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  1. rabbids confirmed for today's fighter reveal

  2. nope I wonder if they planned to air so soon before the leak happened. Certainly came very suddenly, but I'm glad for any shorter wait.
  3. Glad these losers are finally gone. Congrats to the new meat on being replacement losers !
  4. I think the most exciting thing about the trailer is that we finally get to hear the entirety of the new rendition of the main theme - RSE's version has always been my favorite, and Ruby being my first makes it very special. The trumpets sound intact, and that couldn't make me happier!
  5. Bonus Day - Why Do You Play Video Games? The most general and pretentious answer for me would be: because they're art! And I love art! You can look at a painting, read a book, watch a movie, listen to music - playing a game just happens to be my favorite way to experience artwork. They meld together visual aspects, animation, narrative, music, then toss in interactivity, and for me that's most enjoyable way to do things. They create these living, breathing worlds, which any other medium can do, but you get to be an active part of it! Look at a game like BioShock; if it were a movie would the twist really have had the same effect without you controlling Jack? Bastion's world could have looked beautiful if it never went further than a painting, but seeing it alive and moving makes it that much cooler. Super Mario Galaxy's soundtrack could totally stand on its own, yet it's that much better to hear alongside the game's visuals as you explore its worlds. It's combining all these art forms in a way that makes them compliment each other so well that makes me love video games so much. And besides... they're fun! And fun things are fun!
  6. Day 30 - Favorite Ending Portal 2! I talked about it in the last 30 days event but I just couldn't not pick it. I love what a tease it constantly is: GLaDOS deletes Caroline, I thought she'd kill me. Door opens to turrets, thought I'd be gunned down. Rise out of the floor into a room packed with turrets, surely it's over. Animal King's turning on, it'll definitely end me. But no! I went with every expectation for a surprise downer ending because it fits so well into the kind of humor Portal thrives on and it just seemed like the only way to go. Instead you're treated with a really nice cutscene and a beautiful song, one of my absolute favorites out of a video game. It's the best possible way I could imagine to end the game on a happier note. Some honorable mentions: BioShock for another happy ending I never saw coming and felt really deserved after the hell Jack and the Little Sisters went through; BioShock Infinite for what a tweest and somehow weaving everything together to finally make sense; Ghost Trick for its twist as well, and for giving us a glimpse at how our good work changed everyone's lives; Majora's Mask for what a reward it was to see all these characters it does so well in making you empathize for finally see a new day; and Super Mario 64 for that delicious-looking cake and the cutest music ever. I like happy endings!
  7. Day 29 - Favorite Overall Cast I've only played two cases and part of the DLC case so far in Dual Destinies, but I'm preemptively awarding favorite cast to Ace Attorney. I couldn't believe how quickly the game had me fall in love with everyone; they're all more adorable than I'd ever have imagined before picking it up. All the banter is endlessly entertaining. I haven't gotten far enough for anything to be particularly emotional, but going by what others have said and my relatively early impressions, I can only imagine I'll be praising the characters even more by that time. Runner up would be the Team Fortress crew, equally endearing even after almost five years of playing the game. That's impressive!
  8. Day 28 - Most Anticipated Game: Clutching Straws Edition I am a dreamer at heart. You can put these amazing concrete games right over the horizon but I'd rather long for the one far out of my reach. Sure, I'm excited to get my hands on OmegaRuby and Smash! But I really don't think there's a game I want in my grasp more than Half-Life 3. The series is one of my favorites ever and Valve games are always high quality, so naturally I'd be anticipating it. What makes it so enticing though is what an abrupt end Half-Life 2 had. You spend all of Episode 2 introducing the Combine Advisors as now being especially relevant, but keep them relatively mysterious, you ramp up the Combine's invasion, bringing in the Hunters and finishing off with this huge assault on one of humanity's last strongholds. Then you throw in this fucking wild revelation that Aperture Science is now involved, Mossman's in danger, Gordon's off to the arctic, and end on the saddest cliffhanger possible. Wow, what a game! I can't wait for more! Here we are, seven years later. Not a decent word on what's going on with it. Yet knowing Valve's dedication to putting out such fantastic games, and knowing Source 2's development is well underway, there's not a reason in the world to be anything but excited for what's to come, as painfully long as it may take.
