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  1. Maybe just try not to make a part of the game that a lot of people will have to groan and force themselves through if they actually want to get to the end. It doesn't have to be all completely sanitized Sonic-only gameplay but when a game goes so far off course that speedy platforming has been replaced with a fishing sim and people still hate it 20 years later maybe it was just a bad idea.
  2. I'd say Big's gameplay is a bigger departure from the rest of SA than special stages usually are from the games they're in (though admittedly there is less of him to grind through). Plus SA is much more story-driven than most games that require finishing special stages to see the end; if you skip Big you're not just missing out on a boss fight and a congratulations screen, you're missing the conclusion that ties all of the stories together and properly resolves the loose ends. You can beat 3&K emeraldless and live without seeing Doomsday Zone, but playing SA and never finding out how they deal with that bigass city-destroying water dragon from the intro is bound to be unsatisfying.
  3. He's allowed to run around naked in public, too, and that's considered a bit of a faux pas for humans. Honestly I just think it's boring to treat Sonic like he's just a funny looking human. He's a hedgehog; an anthropomorphic one, sure, but if you eliminate all distinction between Sonic anthros and humans there hardly seems to be a point in having both. And it's not like he's any less of a funny looking human if he comes from another world rather than from an island somewhere on Earth.
  4. yeah man great great sure just let the boss instakill my entire party with a single unstoppable attack yeah that's some fucking game design huh


    fucking rpgs

    1. Wraith


      The only cursed genre 

  5. Well yeah Chaos can't teleport across dimensions or anything, it can only destroy the one world that it's in.
  6. "Too much Fire Emblem" has been a running complaint at least since Smash 4, though, and Corrin still gets hate for basically being in the same position Byleth is now. Plus the rest of the pass was all surprising third party additions, so Byleth sticks out like a sore thumb. It should've been immediately obvious that this would be divisive, at the least.
  7. Why not put them in the middle, then. Two hype characters at the start to draw in early adopters, two hype characters at the end for a strong finish to pull in the stragglers. Start strong, end strong, if there's got to be a lull, put it in the middle.
  8. I had set my sights low and I'm still disappointed. I haven't cared much for most of the dlc fighters but at least they all brought new series into smash and had their own aesthetic/conceptual styles, but Byleth is just another anime dude from an already overreped series and they're not even doing anything particularly interesting with their moveset.
  9. well that was a fucking waste

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      At least some of the Mii costumes were okay?

    2. Diogenes


      meh. cuphead's ok but doesn't have nearly the impact sans had, and the rest are forgettable

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I thought Altaïr was cool. But that's as much as you can say for any Mii costume. "Oh that's nice", and then it never crosses your mind every again unless you happen to really want to play as a barely animated, off model version of your favourite character with a generic moveset.

  10. oh for fuck's sake nintendo


    fuck off

    1. Diogenes


      how many hundreds, thousands of characters out there and they pick marth #5 (or whatever, i've lost count, who cares)

  11. watch dorohedoro

  12. He's an eccentric genius that they bring in out of desperation, he's not working with standardized military technology, there is no reason his machines have to be boring and generic.
  13. Even if they insisted on making it an origin story, there's any number of ways they could've written him, they weren't locked into this specific interpretation.
  14. Everybody's sick of Green Hill.
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