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  1. I don't see any indication of Sonic doing a stomp or any other move beyond jumping into enemies, even going frame by frame. Also it seems like really bad design to have a move that brings you to a stop if you hit an enemy but shoots you forward if you don't.
  2. And that's entirely Sonic Team's fault. That they're as dumb as a sack of potatoes isn't going to stop me from arguing for the kind of Sonic games I want.
  3. Yeah, except dumber. In the original, if you're on the top route there's a good chance you'll hit that rock and come to a stop, giving you time to spot the swinging platform and hop on to cross the gap. In Forces, it comes after a booster and a loop with no warning so you're bound to just fly off. In the original, if you're on the lower path (regardless of if you were there originally or if you fell) you either need to build up speed to make it up the ramp (and remember, Sonic 1, so no spindash) or hop to the platform when it's swinging low. In Forces, you just run to the right and hit a spring.
  4. God I hope not. It'd only drag Mania down by association.
  5. Yeah, all the enemies in the game are super minimalist and ugly.
  6. No, no, do not give them any credit for this. This is not good, in any way, shape, or form. This does not show "thought", this shows the complete breakdown of the very concept of platforming.
  7. You know what would also punish you for not jumping in time? Hitting the wall.
  8. it's the springs that kill me, really.

    every time there's a little ledge you're supposed to jump up onto there's a spring to do it for you


    why is this

    who thought this was good design

    1. KHCast


      Cause automated running wasn't enough. We need to take away jumping from the player too

    2. ProfessorZolo


      It makes me wonder how useful a difficulty select option would be? Like, easy would have all these springs and stuff, and normal and up would remove them?

    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Because fast 

      Sonic is the fast game now 

      When you play Sonic, you do some fast

      The more fast you do the better your score 

      Even if you don't fast, you still get the high score

    4. Captain Fun

      Captain Fun

      It ends up looking kinda weird because the spring usually sends Sonic way higher than the ledge. 

    5. OcelotBot


      because we need Sonic Team to hold our hand as we move through the stages XP

    6. Miki


      i think sonic team was sprung

    7. JosepMelloZSM


      The springs. The goddamn springs. Not even a goddamn hack does this stuff

  9. Wow, that's awful. I guess visually it looks better than in the Nintendo Direct trailer, but wooooow that is some worthless gameplay. Hold right, jump sometimes (or not, there's springs everywhere to do the jumps for you, lol what the fuck is platforming), and watch Sonic do a loop or an S-tube once in a while. Sonic Team's learned nothing.
  10. quick q: does anyone seriously not think this series is just going to keep drowning in its own shit until it dies in like 3 years

    1. Nepenthe


      You can't drown in shit if you're not actually in the shit. That's the thing you keep missing.

    2. Jovahexeon Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Joranvexeon

      Nope, I don't think so. And it sure doesn't need a reboot that might potentially unsettle the pot like 06.

    3. Dejimon11


      If I'm to be honest no. I just feel like this series has gone through so much shit that even if God forbid that Mania and Forces are complete disasters they'll never stop making Sonic games. 

    4. Kintor


      @DiogenesBy now you really shouldn't underestimate the Sonic franchise. Sonic 06 didn't stop Sonic and neither did Sonic Boom. Besides, things are actually looking pretty good right now with Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania. So I don't know where you're getting all this doom and gloom from.

    5. Ariel the Blue Wisp

      Ariel the Blue Wisp

      If it survived 06, it can survive pretty much anything really. 

      Unless they make a R-rated Sonic where he murders everyone in sight and then pisses on their corpses or something bizarre like that.

    6. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Dead inside? Yeah

      Dead completely? Nah

    7. Kiah


      I don't see Sonic in this situation so absolutely not. My usual optimism aside, the series has gone through way worse so if it can get past '06, Shadow and not self-destruct after Boom even then I don't see this series going down to oblivion. Especially with Sonic Mania on the horizon and I don't even feel we know enough about Forces to declare it bad let alone throw in the towel. 

    8. Riseodvi


      I think the core Sonic fanbase will keep the franchise just profitable enough to keep going for a while. I don't think it's going to be as big as it once was, but I don't think it's dying any time soon either.

    9. CottonCandy


      Lol what makes you think it'll die in 3 years? To answer your question, Nah. The franchise has been though some shit but I don't think it'll die off. This series is too big of a franchise to be axed like that. 

    10. Zaysho


      Maybe, just maybe, it's not as bad or broken as you think.

