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  1. I interpret burning off the virus as more of a metabolism sort of thing; I doubt Sonic dragging someone around would do anything to help them.
  2. By like, a hair. I'm not agreeing that it's some hideous debasement of her character, just that it's one line I'd probably write differently. And if the alternative is never saying anything mean because she's supposed to be the nice one, I'd rather take Free Riders as it is. I just don't think this is fundamentally true. What about her protecting Sonic from Silver in '06? She's not malicious, she's not uncaring, she's just not going to let some dude kill a person she cares about because he thinks he's responsible for something bad, and while you might debate her reasoning, she's ultimately doing the right thing. The worth of a character trait like this is in how it's used. If a "core value" of Amy is being unflinchingly nice to everyone I'd sacrifice the whole damn character because, again, I find that boring. But I'm not saying they should completely do away with important parts of the characters, but that characters being multifaceted, with objectives and goals that ebb and flow and conflict with each other, is what makes them interesting. Amy generally being a nice person but having a blind spot for others when she's focused on Sonic is interesting, it's an opportunity for conflict and tension. Likewise Sonic being heroic but also impulsive and competitive opens up the possibility of him getting caught up in a rivalry when there's bigger things at stake, and that's more interesting than if he always makes the morally and logically correct choice.
  3. That line's likely a bit further than I'd go if I was writing for Amy but it's hardly throwing her to the other end of the spectrum. As I remember it there were times when she was able to do both. Her swooning over Sonic didn't stop her from helping the flicky in SA. But there's nobody for her to help in Free Riders, because it's a silly racing game with no real stakes. If she was just there to be nice and kind she'd be as boring as Cream. I mean, look. I usually prefer my characters to be flawed weirdos and occasionally assholes. I'm obviously not against them being compassionate too but if that's all they've got they'll put me to sleep. "Amy drags two other characters into her whirlwind attempt to impress Sonic and doesn't particularly care about their feelings" is a story I can give a shit about. "Amy is very nice and uhh...there's racing I guess" is not.
  4. It's possible for a character to be compassionate without being boundlessly so. And considering Cream's also on her team, it makes sense for them to not double up on that role. A motivation derived from a previously established trait. Sounds reasonable enough to me. She's pretty intense about it, but it's not like she gets to the point of cornering him and starting a fight to force him to marry her or acting like a robot is their child.
  5. Are we talking purely physical? Knuckles once punched the Super out of Super Sonic, and he took down Super Mecha Sonic. Blaze has her own "super" form and has fought alongside Super Sonic as an equal.
  6. If they're really serious about trying to fix Sonic's design, a delay is the right move. But even with that I figure this'll be a case of too little too late. Sonic's design is the most obviously bad thing we've seen, but the rest of the movie isn't exactly looking great either. I can respect honestly trying to fix things but part of me also wishes they'd just tear off the bandaid and get it over with.
  7. I'm not a fan of SatAM to begin with but that teaser is really not selling me on the idea. The animation's too smooth in some ways and too jerky in others, and the characters squish and distort in unpleasant ways. Even if the plan to up the polish for the actual episodes this isn't enough for me to believe they can pull it off. The poster looks better, but a single static image doesn't say much about how a full animation is going to turn out. And I get that the main goal is to appeal to fans of the original but the teaser doesn't do much to draw in people who aren't still obsessed with this particular 25 year old children's cartoon. ...also wouldn't "3eason" be better than "sea3on"? "Threeson" vs "seathreeon"? I mean it's still pretty bad either way but...
  8. There probably isn't a one-button solution to this, but you could just use the magic wand tool and replace each color. A bit tedious but it'd get the job done.
  9. i'm fuckin rolling

    i got into a minor spat with someone on another board, guy says sonic games should be open world and posts a picture as an example, i say that picture's not open world, just a wider path, he ends up calling me a troll, the usual shit, but then i realize

    it's my fuckin picture. it's one of my shitty old photoshops pointing out how restrictive generations/the boost formula's level design is, from like 7 years ago

    dude has been trying to explain the picture to the guy who made it

    1. Milo


      even assuming that bottom pic of planet wisp was an open world example...it's kind of a boring example to use.

      if you're going to make an argument for how cool an open world sonic game can be, you'd want to use an example where the landscape / environment shown has a fair amount of interesting stuff going on in them:




      that planet wisp screenshot has some uneven terrain and a big cliff up ahead, which is alright, but there isn't much to say about it...

  10. someone teach sonic the spirit bomb so that his friends can Be Useful

    1. DiamondX


      He tried to get to King Kai but he kept falling from the Snake Way because he ran so fast.

  11. It's time for Sonic Team to do the right thing and get rid of every single Sonic character. The next game will just be an empty GHZ, and you can move the camera to look at the different flowers.
  12. On paper, sure. But the problem is that the characters are already running in the negatives for a lot of people, and simply being harmless doesn't cancel that out. I really don't buy the idea that critics/casual fans/whoever else gives a shit about Sonic but isn't part of the hardcore fanbase can't be convinced that other characters are worth it. Some characters may be too poisoned or too poorly made in the first place to be worth the effort, but for most, you just have to actually find a way to make them appealing. Fix their gameplay, fix their writing, get them a decent VA with decent voice direction and you can win most people over eventually. Of course, that's where the real problem starts, because Sonic Team honestly just sucks at Sonic, and they struggle to get anything right anymore. And when you're struggling to keep the series afloat and counter years of debasement of your main characters, you simply don't have the resources to try to fix things that are ultimately optional.
  13. Alright here's the gist of the story for anyone who can't be bothered to track it down: Also (very minor non-story spoilers)
  14. I doubt many people are going to be too down on whoever shows up in Crash Kart because not as many people have preexisting feelings about those characters.
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