembles the really old concept art where he's just a black and white doodle; I think it's the bigger muzzle that does it. Not to mention the environment is lush. Also, those boots man! Those boots! The idea of a motocross game just makes me think of Homestar Runner's AweXome Cross: http://www.homestarrunner.com/awexome.html which yes, I used to enjoy playing very much back in the 2000's! Sonic on a motorcycle would be hilarious.
  10. I liked Sonic Dash. I mean, I don't play it very much these days but it's pretty good for an endless runner. I'd be willing to give this a shot.
  11. Of course it is! Why wouldn't it be? I mean, if you enjoy the series, why the heck not?!
  12. Final Zone uhh.. Question.... which three games would I smoosh into one big super game? Weelll, I can kinda see what they were trying to do with Sonic 4, sort of trying to link it in with the previous classic games, but because they seemed like clones of the classics in so many ways, it just came off as a bit... pants! So I think I'd try and merge Sonic 2, Sonic CD and Sonic 4 (sorry!) to try and clean up the latter and tie it in into one big story leading up to Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Time travel could be a thing, somehow... maybe... and the levels of Sonic 4 wouldn't just be shinier clones of the old levels, but the nice little cutscenes would still be there. Episode Metal could still be a thing, and you could perhaps play a reverse version of the Stardust Speedway race, against Sonic! Bonus Day! Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return? Does it have to relate to games?! Not so much a one shot, as different types of the same kind appeared once... but in STC I was kinda interested in the Tantaror. I mean, what the fuck were they?! They seemed to be a kind of god-like race that liked playing around with foolish mortal Mobians, but I can't help but wonder if there was something a bit more sinister there. I guess it could have gone a bit Monster of the Week, though.. Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks? Woaah fifeeen... really?! Sonic Spinball - Boss I kinda like the boss theme in Sonic Spinball. It's very 90s, kinda intimidating but at the same time quite catchy. Tell me you aren't tapping your foot along to the snare drum, there?! Sonic CD JP/EU - Final Boss WTF is up with that singing? Sounds like some Assassins' Creed II shit, there! Sonic 3/Generations - Big Arm I think I can blame this track for garnering my interest in Sonic Generations! Cause I love this track anyway, but this version is kinda rawk-tastic! \m/ Shame it wasn't on the Steam version, boo. Sonic 4 - Boss This is kinda wtf; it kinda sounds a bit... drunk... if you know what I mean! In general I'm not a fan of Sonic 4's music because I feel it was just trying too hard to sound like it's off the Mega Drive, but this is OK. It's catchy at least. Sonic 3D Blast/Flickies' Island - Boss 1 This tune is frantic, but groovy as hell. I love the Mega Drive version's soundtrack, it sounds like they tried to squeeze everything they could out of that little machine. Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise? The games, fo sho... and I guess I wasn't much of a fan for a long time so I missed out on stuff like Sonic Adventure and SA2 when they first came out. I also missed the last days of STC, but it had gone into reprints for a while. The big one would not be finding STCO I guess, so I wouldn't meet the lovely folks I met there... Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner? Cause Tails would big a bigass robot arm or something?! Or he'd pull a cute, puppy-eyed face like Puss in Boots and no-one would be willing to fight him, so he'd win by default?! Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium? Tbh I don't have many friends on here that I didn't meet or know elsewhere! But I'd say Adamis, Oggy/Sly, The Fat Panda and KKM. You poor buggers!
  13. I started watching it but I got so annoyed at her voice and "hey guys I'm talking on the Internet!" intonation that closed the tab! Tbh this kind of message is boring; it's been done, we get it, the Internet and the world(!) hates Sonic fans. Who cares?! Sure the series has a lot to complain about, but geez change the record, lady.
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