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  1. That's what I'm saying; Advance Amy would not work in Mania, so you need to adapt her key traits in different ways.
  2. Just to further debunk that "leak", if you compare it to the "racing" in the logo in the teaser you can see some significant differences; the ends of the C are both angled forward instead of in opposite directions and there's a gap between them, and the top left of the N is curved, not sharp.
  3. What would be true to the character, exactly? She doesn't have a defined "classic" moveset and with Mania going with one-button controls and a limited number of moves they couldn't just straight port over her gameplay from the Advances. Giving her a hammer-based instashield and a peelout instead of a spindash seems to hit the two biggest points of her gameplay (having a hammer and her movement being relatively normal compared to the series' superfast buzzsaws) while still being in line with Mania's other characters.
  4. Actually listening to Sonic music in any form is extremely illegal and everyone in this thread is going to jail.
  5. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    The insta-shield doesn't help much with movement, and in Mania, the drop dash replaced it. And the elemental shields are powerups, not inherent abilities, and Sonic shouldn't get screwed out of having a special move of his own just because he doesn't have a shield.
  6. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    Actually, it's like if only Tails could fly and only Knuckles could climb and glide. Seriously Sonic deserves something of his own that helps him get around.
  7. Sonic Mania Adventures (New Mini Cartoon Series)

    I'd say we should blame it on Sonic Team first and foremost. But acting like things were fine until a bunch of classic fans "forced" things to change is a pretty dishonest spinning of the situation.
  8. Sonic Mania Adventures (New Mini Cartoon Series)

    The lore was already shit, the world was never consistent, and this never would have happened if the series hadn't mutated so radically that it barely even resembled what it started as, leaving a whole load of dedicated fans out in the cold.
  9. Sonic Mania Adventures (New Mini Cartoon Series)

    If they were burying Modern Sonic they wouldn't have a whole new comic series coming out focused on him. As much as I've started to wish they'd kill off Modern Sonic, there's no reason to think it's actually going to happen any time soon.
  10. Not really. She wasn't "reduced" to anything; there was no obligation that she appear in the game in any form. It's a bit unfortunate that she's only represented by a quick cameo, but it's the nature of every work that not every character can have a major role. And assuming active hatred from that is, as said, a pretty huge leap.
  11. That's a huge leap to make.
  12. Sonic Mania Adventures (New Mini Cartoon Series)

    Finally, a Sonic "show" to rival the OVA. ...well, maybe. This definitely looks neat, but I'm not sure if it's just going to be a couple fun little adventures or if it's going to add up to something meatier. Regardless it's good to see more Mania-related stuff and I'm sure it'll be fun in whatever form it ends up being.
  13. Well he couldn't even do that in his one playable appearance; all 3 characters played the same in SegaSonic. I do expect he'll be able to glide in Mania, since it's implied by his species, but thus far he's only ever been a straight Sonic clone.
  14. Feels like a bit of a monkey's paw situation. Sure, it's "Sonic R 2"...but if it's a car/kart game, then it's missed the entire point.
  15. If they wanted to bring back old content they could've made Fang and Bean playable, as they're characters with actually interesting skills and personalities, and not just Red Sonic and Yellow Sonic. Or they could've had classic Amy playable in a platformer for the first time. I mean, if they end up selling me on the characters once I actually get my hands on them then fine, cool, but I honestly see no inherent value to the characters, and what should feel like a major expansion to a game I love feels like a quiet fart because of it.

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