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  1. Yes, but I didn't spend my time making a video where I stick my favorite character in his place and pretend like I "fixed" it.
  2. I'm not calling out all fan art, but calling something fan art doesn't give it a free pass, and I get a bad vibe from this "replace classic Sonic" fanart. That's literally the point I'm trying to make, and literally the sense I used in the first place. I'm not saying that Shadow is factually a joke, I am saying that, factually, his game caused people to have the opinion that he is a joke.
  3. Who said anything about drawing fanart? I'm talking about the implied spite in covering up a character you don't like with one that you do. If I say, "Shadow is a joke", that's my opinion. But if I think Shadow is a joke, is a fact that I think that Shadow is a joke. It is a fact that I have a particular opinion. "Diogenes thinks Shadow is a joke" is a true statement, not an opinion. Maybe we don't have to go to either extreme. And being fanatically against an aspect of the series is not spreading the kind of positivity that you seem to be advocating.
  4. I don't like Shadow in the first place, but getting upset over one character's inclusion and pasting a picture of your favorite character over them is a weird thing to do and seems indicative of the...more fanatical type of fan, if you catch my drift. That Shadow's game turned him into a joke isn't an opinion, it's a demonstrable fact. Some people may not find the joke funny, but plenty of people have been making it regardless.
  5. I was agreeing with his list for a bit, but past the halfway point a lot of his suggestions started turning into annoyances rather than things that made the game meaningfully harder. Limiting when/where you can save (especially in a game that can be played portably), extra darkness, severely limiting arrow capacity (only 30 normal arrows, seriously? one tough korok target shooting puzzle could run you dry)...things like the food systems and champion powers could definitely use some nerfs, but hard mode shouldn't make the game less fun.
  6. Well, I'd call Unleashed a risk. They had to upend Sonic's gameplay after '06, and they added the werehog because...well, because Sonic Team.
  7. Do they, though? I feel like a big part of it is the series' lack of identity. That doesn't explain poor writing on the small scale, but it's why everything's so scattershot and disconnected on the large scale. There's nothing solid to ground a story in, it's like working from scratch every time but without the authority to determine what the fundamental nature of the work is supposed to be.
  8. Not of ones that survive and don't end up good in the end. Usually it's just some monster that gets killed or some antagonistic animal character that eventually joins up with the heroes.
  9. I don't think that would've felt any better; the Yiga clan's goal is to kill you so just kicking you out doesn't make sense, and getting an instant failure state for being spotted in a stealth section is always annoying anyway. It is an option, though; I've heard of people fighting their way through with multishot bows and bomb or ancient arrows. Obviously it's not easy, but if they're going to allow that as an option, they should've played fair with it instead of making the swordsmen one-shot you here and only here.
  10. I was starting to get annoyed at it because I hate stealth sections, but once I figured out a good strategy, it's trivially easy. Plus you get a shitton of bananas from it, and from bananas you get x3 attack buff food, which is great. I think there's a fair argument to make that the instant-death swordsmen break the game's rules and go against its spirit of letting you do things your own way, but I think it's a pretty minor complaint considering you still technically can fight your way through and you have plenty of freedom in how you choose to sneak past them.
  11. Colors' bosses at least generally get to the point quickly, you don't end up waiting around for an opportunity to hit them. Gens' Egg Dragoon always felt very sloppy to me, a lot of waiting around as the boss fired potshots at you. About the only Sonic bosses I'd play for their own sake are the ones in Rush Adventure though. A few of them aren't so good, but most of them encourage you to play aggressively, letting you get in multiple hits the better you were at controlling Sonic's rebounds. I really don't think there's any equivalence between the two. The Genesis games only locked your horizontal control and only for a fraction of a second, and it's for a clear purpose as you pointed out. It's absolute minimal interference just to help keep you moving smoothly. But in modern 3D games it's full control lockout across whole sequences of springs, it goes beyond just smoothing things out into essentially doing the work for you.
  12. Man I couldn't disagree more, most Sonic bosses are awful, but I'd probably call Colors' above average.
  13. There's a difference between "this object helps you move towards your goal" and "this object moves you towards the goal". Density of gimmicks is also an important factor. Springs in the Genesis games didn't completely lock your controls until you ended up where you were supposed to be and the games didn't constantly fling you into sequences of springs where you just watched Sonic bounce around.
  14. Oh, no doubt there's been tons of it throughout Sonic's 3D games. But I feel like there were occasional moments of Not That in the other games, but they utterly dominate the boost games. e: like it's specifically that I had a moment of "wow, you really don't do shit in these games" that prompted that post.