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  1. Recently, I did a multi-summon and pulled a STR-type SSJG Goku and 4 TEQ-type Great Saiyamen. STR-type SSJG Goku's Leader Skill and Passive Skill are pretty great. He is a little better and has more Link Skills than AGL-type SSJG Goku.
  2. So long, Erik Peterson. Those Nintendo Direct broadcasts won't be the same without you.

  3. It makes sense that Mephiles doesn't deserve to be a Power-Type character because his attacks are mostly ranged ones, and he's a Speed/Future-Type character. He is really a time-traveler. Speaking about Solaris, it has its new title, "Solaris the Sun God". Well, that's kinda wierd. I like the old title "Solaris, the Flame of Hope" more than the new one.
  4. Is this list based on the money Sega has got from those games' in-app purchases for about a year? I ask this because I don't see Puyo Puyo Touch in the list.
  5. The release of Mighty No.9 has been delayed once again to Spring 2016 because of the large number of platforms and problems with the network modes and matchmaking. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mightyno9/mighty-no-9/posts/1473777
  6. Regular Mewtwo's Burst Attack has it Mega Evolves into regular Mega Mewtwo X.
  7. Pokkén Tournament is going to be released in Europe on March 18th, 2016. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2016/01/pokken_tournament_will_be_picking_fights_in_europe_on_18th_march
  8. The next two sets of Support Pokémon are confirmed: Croagunk & Sylveon Pachirisu & Magikarp
  9. The next playable Pokémon in Pokkén is going to be announced on January 15th, 2016. That Pokémon will have the Japanese character "ラ"(ra) in its name. http://www.serebii.net/news/2016/08-January-2016.shtml
  10. This news makes me think that Charmy is probably in the top tier, just saying.
  11. Sonic Runners Original Soundtrack Vol.2 is available on iTunes Store and Amazon now.
  12. Chao Walker? So, this is what Sega talked about before Ver. 2.0.0 went live. Well, they promised for daily battle rewards within a new buddy, but I didn't see that buddy until Ver. 2.0.1 goes live now.
  13. Did anyone notice this buddy before? It's currently unknown how to get it now.
  14. Two new sets of Support Pokémon have been confirmed: Rotom & Togekiss Dragonite & Victini
  15. Well, I remade my tier list because Rose-Type characters are more useless to be used in Story Mode than Tikal and Hero-Type characters, and Sega & Sonic Team nerfed every item so badly in Ver. 2.0.0, so it's more difficult to collect animals than before even though one animal scores 15.000 points without any animal bonus.
  16. So, I remade my tier list recently. GreninJovan's Sonic Runners Tier List Ver. 2.0.0 Tier 1: Halloween Rouge, Rouge, ---I---: Halloween Shadow, Shadow Tier 2: ESP Silver, Charmy, Espio, Metal Sonic Tier 3: Halloween Omega, Omega, Vector Tier 4: Tails, Tikal, Classic Sonic, Sonic, Knuckles Tier 5: Gothic Amy, Amitie-Style Amy, Amy, Blaze Tier 6: Cream, Silver, Big
  17. Oh, God. That Super Sonic leak was fake. At least, Christmas Sonic, Christmas Tails and Christmas Knuckles will be coming to Sonic Runners this month. Also, Mephiles shall be coming to the game next year. He makes the most sense because of Sonic '06's 10th anniversary.
  18. Why does it seem that we'll be getting Monster Gear event in Sonic Runners? I don't think that it could happen.
  19. The game keeps crashing when I tap "play" on the screen. Does anyone have the crash bug like that?
  20. Microsoft Studios told the Wii U owners to ask Rare for the Wii U version of Rare Replay recently.


    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      By the look of it Microsoft cant spell Nintendo 

    2. Athena Cykes

      Athena Cykes

      Or they were just replying to a tweet that had Ninlendo in it. As is the general way Twitter works.

    3. Blacklightning


      I find it pretty difficult to believe Rare would have the last say in a WiiU port, much as RR consists of Ninty classics.

    4. Marcello


      Not Nintendo, Ninlendo.

    5. Candescence


      Well, it wouldn't be impossible, I guess. Most of the collection prior to 2001 originated on Nintendo consoles, Viva Pinata got a DS game back in 2008, and including Donkey Kong Country + 64 would be a nice bonus as well.

    6. WhoWhatMan


      Wouldn't they have to remove the xbox 360 games, though?

    7. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      I'd take singular retail releases of Kameo, Pinata, Nuts & Bolts, etc on NX (feels too late for Wii U), I JUST WANT RARE ON NINTENDO SYSTEMS AGAIN! :D

  21. Famitsu confirmed the Great Sea Adventure map! http://neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=1152848
  22. Do you think that collecting special eggs is not important?
  23. Sonic Runners has reached 6 million downloads! https://twitter.com/SonicRunners_JP/status/673789137271394305
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