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  1. Diogenes

    In Defence of Infinite

    Yes that, the part where they're fun and likeable.
  2. Diogenes

    In Defence of Infinite

    See now in the right context I'd absolutely love that. That's basically Majora's Mask in a nutshell and I fucking love it there. But MM is fully aware of that, Skull Kid being just a hurt child lashing out with power beyond his control is the whole point, but Infinite is meant to be taken entirely seriously and basically entirely unsympathetically.
  3. Diogenes

    In Defence of Infinite

    Yeah nah I still can't see him as anything other than an embarrassing clown of a character. I'm as tired of villain betrayals as anyone, but Infinite's "loyalty" doesn't actually go anywhere interesting. He and Eggman hardly interact in any meaningful way across the entire game and he never really does anything out of loyalty, he just...doesn't rebel. Infinite's backstory only makes him even more incomprehensible, though. Dude's supposed to be an experienced, accomplished mercenary, but he has a complete breakdown over losing one fight, and then this never comes through at all in the main game? For all people want to rag on the D6, being greedy, power-hungry assholes is a pretty straightforward and comprehensible motive. He was already a mercenary working for Eggman before Shadow kicked his ass. Whether that's enough to call him "evil" is debatable but it wasn't exactly the most dramatic of turns. And if you want to call it the heroes' fault (which is a stretch since it was all Shadow going lone wolf), well, what conclusion is there to draw from that? Don't fight bad guys because they might turn extra-evil? Or if you do, always go for the kill? It's an implication that leads nowhere. Eh. Some of his earlier designs had potential but he just looks like a goth in a dumb mask to me. Problem is that Avatar's Metropolis is the only part of the game where his powers are actually used in any remotely interesting way. Aside from that it's just throwing cubes at people so he can throw spike balls and cannons at them and making copy villains with basically no narrative purpose. It's an interesting ability on paper but the way they use it is a complete waste. Threatening for what reason? Because he acts like a bad anime villain? Because he has a bunch of powers? I don't find Infinite "genuinely threatening", I find him eye-rolling. He's like an even less coherent version of what ShtH tried to do, just piling on as much "dark" and "badass" as possible without a shred of self awareness.
  4. Diogenes

    Leadership and Team Dark

    Let Omega be the leader. There's no problem in the series that couldn't be solved through liberal application of bullets, fire, and explosives, so he is clearly the best choice. Seriously though it should be Rouge. She's the only one level headed and thoughtful enough to be responsible for other people. Shadow's too far up his own ass and Omega just wants to destroy whatever gets in his way.
  5. If they have, it's not because of the cast they chose. And there's been terrible stories with lots of characters, so adding more wouldn't solve anything.
  6. Diogenes

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    A character can't be both the main character and not the main character. If an archetype is defined as being a secondary or supporting character relative to the main character, and you try to make the main character that archetype, then either they're not the main character or they're not that archetype.
  7. ...it's not exactly the perkiest tune but I struggle to see how it can be interpreted as "depressing". I don't know shit about music so I can't really analyze it much, but it feels like a brief buildup to a triumphant flourish, with a bit of Genesis grunginess to it.
  8. Diogenes

    Your Recent Creative Endeavors and Accomplishments

    Well a couple days ago I finally got the motivation to load up Unity again and try to make a game. It's still very early going obviously, but I've managed to get some basic Sonic-like 3D platformer functionality working. The character doesn't phase through objects (usually), they can run and jump properly relative to the camera (mostly), and they can properly orient themselves on walls and...probably ceilings but now that I think of it I haven't actually tested that yet. The plan is to combine my ideas for 3D Sonic gameplay with some grappling hook-like abilities, starring my slime character. I'll be adding slope physics, something similar to the roll to have more control over them (I haven't decided between actually rolling into a ball, going more liquidy and sliding around, or maybe having both), grabbing, swinging from, and reeling yourself in to objects and surfaces, and maybe some kind of pole vault-ish maneuver, kind of like the pole and fork captures in Mario Odyssey, but available anywhere you can grab. I've also had some scattered thoughts about the setting and other characters. I've got a drawing of a rival slime I plan to clean up, ideas about a board game world and its dice-themed king Rolland, and a hub/shop area that's an inn run by gremlins called the Gremmel Inn. It hasn't really congealed into a coherent world yet but I'm more concerned with working out the mechanics and making functional gameplay first; the rest I can worry more about once I've got a game to put it into.
  9. Diogenes

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I mean if you're fine with a couple of chao driving a car I don't see why this is any different.
  10. Diogenes

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Well he does have seniority over her.
  11. Diogenes

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Technically not, it's open enough that they could bring him back if they really wanted to. But considering he turns into glitch dust like his fake villains, the phantom rubies are all gone by the end of the game, the game makes no effort to imply that he's still around, and that he sucked, I'm inclined to believe they have decided he is dead.
  12. Diogenes

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    They could've easily given Eggman the Power role, as he was in the Riders games. I can't imagine the type system had much of an effect on this.
  13. Diogenes

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Lost World implies he's not dead (Eggman says he wants to get another conch and control the Zeti again) and he doesn't suck quite as much. There's real slim pickings for villains in this series regardless so I'm not terribly surprised.

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