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  1. Considering he's been around since the start doesn't that mean it wasn't actually supposed to be an exclusively furry/anthro setting?
  2. Right, they expected it to be bad, based on the things that were supposed to convince them it was good. And, I should note, it was bad.
  3. A lot of people expected it to be bad, and bad games should fail.
  4. This isn't some concentrated hatred-drive, this is people having different opinions. There's pretty much always going to be a certain set of fans who are more critical of the games than other people. The Sonic Cycle didn't just come out of nowhere. It wasn't an accurate breakdown of the series' problems, but it was an expression of people realizing that they weren't happy with how the series was going, and that it wasn't just an occasional misstep but a repeating cycle of disappointment. It also showed that it wasn't just blind hatred to try to attack the series; the start of the cycle is people having hope for the new game. People want to like Sonic, they want to believe that this time will be different, that Sonic Team's learned from their mistakes, but the just end up disappointed again. The characters were hated because people didn't like how they played, they didn't like how they were written, and they didn't like how they took time away from the parts of the series they were interested in. You may disagree with the takes on these characters, but these aren't inherently unreasonable positions to take. Yes, sure, that kind of stuff is childish. But it's not anything unique to Sonic. There are edgelords, provocateurs, and clowns in any fanbase of sufficient size, but if people were actually happy with the series, they'd be practically irrelevant. Watching people shit on '06 is cathartic because we're all frustrated and disappointed in the game; seeing someone take a hammer to a Sonic 2 cartridge would be meaningless because people generally like the game. There are reasons these things happen. They weren't "hated for the sake of it", they're disliked because most of them aren't very good, and all of them are dated to a point that's hard to deal with. The platformers are competing with their "big brothers" on better hardware, and while you can squeeze some fun out of them at times they really don't compare. The others are weird, gimmicky, experimental things, often also struggling with the limitations of the hardware, and they're misses more than hits. Even Tails' Adventure, which I'd say is probably the best of the GG Sonic games, is a slow-paced, muddy-looking, often-confusing game. None of this stuff comes from nowhere. It's not the platonic ideal of constructive criticism, but nobody should expect it to be; public opinion is always going to be a blunt hammer. But it all still points to actual problems with the series that people are struggling to articulate, and isn't just mindless, poisonous hate.
  5. It's not "defamation" to criticize a product. Nobody's going around shitting on Sonic games just to hurt the series or Sega or whoever. They've earned their reputation by putting out a stream of mediocre to terrible games. If they were actually producing worthwhile games, hardly anybody would have reason to complain.
  6. Colors addressed some of the problems the series was dealing with, but it didn't fix all of them, and introduced some of its own. The fans didn't "get rid" of Dimps, the fans have no real control over what companies Sega gets to make Sonic games, and the fact that other developers fall into similar design traps doesn't absolve Dimps of their bad work. And Sonic 4? Sonic 4 is trash. It was, from its inception, meant to be nothing more than a cheap nostalgia grab, which then got pushed as a "true" sequel to the Genesis games, with barely any more effort put in to actually try to raise it to that level. If you want to support games like these, that's your choice. I don't. And I'm not going to be shamed for not pretending to like them, as if that has more of an impact than the actual developers' work on the series.
  7. "Green eyes" was hardly anything more than a meme. The Sonic Cycle and shitty friends complaints, on the other hand, were (admittedly shallow-aiming) criticism of actual, serious issues with the series. Blaming people for making those complaints, rather than blaming the people who actually made bad games, for the state the series is in is ridiculous.
  8. Probably. The only thing I could see them retconning out is Chaos Control, since it's too useful a power to ignore, but there's no sign that they have, and they deliberately brought it back for '06. Aside from that though what "powers" has Sonic not been using? He might not spindash in a particular game or something, but that's just derived from his base abilities of going fast and spinning, two things he's never not done.
  9. Ideally I wouldn't be paying full price for a game I'm only really interested in half of, and that half requires me to play as a character I don't particularly like over one that I do.
  10. Welcome to religion. A thing doesn't have to be real for people to believe it exists. To my recollection '06 never makes clear where "Solaris" (as in, the actual being that splits into Iblis and Mephiles) comes from, if they captured their god or tried to make it from scratch. If it's the latter case then there's no reason that destroying it, even retroactively, would have any effect on their beliefs. If it was a preexisting being that inspired the religion, if it was only destroyed from 10 years ago on rather than wiped out from all time forwards and backwards, again this wouldn't affect the existing religion.
  11. The emeralds having jumped between worlds is the least of the problems with the two worlds setup, considering they can warp space-time and regularly end up in the special zone which is like a weird other dimension in its own right.
  12. I'd go with unification over division, but I don't think you can just cleanly cram everything Sonic's been into one box and expect it to work. I think they should take some time to figure out what Sonic is supposed to be and what it isn't (or can't afford to be) and then take an honest shot at making it happen.
  13. why do they do this to me

    why do they go this far just for a commercial instead of making an actual anime


    1. Diogenes


      (read dungeon meshi it's real good)

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