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  1. Sounds fine to me. I mean I don't exactly like the voice, but Hestu was always going to be obnoxiously squeaky, and comparing side by side I'd say they're in the same ballpark.
  2. That is the plot of SA2, yes. Though it's less about Shadow's brains and more about the instructions Gerald implanted in him.
  3. It doesn't matter that Shadow isn't some big scary monster, Gerald's plan was to kill off everyone by crashing the ARK into Earth, which is exactly what Shadow spent all of SA2 working towards. The Biolizard was just some last-minute trap to prevent anyone from stopping it.
  4. Gerald's diary in SA2's Last Story ends with him saying: It's not quite as explicit as outright saying "Gerald brainwashed Shadow" but that's about the only interpretation that makes sense. The Japanese script (turn on captions for translation) seems more direct, with him saying he controls Shadow's memories.
  5. Both Adventures have Knuckles looking for shards of the Master Emerald to repair it. Because he's its guardian.
  6. If you've made your main character boring you've fucked up, whether you did it deliberately or not. I mean I'm not saying Sonic needs to be on a constant journey of personal development but at least try to make me give a shit about him. Mario's not a complicated character, he doesn't really change, but he's charming and expressive and they're not afraid to let him stumble and it makes him feel more human. Sonic's trapped between being too "cool" to be human and too lame to actually be cool.
  7. If nothing counts if it's been done better elsewhere there isn't much of anything in Sonic worth praising. And I don't think that framing is any kinder towards SatBK because surely there's no shortage of stories where the hero is the best at everything and never wrong.
  8. Personally I'd say SatBK is in a similar boat of trying but not succeeding, because it tries to portray Sonic as a righteous rebel but nothing he does is ever even questionable; it's good to slay the king because he's an evil fake, it's good to stop and help the kid because it was a secret test anyway, it's good to fight Merlina because her plans involves monsters and bad shit and Sonic is just right.
  9. BotW definitely had some questionable voice acting but I'd probably rank Purah's in the upper half. Maybe a bit awkward in that Champion's Ballad cutscene, but she seems fine here in what little we've seen. Also there's gonna be a Treehouse stream tomorrow showing off more of this game (and Pikmin 3).
  10. A new little trailer, with some familiar faces:
  11. The most 2020 of smash reveals. Seriously this looks like garbage.
  12. smash is bad now

  13. I feel like having some HUD element pointing where you should go is a bit of a sloppy solution. It's one thing if we're talking about some big, nonlinear open world where the environment has to be designed for you going back and forth through it, but if Sonic's sticking to A-to-B platforming, I think it should be possible to design the level to tell you which direction you're meant to be going. I remember there was a little writeup about how Utopia used a bunch of subtle hints to keep the player aimed in the right direction, in spite of how large and open the level was, though I don't remember where to find it. Hit. Always hit. If a move has you give up control to the game, it should perform reliably in your favor. Nobody likes that loop in Radical Train that'll throw you into a pit if you didn't enter from the right place. As for after hitting, I'm in the "bounce forwards" camp. Keep the player moving, ask them to consider the consequences of attacking rather than always putting them in an ideal position. That said I don't think it's a perfect setup; lately I've thought a lot about how poorly it'd work with, say, an item box in a little dead-end nook. Homing attack an item box like that and you'll bounce straight into the back wall, which looks and feels clumsy, and fails at the whole point of the forwards bounce, to keep the flow. Best I've come up with to address that is to allow and encourage a wall jump in that situation to spring you back towards the main path, but then you've got the problem that you're likely jumping back at the camera so you probably don't have a good view of the direction you're moving and the camera might start rotating around to Sonic's back at a speed/direction/timing you don't anticipate...so, maybe not great. Regarding keeping the player's momentum, even with how important Sonic's momentum is to classic-styled gameplay, I think it's ok to break it sometimes. Even in the Genesis games playing a level was never meant to be about a single streak of uninterrupted running, there's all manners of gimmicks to interact with and more platforming-heavy sections that require you to slow down. So I figure the post-HA bounce should probably have a fixed speed. There's already a lot of variables for a player to deal with; having to account for a variable bounce based on the speed you were going before, but not during, the homing attack is a complication that I don't think we need.
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