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    Sonic HQ reacted to Eurisko in How has Sonic Forces affected your opinion of Sonic Team?   
    Non whatsoever, Sonic Forces is what it is. Not bad , not great but i think in the years to come it will be looked back  on in a similar way to Lost World.
    Like marmite.
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    Sonic HQ got a reaction from Baconjack in Sonic Forces Reviews Thread   
    So just two reviews from two publishers that have no real credibility? Famitsu has been worthless for 10 years and Polygon has been worthless since inception. 
    Not that I expect reviews to be good or anything. I’m expecting high 60s to low 70s. 
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    Sonic HQ reacted to SenEDDtor Missile in So why are people calling Infinite edgy?   
    Personally I was mostly just throwing it out as a minor gag.
    Edgy for me is honestly irrelevant as long as I feel the character or concept is interesting and it does these things well enough.
    That being said, edgy based on what I see tends to be something used when it's targeted at something that is supposed to be darker and more mature, but due to a lack of understanding of what exactly darker and more mature is (usually leans towards characters or scenarios where tough morally grey choices are made and beliefs are heavily challenged and put under scrutiny in an imperfect flawed world where people's motives aren't always purely black and white, although they do exist) instead comes off as juvenile, over the top dark and dark for it's own sake (gore, sex, swear words for the sake of appearing mature rather than doing so because it's a character quirk or it's just a normal thing, murder for the sake of appearing dark, etc.).
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    Sonic HQ reacted to Arranos in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Honestly, I just want those characters that'll never appear in games to appear in some "official" form.
    There's currently no hope for Chronicles characters or Nega to appear in the comic beyond a mention. There's no hope at all for Tiara, Gazebo, and "Sister Sonic". But at least give the others a shine. Elise probably won't appear as '06 never happened.
    Sonic's Band and the Babylon Rogues have yet to appear in the comics. You could also say that the Deadly Six haven't technically appear in "official" canon, as Unite was erased, so Sonic technically never met the Deadly Six. Maybe when they do the Lost World adaption, they'll bring in Yacker (since he made a minor appearance in the game)!
    Then again, I may be just rambling at midnight.
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    Sonic HQ got a reaction from TheOcelot in The Last of Us (PS3 & PS4)   
    Well it has won IGN's GOTY and over 200 GOTY awards so far as documented here:
    Pretty impressive! Definitely deserves it.
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    Sonic HQ got a reaction from Crystal Kingfisher in PS2 getting discontinued in 2010?   
    They aren't real gamers.
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