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  1. Diogenes

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Wasn't enough for him the first time.
  2. Diogenes

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    She and a rogue Shadow illusion were dating, but he cheated on her with...eh, let's say...Zomom.
  3. Diogenes

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    With his reputation already so low and nobody taking video game movies seriously I doubt it'll have much effect.
  4. Diogenes

    Revive One, Banish Another

    If he was actually fun to play, I think he would've fit perfectly in SA. Part of the point of the game is telling different parts of the story from different perspectives. And having a short story where we see things from the perspective of a relatively ordinary guy who's gotten caught up in events much bigger than himself is an interesting complement to the more traditional big epic heroes vs villains stories.
  5. Diogenes

    Revive One, Banish Another

    Revive Marine, and give us a Blaze spinoff with her as Blaze's sidekick. I'd be interested in seeing more of their world and a different hero/sidekick dynamic. Retire Silver. Ugly design, boring personality, an unearned aura of importance, sketchy gameplay mechanics, and the constant time bullshit associated with him makes him an awkward character to use (not that Blaze isn't, for similar reasons, but Blaze's dimension being independent of Sonic's gives them more flexibility compared to Silver's time being influenced by Sonic's).
  6. Diogenes

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    She's not a cis white straight male because she's not male.
  7. Game starring Modern Sonic, game half starring Modern Sonic (and with references from throughout the series' history, only 1/3 of which are to the classic games), game starring Modern Sonic, and game 1/3 starring Modern Sonic (and only 1/3 being Classic Sonic and it's the weakest, least developed, least relevant third of the game). And one, single, individual classic character in Dash completely invalidates the eleven playable modern characters, yup. Now look, I've got my own complaints about how the series (ab)uses nostalgia and if Sega/Sonic Team can actually commit to maintaining this "classic dimension" respectfully I could probably accept the modern dimension doing its own thing with minimal complaining*. But people are acting like Modern is being completely subsumed by Classic and that's...just not even remotely true. Modern is the one getting the (relatively) big budget 3D games. Modern is the one getting the spinoffs and mobile games. Modern is the one in Smash. Modern is the one with the brand new comic. I'll be pretty surprised if Modern isn't the one getting the movie (if he's recognizable as either, at least). Classic has...one game of his own in the past two decades, a couple of short animations, and some cameos in Modern Sonic's games. And sometimes the Modern games remember that they were supposed to be a continuation of the classic games and not a totally separate thing. And the eagerness some people seem to have for the series to deny its own origins is just bizarre, and I don't think it's healthy for the series. And sometimes it's this weird quasi-denial, where anything from the classic era is "classic pandering", but all that stuff has to still be canon to modern Sonic, but it has to be buried and ignored so like, what's the point? It starts to feel like some people are so caught up in the division that they'd tear up their own side to take shots at the other. I'm not saying all this to take potshots at people who want a more coherent and fully realized "Modern Sonic" (whatever they think that would be). But Classic Sonic shouldn't be the enemy here. Classic Sonic "intruding" on Modern's territory is at most a symptom; Modern Sonic hasn't known what it's supposed to be for a long time; it's been a sci-fi shounen anime, a story-light retro-inspired platformer, an overdramatic Final Fantasy wannabe, a Saturday morning cartoon, and more, even before the return of Classic Sonic and the push for more classic appeal. It's a problem that's only going to be solved by Sonic Team sitting down and doing some serious introspection and finding something coherent to build around, not just by stripping away the decisions that haven't worked. And Classic Sonic (and related elements) deserves better than to be treated like an interloper in his own series, too. *...no promises
  8. Surprised to hear there's word of another animated series so soon. I guess Mania Adventures' success really sent a positive message. Hard to predict which Sonic it'll be about; they might want to stick with what's worked and not risk ruining a good thing, or they might want to harness the talent and goodwill to help the main series. Either way I'm interested in seeing where it goes, though I'm personally hoping they expand on the classic dimension. I'm never going to understand this mindset; we practically only just got classic Sonic back after years of modern only, how can anyone be more sick of the former than the latter?
  9. Diogenes

    How would you fix Null Space in Forces?

