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  1. The State of Sonic Team

    Nintendo believe it or not work with a huge amount of ex-Sonic Team folks at different places, including those at Nintendo itself as seen in the OP, those at Prope, and those at Arzest who more or less are Nintendo exclusive bar their mobile efforts.
  2. Okay friends, it's go time; Vegito or Gogeta?

    1. Partridge in a Dee Tree

      Partridge in a Dee Tree


      Seriously though, tough choice. We barely get to see Gogeta in canon works and we’ve have seen Vegito a fair amount of times..but then again they reconed that time limit bs...

    2. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Yeah and also, what WOULD A Potara fusion of Goten and Trunks be? That hasn't been in DB Heroes yet has it, yet everything else imaginable has. :P

      Also, do we know if both Super Vegito and Super Gogeta are SS2? It's usually hard to distinguish between SS1 and SS2. I always notice SS2 is shiner, more pointy, and the presence of electricity.

    3. Partridge in a Dee Tree

      Partridge in a Dee Tree

      I’m shocked they haven’t done that possibility/what if yet.

      The best pic I’ve seen of a Gotenks potara version is this:


      Yeah, I want to see “Trunkten” and many more what if fusions/transformations/absorbs.

      But nah, we need more SSJ3/SSGSS Broly and Bardock amirite?

      As for Gogeta? That is pretty tough to distinguish them from SSJ1 & 2, they already have a single hair bang which is a trait of 2 so I guess the only noticeable difference would be the lighting sparks.

      Vegito? Nah he’s easy, he has more than one hair bang so he ain’t SSj2.

    4. DiamondX


      Neither Gogeta or Vegito are SSJ2 but in Xenoverse, Vegito was supposed to have SSJ2, seen in a unused line:

      "Guess I'm Super Saiyan 2 now."

    5. Zaysho


      I like Gogeta. Especially liked his Super Saiyan 4 design.

      Vegetto's cool, too and bringing him back in the Black arc was hype (not sure I like how Super explained how Potara fusion works when it was perfectly fine for decades, but whatever), but I always liked the fusion dance clothing design a bit more.

    6. DiamondX


      I wouldn't say "Buu's body makes Vegetto unfuse" is better than the one hour limit.

      It even makes sense in the Buu Saga since we don't know exactly how long they fought for.

    7. Zaysho


      I honestly saw nothing wrong with it being permanent and inadvertently being undone by Buu, just means Buu could counteract the Kaioshin's magic. Super went out of the way to unfuse Kibitoshin with Namekian Dragon Balls, which I thought they could have just extended to Vegetto if he were to return.

      I also think it's a little too convenient for them to say the time limit expired right when Vegetto was absorbed. It undermines how desperate Goku and Vegeta are if they're willing to go through with something permanent (even if it can be potentially undone down the line, I'd rather it be something they have to deal with until they can undo it) AND the god powers completely fizzle it out like SSJ4 did to Gogeta (actually this is also why I like fusion dance, it means there's more urgency when they can't stay together for very long). It kinda makes Potara fusion seem more useless or like it was a mistake.

    8. NikoS


      Gogeta, ‘cause Big Bang Kamehameha reasons...

  3. Well, registered for Resetera, wish me luck! between the Nintendo OT, Board gaming, and the LEGO comps(really need an excuse for some creative building) figured it wouldn't hurt. Went for a simpler username that works as a double allusion: Mandos(still a mandolorion nod, but also a Tolkien one, so a two fer)

    1. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Welcome aboard! :D

  4. Gotta say, Liam O'Brien is amazing as Infinite. He's also Zazz which blew my mind when looking him up.

    1. Kiah


      Wow really? He really has some range! I loved both Zazz and Infinite’s voices so consider me deeply impressed!

  5. To anyone with Forces on Switch, do you occasionally see white lines in cutscenes for like a frame like this?:


    Not sure if it's my copy, Switch, or just something the game does as a design flaw. Only happens in the pre-recorded ones (avatar ones have to be in-game).

    1. Dejimon11


      I hadn't notice. I'll look at the footage I recorded and let you know

    2. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Please do. I did get one snap of a YT recording of that scene again:


      It seems most common in that scene, but I saw it in the first scene of Knuckles and the others in the base also. It's random so it's not guaranteed in any scene.

    3. Dejimon11


      Nope havnet seen it. But for some reason visually the game looks bad when recording it and uploading it onto youtube. It's not just me who has this problem I was speaking to NTom about this as well and ive seen other youtube videos with it as well

    4. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Was NTom referring to the compression or the white lines?

    5. Dejimon11



  6. If I'm honest, I've never liked how Classic Sonic now is canonically light blue. It's weird too since in the signpost goals in Forces, he's an Adventure-era-like blue:


    That looks SO much better, such a shame. Even Ohshima draws him a darker blue on twitter (sans his Mania and Forces promo pics), so I don't get it.