  9. Day 27 - Favorite Developer Last time around I went with Valve, and I'm tempted to choose them again because they're undoubtedly an incredible company with a lot of talent and some really smart ideas about business. But as Jez discussed, they've been so painfully tight lipped about everything and it's made it hard to appreciate them lately. So I'm going with good ol' Nintendo. Nintendo's franchises are some of the best, or at least certainly closest to my heart, enough so that I'm willing to shell out money for their consoles despite essentially anything else I want to play being available on PC. The way they've treated, well, just about all of them except Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon as of late hasn't been ideal, and I'm not sure how I really feel about what they're doing in terms of business, but the one thing in the recent past that's made me love them so much is their PR. I don't know what happened that made it so suddenly great, but the big guys at Nintendo are always entertaining. Videos like the one for Tomodachi Life or the one with the Reggie robot are unreal in how impressively funny they are. The fact that they're all having such a good time with stuff like this makes them seem really amiable and super adorable and even if their business model is garbage and they never make another game that's not Mario, I'll always love them.
  10. Time to do some catching up: Day 24 - Favorite Controller No doubt the best. The GC controller is so perfectly shaped to fit in your hand that I don't know how any other controller could ever top it in that respect. The buttons are so intuitive that I don't know why four equally sized circles in a diamond is so standard today. That's not bad, and it may be so small of a difference that it seems insignificant but something about it just felt so much better. I nearly have to tie it with the 360 controller though, which comes close to matching it ergonomically and has the bonus of more versatility, but it just doesn't quite feel as great. Day 25 - Least Favorite Character This isn't something that I really have much of an opinion on. Characters that are meant to be hated are fantastic, and characters that are bad tend to not bother me much when all's said and done. I could whine about Samus in Other M but I am so much more than tired of even thinking about that game. I'm pretty much bullshitting this. Fuck spiritomb. Nice design, nothing all too special. Cool backstory! The whole concept behind it is neat. But fuck spiritomb. Whoever decided the method of getting this thing was out of their mind and it makes it even more frustrating of a pokemon to obtain than event legendaries because at least those aren't mandatory for the pokedex. I was so desperate to get this fucker - it was the last pokemon I needed for the pokedex - that I did the entire process by myself and it was the most stupidly arduous thing I've ever had to deal with. Day 26 - Favorite Console Generation And this is even more something that I just don't have any real words to offer for. I'm admittedly not into video games enough to pay attention to much other than Nintendo consoles and PC games my friends introduce me to, so the best I can do here is pretty much "best Nintendo console." I guess with that said I'd go with the DS and whatever generation that's from. The DS has to be Nintendo's best effort to do something different. The Wiimote felt tacked on to some games, even making a few outright worse for it (e.g. Twilight Princess compared to its GC counterpart), the 3DS's 3D is mostly pointless, and the Wii U gamepad has yet to do anything too particularly amazing while also being entirely useless in a number of games, but the DS's touch screen always felt like an excellent addition.
  11. Day 23 - Favorite Song The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker - Staff Credits I posted a last time 30 Days rolled around, and I stick by all of them two years later, but Wind Waker's staff credits have withstood the test of time the best and I'm bumping it up to my number one spot. I don't have any new thoughts on it, but I wanted to have it here in my post as it is my best bet for my favorite song. Instead, I'd like to add some new songs to that list: No, not Elizabeth! The two tracks are equally good but AD stands out more to me due to its emotional impact in the game. The frantic, erratic strings, that gorgeous deep bass, it's absolutely beautiful. It made the most heart-wrenching moment so much of what it was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWunMFukKJ0 A very recent addition; I don't know why I never touched the Ace Attorney series before but it's completely blown me away and music is certainly part of that. I'm very dumb and admittedly bad at figuring out the cases as they're going, so when I do finally get that a-ha moment I'm already pumped. When this music kicks in and I know I just turned the case around, it's a fucking thrill. And of my new additions, my favorite! I've spoken before on how well TWD makes you connect to Lee and care deeply for Clementine - so this scene really hits hard. It's a depressing game overall, so what a reward it is to hear this song. You've done so much, you've come so far, and this is your moment. You hear this and you know: to that girl, you're a hero.
