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  1. The series doesn't need an entirely new robot Sonic, that's just character clutter. If they want a new design, they can just say it's Metal Sonic with some upgrades. Though honestly, if they choose to use him, I'd rather they keep his usual design; a consistent identity is something this series desperately needs.
  2. and there's OoT 100%ed. didn't take as long as I expected (granted I used a guide without hesitation), but still took way longer than it should've and was way less satisfying than it should have been. well, at least now that it's done with, I'll never be tempted to do it again.

    1. Miki



    2. Adamabba


      I used a guide alot during my first OoT playthrough. By the time I was done I thought maybe I shouldn't have done that since it didn't feel fulfilling

  3. since we're all talking zelda...I've been replaying OoT on a whim, and part of me wants to go for 100% completion, but travelling the overworld is just so offputting. it's so big and empty, you move so slowly, and the warp songs come so late and most of them suck for getting anywhere but dungeons anyway. makes me appreciate majora's design even more; the world is only as big as it needs to be and it's densely packed with content, goron link is better for overworld travel than epona ever was, and you get the warp song super early and the warp points cover pretty much every area you'd want to warp to.

    man, i really hope botw doesn't end up becoming a slog to travel around in. the sheer scale of it is impressive, to be sure, but I'm not always going to want to run miles to get where I'm going.

    1. Ferno


      Yeah I like Epona but I'll admit that even after getting that horse I've felt myself thinking "does this horse have like, a super turbo button or something? can i give it some taco bell? will the horse go faster if i give it some taco bell?"

    2. Dejimon11


      It's why i never beat the game. The over world is so boring

    3. Ferno


      I understand the limitations of the N64 days, but I wish the overworld was a little more similar to Link to the Past but in 3D, where the overworld map was a little more densely packed rather than a huge circle/oval with the ranch in the center and everything else along the sides, and that there were more overworld enemies that didn't just randomly pop up (usually just at night too.) 

    4. Josh


      Aonuma has talked about how "pockets of emptiness" arent so bad which has made me a little concerned for travel time. There seem to be warp points everywhere at least

    5. JayRaR


      I can never figure out why I don't rank OoT highly among the Zelda games. I usually think about the bland overworld like you said, easy combat, annoying use of travelling through time, and uninteresting characters as things I don't like. The game has good bosses and good dungeons aside from a few (Jabu Jabu and Water Temple), and a good finale. 

  4. It really isn't. Assuming you're talking about switching it to the Wii U, that happened much earlier in the process; the decision was already made before the reveal trailer. There are enough things to worry about regarding this series already, we don't need people jumping at shadows.
  5. Iizuka is not going to rush in at the last minute and drastically change a game that has already been shown off in both trailers and demos to widespread praise. I shouldn't have to specify that I am discounting the ridiculously implausible.
  6. Mania is pretty straightforward. We know how it's going to play, it's not going to have a complex story or questionable gimmicks attached, and given who's behind it we're all pretty much sure it's going to turn out to be a good game. '17, on the other hand, is all mystery and controversy. We've got a teaser trailer that hints at, but doesn't confirm, some gameplay and story elements we'll be seeing, combined with Sonic Team's inconsistent output over the years. That leaves a lot more room for questions, speculation, and arguments compared to Mania. I don't think a skill system could be used for as radical a change as that, at least not unless the level design and other gameplay mechanics were very genericized/sterilized to account for it. Even then, that likely leads to a game that feels bland and lacks a clear identity. That aside, I think the skill system could've been interesting, but most skills were either minor and boring or costly and limited. You could equip a couple of basic tweaks like better braking, better acceleration, rings taking longer to despawn, etc, or you could pick one (and only one) "interesting" ability like a free elemental shield, a time stop, or Super Sonic, and maybe one of the really cheap minor skills. If they bring the system back in a future game, they really need to find a way to rebalance it to be more fun.
  7. Jitsu wa Watashi wa/The Truth is, I am../My Monster Secret is still very good. Guy who can't keep a secret finds out the girl he's crushing on is a vampire and her dad will pull her out of school if anyone finds out, so he tries his best to keep her secret. He ends up getting involved with other girls with similar secrets, some of whom fall for him. The girls are cute, everyone's dumb (in a good way), and it manages to balance humor and relationship drama well and avoids the trap of always resetting to the status quo. I think a few volumes have been officially released in English by now. Fan translations are well ahead of that, though it'll still be a good few months before they reach the end. Just...don't bother with the anime, though. It wasn't very good.
  8. Because putting a number to it is the easiest way to communicate the details that matter, even if the exact number doesn't. Like, you could call Cream, Tails, and Amy "kids", but if you leave it at that you lose the information about their relative ages. Saying they're 6, 8, and 12 respectively immediately gives you a clearer picture of how they relate to each other, but they could've just as easily been 5, 9, and 11 and have the same effect.
  9. What character in the series doesn't act older than they officially are? We have six year olds fighting robots and helping to save the world and an eight year old that can invent and build whatever the plot needs, whether it's a biplane, a mech, a hoverboard, or a magic gem. Exact ages have never actually mattered; all that has mattered is just relative age between characters, and even then only vaguely.
  10. No one denies that Nintendo's hardware has been weaker than their competitors' and that that causes problems for multiplatform games. But there's still a choice there. It's only "necessary" to make two separate games if they care more about hardware wankery than making a good product. Also I think it's easy to forget, there was also a PS2 version of Unleashed. That was the lower bound they were working with, and likely responsible for the worst of the compromises.
  11. That's a choice, not a necessity. They could have one game across multiple consoles of different strengths so long as they design the game with that in mind.
  12. They needed to downgrade RoL because they were forced to suddenly switch development to the Wii U, and the engine they were using wasn't designed to be used on the Wii U, so they had to hurriedly bash it into functional-enough shape. That's a problem of horrendously bad management, not of the Wii U's lower specs, and that shouldn't be a problem this time, since they've had the Switch version planned since long before the console even had a name.
  13. Even Mania had a good number of people worried/pissed off before '17's trailer showed they were working on something for Modern fans too.
  14. Took a while to think of a character I might actually want to see. And what I came up with is... ...well, even then, I'm not particularly interested in the robot monkey himself. But I think a character that plays the same sort of role could be fun. A scheming little buttmonkey who always gets the short end of the stick. A character desperate to please Eggman as a counterpoint to Orbot and Cubot's more apathetic attitudes, but with enough self-interest to not be just a bootlicker.