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  1. Yah I think I saw a month or so ago on the web. I think it's kinda cool how Sega did that
  2. Getting the Choas Emeralds in Sonic Heroes. It was so glitchy and unfair.
  3. I preffered the S3&K ones because, unlike most, you could backtrack to get the blue spheres. Sonic Heroes probably were the most frusterating for me because they handled terribly. I think Sonic 2's are the most difficult without being terribly glitchy.
  4. Do you think we'll ever see a Chao Garden similar to the ones in the Sonic Adventure series? Or even one like the Sonic Advance series on a handheld? I hope so because I loads of time in SA2's Chao Garden. Even more time than playing the action stages. So what's your opinion? Would you like to see them return?
  5. 06 no doubt. Just because of all the hype that was put into it. It wouldn't have been as bad if it was just another Sonic Riders or Shadow the Hedgehog but it was just so god awful.
  6. Unleashed improved grinding tremendously! It made switching from rail to rail less dangerous and fun. Plus, if you got hit on a rail you didn't get cheaply thrown off or anything, just lost rings.
  7. Seem pretty cool, so yeah I'll add ya back.

  8. Thanks for the "Friend Added". ;) I'm adding you to my list in return.

  9. City Escape from SA2! It feels extremely fast letting you skate down the city street on a board-plank thing, run down buildings, and be chased by giant truck!
  10. Surge

    Sit down, Shut up

    Maybe funny if your IQ is less than 70.
  11. I would have to say Sonic Unleashed (360). The boost button was one of the greatest things in that game. Sonic Rush and Riders also felt fast but Sonic Unleashed definetly is on top.
  12. It's close between Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. I'll have to go with SA2 because it's simple and fun and the ending feels more epic. It delivered more than say Sonic Unleashed or Sonic 06.
  13. Casino Night Zone in Sonic 3. I absolutely hate any and all casino levels! I can't run through them without being bounced around
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