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  1. Mildly, but no worse than average (and arguably better in some ways). It's a series aimed more at boys so it focuses more on what boys want to see: cool tough boys fighting robots and monsters and shit. This ends up with the girls comparatively sidelined, though they still managed to have a fairly diverse bunch of them, while a lesser series may have just had one prominent female character to be The Girl.
  2. Taking a silly colorful animal adventure series and adding a bat girl with huge bouncing breasts did initially come off as kind of crass pandering to horny teens so some of the mockery was justified. But, especially with her design being refined to be less extreme over the next few games, people have largely moved on from it and accepted her place in the series. I mean the thread you cite is from a decade ago, got mocked and locked pretty much immediately, and seemed to be parodying some other probably-dumb thread so it's hardly something to hold up as proof that this is a big issue in the community. The real problem with Rouge is that they just never really let her be interesting. As soon as Team Dark was formed she was largely locked into being one of Shadow's sidekicks, losing a lot of her independence and moral ambiguity. She's faired better in some continuities than others but it's always felt like they stripped most of the life out of the concept before they even made good use of her.
  3. Realistically it should probably be fur, but it's always read as skin to me. The color is recognizable as a skin tone, it always has smooth edges with no furry tufts, and even in the few cases when they've tried to apply some fur-like texture the peach parts have always been left clean to my recollection (excluding that test render Razule mentioned). I'm not hardcore married to the idea though, if they wanted to say he's fuzzy all over then fine. Though I'm not big on the idea of actually trying to render it as fur; I feel like Sonic characters are abstract enough that they should stick with ambiguous cartoony material rather than realistically rendered fur and skin.
  4. Why can't he be seeking redemption for something he does within the show?
  5. But Starline doesn't. He's still an Eggman fanboy deep down and Belle's a weird new kind of Eggman creation. That's plenty enough justification, at least until we learn more about what he's up to otherwise.
  6. ...because it establishes the world as a nice place worth protecting? I mean, what's the problem with it supposed to be? Sonic's world is a mostly peaceful place. It's not utopian, there's still assholes around causing trouble, but it's far from the kind of dog-eat-dog, kill-or-be-killed world the D6 come from.
  7. I was initially going to give an unequivocal "no, not a chance in hell", but bringing up Prime...well, we don't know quite what it's aiming to be yet, but if it leans in a comedic and self-parodic direction, yeah actually I could see it doing a "shitty knockoff dimension" with Sanic or some similar bootleg-looking design. Though I imagine if it happened it'd just be a quick gag and not given any real focus as a character.
  8. So it'll be brought up as often as Sonic games bring up the fact that there's two worlds.
  9. I mean, it's hardly a new idea for the series.
  10. The whole two worlds thing is dumb, largely pointless, and sloppily handled, but it's not some huge gaping plothole-creator. If Sonic and friends can move between worlds somehow, then so can other people and other things, at various times, for various reasons. Angel Island? Warped from Sonic's world to the human world just in time for SA. The ruins of Mystic Ruins? At some point an echidna civilization got sent from one world to the other. References to humans in Sonic's world's ruins? Some humans went there at some point and were enshrined in legend. Again, dumb, pointless, and sloppy, but not much more than the series' "lore" has ever been.
  11. so i noticed and then quickly looked past Odd Taxi, the anime about a walrus cab driver, when it first started airing

    that was a mistake

    watch Odd Taxi

  12. Looks like it's not a reward for getting 100 rings but a special ring that's worth 100 rings and gives you invincibility. Which...I mean it's not going to hurt anything but feels like kind of an arbitrary addition. IIRC there was a Super Sonic toggle in the options menu in the original, so it's probably just that.
  13. game builder garage has some weird choices and limitations but you can still make some pretty neat stuff with it if you can wrap your head around it


    1. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      You're the second person I've seen praise this game. Ive been thinking about buying it.

    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      What did you do to get the boss fight to work like that?

    3. DanJ86


      @AWild No.1 washed up gamer You can try the demo if you're unsure. I've downloaded the demo but not gotten around to trying it yet. It is a game I'm curious about.

    4. Diogenes


      @AWild No.1 washed up gamer given its price, if you're interested i'd say go for it. keep in mind that it's more of a toy than a serious game building engine though; good for learning the basics of game programming and fiddling with ideas but it's limitations are...significant.

      @SenEDDtor Missile i mean, i did a bunch of different things to get a bunch of different effects. if there's some specific part you're curious about i can try to sum it up.

  14. It's a bit of a mixed bag. Going all in on Espio being a ninja feels out of place; it suits his natural abilities, sure, but it's such an outlandish theme come completely out of nowhere. Vector isn't all that different between games, still big and tough but ultimately nice and always brings his music with him. Original Charmy just seems like a non-entity to me, new Charmy is arguably better by virtue of actually being something, but if he wasn't a package deal with the other two I don't think there's much to justify him. The detective thing is easy enough to swallow since Espio was apparently a detective back in Knuckles' Chaotix. If they had wanted direct continuity between the two games regarding these characters it would be easy to say they just stuck together after KC, putting their skills together to investigate whatever other strange incidents caught their curiosity. Only thing is that they went so hard on ninja Espio that the actual detectiving has largely fallen to Vector so it doesn't flow entirely naturally. Also it's worth noting that the primary reason for bringing them back probably wasn't because they really wanted a team of detectives, but to be a trio of "Sonic heroes". Bringing back a bunch of existing characters was the goal, so a whole team of new characters wouldn't have served that purpose.
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