  12. Day 22 - Favorite Art Style Here it is in all its obnoxiously large glory. People talk about Okami looking like a painting (not that I'm speaking poorly of it !), but Bastion is one and for me that's so much cooler. Every environment is so gorgeously drawn, with such excellent use of color and brush strokes to give it a very painterly feeling. The design of the world, so intricate with its detail, feels like it goes hand in hand with the style, they just compliment each other so well and the result is really beautiful. In all honesty I didn't care enough for Bastion's gameplay to keep me playing but, along with the narration and music, the art more than made up for that, and made the game an incredibly worthwhile experience.
  13. Day 21 - Most Memorable Unlockable I hate to say it but deep in my heart I know it's true. Yes I... l-like Sonic... Super Sonic's just fantastic (and of course I do mean in games where he's playable in-level. I just used a picture from Unleashed cause he looks cool..!) Permanent invincibility and super speed are a great reward for gathering the chaos emeralds, which isn't even mandatory so when you actually do it you get a nice sense of "hey! I didn't waste my time!" Certainly in some games permanent invincibility would be no fun, but adding in the ring mechanic helps keep things interesting because even if you're ignoring enemies now you still have to keep track of grabbing more rings. His slipperiness even makes some platforming a little trickier so it never actually feels like the game's turned effortless. Of course none of that really stops bosses from being pushovers, but breezing through them is well deserved. Even in games where he's only "unlockable" in the sense that you have to beat the main story(ies) for the one chance to play as him, I think he's an absolute blast. Powering up to beat the big bad is just exciting! Some honorable mentions: - Pokemon, which doesn't usually impress with its endgame unlockables, does have a few gems. Emerald's Battle Frontier had a great novelty to it and a greater variety of more challenging facilities than later frontiers, so it was super cool to get to. Something about the smaller size of Sinnoh and Johto's Battle Frontiers and the fact they were just kind of there didn't carry the same appeal. Hoenn's was like going to a theme park! It was an exciting moment. - Gold, Silver, and Crystal had by far the coolest unlockable on paper. Congrats on beating the game, here's a whole extra region to explore with a whole other eight badges to collect - it was fucking awesome. In execution, Kanto's pretty barebones but it was still a fun time revisiting it three years later. - More recently, Black and White 2's shiny charm! After so many years of not a single substantial reward for the progressively more massive feat of completing the national pokedex, to finally have something was about the coolest thing Game Freak could do for the series, and they've even carried it over to X and Y! It's probably the most worthwhile reward they could've given, or at least I certainly can't think of a better one. - And lastly, Super Luigi Galaxy was one hell of a sweet unlockable. Who doesn't love Luigi more than Mario, after all? I hadn't spoiled the fact that he was playable so there was a real moment of disbelief before I eagerly jumped back in to play the whole game again with the man in green. Considering he'd never appeared in a 3D Mario it came totally out of left field and I'm elated that it turned out to be a trendsetter.
  14. Day 20 - Favorite Side Character Today's been probably the most difficult day of the event so far. It took me forever to almost decide of Kafei and Anju from Majora's Mask... but in case we have a favorite side quest day on the horizon, I thought I'd save them. I'm not really sure if the Lutece twins are my absolute favorite side characters but I'm drawing a blank on anyone else so I'm sticking to it. They're such a great mix of quirky and odd but incredibly intriguing at the same time. They start off as a really curious pair, popping up all over the place to bother you, always quarreling over something or other. I honestly thought they were just meant to be amusing, not even making the connection that they were the couple in the boat. They seemed like just some strange characters roaming about Columbia. Of course, you eventually catch on as things start to get weirder. Their mystery builds up well late into the game and it was hard to piece together completely, but as you start gathering bits of their story from the voxophones they transform from a charming, cryptic duo into a really fascinating set with a great backstory. Filling in all that with everything else you learn in the last bit of the game (which is mind blowing in its own right anyway) they end up being every bit as interesting as Booker and Elizabeth's story and with their adorable love of science as an added bonus.