    11. Josh


      sonic will PROBABLY be around to sail under the bar for a long time. what form it takes is the question with the mobile rereleases+mania blowing up and the console games feeling like they're getting smaller and smaller

    12. Strong Guy
    13. Gabe


      Sonic during the 2000s might had been able to get by on brand power alone irregardless of quality (though as much as people claim otherwise, critical and fan backlash hit Sonic 2006 hard enough to keep it from hitting one million units), but that's definitely not the case today. Despite being considered better than most of the 3D games that came before it, Colors was the last game to surpass two million units and Generations performed just under that threshold. No Sonic game has been able to pass one million since then.

      Likewise, look at what happened to the glut of non-mobile spinoffs that appeared during the mid-late 2000s, like the Riders racing games, the Storybook series, the Sonic 4 downloadable series, and the original handheld titles--they're almost all gone now. The only one around is Mario and Sonic, and that's arguably due to marketing (Olympics) / contractual reasons rather than actual sales (the Wii version for London 2012 was the last game to clear one million). Even certain non-game stuff like the comic series is now supposedly being put on ice.

      Lest we forget the entire existence of the Boom spinoff was to give Sonic a refresh / a shot in the arm for the West. Yet the TV show (despite being in an awful timeslot with little promotion) was the only success story--the games in particular bombed so hard it was (partially) responsible for SoA (and arguably, later Sega as a whole) being hit with layoffs / undergoing restructuring. If Sega doesn't get their act together with Sonic and they continue to underperform in sales --especially after their recent PR of apologies-- the idea of going Megaman and stopping games outside of smartphone titles/ports/compilations no longer becomes an unthinkable option.

      As for Mania and Forces...I think Mania is guaranteed to be a great return to Genesis form, but unless things are changing behind the scenes, it's strictly going to be downloadable content. No matter how much acclaim it gets, it won't be in the mainstream--it's not going to get physical copies people will see in stores, and it's not getting promotion to the general public (not outside Japan, anyway). Forces will be that "mainstream" Sonic game, but it being Sonic Team's game presents its own problems as a wildcard product--it will either marks the studio getting back on track (if not producing a great game, at least something on par with Colors/Generations), or pulling another misfire (Lost World or worse).

      tl;dr Based on historically declining sales and disappearing spinoffs, I'd advise not to assume Sonic as a game series is bulletproof.

    14. PaulyBFromDa303
    15. Fr0zenanus


      Welp, Diogenes is soapboxing again.

    16. PaulyBFromDa303


      I'm just glad everyone agrees this is BS. I do see where you lost faith. But like, if you hate Sonic so much why are you here? I've noticed a lot of negative posts from this guy. Just saying

    17. Ariel the Blue Wisp

      Ariel the Blue Wisp

      ah ssmb can't live without diogenes, it's something eternal like the sun or sonic having trouble with every game that passes by 

  11. To do them better, so they are instead not awful and hated. And if those things are so twisted and buried under poor decisions and misguided experiments that no one can seem to agree what they actually are...? If we could get a better series out of it I'd accept it with a smile on my face.
  12. You can't tell Shadow's origin story. Not now, not in this continuity, because that already exists, and he's already here.
  13. Yeah but part of the problem is that we shouldn't be in that position, we shouldn't have things related to a character's origins be relegated to "old trash we ignore", those things should be something to build on. A reboot would be an opportunity to revitalize those origins and legitimately grow from there instead of leaving them buried. I'm not even saying "get rid of Shadow", I'm saying "start over and do justice to Shadow". Cut the crap that made him the joke that he is, replace it with something stronger and more coherent.
  14. You don't have to talk to me as if I don't understand that shitty games are bad. And the point of a reboot would be to reintroduce things in a way that makes them better than they are now. That includes things that I don't like. This is not "Dio gets everything he wants and fuck everyone else", this is "take the best parts of the series, ditch the bad parts, and replace them with something better". And I think, if actually done well, that would have a better chance of pleasing more people than continuing on with the clusterfuck we have now. It's not like practically everyone doesn't feel like they're being left out already. Adventure fans complain all the time about how they're not catered to, Modern fans freaked when they saw Mania thinking they wouldn't get a game for themselves and freaked again when Classic Sonic showed up in the Forces teaser, and until Mania all classic fans got were cheap, surface-level throwbacks.
  15. But it wouldn't integrate all those failed ideas and executions into itself by default. People would compare the two, sure, you can't ever wipe the slate completely clean, but people can recognize when a series is trying to make a clean break from its past. Just look at the reactions to Mania, people can see how it's distancing itself from all the crud that's built up in the series and how it's gone back to basics for the better. Nintendo hasn't "solved" this problem because it's never had this problem. No Nintendo series is anywhere near as broken as Sonic has become. And making a bunch of different kinds of games is part of what's ruined Sonic.