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  1. Shared cultural knowledge can be useful but it's not necessary to tell a good, effective story. If you don't expect your audience to be familiar with what you're referencing you explain it to them in the story, just as you do for something you've invented from nothing.
  2. Diogenes

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    The fact that almost any action with any measure of speed risks throwing you to your death on all but the earliest levels, primarily.
  3. Diogenes

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    So lemme guess:
  4. I don't have any problem with Japanese elements showing up in the series, but I don't see any need to deliberately pursue them specifically. The series has taken inspiration from a bunch of different parts of the world, and something overtly Japanese is no more and no less valid than any other.
  5. Diogenes

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    Jesus christ are you serious Are you next going to argue that literally stealing from people is good behavior because it serves its purpose of enriching yourself at the expense of other people?
  6. Diogenes

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    Uh, no, that's shit game design, intended to exploit people's assumptions that the games are fair to squeeze more money out of them.
  7. Diogenes

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    How in the fuck is Tetris trial and error gameplay?
  8. Diogenes

    Sonic's Awful Jokes

    Has this even happened since Colors.
  9. Diogenes

    Sonic's Awful Jokes

    Fresh outta good jokes since 1999.
  10. Diogenes

    Sonic's Awful Jokes

    It's fine for the other characters to not go nuts over Sonic's jokes (I feel he tells them mostly for himself anyway) but there's a line to toe; if it turns into the characters just shitting on him, that's not going to make anyone happy.
  11. Diogenes

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    I honestly can't think of a single thing that a Sonic cartoon could do that would really set it apart from and above other cartoons. That's not saying a Sonic cartoon can't be good, and I'm sure we've all enjoyed at least one of his several different animated incarnations, but it's never really done anything that couldn't be found in probably dozens of other cartoons. On the other hand, nothing else out there plays like a good Sonic game. The way Sonic moved and controlled in Sonic 1 was unlike anything else out there, and of the imitators it spawned, none of them managed to truly nail it. Even now, well over a quarter century later, nothing else has stepped up as an alternative. And that's certainly not because the gameplay wasn't good; the Genesis games didn't become classics of the genre, nor was Mania such a highly-rated success, simply because Sonic had a cool design or because of their limited storytelling. There's something unique and compelling about Sonic gameplay, and while it may be hard to get it right, I'd absolutely argue that it's enough to justify its existence, compared to being just another Saturday morning action cartoon.
  12. Diogenes

    What game are you currently playing?

    I picked up Baba is You a couple days ago and I've been having my brain melted ever since. The gist of the game is that it's a block-pushing puzzler where you try to get your character to the goal, but the trick is that most of the blocks you'll be pushing define the objects in the level. This isn't limited to just changing the properties of a few items or certain tiles; everything, from the walls to the seemingly decorative background objects to the player character to empty space itself is defined by word blocks within the level, and thus everything can be redefined into anything as long as you can physically assemble the right phrases. You're essentially manhandling the game's code from the inside as it's running. The puzzles start off simple enough; disassemble [wall][is][stop] so you can walk right through them, assemble [flag][is][win] to turn it into your victory condition, that sort of thing, but as they add more objects, properties, and relationships, and limit the space you have to manipulate them, things can get complex real quick. You've got to abandon your instincts and work your way through the logic available to you no matter how ridiculous it appears; I don't want to spoil much because figuring out what ludicrous bullshit idea actually works is half the fun, but I will say that ...is an entry-level mindfuck, and in later levels I've ended up doing things like There's been times when I've outright cackled when the pieces fell into place and I realized what ridiculous thing I was able to do, and then putting it into practice and reaching the goal after a half hour or more of struggling is immensely satisfying. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for some good brain-twisting puzzles.
  13. I feel like having both roboticization and animal-in-robot badniks is a bit redundant. The former's just a reinterpretation of the latter anyway, and they already explored some of the related themes with Gamma. It's not really well suited to converting actual characters but, well, that's what mind control is for. The options' presumably on the table if they want it, but I guess they just haven't had interest in using it.
  14. Diogenes

    Team Sonic Racing Overdrive (Part 2 Coming Soon)

    Smearing's good though. TSRO looks pretty decent overall but the characters feel stiffer and more forcibly on-model compared to SMA's gleefully bouncy look. Though to be fair that might've been a practical decision to keep them looking consistent with all the CG vehicles or something.
  15. Diogenes

    Team Sonic Racing Overdrive (Part 2 Coming Soon)

    Bit of a shame to see it's based on TSR, which is, uh, definitely not the most interesting thing that Sonic has done (e: I'll gladly take it over a Forces cartoon tho'). Still, first episode was pretty good, visuals seemed a little odd at times but it was fun and I enjoyed seeing Big get some attention.

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