  15. Day 19 - Favorite Antagonist I think I mentioned before: No game has made me hate its villain as quickly as Half Life 2. I originally tried the game at a friends house, and the moment I stepped off the train into City 17 and heard that condescending voice I turned to him and my first question was when I would get to fight him because goddamn did he piss me off. I think part of what makes him especially effective as the big bad is Half Life 2's design itself. You walk out of the train station and see the citadel looming there with Dr. Breen inside, and the game then whisks you far off until you come back to the city the long way around in the end. It teases you, it makes Breen feel untouchable, but makes it all the sweeter to storm the citadel to face Breen after everything you've fought through. And even then, as easy as it is to hate him, there's still the fact that everything he did was in what he believed to be humanity's best interest. Tasked with handling Earth's dealings with a super-advanced multidimensional empire, no decision he made could have possibly been an easy one. He may have been selfish in some ways but he truly meant to ensure humanity would survive, and it's almost tragic that that makes him such a despicable person from the player's point of view. He's really excellently written to have me both hate him with a fury but admire, to an extent, his actions at the same time.
  16. Day 18 - Favorite Protagonist This HUGE DORK. Video games or not there's nothing I love more than big stupid dorks and Pit is one of the best. He's got a heart of gold and a charming sense of humor and his loyalty to Palutena is the absolute cutest. His banter's endlessly entertaining and his positive outlook is beyond adorable. I just loved hearing all he had to say throughout Uprising. Coming from a company not exactly known for its talkative protagonists, he's kind of a breath of fresh air on top of being a total cutie. Speaking of dorks, my runner-ups: Luigi, the dork to end them all, and Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice, despite only being two cases into Dual Destinies and it being my first Ace Attorney game. AA is just chock-full of dorks and they're all cute. But Zero has his own games???
  17. Day 17 - Best Combat Once again the choice is obvious. I've played only an incredibly tiny chunk of the beginning of Dark Souls at a friend's house and even with my brief experience with it I know there's no other option for my answer. What I love is how weighty everything feels - not like the effortless hacking and slashing of Zelda, for example. Every swing has weight behind it and you really feel powerful when you attack. And even straight off at the start, each encounter feels satisfying. The first enemies you face aren't just complete sword fodder where you can press two buttons and immediately off them; they feel like actual fights. It makes it even more of an accomplishment taking on stronger opponents. The fact that I have neither a console to play it on or a PC that would run it well is a huge regret because I adore everything I've played through and would love to experience everything else is has to offer. Because I've barely played Dark Souls I feel inclined to include something I'm actually more acquainted with: As if I've not talked enough about Bioshock. I'm not referring to Infinite, which is far too different, nor Burial at Sea, which I've yet to play. But Bioshock, and Bioshock 2 even more, are absolute blasts. The way the enemies act gives you a good ability to plan encounters - you can sneak unnoticed by splicers, big daddies only attack when provoked, big sisters always give that piercing warning screech - and the mix of weapons, ammo types, and plasmids gives every fight a lot of variety. You can initiate a fight by unleashing a swarm of bees to hunt down hidden enemies and electrocute the water they're in, you can catch an enemy grenade and lob it back at them, you can turn someone into a block of ice and shatter them with a wrench. There are so many choices, and it's an especially grand time against daddies and sisters where you can just let loose everything you've got. You have complete control to make every fight unique, keeping combat new and exciting the whole game through. Bioshock 2's addition of plasmids being used at the same time as conventional weapons vastly improved the already fabulous gameplay - and there's really nothing more satisfying than drilling a hole through a splicer's torso. And one more worth mentioning: I don't even know how to explain Dota 2's combat to someone who's never played it and if you have played it you know that unrivaled sense of accomplishment that comes with winning a great teamfight. It makes you feel like a real hero.
