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  1. proportions are hard!!also long blaze is looong EXTREEEMEEE MUSTACHE!!!! also i apologize for the dirtiness of the drawings i think i going to vectorize some of them so they would look more clean
  2. they all look awesome i love mina´s angry and laugthing face.
  3. yeah darkoverlord they are ballpoint pen drawings its funny because when i started to draw shadow it was more like a test run to see how it will look he end up lookin kinda cool so i tougth hey! lets see if i can draw Amy,hey!lets see if i can draw knucles,hey! lets see if i can draw tails...when i get to rouge it hit me that i wasnt drawing with a pencil.So let it be a lesson kids always put alarm in your ballpoint pens .
  4. Thanks inferno its good to know that im not that rusty drawing this character ,its been a long time since i drew them so i relly wanted to them to look good,thougth i still shoehorned my proportions on them but its kinda fun to play with the proportions. Anyway i will try to do some more next week to see how they look,also thanks to everyone for take your time to see mi silly drawings.
  5. thanks its good to know they wererent that crapy,also seein that this is the sonic showcase i will kill two birds with one stone and post my drawings of questionable quality weee!!
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