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  1. I need to know if there's one for E3 2004 so that we may FINALLY get uncompressed assets of the Sonic DS E3 2004 Tech Demo. Such a feast for the eyes (makes you wonder if the DS got a downgrade or something afterward) and yet all we have are awful JPEG images. :(

    I've searched for YEARS for these, but my searches have been fruitless I'm afraid. Someday. Someday. *sniff*

  2. 1 minute ago, Joy said:


    I've no idea if it possibly didn't reach Canada & the US but it was definitely kicking around over here in the UK. Used to pass a copy all the time in the local supermarket.

    Ah, thank you! :)

    Speaking of which, remember when Activison published DX on PC?


    I guess this was a NA-only thing, but that was WEIRD. Also the ye olde Sega PC logo, heh. :)

  3. 2 hours ago, Jango said:

    Calling it now: "NEW Sonic Classic Collection" for PC, PS4, One and Switch. All remastered versions of Sonic 1 to 3&K plus CD.

    That'd be awesome. One idea I have is that the versions would be tailored to match their original releases on their respective consoles. Meaning, the Switch version will take on the appearance of Sonic Mega Collection on GC, and the others will take on the appearance of Sonic Mega Collection+. I think that'd be a cool nod for each system. The OG and + releases had different menus and whatnot, but the same music IIRC. Actually did + even come out on PC? Maybe they could make the PC version look like one of the old PC collections from prior.

  4. Just now, Chris Knopps said:

    Really? Huh, I thought it was 2020...

    But yeah, I think Switch is up to par enough to handle both Mania and P17 without any differences between versions now.

    Not to be forgetting, Switch actually handles UE4 extremely well, as Snake Pass looks identical on Switch versus PS4 and XBO, only with the framerate being at 30 instead of 60, and it's still in 1080p on Switch. The game is also a decent looker I say. I'd bet PS3 and 360 could never run it.

  5. 7 minutes ago, AtomicPencils said:

    Am I the only one disheartened by the fact both of these games are being released on the Switch? Yeah, it's nice to see Sega and Nintendo cooperating sure. I just can't help but feel that Nintendo consoles in general aren't built to handle the sheer speed and action Sonic is famous for. (Mania probably won't face this issue, but still.) Dunno about you fellas, but it's either Steam or PS4 for me.

    Remember that Switch is much more powerful than PS3 and 360 (shocking for a handheld!), and Sonic Unleashed and Generations were made for those, did you like the speed in those? I think Sonic will be fine on Switch. ;)

  6. 2 minutes ago, Tracker_TD said:

    You don't need a confirmation from SEGA for the Nintendo version, but you do for everything else?

    I mean, it's you, I'm exactly stunned, but c'mon.

    Because we've had multiple other sites listing a Switch version only. In that case, why does the CS of one only listing a Switch version mean the same as like 3 or 4 others listing only a Switch version?

    Too much smoke hinting towards a Switch-only physical version.

    If Argos is claiming this, why not list the physical release on all systems? I checked myself, it's still only showing a Switch version upon searching the site.

  7. As I basically said in the comments section on the main site, I say wait until Sega announce anything before believing there's a physical release on PS4, XBO, and PC. Note that there's only been a Switch listing at Argos, and every other site that lists a physical release? Why does Argos claim there to be a physical version on other systems... and yet not list them? Kind of odd if you ask me.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Tracker_TD said:


    This article suggests it was part of the reconfirmation of Mania coming to Japan at TGS 2016. I'd like to find a better source, mind, but this stands to reason. 

    Interesting. It's weird though that the official JP Mania site has never ever listed platforms, neither has any trailer/footage of the Japanese version.

  9. 1 minute ago, Tracker_TD said:

    They're not gonna be demonstrating versions of the game on JP streams that aren't releasing in JP, are they? Handily the Boom stream's vanished, else I'd go check whether it was a Dualshock or generic PC pad myself.

    Even then, I don't get your point. 

    They've never confirmed if it's coming to PS4, PC, or anywhere until now. If you know of something saying so, please post it.

    Note that you did say "assume".

  10. 29 minutes ago, Mayor D said:

    Apparently it might be a switch thing.

    I've seen some people say that whilst some stores are showing a physical edition of a game, some devs have come out and said their titles are digital only. 

    So many are assuming it's a code in a box.

    The devs being the Mania folks? I would think they're just saying that because they don't have permission to even tease it.

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