  18. Day 16 - Most Tragic Moment The Walking Dead spoilers below. Yes, that means don't open them.
  19. Day 15 - Favorite Moment By far the easiest choice yet. I couldn't imagine choosing anything else. These videos are long and it's hard to not consider all of them, but 10-20 minutes isn't really a moment. They'll do though, because I didn't want videos with whiny nerds talking over them. If you haven't played BioShock out BioShock Infinite and have any intention to, don't watch these and ruin something really spectacular. I'm counting entering the lighthouse to docking the bathysphere as one moment, being introduced to Rapture. So you plane crashes in the middle of the Atlantic. There's this lighthouse that looks beautiful and mysterious in the moonlight, alone and not very trustworthy considering its curious location. But what other choice do you have? It draws you in, slams the door behind you, nothing feels right... and then Somewhere Beyond the Sea starts to float up from the floor below, while Andrew Ryan's enormous bust greets you. It's all very strange but again you have no option but to investigate the music, then to activate the bathysphere. Up to there it's an amazingly well set up intro, but it's what follows that makes this such an incredible moment. Clearing that one ridge, and Rapture coming into view is unforgettable for how gorgeous and enticing it is with its art deco architecture and overwhelming mystique. Ryan's famous speech sets the background for the world you're entering, and Atlus's radio calls establish the nature of what your getting yourself into, strapping you in for what a ride the game is. Yet nothing gives such a taste for the disquieting atmosphere as witnessing a the splicer's gruesome murder and enduring her taunting. You mix an unrivalled sense of wonder with an unnerving touch of fear and a little sprinkling of politics in this few minute segment and perfectly set up the city and the story of Rapture, just waiting to be unraveled. Never has a game so blown me away in such a short time and had me hooked so well. This is almost more of an honorable mention compared to its old counterpart, but Infinite introduces Columbia spectacularly for all this scene had to live up to. Likewise, I'm counting from taking off to waking up after the baptism as the moment you're acquainted with Columbia. The lighthouse sets things up to be very dark and very eeiry, and being strapped into a primitive rocket launching into the air gave the impression that things were only on their way to becoming worse. Then, "Hallelujah;" you emerge from the clouds, and it's strikingly beautiful. Immaculate, even. Religious propaganda aside, it looks like true paradise as you step into the welcome center and take in every stunning detail: the marble architecture, the infinite candles, lighting the still water. That's until you come upon the baptism, where everything is overtaken by a kind of subtle uneasiness compared to Rapture. Everything seems well, and Columbia's citizens happy, making everything all the more suspicious and discovering what's looming ahead that much more enticing. It's not a perfect match to entering Rapture, but it holds its own regardless. Another two honorable mentions I won't go into because surely people who've played the games understand: receiving your very first pokemon, and defeating the pokemon league champion for the first time. There's nothing quite like it.
  20. Day 14 - Favorite Story I've mentioned before that my memory is pretty mediocre - I'll forget just about everything that happened in a game, tv show, whatever. I can't recall a whole lot in detail, but I do remember how I feel about them at least, and Ghost Trick is definitely high up in this category. Since the gameplay is fairly intuitive and creative, it's easy to get sucked right into the story and start wanting to unravel the mysteries it's always throwing at you. The dialogue is funny and the twists are clever; it always pulls out something to amaze you when you don't expect it. I'd wager the big twist at the end blew my mind just about as much as Bioshock Infinite's ending. Also, it has Missile!
