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  1. I love your channel, just subscribed a few weeks ago! Keep it up!
  2. Feeling nostalgic!

  3. Sonic HQ April Fools Looks like some details got leaked about the upcoming Sonic movie and future game! Some notable tidbits from the article:
  4. It’s their opinion, I don’t think it’s much of an assumption seeing it has the same style of gameplay.
  5. So just two reviews from two publishers that have no real credibility? Famitsu has been worthless for 10 years and Polygon has been worthless since inception. Not that I expect reviews to be good or anything. I’m expecting high 60s to low 70s.
  6. BIG things are happening!

  7. Letting the rights lapse is the same as washing your hands of it. Couldn’t have been good if even Sony didn’t want it. Paramount isn’t much better but all of the Hollywood studios are hit and miss anyway.
  8. No, then you'd have people complaining they revealed all of the good stuff first. Movie trailers are susceptible to this, don't want to do it to a game.
  9. I got a Pro so looking forward to this. Hopefully it's on par graphically with Ratchet & Clank.
  10. I'd like to see the return but we probably will get a completely different logo for the new series.
  11. I never knew I wanted my scanlines in 4K high definition graphics until now!!
  12. All three? Isn't it only on PS4/3DS currently with no switch date announced? I'd imagine it'd take awhile to translate both while making the 3DS version work well on Switch. Guess it depends on when in 2018 it comes out.
  13. There can be only one Sonic!

  14. I am your metal overlord!

    1. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      I'm your non-metal overlord.



      Get me some coffee, robot slave

    2. Crow the BOOLET
  15. #teamsandopolis here! I hope that level gets included in the game!! I wouldn't mind some obscure levels from Chaotix though.
  16. I really need to keep up to date on this stuff, I had no idea a Mega Drive comic was coming out. Love it!
  17. Well it has won IGN's GOTY and over 200 GOTY awards so far as documented here: http://gotypicks.blogspot.be/2013/09/2013-game-of-year.html Pretty impressive! Definitely deserves it.
  18. Ugh Cannon's Core! That one I don't think I'll ever get all As on. Any tips on passing every mission with As? I seem to always get a C and that's the best I can do.
  19. This is not confirmed and not true. What gives the red flag is the netflix with no disc thing... It has already been confirmed that in late 2010 you will not need a disc to use it and it will be implemented into the firmware. I say wait until Sony confirms it. My guess is this "subscription" will be for renting full games off of the PSN and early access to things, like Qore already does. Basically Qore but more widespread and with Qore they are not holding things back they are just giving you beta access and info early. No different from a magazine getting exclusive info.
  20. PSP is the least selling? It's over 50 million sold, so no and just get a system that has MGS if you want it so much. Get a PS3 so you get MGS4 and MGS: Rising(even though this game doesn't deserve the solid name since Solid snake isn't in it and it will probably be Raiden May Cry).
  21. It had word of mouth, that's why it sold so well.
  22. I just played this level and it's great! Very good new map and everyone voted for it on the game. One of the best levels from Uncharted 1 and I'm glad it's in U2 now. The update didn't just include a free map though, there were other changes. Complete list of changes: * Added Global and Friends list Leaderboards to the Multiplayer menu with the following categories: o Global Competitive Wins o Global Co-op o Global Kills o Global Money o Friends Competitive Wins o Friends Co-op o Friends Kills o Friends Money * Added a player card to the Multiplayer menu * Added “The Fort” multiplayer map
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