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  1. Man, I was about to add you to my friends list when I saw the message. XP

  2. About your little poll, none. D:

    Decisive Battle has always rocked my socks. Beast II and EVA-02 are the most powerful pieces though. Appropriate.

    Have fun.


  3. I'm dead over here. I disagreed with the way they treated another user and since this board has these rules and I can't agree with them, I left. I come around to read interesting topics and whatnot, sometimes login to give rep to a very good one (rare), but I don't participate anymore.

    It's a pity, but what of it. People disagree. It's the way of life.

  4. There were many other people and other situations besides the triplets. For example, there's a recurrent Shadow fanboy who is always getting banned. He just was this or the other month. There are other cases as well, but I'm not here to discuss or judge them. If these cases happened, that's because the admins of this forums endorse it, and others either put with it or leave. I did the latter, because I believe in freedom of speech. Carry on though, let's not derail the topic. That was not my intention. I just don't like others speaking on others' backs. That is my only weakness and of course, I had to say something. I apologise for any trouble. I'm off. I like the new banner. Epic with the Dreamcast, eh.
  5. You have a problem with what's posted in the Sega forums, then talk about that there. not here. Talking on other people's backs is the lowest.
  6. Unleashed is a better game. Crysis City is the only worth level of 06. Sure the others have some interesting parts, but they're very boring.
  7. Personally, I prefer blue. The peach ones always were weird to me but like someone notedout that part of him being like the hedgehog face. I don't like the peach skin being... well, skin. I always thought it wasn't. It had fur. Like a hedgehog.
  8. Doesn't hair fall naturally after it starts turning to grey however? If it falls before, then it's genetic, which seems to be Eggman's case. I'd say he's in his 40s. I nice arse pull would him be late 30s.
  9. It was an official wallpaper from Sonic Team. There were at least other two. I've no idea where they were found originally. 1996 was the year of Sonic 3D. There're no wallpapers in the Saturn disc (Jam had it for example) but who knows for the PC disc. If anyone has it, please check it. Maybe they were available on the site? Or promotional work like someone said. (lol)
  10. It's easier to find stuff from Shadow onwards I suppose. There's a lot of things from SA, SA2 or Heroes that doesn't exist in digital format, like badnik artwork (which I've seen in small images over at the GHZ or official guides but nowhere else.
  11. I liked Shadow in SA2. He kind of shined in shome others, I liked Team Dark in Heroes for example. 06 didn't make him annoying BUT he was always scowling and crossing his armss for no reason. It tickedme off a little
  12. It's not horrible. It's just different. And it's good to have different levels that play differently, otherwise it's the same thing for every level and game, what changes is the number and location of pits and spikes.
  13. Maybe you should read what you wrote. Besides (somewhat) the title, there's no indication this was a joke in the first post, which I read in total. It lists all the things I complained about too. If this is a private joke like it seems to be, then fine, go on, just don't expect people to not misinterpret. I wouldn't be the first, unless TSF was private joking as well.
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