  21. Day 13 - Most Disappointing Game I said a deal last time 30 Days of Video Games rolled by, but after two years to simmer, I think it's worth revisiting my thoughts. They certainly haven't improved - if anything my opinion on the game has worsened with time. Without a doubt, it's still my least favorite game and even more the most disappointing game I've ever played. Metroid is, of course, one of the dearest series to my heart. I adore it. Such a sense of isolation, exploration, discovery. Its worlds are both solemn and wondrous. Samus exudes power, intelligence, and strong resolve. The stories are told brilliantly through the environment, and the design and music come together to truly bring every world to life. It is a fantastic bunch of games. Sure, Metroid II is very dated; sure, Hunters is iffy. But the rest of the series far more than makes up for any shortcomings. Then Metroid: Other M came along. It was exciting! It looked super cool! Team Ninja is pretty competent (and I even somewhat appreciate their effort on M:OM) so them doing the game was neat news. And amazing as Prime was, M:OM looked like a real change of pace, and that was ok! That was something to be welcomed! I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Then I did. Then things started crashing down. The controls. The very first question I had to wring through my mind as I first picked up the game. They were garbage. It's a 3D environment not at all suited to movement with a d-pad. The autoaim simplified combat to mashing a button - add the nunchuk and you could've aimed with the remote! Samus's new moves were fun to watch, but executing them felt like little more than a disguised QTE. It never felt like I was doing a whole lot. The horrid characterization starts to creep in early on as well. In Fusion we learned that Samus regards Adam very highly. Samus being the respectable woman she is, you can only assume Adam deserves his reputation. What a surprise to watch as he treats Samus like an incompetent burden to their mission - despite the fact that Samus has worked on numerous occasions with the Galactic Federation military, even leading an entire assault on a planet. Admiral Dane certainly seemed to like her, even assorted employees on his ship seemed to respect her more than Adam was ever shown to do. Why does he let his brother die instead of letting Samus attempt a rescue? Why, with her status as the most revered bounty hunter in the galaxy, does he feel the need to restrict her use of her own weaponry? He doesn't trust her or her judgement at all. There's not a doubt she's more competent than him but he treats her without an ounce of respect and we're expected that somehow this earns him a pedestal from Samus? Not a chance. Samus may not be the most fleshed out character in existence, but for her to hold Adam in high regard goes against any assumption we can make about her. The Ridley scene has been touched upon time and time again. Samus having PTSD is a fantastic idea because she's seen so much; where's it been all this time? Nothing about her reaction made sense. And are we expected to believe that Samus has always had such poorly worded monologues going through her head? The plot was a load of garbage too. Samus has this intense attachment to the baby metroid that she so gladly handed off to some scientists for research not too long before? The Galactic Federation made a piece of their ship holding their most dangerous experiments that can only be self-destructed from the inside? They may have made questionable decisions before but that's a little ridiculous. The deleter? Was the deleter ever actually important? No, not really. Cloning metroids was already covered in Fusion, making Other M feel like a lackluster retread of old ground. Mother Brain being downloaded into a person? I'm not even sure if that's exactly what happened, and I just don't care. I share that notion in regards to everything that happens in this game. I just do not care. It's a series of events that vaguely string together to form nothing worthwhile. To me, most offensive of everything the game did is what it didn't do in terms of simply being a Metroid game. The environments were barren or generic. A number of plant rooms look exactly the same except for their layout. Same with ice. Same with fire. There may have been another area I don't even recall. In Prime, so many places told some story, or had some purpose, or were somehow distinct among each other. And they were incredibly rich designs, with ancient alien architecture, interesting flora. None of that in Other M, though it has more than its share of dull gray corridors. Don't forget a blinking yellow marker on the map to tell you exactly where to go! Because you have all your upgrades the entire time, getting one authorized doesn't even feel like an accomplishment where finding it would, and the concentration move makes it so finding more missiles is virtually pointless to where I never wasted my time backtracking for them. It's entirely devoid of a sense of exploration and the empowerment that comes from making that discovery that'll let you reach the energy tank you saw earlier on, or advance into the next area. Metroid feels rewarding to play the entire time you play it; Other M feels like it's just pushing you along to see more of the plot. There's no atmosphere. There's nothing beyond Samus and the enemy designs that even signifies this is a Metroid game. It was my first new Metroid too! I started the series with Corruption, and I was excited to play a brand new one! And what a disappointment it was. That it was so unbelievably terrible in a series with such a high quality library makes it almost impossible not to have it in the back of your mind whenever thinking about Metroid at all. I drew this for the last 30 Days, and it's still everything I feel about this garbage: What an absolute disaster. Mind you, I'd have plenty more to say if it weren't 6 am too.
