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  1. Anyone get to see my HQ upload of the Sonic Joins the Brawl trailer? :)


    I just put up his Subspace cutscene as well!


    1. Dejimon11


      How did you do this? 

    2. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Using the .thp files from the disc, using Handbrake to convert them to a state that's usable in Avidemux, then using Avidemux to upscale them to 1080p. :)

      I also included links to the .thp files for free usage in each vid's description.

    3. Dejimon11


      I also saw the Smash commercial as well. You’ve done a great job! 

    4. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      @Dejimon11Thanks! :) I've been MIGHTY busy over the past week. And today's my birthday and I'm the one giving folks stuff with these uploads! :P

    5. Dejimon11


      Oh shit it is? Today’s my brothers birthday I hope you’ve been having a great day.

    6. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      @Dejimon11It's been alright, thanks! :)

  2. Anyone have a page with the official names/titles of every cutscene in Sonic Unleashed?

  3. Sonic Unleashed (Wii) HQ Cutscenes - YouTube This is a project I'm currently underway with. I have all the .sfd files from Sonic Unleashed Wii and I'm in the process of upscaling them all to 1080p and uploading and preserving them on YouTube. All files are originally coded at 640x360, but look VERY nice when upscaled. I also provide the original .sfd file as I upload each of the videos for your pleasure (provided you can even view them natively... I can't lol). This also is hot off the heels of my upload of what may be the world's first ever upload of the TRUE 60fps version of the History of Sonic video from Sonic Mega Collection on GameCube, thanks to Avidemux's dgbob technique. Read the description for the full details! I've had like a week of desync issues to iron out in all of these videos. I actually forget the exact method for the video above but it feels proper this time. I had to exclusively use Avidemux I think as that's the only program to output in 60fps (Camtasia is 30fps only). So keep an eye out. I plan on adding 6 cutscenes every two days (looks better for the upload dates and gives me more breathing room). Been busy the last few days... including getting my first vaccine yesterday! Enjoy! Update (May 9th): 18 now!
  4. Sonic Unleashed (Wii) HQ Cutscenes - YouTube

    I've been upscaling in 1080p the actual original source .sfd files of the Sonic Unleashed Wii cutscenes! Three done so far!

    1. jungle_penguins


      Oh neat, did not know about the letterboxing on the intro. 

  5. I finally did it and found a way to restore the History of Sonic video from Sonic Mega Collection in TRUE 60fps at top quality. What do you all think? :)

    Sonic Mega Collection (GC) - History of Sonic (True 60fps) - YouTube

    1. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Had to redo the video due to a weird TINY desync that was caused by processing the audio file via Audacity. Managed to get a new one via splitting the audio from the raw upload of the .sfd video using Camtasia /techy jargon. Here you go!


  6. *taps mic*



  7. Can anyone confirm if these pieces of art of Mario and Sonic actually show up in the Rio 2016 Wii U game itself? I know they do as low-res monochrome Miiverse stamps, but are the full-quality originals in the game at all? This screenshot is actually from the Japanese Neko Mario video before the game released.



    I want an HD version of the Nintendo-made piece in the upper right so bad! :(

    1. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Here's Sonic's Nintendo-drawn Miiverse Stamp (via Spriter's Resource):


  8. Oh, well he was a Power Ranger (I think Black) at some point.
  9. Boy, if we do get the Vancouver voice actors in, I'd call this a


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      the door is on your next left

  10. It's like people foolishly think their likes on twitter are private or something and then go surprised Pikachu when folks find out about them. David Wise (yes, the DK composer) tragically being such a person who's liked some pretty bad ant-BLM stuff on twitter and caused a big controversy when folks found out which he's to date never addressed. It's like... keep your shit opinions to yourself. God, are people this stupid? What on Earth did you expect would happen?
  11. Basically it means you don't see COVID as anything worse than the flu, or that it's something that just passes or something. Meaning you just basically just want everything to go back to normal with zero regard for the virus because it's not that big of a deal. Some even think COVID doesn't even exist and was made up. Folks who still think like this are total morons and are likely why so many people still get sick. It was natural to be skeptical back in Jan and Feb last year before the lockdowns began because NO ONE expected things to escalate the way they did, but now a year into this, we still have people with this mindset.
  12. LOL I remember that now! Folks have a field day with that bit.
  13. I didn't see it, but Mike was pushing it quite a bit on twitter when it came out.
  14. I've said this for years. His work as Martin Mystery for one is a good reference IMO. May as well post my other choices and references: Tails: Jillian Michaels (no, not the yoga instructor!) (Goten in DBZ, Shippo in InuYasha) Knuckles: Scott McNeil (Koga in InuYasha) Amy: Stevie Vallance (Dixie Kong in the DKC TV Show) Eggman: Richard Newman (Tankor's "true" form in in Beast Machines *spoilers*) or Garry Chalk (naturally Robotnik in Sonic Underground, his fav role!) Jet the Hawk: Doug Parker (Terrorsaur in Beast Wars) Rouge or Blaze: Kathleen Barr (Dot in ReBoot) Or actually Rouge can be by Venus Terzo (Wedy/Merrie Kenwood in Death Note), also gets Scott and Venus in another pairing! Shadow: Paul Dobson? (Naraku in InuYasha) Top of my head.
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