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  1. sonic having super speed was the biggest mistake in the series

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      It's also the only thing that makes him interesting compared to other platformer characters.

      I'd say his personality, too, but no one wants him to have one of those anymore, apparently.

    2. Diogenes



      It's also the only thing that makes him interesting compared to other platformer characters.


    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Sonic should've never been a fast hedgehog.

      He should've been a sentient pinball



    4. Strickerx5


      Honestly, I still think it’s the franchise’s biggest trait and should be leaned into more whenever possible. It’s when they start to move away from keeping him moving where my biggest issues with gameplay pop up.

      There should certainly be a balance, but I didn’t really fall in love with the franchise for its pure platforming elements if I’m being 100% honest. The games and levels thrive when the challenge is more about maintaining a great sense of speed. The flow of that process. Not just going through some basic platforming steps, getting him round up, letting him go for a bit, and then slap him right back into a non-speed section.

    5. Diogenes


      i should clarify that i'm not saying speed isn't important to sonic but that the Flash-like super speed he's often shown as having has done more harm than good

    6. Dejimon11


      It's ironic that the series' main selling points is one of it's biggest detriments.

    7. JosepHenry


      And we have really sunk now

      If you want Sonic just to be a ball with physics, play a golf game with a sonic skin

    8. Kuzu


      Ironic isn't it lol.

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