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  1. Sonic is fast. Often very fast. Sometimes the level design can apply that speed to different directions, and gimmicks like springs and ramps can launch him wherever the designer pleases, but Sonic's own abilities are very forward-focused and always have been. That's why his level design and objectives have always trended towards linearity, relatively speaking. On the other hand, a good collectathon platformer character should move well in all directions; the genre is designed around exploring areas freely and completing various challenges. That's why most collectathon platformer characters are pretty well rounded in their movement, and why Knuckles was the one doing the treasure hunting rather than Sonic. If you wanted to put Sonic himself in a collectathon you'd have to radically rethink how he moves...which is not something I'm against, but I feel it'd be hard to square the things that make Sonic uniquely fun and interesting with that kind of gameplay. Without radical changes the closest I could imagine is something like ShtH or some of SA2's missions, where you've got (mostly) linear levels that let you warp back to the start if you miss something. That's pretty far from typical collectathon gameplay though, and I wouldn't say it was fun enough in either game to justify making it the focus of a new game.
  2. I don't really play pet sims but if that's true the genre must really be suffering 'cause the chao gardens...they kinda suck huge ass. I wouldn't be against there being some form of garden that you could enter and pet the chao and do some amount of physical interaction, but i just don't think a full pet sim is a good match for Sonic. Even if you reduced the grind it's still a genre designed for patient, laid-back, long-term play, while Sonic gameplay is fast, action-packed, and typically over pretty quick. It's hard to switch gears that radically, and I'd wager most people would rather just rush to the next level than spend 30 minutes petting a baby and shoving various objects into its face. If they want to bring back chao for the hardcore chao raisers they'd be better off doing so in a separate game, where it can be given both the developers' and the players' full focus rather than awkwardly competing with Sonic's gameplay.
  3. Are you shitting me dude You're seriously arguing that actually responding to your posts means I'm in the wrong
  4. It wasn't being singled out. It's a simple fact about the thing that is being discussed. It's one piece among many.
  5. It's irrelevant. SatAM still did it even if AoStH did it first. There was literally no reason to bring it up. The original complaint was that it was "too realistic". That implies degrees of realism, not a binary.
  6. First AoStH made him brown, then SatAM made him brown. It doesn't matter who did it first. He's more realistic than if he was bright purple. It's points on a scale, not a binary "realistic or not".
  7. Colors and Gens' padding is less immediately offputting than the werehog but it's still padding. Both games only really have a couple of full levels, which only last a couple of minutes each. And while most people accepted the 2D sections at the time, that these supposedly 3D games can't even manage to fill half their playtime with actual 3D gameplay has become more and more of a complaint over time.
  8. The focus of character colors in the games isn't specifically unnatural colors but saturated and striking ones. This allows for unnatural colors, but ensures that the aesthetics are relatively consistent regardless of whether an animal is naturally that color or not; actual crocodiles are greenish, but Vector is a brighter and more saturated green than any actual crocodile which keeps him in line with the other characters. With SatAM, you're either Sonic, or you're some kind of muted brown or gray. They even made Tails brown for some reason.
  9. Because the boost gameplay is disgustingly inefficient, requiring huge investments for levels that only take a couple of minutes to complete. To get a full game of reasonable length with it they had no choice but to pad it out with slower, more resource-efficient gameplay and a lot of asset reuse, just as they've done with every boost game since (and arguably every 3D Sonic). ...Colors came before Gens. Anyway something's clearly fucked up with the process of making Sonic games but I'm not going to pretend to know exactly where the problem lies. I think it's easy to point fingers at the names we recognize while problems behind the scenes just keep festering. Something's got to change if they're going to get this series back in order, that's all I know.
  10. Considering even Sonic Team has never actually figured out 3D Sonic gameplay I don't see why experience working with the series is so necessary. Any developer taking on that challenge would need to figure it out on their own anyway.
  11. I really doubt that was just the writers going wild considering how much they've been pushing Classic Sonic as a separate branch of the series. Anyway regarding the Shadow bullshit, nothing about the situation has changed, none of the arguments are going to be any different, so nobody's going to change anyone's mind.
  12. the stability of smm2's online is uh...real fuckin' bad, and hardly any levels are actually designed well for it, but as long as it's not a slideshow...it's actually surprisingly fun

    1. SupahBerry


      That's what stings the absolute most about the pitiful online in general for Nintendo. The actually multiplayer game itself is phenominal more often than not, and entinces you to try it again and again if it were just playing at home with couch play. 

      Alas, said potential for replay value on the happens to be blocked off by seer incompedence and dated actions. Players are turned away and it's only the player's fault half the time. 


      Should it really be worth getting a great, fair and/or joyful experience when you are expected to meet the service's sky-high demands each time??

  13. Sonic Rivals 2, Blue Coast Zone Act 3.
  14. this is canon


    1. Badnik Zero
    2. Teoskaven


      Is it so bad that i could recognize wich Yu-Gi-Oh character each of the cops' VAs have voiced?

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