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  1. Yeah but they're also continually impactful throughout the game. We see their actions through levels and boss fights, we see their physical and emotional struggles through cutscenes. Nobody's saying a character can't ever need help, but again Amy's got about 4 meaningful scenes and they're a 50-50 split between her doing something useful and her needing to be rescued. Like I'm not going to call Rouge a damsel in distress just because she gets trapped in the vault and Shadow rescues her or because Knuckles caught her when she fell, because she spends the game being a double agent, inserting herself into Eggman's plans to gather info on Project Shadow under the President's orders, while also working on her personal business of trying to steal the Master Emerald. She's got irons in the fire and she's getting shit done, even if it doesn't always go cleanly. On the other hand, the game points out, twice, even, that Amy hasn't really gotten to do all that much, and that she keeps getting left behind while other characters actually drive the story forward.
  2. Maybe not "that" bad...but kinda bad, yeah. When it gets to the point that her obsession with Sonic is used as a reason to beat him into submission, even if it's just sort of a jokey excuse for a boss fight, it starts to feel like a bit much. I'd say SA2 either counts or is pretty close. Yeah she broke Sonic out of jail and triggered Shadow's real memories...but she also had to get saved by Tails twice, the second time in a hostage situation that almost got Sonic killed. And outside of those moments she's basically just being dragged along by the heroes without having anything to do. On paper, but the problem is future games didn't do that great a job of carrying through with it. Yeah she could smash a few robots if she needed to, but her character just kept getting dominated by her crush on Sonic. She needed to have something else going on to feel like a fully realized character. Unfortunately what they've ended up doing is just downplaying her crush without giving her much to make up for it, which has just replaced "annoying" with "bland".
  3. Again, "the Resistance" is done with, it's "the Restoration" now, because they're not about fighting Eggman, they're about rebuilding. And I wouldn't go expecting it to stick around forever either, because I doubt the games will include any of this, and I doubt Sega/Sonic Team is going to let the comic stray too far from their vision of the series. "Some organized group of heroes working against the villain existing for some amount of time" isn't really the same thing as the Freedom Fighters being designed as a fundamental part of the setting.
  4. Because it was still trying to be Archie Sonic. IDW Sonic isn't Archie Sonic, it's just clearing up the mess left by Forces.
  5. The world was already freed from Eggman's control before IDW Sonic started, that's why "the Resistance" morphed into "the Restoration". IDW Sonic just doesn't have the same kind of setting as SatAM or early Archie, with an entrenched dictator necessitating an organized group to fight against him, it's just spun off of the games at a point when they had very briefly broken from the status quo.
  6. Well, yeah, just introduce some outside threat that's dangerous to both him and the rest of the world, like the other times he's been playable/allied with the heroes. Just slap some rocket skates on him and he could be zooming around just like Sonic. Hell, wouldn't even be the first time. Really though they'd be better off making a spinoff focused entirely on Eggman, with gameplay that naturally follows from the kinds of things he usually does, than trying to adapt him into Sonic's style of gameplay. The odds of Sega going for a character-based spinoff like that aren't great these days, but I'd say there's a better chance they'd try it with Eggman than anyone else, unless they were going to take a second shot with Shadow.
  7. Alright I'm done, you're making up things to be mad about.
  8. He literally just left him there, fully aware that he could reactivate or be repaired and pull his shit again, thus the "rematch" remark. Sonic's actions have absolutely nothing to do with thinking Metal is safely shut down or contained; they are the exact opposite. The whole point of Omega when he was introduced is that he wanted revenge on Eggman for abandoning him. If you think he can twist his own programming so much that he can try to be the best Eggman robot by killing Eggman then Metal should be able to twist his to a similar extent. And you do a real disservice to these characters by refusing to see them as actual characters. And Eggman's tried several times as many evil schemes as Metal ever has but Sonic doesn't worry about him getting away. Was actually a fake. Not a real person.
  9. Again, the ending scene. He didn't leave Metal in Team Dark's custody, he just left him laying there, after he had tried to take over the world. He had no problem leaving Metal the chance to pull shit again because he knew he'd beat him again if he did. Sufficiently advanced robots are essentially no different from living people in this series. We've seen Gamma and Omega rebel against Eggman; am I supposed to believe that Metal can't? Erazor's an exception, because he straight up murdered one of Sonic's friends. What other non-monster villains has he felt the need to imprison or kill?
  10. Well there's, y'know. The other time he did it. Sonic's the kind of guy who wants to believe there's good in everyone, and the kind of guy who thinks he'll always win when it counts, and the kind of guy who will have fun smashing up the bad guy's plans. He's almost exactly the opposite of the kind of guy who will take someone out of the equation just on the chance they'll be a problem in the future.
  11. He literally does exactly that in issue 19, and again in issue 23. Exact words from the later: "I've screwed up--a lot".
  12. sonic and shadow accidentally chaos control the ark 50 years into the past, crashing it into itself, killing everyone on both

    1. KHCast


      Just chaos control it into the future. That way they don’t have to deal with  the repercussions now. Leave it to the future generations

    2. Harkofthewaa


      Then Silver comes back into the past like "You're the Ark Trigger! You set off the explosion that ruined my world! For the sake of the future I must destroy you! IT'S NO USE, TAAAAKE THIS!!!".

    3. KHCast


      So send it farther in the future. Problem solved 

    4. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @Diogenes And then cause a time paradox because the ARK crashing into itself can't happen/exist because the future version crashed into itself in the past.

    5. Tarnish


      I love happy endings.

  13. On that subject, I've got mixed feelings. I'd agree that Sonic can't change endlessly, but I don't think an unchanging Sonic is ideal either. It risks ranging into "Sonic is always perfect" territory, if the series repeatedly, unfailingly proves him right. Really the problem is that no story can go on forever and not turn to shit. But a complete commitment to him being unchanging makes the werehog aspect a narrative failure. It would've been easy enough to use it to explore a different side of Sonic, some "darker" aspect of his personality, and have him come to terms with it (to at least some extent) without requiring massive unsustainable changes to him as a character.
  14. I guess this series will just suck forever then.
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