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  1. Oh, well he was a Power Ranger (I think Black) at some point.
  2. Boy, if we do get the Vancouver voice actors in, I'd call this a


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      the door is on your next left

  3. It's like people foolishly think their likes on twitter are private or something and then go surprised Pikachu when folks find out about them. David Wise (yes, the DK composer) tragically being such a person who's liked some pretty bad ant-BLM stuff on twitter and caused a big controversy when folks found out which he's to date never addressed. It's like... keep your shit opinions to yourself. God, are people this stupid? What on Earth did you expect would happen?
  4. Basically it means you don't see COVID as anything worse than the flu, or that it's something that just passes or something. Meaning you just basically just want everything to go back to normal with zero regard for the virus because it's not that big of a deal. Some even think COVID doesn't even exist and was made up. Folks who still think like this are total morons and are likely why so many people still get sick. It was natural to be skeptical back in Jan and Feb last year before the lockdowns began because NO ONE expected things to escalate the way they did, but now a year into this, we still have people with this mindset.
  5. LOL I remember that now! Folks have a field day with that bit.
  6. I didn't see it, but Mike was pushing it quite a bit on twitter when it came out.
  7. I've said this for years. His work as Martin Mystery for one is a good reference IMO. May as well post my other choices and references: Tails: Jillian Michaels (no, not the yoga instructor!) (Goten in DBZ, Shippo in InuYasha) Knuckles: Scott McNeil (Koga in InuYasha) Amy: Stevie Vallance (Dixie Kong in the DKC TV Show) Eggman: Richard Newman (Tankor's "true" form in in Beast Machines *spoilers*) or Garry Chalk (naturally Robotnik in Sonic Underground, his fav role!) Jet the Hawk: Doug Parker (Terrorsaur in Beast Wars) Rouge or Blaze: Kathleen Barr (Dot in ReBoot) Or actually Rouge can be by Venus Terzo (Wedy/Merrie Kenwood in Death Note), also gets Scott and Venus in another pairing! Shadow: Paul Dobson? (Naraku in InuYasha) Top of my head.
  8. I've long had ideas of a Vancouver cast for the series. I can make a new topic about folks contributing ideas/hopes, or we can just do that in here?
  9. Sega: "We'd like to wish the voice actors well in their future endeavors and are thrilled at the work they've done with such legendary characters. Stay tuned for more info in the future." You know it to be true.
  10. Yep. All the time people address him as Eggman (literally in that very thread) and he himself has called it dehumanizing. I bet his other roles barely scratch the surface of the amount of obsessive hounding he gets. Granted he didn't voice any other "notable" characters unless Cailou's dad recently counts. But I don't think the dedicated Cailou fanbase cares. This also goes back to the while "means to an end" thing. Mike's a bit unusual where he doesn't see voice-acting as something to be "invested" in on a personal level. He loves doing it, but you're not going to see him "have fun" being his roles out in the open like Charles Martinet loves going "WAHOO!" all the time. Mike's far more serious than his work lets on. Very "dry" if you will. Really reminds me of my uncle so I know from personal experience. So yeah I just don't see him shedding a single tear if Sega just plop a new voice of Eggman out there. He'll go "oh no... anyway" and move on.
  11. Guys, Roger will be fine. He's really popular in anime dubs and other work. Sonic was far from his only role. Ryan was more "underground/under the radar" in comparison, so Sonic understandably meant so much more to him. Jason still had his other 4Kids work (as well as Pokemon as he just got the role of Cilan then). Roger ain't gonna be on the street anytime soon, belieeeeve me.
  12. This reads as a "they haven't said I'm leaving yet" and the former as him being literal "I'm right here talking to you". Mike can't even say if he's voicing in anything that's not announced yet and to my knowledge never hints he does. He knows how volatile the business is and knows he can be dropped on a dime if Sega sees fit. I guess Roger was more clued in for some reason, which is odd as actors announcing their departures from Sonic... NEVER happens. Ryan only did because he went after Sega to find answers and I guess he wasn't held by any NDA so he could say so. Mike doesn't seem like the guy who gives a shit if he stays or goes, especially as Eggman now is so little of his current workload, and frankly, I'd bet he'd love to get the fanbase off of his back finally. Mike's been super clear that the role is only a means to make ends meet, nothing more. He has no personal attachment to Eggman. He'd only hate to lose another source of income, but he's got decent work so I doubt he'll lose sleep over it if he does get replaced.
  13. Can someone who uses the Dolphin emulator and Sonic Mega Collection rip the "history_a.sfd" file from the ISO/ROM for me please? I'd rip the ROM myself, but hacking my Wii to do so is beyond possible right now.

    1. Zaysho


      Might be able to dump my copy later.

    2. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      That'd be great, thanks! DM me when you're able. :)

  14. Anyone use Dolphin and have Sonic Mega Collection? I need a small favor for a project. DM me if you do and are interested.

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