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  1. It's sloppy and unnecessary but in practical terms it's not that confusing. The classic games probably still happened in the modern continuity so there's no conflict there. You can tell whether it's the human world or animal world based on whether there's human or animal npcs, and if there's neither then it really doesn't matter anyway. And the two worlds theory is basically just Sonic X so Angel Island got teleported to human world at some point I guess. That game's 20 years old at this point so it basically doesn't even matter.
  2. It's possible, but SA already has jungle and desert areas, in the Mystic Ruins jungle and Sand Hill, so it could easily go either way. "Mushroom" is a bit more particular of a theme so I'd probably give that one better than even odds of being based on S&K's Mushroom Hill, though.
  3. Well, yeah, because they want to make money. And let's not get ahead of ourselves with this "fan reactions result in positive change" stuff. For one it wasn't just fans but practically everyone pointing out how awful it looked, and second we haven't seen their attempt at fixing it yet.
  4. Sanky's dying. The series keeps burning through goodwill, and its few successes aren't enough to make up for it. It's only natural that people drift away from the fanbase and fewer new faces join up.
  5. "Ain't our planet, ain't our problem." And I don't think they'd find Rouge or especially Shadow not reporting in to be all that strange. They're a thief and a rogue bioweapon respectively, not exactly standard recruits.
  6. The fact that they fucked up such a classic character design to such an extent that they've delayed the film to try to fix it kinda nullifies all that passion, though. Also, y'know, none of the rest of the trailer looking very good either. Even if we believe there are passionate people putting genuine effort into the movie, that doesn't preclude them still fucking things up. Passion is not synonymous with quality, you can try hard and with good intentions and still fail.
  7. They're in the human world. Which is a thing that exists separately from the animal world, even if none of us like it.
  8. Except, y'know, illusions. Super speed. Dissolution into cubes. The fact that he's not actually a physical being.
  9. Marketing is basically 99% lies and bullshitting.
  10. Sonic isn't actually the anti-Mario, though. The two have more in common than not.
  11. Why does everything always have to be all-or-nothing? Either the resistance is useless or they could've won on their own...is there no room for "they were slowly losing ground in a protracted war but Sonic/the avatar tipped the balance in their favor"?
  12. I think too often people write off the contributions of characters just because they aren't as flashy or narratively impactful or centered in the story's focus as what Sonic does. The resistance in Forces doesn't win the war on their own but they're responsible for or integral to inspiring and supplying the avatar, breaking Sonic out of space jail, and holding back the army of villain copies while the playable characters do their business. They don't just sit around helplessly all game.
  13. In fairness, most of these are confined to the Classic dimension, several of the others are loathed by much of the community, and two of them have turned good, leaving the modern games with, uh...Metal Sonic. And Eggman, of course.
  14. If you don't think Cream fits well in the series she can just stop showing up, instead of having her change into something completely different.
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