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  1. My laptop came back today after I had to send it in for repair. MISSION: Be active around here.

  2. I have no idea who you are, but you sound like that Batman guy from Arkham City, so Happy Birthday!

  3. Why I went into lurking for so long, I'll never know... It's good to be back!

    1. Voyant


      We should celebrate with copious amounts of liqour and sex.

      Just you and me of course....

    2. Winston


      No Voy, you get plenty of sex. I get this one.

    3. Solkia


      ...Who are you?

    4. Voyant


      New Meat.

      Hahaha just messin' :P

    5. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


      Apparently one of the rulers of Hell. :P

  4. I wanted to be done with Christmas gifts after I turned 18 (even more since I now LOATHE religion in ANY form), but this year my Dad virtually forced my hand. He left earlier that I could wake up, by then I knew what I wanted. At approximately 17:00 (I like 24-hour time, despite being American), I barely beat the clock to tell him my list. Christmas 2010 yielded: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen) [unlisted] Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Widescreen) [unlisted] Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (Widescreen) [unlisted] Classic Sonic red T-Shirt (with long blue sleeves) and beanie [unlisted, was VERY surprised when I unwrapped it!] Kinect Sensor for XBOX 360 (pack-in game: Kinect Adventures!) [i wanted this one the most] Sonic Free Riders [i unwrapped Kinect before I unwrapped this to confirm I got it] Do-it-yourself wooden snowman chair [unlisted] Christmas card with $10 inside Sonic Colors (Wii) [secret gift] Super Mario Galaxy 2 [secret gift] 16 gigabyte flash drive (so I would have memory to play Sonic Free Riders) my tiny 256 megabyte memory unit couldn't have 25 megabytes of free space after the latest update for the console itself] The holidays were nice this year. It was a white Christmas and I was happy to watch the Packers and Bucks win games this month (and I'll continue to do so!).
  5. Just this year I've gotten back into watching sports, but only if a Wisconsin team is playing. Out of the Wisconsin sports teams I watch play, I gravitate towards the Green Bay Packers. If the Packers play first, I usually end up watching football all day. Recently, I also watch the Bucks play, but they've only won once since I started watching them play this season. I support my state's teams any time I can catch their games on TV. YAY, TEAM!!
  6. What's the sound test code to listen to Death Egg Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2? HARD: What's the sound code for the Super Emerald activation sound? The Special Stage is accessed in what episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog? HARD: Name another zone that appears in this episode. JUST PLAIN HARD: Give a line from the original Sonic X left intact in the English dub. What colors are the tiles in the White Super Emerald's Special Stage? HARD: How far does an orange sphere propel you? What happens when ABIS Gravity Dives while you are grinding a rail or air riding? HARD: Why is ABIS hardest to beat by POWER characters? If you buy a "Memory Chip", who are you playing as? HARD: How much does "Scale" cost? JUST PLAIN HARD: "35 x 3 lines" is a text error in what game? What is the object of "Fire! Marksman" and why does it contradict a line Sonic says in Shadow the Hedgehog?
  7. What was unique about the last hit on Eggman's Egg-O-Matic in Sonic Chaos? HARD: What was the Speed Bonus measured in? JUST PLAIN HARD: "Locky P" appears in the credits of what Sonic game? What were the prototype names for Shadow and Rouge? HARD: In the alpha of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Marble Zone plays in what future zone? JUST PLAIN HARD: Three of Rouge's outfits are primarily purple. Name the games they appear in. How many Rings do you win if you get Team Blast-Team Blast-Team Blast in the V.I.P. slot machine with 3 balls in the machine? HARD: How many Rings is a PERFECT BINGO?
  8. First, get yourself a TV so you have an alternate place to play it. You can buy a tiny SDTV for $20 at a rummage sale. It's not the best idea, but at least you can always play the game without suffering through a TV queue.
  9. Azrael

    The Illuminati

    Ever watch the show "Conspiracy Theory"? (Wiki, take with a handful of pepper) I really liked this show. If you don't want to click the link, HAARP can control the weather along with your mind; 9/11 was a false-flag attack; global warming is a moneymaking scheme; you are ALWAYS being watched by Big Brother; the Illuminati are actually the Bildeburg (sp?) Group that plans to reduce Earth's population to 5,000,000;the Army can brainwash you into being a psychic soldier and finally if 2012 is real, only the elite will survive. HAARP: Wow, science is REALLY advanced now! 9/11: This was just a PR scheme? Global Warming: The world is getting hotter, but it will soon freeze over. Big Brother: I have right to my privacy! Global Death Plot: Bring it on! The clock's ticking to That Fateful Day... Manchurian Candidate: Hypnotism can turn you into a mind slave? 2012: Live every day like it's your last, because soon it WILL.
  10. Why not ask SEGA for permission? I love these comics, they're so funny. Wow, did you pick a day to update!
  11. Anything mentioned on TruTV's "World's Smartest (DUMBEST) Inventions" 1 & 2. I hate advertisements in general and mute them the SECOND they come on.
  12. I love cats, too, but she shouldn't get the death penalty, nor life in prison. The cat is still alive, so her crime isn't animal murder. Be lucky you didn't do this in America, or we'd throw the book at you! Let's see: Premeditation, callous disregard for the cat's life; to me sounds like attempted animal murder in the first degree, which I'm guessing carries a sentence of 2.5 years, with no parole. She also publicized the crime by giving the tape of it to the media? That narcissism makes her look even MORE evil. She's not any Tommy Lynn Sells, but she IS very mean. Level 13 of 22-Callous and Narcissistic.
  13. I'm not sure if these are even lyrics, but in the song for Dry Lagoon, is the singer (Rouge) sighing "Shadow..." after the "Ah-ah-ah..." part? I support Shadouge, so maybe my mind is affected by it. I've misheard a lot of Sonic songs, but it's been so long since I learned the correct lyrics, I don't remember my miscues.
  14. To add more to "Kick the Rock!": Yeah, Rouge, she's sexy and smooth. (Uh!) I'm feelin' her in mysterious ways... How did the ESRB miss "You're DAMN right, Knuckles." in "Deeper"? It couldn't have been intuition that drove Rouge to hide in a tree at Chris' school. Of course, in Sonic X, Rouge is the epitome of sexuality. There's also Amy's various panty shots (Cream has some, too) and Shadow's perk of being shorter than Rouge (and touching her in the heat of the moment [indirectly, his gloves are still on]). One last bit about Rouge: What did she do with Knuckles in "Memories of the Wind (A New Start)"? Did she tickle-torture him or did they make love [How? Knuckles doesn't have any gentials]?
  15. If I feel heroic, pay the global debt, eliminate poverty and disperse the rest evenly across the world's countries. With total neutrality, use it selfish until I'm murdered by someone jealous of my wealth. The mindset of evil would lead me to destroy the money and point and laugh as chaos drives humanity to extinction. Your blind trust is going to be your undoing if your mercenaries have free will. Greed is one of the most common motives for murder. You can rule life, but you can't rule nature-from global flooding to the detonation of the planet's core, outside forces are unstoppable. There's also inflation, which can whittle the value down to nothing.
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