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    Sonic The Hedgehog, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, [Scrubs], The Simpsons, Family Guy, Looney Tunes, Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, The Three Stooges, Jack Benny, Chocolate, My name is Earl, Eastenders, Father Ted, Adam Sandler movies, Ben Stiller movies, Jim Carrey movies, Super Mario, Frasier, youtube. (Phew!)
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  1. Awesomer

    Guitar Hero Reality Show!

    Oh my god! They have to stop at one time or another this is getting ridiculous!
  2. Awesomer

    Sonic Unleashed going Mobile

    I'm interested in what it'll look like! But at the same time I don't understand why make a version for mobile phones, surely it'll be completely different anyway?
  3. Awesomer


    Its pretty meh to me, maybe because im stuck with the crappy ps2 version with bad controls.
  4. Awesomer

    Game Over

    If they did stop making new Sonic games, of course people would never forget him! He was at one time more popular than Mickey mouse for gods sake! People will do away with the bad games and remember the good times the blue hedgehog gave us. For example, (and I know this is a sitcom), "Friends" ended five years ago but people still talk like its still on tv! Sonic has sold millions of games and has had comics, tv shows, shirts, dvds, books, toys ect. He's a household name pretty much................................................and I doubt SEGA will go out of buisiness soon...
  5. Awesomer

    Sonic's Birthday

    Aw man, I forgot last year! I'll have to celebrate TWICE as much! lol
  6. Awesomer

    The Movie Thread

    I agree completely, and for me the Looney Tunes, ended when Mel Blanc passed away.
  7. Awesomer

    New Mario and Sonic Screens

    I am very slow at catching up sometimes! But these pictures look pretty damn good!
  8. Awesomer

    Nintendo Power Giving out Posters(?)

    ZOMG you don't know how jealous I am! I...must...import...via ebay!
  9. Awesomer

    The Visual Style of Sonic

    Hmm.. I like most of Sonic's designs but a cel-shaded blend of both his classic and post-Adventure styles would be cool!
  10. thanks for the comment, Dr. Niles Crane is awesome! :P

  11. Awesomer

    Things said while playing Sonic games

    When I was younger I randomley started talking like Sonic and Tails when playing the classic games and made up my own storylines like when Sonic and Tails went to Chilli dog mountain! I also used to shout things like Tails: SONIC YOU ASSHOLE!! and Sonic: Tails why are you such a girl?
  12. Awesomer

    Fastest Feeling Sonic Game?

    Definetely the Rush games! The first time I played Rush 1 when I got my DS I could barely keep up with it! It was a great experience!
  13. Awesomer

    What's Your #1 3d Level

    Hmm, this is kinda hard... I might change my mind later but for now im gonna have to say, Emerald Coast from SA1. This stage helps to define Sonic and is for me one of the most memorable. It is also brilliantly designed and has awesome music! (Gaah! I feel like playing it now!)
  14. Awesomer

    Interview with Pete Capella: Voice of Silver

    Hmm, interesting... Anyway he seems like a nice guy
  15. Awesomer

    Sonic Advance 3...

    Advance 3 is definetley overrated imo, and there are far too many bottomless pits which make you lose your temper! XD Plus having two characters at the same time is alot to handle when you make a wrong move, in spite of this I have a great soft spot for Sunset Hill Zone!

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