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  1. Honestly I'd be TOTALLY down to have the Sonic Mania team make a "what if" Saturn-style 3D Sonic (that's still the classic era since Saturn predates Adventure of course). It'd be the best way to mix a minimalist style while allowing the team to make a great game. And it'd be a cheap download-only title like Sonic Mania at around $20. There's a lot of potential here.

    1. PaddyFancy


      As long as it doesn't look like Sonic Xtreme.

    2. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      I would think it could be Sonic World-based. That'd make the most sense.

    3. TheOcelot


      Team Mania could perhaps be the team to design a full 3d game which perfectly compliments the 2d classics, which is something Sonic Team have never been able to achieve.


    4. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      If the special stages are anything to go by...uh, I'd rather they not. 

    5. Ferno


      @TheOcelot tbh that seems like such a holy-grail type thing that I'm not even sure Sonic Team would let them near that concept out of pride that they could try it themselves (again) someday

      If anything we'll just get Mania's 2 - 10.

    6. JezMM


      Eh, honestly we haven't had enough of what they're good at yet for my liking.  I'd rather they stick to 2D for the time being.  "Classic Sonic in 3D" is still a very rough concept that fans still haven't managed to crack how to make good level design for yet.  I have no reason Team Mania would be automatically good at this just because they're so good at 2D Sonic.

    7. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @JezMMSonic in 3D is a very rough concept that SEGA still haven't managed to crack.

    8. Penny


      i find it hard to imagine the mania team making 3D sonic any worse than sonic team have, considering ST's track record

    9. JezMM


      I so often see people wanting the Mania team to do stuff like remake Sonic Adventure (under the assumption that their skills in remaking classic Sonic game engines are somehow interchangeable for any game ever) that I'm not sure the fanbase could survive quite so many minds being blown as there would be if the Mania team put out a mediocre 3D Sonic game

    10. Milo


      If Sega was willing to throw 3D Sonic to a studio with no game to their credit and allow them to make a J&D clone with the Sonic name slapped on top of it (and this was before Sega themselves started meddling in the project), then I don't see why letting Team Mania (supported with the proper staff/resources) taking a shot a 3D Classic Sonic (or Nintendo, or any other team/studio who have a consistent track record of solid games to their credit) is so much of an issue.

      There are some valid concerns to raise about designing a Sonic game in a 3D space but I honestly believe most of the "Sonic hasn't/doesn't work in 3D" narrative is either built upon conjecture or doesn't address the fact that nearly every 3D Sonic game over the past twenty years has produced by the same studio; whereas even 2D Sonic has at least changed hands a couple of times over the years (Ancient, Aspect, Dimps, Backbone, Sanzaru, Taxman and co.). But that seems to be ignored in favor of talking about 3D Sonic game design as some mythical unicorn hardly anyone can comprehend and virtually any developer out there should be questioned as being inherently unqualified to make a 3D Sonic game.


    11. With Me

      With Me

      the mania team is made mostly of indie developers that have been working on 2D games their entire lives so a 3D game from them at all is a ways off, let alone a good one

    12. JezMM


      To be fair, Big Red Button wasn't "a studio with no game to their credit", it was comprised of a lot of ex-employees from reputable game studios.

    13. Milo


      I'm talking about works published by the studio as a whole, rather than the resumes of certain staff in the company. In the former context, BRB was practically a fledgling developer when they started producing RoL.

      That clarification about the background of BRB's staff also directly correlates into what I'm talking about in regards to the way people talk about 3D Sonic as some impossible aura nobody can address; when Rise of Lyric was discovered to be a trainwreck, people were proclaiming how "even Naughty Dog developers can't make a good [3D] Sonic game".

    14. E-122-Psi


      I did like the aesthetics of Mania's special stages, though if they can make a working engine for a full 3D game is another thing. Something like the concept of Sonic Jam's hub world would be interesting to expand upon. I wouldn't be that upset if they stuck to "2D with odd bits of 3D at times" like in Mania though.

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