    Hell, this example Ohshima posted a while back, is actually my fav ever design of him:

    If Sonic ever got a reboot, make him look like this! He's got that Adventure 'tude that I've always loved. And who else but Ohshima can draw his quills from the side and do it right? :P

    1. Ferno



      no more reboots

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's because that's the colour that SEGA settled on for the style sheets that date back to the Saturn era. He's light blue and his shoes and almost pink. I don't like it either.

    3. Ferno


      also wow he's still dead-set on those fangs after all these years

  7. I never would have guessed Ohtani was a Disney fan:


    1. Gabz Girl

      Gabz Girl

      Ikr?! Even back then when I first played Rush Adventure I was like “Wait, Tarzan? Strangers Like Me in my Sonic?!” XD

    2. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Even better? Wreck it Ralph. Foreshadowing much? :P

  8. Here you go my friends, a Happy Eggman reaction pic from Sonic Forces (Switch) caught with Elgato HD60, free of charge. :)


    1. Partridge in a Dee Tree

      Partridge in a Dee Tree

      When you finally “cracked an egg”. 

    2. Dejimon11


      Was the cut mustache even in the final version of the game?

    3. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      It's odd though that Switch cutscenes are compressed like they're YouTube videos. But MAYBE the ones with the avatar aren't since those show the avatar as your custom one.

    4. McGroose


      Thanks for the new avatar

    5. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      @Dejimon11 I think it's just covered in shadow, here's another caught pic and you can see it a bit better:


  9. The long awaited Sonic Underground game; Manic Mania.

  10. Got my review up for Sonic Forces on Switch! Check it out! https://goldmetalsonic.wordpress.com/2017/11/22/sonic-forces-switch-review/

  11. Got a large album of HQ PNG Sonic Forces Switch screenshots in docked mode! Have a peek in the link! Remember to download the "Original (1280 x 720)" pics for proper uncompressed pics! https://www.flickr.com/photos/goldmetalsonic/sets/72157662882228028/with/38541419202/

  12. Actually it's both cases duct-taped together, Kock Media (who owns Deep Silver) has other packs for PS4 that shows it better: https://shop.kochmedia.com/shop/de_DE/productdetail.html?fmt=plist&psize=12&page=0&nav2=COM&nav1=GAME&id=1025140
  13. Got Forces on Switch yesterday! Surprisingly... good! The port's also very sound, you'd almost think it was a Switch game first and "remastered" on PS4 and XBO. I'll have a review up soon enough. For now, check out my review for Breath of the Wild that I just put up yesterday also! https://goldmetalsonic.wordpress.com/2017/11/17/the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-switch-review/

    1. TheOcelot


      "you'd almost think it was a Switch game first and "remastered" on PS4 and XBO." 

      Image result for dog slaps gif

      More like a PS4 game with a water-down version for the Switch ;)

    2. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      I dunno, looks too good for a downport. Took me by surprise. Cutscenes do look compressed though. Pre-recorded maybe? But the avatar is custom in them sooo...

    3. TheOcelot


      Glad it looks good on Switch and it should look good, lets be honest. Even with the Switch being slightly less powerful than Xb1 & PS4 there's no excuse for Sonic Team not to make the Switch version look and play as good as it can.

    4. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Oh for sure, especially since they confirmed that they made a Switch version a priority, even before even knowing what the system would even be!

      It's a fine starting point for future games, ports and exclusives. The fact it's already got the Hedgehog Engine 2 fully brought over is really welcoming.

      Wonder if the next Olympic title will use HE2? :thinking:

    5. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      ""you'd almost think it was a Switch game first and "remastered" on PS4 and XBO.""

      You really would never think that.

    6. KHCast


      Umm...you put them side by side, and it's clear that the switch version was not the main version. Or makes the other versions looks like ports of it.

  14. Big head's up: The Shadow costume DLC is free on the Switch eShop (and likely on other systems), BUT, it says it's only available until Nov 20th. However, you can download it right now with or without the game. At least on Switch directly from the eShop, I did this myself. Make sure you check your respective digital shops to grab it in case this is so on there also.

    1. Zaysho


      Huh, that's weird. I wonder why it's limited?

  15. Is Episode Shadow on Switch in NA and available to both physical and digital buyers?

    1. Ryannumber1Santa


      It is in the UK, so I'd imagine so.

      meanwhile, UK PSN doesn't have Episode Shadow for some reason.

    2. Partridge in a Dee Tree

      Partridge in a Dee Tree

      Yep, just downloaded it.

      Still don't have a physical copy though.

      EDIT: Oh, you mean Switch? Never mind, not sure.

    3. DiamondX


      @Ryannumber1gamer Dude it's not just the UK which doesn't have Episode Shadow on the PS4.

      It's the entire Europe which doesn't.