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  1. This project is a port pack I'm doing for public release aimed at begginers on UE4 and people that may want to play with. Since I'm working with some guys to release a public open source Sonic Engine for UE4 soon too, this content is also useful for the people that is going to use the engine. I did some graphical updates like metalic and rough surfaces, liquids, illumination and atmosphere. Release of the Adventure fields yet this month on my YT channel. Here is some images and the videos, the second video is a 360 video tour on Egg Carrier with 8K resolution.
  2. Have some new stuff to show here, some renders I made for Sonic Evolution of enemies already ingame: Comment if you liked!
  3. @Hyp3hat yeah, we got into a stable version with most stuff you would get in a Classic or Modern Sonic. Right now we just working on tweaks and some new utilities like a platform that have all possible platforms behavior to select, enemy projectiles, pogo spring and rocket shoes and some final touches in here and there. But I had a problem with building a demo for this version, so I delayed. It may take a while to have a playable build of the Challenge Zone since I am focused for some time on Sonic Evolution.
  4. Here is an update showing Shadow gameplay and his new exclusive skills:
  5. Finally I have a demo to everyone download: https://mega.nz/#!rhREGB4L!hZ6RZmcf7PJsUQA5Wy7Jd8cZOU6OhNAy9LoVJk_oU6c
  6. LOL, then I have to thank a hundred times. Already fixed it! I've already made a topic with my work. I will update that topic soon. Don't worry, more work is coming. And very soon, yet this year. This month I will be updating Hedgehog Development Kit, it already have loop physics, I will add the rest of the features I want - grinding, homming attack, spin dash, bounce (maybe since it the mechanism have been created by another team member), light dash. Then I'll be working on the main game, Sonic Evolution, right after that, or in parallel.
  7. I think boost should be a minor feature, just like Homming Attack, instead of a game defining mechanics. My take, that I even use on my fan game, is take out the invencibility of the the boost and use it as a tool to save you if you need speed and boost you only in parts you can afford to use it, But using boost is risky, and may lead you to a end. Other points is not only leave Sonic vulnerable, but tone down the acceleration and not have energy for more than half the level to 1/4 at least. With this, you can use the boost as a high risk/reward system, that, if you master the use of it thoughtfully would lead to a much more rewarding gameplay. But, would be stupid to think Sonic Team would rethink the way they are working. We are probably getting another boost to win game next year and that's that.
  8. Hey again everyone. I want to show the project I've been working for sometime. Sonic Jam World Remix. It is the remake of the Sonic World bonus level featured in Sonic Jam in Sega Saturn - which I know some people may not have played. It started in UDK using SonicGDK and now is in UE4 using the Hedgehog Development Kit, developed by some friends and I. The big difference is that I imaginated the interiors based on the static rendered images presented when you entered a building in the original version. The missions have been made, but still I need to make the HUD and a save class to hold the values. Still, it is already in a presentable and well playable state. This level is a bonus level from my game, Sonic Evolution, which I am looking for more people to integrate in the team, from map artists to others CG artists - just me and my friend for graphics really is too much! Then, take a look at the very first Fan-game level done in Unreal Engine 4: DOWNLOAD DEMO: https://mega.nz/#!rhREGB4L!hZ6RZmcf7PJsUQA5Wy7Jd8cZOU6OhNAy9LoVJk_oU6c Vídeo: Images: Character House Music Shop Gallery History Cinema Last version video - UDK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv70nqTUJcA Download of the last version - UDK: UDK old Version
  9. I've seem your work before. One of the rare impressive talents on 3d out there. So you making an game on Cry Engine? How it is coming along? I have a game and engine on UE4 - Sonic Evolution and Hedgehog Development Kit. I am a pro modeller and general 3d artist and also use 3Ds Max, along other softwares. If you want, we could talk more, maybe we could help each other and trade ideas.
  10. Wow, amazing. It is rare to see great 3d works. And normally they dont get this render quality. I do modelling and other 3d stuff, in case you want to talk more, you can PM me, it is cool to know people who do this because they are rare in the community.
  11. Thanks guys. Good to know you all liking, I think responses is what is more encouraging. I was not planning to stop my work, just posting, but since you guys are liking I will post more very soon along with something to play: the first Sonic level made in Unreal Engine 4, stay tuned!
  12. It was great. At the beggining I was more interested in the drawings, but after story started rolling I really got locked on it. I didn't gave a like in the last page because I was like: "ahh, it ended...". I'll be waiting for part 3. This remembered me I have started making a comic of my game story, but I never remebered to finish, lol.
  13. Yeah, it is weird, but I guess it may not get people attention or it doens't interest most people. I don't know. In any case, since people don't really fell interest I think I don't need to post anymore, I guess.
  14. Wow, this is a great work. I am modeller and work with levels and I can say you have a very good composition on this level. I always wanted to find more people who are capable of making levels of this quality. So your work one of a very rare talent inside the sonic communities and I think you didn't got the attention you deserved. Can I ask right away and directly, would you be interested in working with me? I participate in 2 groups I created, one is an UE4 engine called HDK, that is open source to everybody use, and another is a next gen fan game. I have a topic of my works here:my works on SSMB , HDK post here And also some of my other works are on the links on the signature, in case you want to check it out my site and youtube.
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