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  1. Me and @RK64 are back with a new podcast discussing about the new NX rumors! Here it is in a playlist featuring all of my Musings and podcasts for your viewing pleasure. :)


    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Honestly, even if this rumor is false, and we likely still have nothing we know about the specs. Here's the thing to really consider: The thing people are underestimating about the NX's launch is definitely the likely strength of the launch title line-up. nearly 90% of Nintendo's Console and handheld developers are working on games for the NX right now, and that's without mentioning a number of carried over wii-u projects like Retro's next title. That combined with solid Japanese support, and a decent bit of western support from friendly studios like WB Games(Injustice 2 perhaps), and Ubisoft, means this could be an extremely robust lineup and they may be able to avoid software droughts this time around. The full force of Nintendo's development teams would be an impressive sight

    2. RK64


      I have that same thought Mando-Whirl-Wind :D. I think we will have a lot of great stuff for the NX :). 

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