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  1. Hey everyone, Recently finished a Mario & Sonic animation I’ve been working on in my spare time. Let me know what you think Cheers
  2. Just spent 300 RR's trying to get Rouge but nothing... Not even a gold egg.. Tried the tap to stop technique with streamline mode on but that didn't seem to do anything (pin would sometimes stop really quickly, or take a while to stop, in different places). Soo frustrating... I really think I should stop playing this game.
  3. ^^^^ That is pure gold xD Can someone explain how stopping the roulette works? I tried Hogfathers method of hitting the button after one spin on the item but it stops completely elsewhere, sometimes on the opposite side. I've just been testing it on the daily roulette for now so I don't know if that behaves differently to the premium roulette (I also wonder if streamline mode may affect it, but that's probably just me being paranoid about this games weird framerate/stutter issues..)
  4. I know how you feel man. I just spent 600 red rings. I really wanted Rouge but instead I got Blaze, which still feels wrong as I spent a lot of rings leveling up Omega already... It feels wrong spending more rings to lvl up another Power character when their levels are so difficult compared to Speed/Flight.
  5. Read the notices, Nights event started on July 30th 9am UTC, Omega ends on July 31st 9am UTC. So we still have time left (~24 hours after Nights event started if you can't be bothered working out the time conversion).
  6. I believe it was data mined a while back? I could be wrong, but considering Silver was changed to "EASY", anything is possible haha.
  7. Damnn, was hoping I would have Rouge alone in the roulette tomorrow, but I can't complain about Blaze I hope her Sol type is as good as Rouge's score bonus!
  8. You can press the button again to stop it though, right?
  9. This has been happening to me since release. Somedays are better than others. It's really weird. I try to close most background apps/processes, but the doesn't seem to be the problem. I do notice that it lags more after I've revived from watching and ad though. I'm playing on Android though (Nexus 5) so this might be pointless to you anyway.
  10. How do people feel about Omega's Mech type of +200% enemy bonus? It doesn't seem like my score jumps that much when I kill an enemy, but maybe it adds up over a long run? It's goto be better than a +50% distance bonus...right?
  11. I finally got my first character, Omega yesterday, but I'm not sure how good his 200% enemy bonus is. I don't understand the results screen well enough to know what the bonus is contributing to the total score.. Anyone know if hes any good and worth levelling?
  12. Anyone know if the solo boosting method still works since the World Wide release??
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