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  1. Got Forces on Switch yesterday! Surprisingly... good! The port's also very sound, you'd almost think it was a Switch game first and "remastered" on PS4 and XBO. I'll have a review up soon enough. For now, check out my review for Breath of the Wild that I just put up yesterday also! https://goldmetalsonic.wordpress.com/2017/11/17/the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-switch-review/

    1. TheOcelot


      "you'd almost think it was a Switch game first and "remastered" on PS4 and XBO." 

      Image result for dog slaps gif

      More like a PS4 game with a water-down version for the Switch ;)

    2. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      I dunno, looks too good for a downport. Took me by surprise. Cutscenes do look compressed though. Pre-recorded maybe? But the avatar is custom in them sooo...

    3. TheOcelot


      Glad it looks good on Switch and it should look good, lets be honest. Even with the Switch being slightly less powerful than Xb1 & PS4 there's no excuse for Sonic Team not to make the Switch version look and play as good as it can.

    4. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Oh for sure, especially since they confirmed that they made a Switch version a priority, even before even knowing what the system would even be!

      It's a fine starting point for future games, ports and exclusives. The fact it's already got the Hedgehog Engine 2 fully brought over is really welcoming.

      Wonder if the next Olympic title will use HE2? :thinking:

    5. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      ""you'd almost think it was a Switch game first and "remastered" on PS4 and XBO.""

      You really would never think that.

    6. KHCast


      Umm...you put them side by side, and it's clear that the switch version was not the main version. Or makes the other versions looks like ports of it.

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