    I don't think I'd want the avatar's ruby prototype to be what gets them out of Null Space. They already get their big hero moment with it in the very next level, and I think it works better there; it's a solo avatar stage, and since the prototype will only work for them it can be their "this is something only I can do" moment. Null Space is a tag team stage so it makes more sense to focus on teamwork and the relationship between Sonic and the avatar than "I am special and have a macguffin".
  10. If it was possible for Sonic Team to make a decent-length boost game without some level of padding, I'd imagine they would've done it by now. But Unleashed had the werehog and medal collecting, Colors had shorter gimmick levels and a much weaker boost, Generations had Classic Sonic and extra missions, and Forces had Classic Sonic and the avatar character. Every boost game seems to have been a compromise on some level between the boost's super high speed action and some slower gameplay style and/or recycled level design. It's just too inefficient a style to make an entire game out of with the budget Sonic Team has been working with.
  11. Diogenes

    How would you fix Null Space in Forces?

    First off I'd explain it less like an actual physical space and more like a mental prison; Infinite's thing is supposed to be illusions, not actually warping space. Second, it really does just need more time. It just doesn't work as any kind of threatening situation when you're immediately running towards an exit and you get out in about 15 seconds while basically doing nothing. I'd have Sonic start off alone, and in an open area (which might even be especially jarring given how linear the rest of Forces is). You'd be free to run in any direction but aside from some rings and cubes randomly spawning there'd be nothing, no apparent goal, no sense of progress. Maybe give Sonic some lines where he's cocky at first but starts losing his confidence a bit when he realizes nothing's happening. After, I dunno, 45 seconds or a minute or so he spots the avatar character and they join up, they come up with some reasoning that a double boost might break them out, and they do so. Maybe they start talking about the challenges they've already overcome together and that ends up manifesting stuff in Null Space that leads them towards an exit. Y'know, not being alone fills the void, it is a friendship metaphor, that kind of thing. Also I do like the idea of bursting out of it straight into an action-packed war zone with triumphant music blaring, but considering how different the two halves would be I'm not sure if I'd want it to be all one level. Maybe they could skip the results screen for Null Space and stitch them together like they're one level for the story mode but have them be individual levels on the map screen or something.
  12. Well, I think that depends on what direction they're going for. I think a lot of evil comes from (moral/mental/emotional, not physical) weakness, and a villain doesn't necessarily need a sympathetic twist to be interesting. A "petty, weak, and overall whiny" person can still be dangerous if they have the power to enforce their broken views on others, and the story of how they got that power, what they did with it, and how it all fell apart can still be compelling even if we eventually find him more pathetic than sympathetic.
  13. Diogenes

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    You do realize that Sonic was fast before the boost, right?
  14. Which backstory? Because I don't think his comic backstory really jives with his Episode Shadow backstory, and neither seems to have had any influence on the main game's story. In spite of how mockworthy it ended up being, I think the Episode Shadow/"I'm not weak" angle would have been the most interesting one to pursue. Like Wraith said, it would play pretty naturally with his illusion-based powers being false strength, and his over-the-top edgy bravado would be compensation for his fears and lack of actual strength. Instead of being beaten and just disappearing from the story I can imagine him having a breakdown when he's exposed as a weakling (maybe the Infinite we see throughout the game is purely a projection and when we find his actual body he's more obviously frail, maybe on life support or something), maybe he goes full monster with his powers running wild or maybe Eggman steps in and takes full control once Infinite's outlived his usefulness, there's a few directions they could take it. Regardless, it's not just an issue of his backstory, but his entire character and story would need to be rewritten around...well, any kind of coherent idea, if he was going to actually work. Also not explicitly backstory related but it's a real missed opportunity that they didn't draw any parallels between him and the avatar character. He turned out so much like a cliched edgy fan character apparently by accident; if they had actually been aware of that and willing to play into it they could've tied the game's ideas together more meaningfully. Something like Infinite being the selfish RPer with his god-mode character always twisting things to focus on him, with the player/avatar being more of a team player, contributing to the world without trying to dominate it, I don't know.
  15. Diogenes

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Ah, yes, this is the most reasonable conclusion to draw from a game that is largely about exactly the opposite.

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