  22. Ah fiddlesticks I didn't get around to yesterday's. Being in Europe with a time difference is still screwing with me. Hopefully it's not too late to let it slide, but if not I'm doing it for fun anyway. Day 13 to come later. Day 12 - Fondest Next Gen Experience I grew up playing my mom's old Atari, so I kind of want to go with the GameCube, but as amazing as the jump from the Atari's capabilities was for me, I don't think anything blew my mind like the Wii. I bought it on release day, standing in line outside of Best Buy early in the morning. I'd never played a Zelda game before, so having seen all the hoopla in Nintendo Power about Twilight Princess, I grabbed that with my Wii and headed home all bright eyed. Even my parents were anxious to get it set up and try it. By now, Wii Sports seems lackluster but at the time it was amazing, being our first experience with motion controls. Popping in Zelda was an incredible experience too; even if TP isn't the height of the series, I'd still call it a fantastic game, and for me first taste of The Legend of Zelda, it captivated me. I'd never played games with such an expansive world and it blew me away, even the wagglan that earns it such ire today. In some sort of primitive way it felt like welding Link's sword myself. It doesn't hold up today, but for 11 year old me it was unbelievable what the Wii could do and I believed wholeheartedly that it would only continue to amaze me (which it did, maybe not with the motion controls, but certainly with its games).
  23. Day 11 - Most Frustrating Moment Not corrupted save files. That's depressing, but it's the game's fault. It can't be helped. Nothing like forgetting to save. Pokemon is so precious that I know more than well to ALWAYS SAVE TWICE before I turn off a game, but not all games have that so ingrained in my head. It could be turning off the game without realizing I hadn't saved, or worse, not saving frequently enough and having something screw up somewhere - a power surge, a glitch, whatever it may be. It's one thing to turn on the game and see that, outside your control, it has been ruined. But the guilt weighing down on you as you ask, "Why didn't I just save earlier?" is heavy. So heavy, that for me it's impossible to just jump right back in and redo what's been lost. Having this misfortune always ends with me putting the game to the side for months or years before I work up the motivation to go back to it. It pretty much ruins a game for the time. Dishonorable mention: playing Metroid: Other M for a million reasons I don't want to get into.
  24. I've been really busy so I've missed a lot! I'm putting days 7, 8, and 9 in spoiler tags just to save space; if there are actually spoilers they'll be in a second tag. Day 7 - Least Favorite Level Day 8 - Favorite Ability Special mention to Insect Swarm too. Bees! And my favorite: Copying! Beating an enemy and taking their powers is so fun, and it keeps the Kirby games being an absolute blast even though the difficulty is nonexistent. With Mega Man, the rock-paper-scissors function is super satisfying and provides a good variety of weapons, especially combined with their charged upgrades. There's not so much to say here really; I just have a great time stealing from enemies. Day 9 - Favorite Boss Emperor Ing was just an appetizer. Dark Samus is such a challenge and an absolute joy to fight. The walls of the arena are lined with damaging phazon you have to stay mindful of, and the entire showdown is in the middle of a classic Metroid self destruction - you get only 8 minutes to defeat her and escape. The second phase where you have to absorb her shots heightens the tension a lot if you waste time trying to figure out exactly what to do (which I did). It can be a total heart pounder and it's a really exciting play on the standard escape sequence. Another great challenge, Koloktos had me getting really fucking into the game the first time I faced it. Out of my seat, swinging my sword and wielding my shield like a real hero. Its hits do some good damage, and it plays into my affinity for stealing my opponent's weapons - it's just a blast to fight. (Super Mario 3D Land final boss spoilers) Day 10 - Most Immersive Game Two choices today. One for characters and one for environment. That said, The Walking Dead is of course, the choice for characters. I have such terrible memory that I can't honestly recall too many of the characters unfortunately, but for sure while playing it it's easy to become attached. Ignoring everyone else, even Clementine alone earns the game the distinction. Watching your actions affect her and see how she changes, she feels like a real person growing up in a horrible environment and through her you get a true sense for what the world is like. However, for the most immersive location, Rapture can't be beat. I'm just going to echo Sean: it's so well designed that so many places in it feel like somewhere I've actually been and I can recall with total clarity. It comes totally to life, it's beautifully crafted so that you can really imagine it at its height but the ruins of it speak so much on their own as well.
  25. sound the TRUMPETS

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