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  1. I think Sonic Team should have refined Lost World's gameplay rather than returning to Unleashed. It's got a nice balance of speed and platforming potential. I would love to have a better version of this gameplay in stages that aren't just kinda bland.
  2. In the short term, I'm playing Sonic Lost World. With the IDW Sonic comic my interest in the franchise kinda rekindled. Other than that for the long term I'm playing Final Fantasy XV and Just Cause 3. Though I really should get back to Shining Resonance before I forget the story and am forced to restart. Got kinda bored with it.
  3. Jetstreamx

    Jet's Art

    I hope it's okay if I start a fresh page since I wasn't active for a few years and the old one is buried anyway. That said, I got a few things to share. First a generic Sonic. Nothing special. I made a few of these one day. Next up, and image with a lazy title. And finally, it's a bit old at this point, but here's a thumbnail pic I did for Sonic Talk. I think this was the last one I've done. I really only get asked by Nuckles87 and the guys to do these on rare occasions. (Shigamodo once asked me to draw Sonic running from some abominable amalgamation of several of Sonic's past chase obstacles. I might show if there's interest but it's older than this and it literally hurts for me to look at.) I was on the Sonic Forces episode as an extra opinion (sorry bout that.) I seem to remember GX's reaction being very humorous when this was brought up. (Sorry. I'm sleepy and I woke up 20 hours ago.) Anyway, I hope these aren't violating any size restrictions that I failed to notice when skimming over the rules.
  4. Shadows involvement with Forces doesn't make any sense to me. Heck, neither does Infinite given Shadow's involvement with Infinite's backstory. I do find it weird that Eggman made as many gains as he did with an active "Sonic but ruthless." Maybe he just couldn't be bothered 8D
  5. Well, I haven't been here in years. God I hate this avatar. I'll deal with it later. Anyway, I know I mentioned this to you elsewhere, SBR2, but I think some of the problem Ian is having, at least in regards to the Crusaders, is I think this is more of an Archie problem than it is an Ian problem. I'm pretty sure that Archie's efforts to revive the Crusaders in any capacity generally ends with them underperforming and shutting it down. (Though I do think they tried to ride the waves of a surge in comic popularity in the... 80s? Only to be sued by DC because the iteration of the Shield from that era was too similar to Superman. Now we get a new Superman pastiche every time someone sneezes.) The Crusaders is probably really only something that'll take off in any significant way if we get a bigger name writer like, I dunno, Mark Waid or Grant Morrison and even THEN I'm confident it would fail or Archie would just cancel it at some point. Hopefully his time at IDW will help expand his options. Also to keep things more on topic, because I literally did not talk about Sonic this entire post so far, I'm REALLY enjoying IDW's run so far. I kinda lost interest in Sonic as a whole for a few years and this dragged me kicking and screaming back in. =_= I predicted Metal Sonic's involvement in literally the first month and I'm enjoying how it's playing out. (I mean, it's not like it was a hard figure out iojoijoisdjf.) I need issue 11 now. Now time to go change this avatar to newer art that I can hate in a few years.
  6. I use the Gamecube controller. I avoid Wiimote whenever possible.
  7. I still prefer unleashed. Colors strength is platforming, Unleashed is speed. Frankly, I prefer the speed, I love the werehog stages, and while I enjoy Colors, I'm disappointed that it has to resort to being a Mario game in order to feel confident in itself. Regardless, Colors and Unleashed both have aspects that they could borrow from one another to make a better game that achieves both better platforming and still maintains nice speed without becoming too bogged down in one or the other. I also won't lie, the control layout in Colors is a total nightmare.
  8. Who wants to bet Eggman will lol when he finds Dimitri in said box?
  9. Hm... Double posting. Don't like, but whatever. A new update for the universe to gaze upon, yesssssss. Same Artwork, but on DA! Yar
  10. That inking was insane. No, wait Insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane. I have a hard time making such mechanical lines with mechanical pens. I know, that statement contradicts itself, but it's true. lol.
  11. You don't understand, Jax is EVERYWHERE. This statement is practically almost true.
  12. Wow, I ..... WOW! I didn't even remember signing up here/posting here! God. Heh, sorry guys. ^^; I'll try not to be as vanish prone. I tend to have a hard time getting into forums, mentally wise, you know. Anyway, I'll update with some stuff. Hope you don't object to DA links. I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment. Goodbye Forever Rose the Weaver Sonic Eggs page This is "kinda" mature in theme, but I wouldn't say it's anything bad. Mainly a reflection of my thoughts on recent events in Archie Sonic The Iron Queen. Hope you enjoy.
  13. Out of all the gimmicks ever to be in a Sonic game, Speed is by far the best, and the faster he is, the better. Yes.
  14. Hmmmmm This is a toughie. Let me see, first my favorites...... Red Mountain, Wind Valley, Emerald Coast, Speed Highway, City Escape, Radical Highway, Final Rush, Apotos Act 2, Spagonia Act 1, Slag.... Hm.... I guess I'm going to go with Apotos for being the first level since Emerald Coast to absolutely wow me to epic proportions. It rendered me incapable of playing any other 3D game for about 3 weeks because it was just so awesome.
  15. It's simple. Cars are cool. Planes are cool. Plane+Car=OMFG AMAZING. Of course, it would have been nice to have a Sonic Level where you had to find the President's Limo.
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