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  1. Considering most of the cast is friendly and respectful towards Sonic, having Shadow stop being a dick to him would probably be a pretty boring direction for them to develop him in.
  2. No, it's inherent to the idea. Not grinding in the sense of finding one area where you can repeat the same action to gain points, but of focusing on making one number go up through arbitrary means for arbitrary reasons.
  3. I hate it. It takes the emphasis off of platforming and moves it towards grinding for points. Getting high scores works fine as a secondary objective but it is not what I want the focal point of the gameplay to be.
  4. Sonic Forces: The War Of Wasted Opportunities.

    When a game that was actually focused on Chaos didn't even have the time or reason to show all 7 potential forms, I don't think a game where he was only a bit player is that good of a place to elaborate on them. Like, even in the best case he was only ever going to get one fight, so wouldn't it have made more sense to focus on one or more of his memorable forms rather than invent entirely new ones?
  5. Character species choice: Obscure or Well known

    If you want to use less well known species, go for it. Basically no one knew or gave a shit about what an echidna was before Knuckles but we've all come to love him, so it's not as if it's an insurmountable obstacle. That said, I probably wouldn't pick an obscure species just for the sake of being original; pick a species that works for what you want the character to be. To use Knuckles again, he's not an echidna just because it's original; it works because it's another spiky mammal as a counterpart to Sonic being a hedgehog, and being a little-known creature fits well with him being the last of a lost race living on a magic floating island.
  6. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    Stupid or not, it is what it is. But you think we'd need an explanation for Cream? I mean, unless he doesn't. If Classic's a separate continuity his backstory can be whatever they want it to be.
  7. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    Okay, so: Is that not a necessary explanation for them? They don't exist in the Modern dimension, as things are. Thus an explanation is needed. Same goes for Shadow or whoever and the Classic dimension.
  8. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    Where would the Modern dimension version of the Heavies have come from, then? Also Shadow might need some kind of explanation but Cream wouldn't. She basically just showed up out of nowhere anyway.
  9. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    And it failed. Not just because it's poorly programmed, not just because of its ugly art style, but because Modern Sonic isn't Classic Sonic. Or, I could argue that it would be a worse (but not necessarily bad) game because of its aesthetic direction. Or, I could argue that, while it may have been a good game, it is still not a classic-styled game, aesthetically, and thus is not scratching that particular itch. You could argue that it is a "classic game", but it is not a "classic" game. It simply does not have the same identity as the Genesis Sonic games.
  10. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    Nah, there's at least one thing Modern can't do. Modern can't be Classic. And anyway, if they were to actually maintain a separate "Classic" continuity, it would quickly develop its own elements that are separate from the Modern continuity. Mania's already done this with the Heavies. Plus any Modern element worth using could be introduced into the Classic continuity if they really wanted it.
  11. I think if the series as a whole committed to no or very limited dialogue it might work, though it would probably feel a bit odd after so many years of him (and everyone else) talking. But if everybody except Sonic talks, then it's no longer a trait of the game or the series, it's a character trait, and it's not one that fits Sonic's character. He's not the strong silent type, he's not reserved, he's a cocky little shit. In a game where the characters can talk, he's about the last person you'd expect to be silent. Rather than being a reasonable way of presenting the character, it'd feel like a dodge; rather than learning how to write him well, they'd just be writing less of him to try to slip it under the radar.
  12. i'm going to be disappointed when the next zelda doesn't have a motorcycle

    1. Ferno


      im gonna be disappointed if the next zelda has a smaller world

      they've kinda raised their own bar into the stratosphere now

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Next Zelda needs to have a more densely packed world. BotW is incredible and does the desolate world so well. But next time we need something different.

  13. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    I'm officially declaring all enjoyment of the Advance series to be nostalgia, so Sonic Team is barred from ever making another.
  14. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    How about if they keep doing it because it looks good. 3D graphics and hand drawn art aren't inherently "evolution" when it comes to a series' art style. They're part of the technological evolution of games, as hardware became more powerful and thus able to render more detailed and more complicated graphics, but there's no obligation that every series follow that evolution. Pixel art works well for 2D Sonic, and it'd be entirely valid to choose to continue using it.