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  1. Not what I actually said. I'm tired of going in circles on this subject so, whatever, I'm out.
  2. Again, my point is not that no characters are ever allowed to die. It's that you should not act like the worst possible outcomes of the villain's actions were ever seriously on the table. Eggman was never actually going to get to laze entire countries off the map in SA2. This isn't the kind of series that would do that kind of massacre. You're not supposed to look at that and seriously consider the staggering loss of life, the enormity of the tragedy, that would occur if it happened in real life; you're supposed to take it as the over-the-top doomed-to-fail supervillain plan that it is. Eggman isn't a horrifying monster, he's a clown.
  3. Literally everybody is going to be back to flesh and blood by the end of this arc. But this is the kind of un-real series that has avoided it, far more often than not. Blow a chunk out of the moon and then immediately forget about it because it doesn't affect anything. "All's well that ends well", as they stand in the flooded ruins of a city.
  4. Right the point is that they stop it before it happens, that's the point of the series, that the heroes win and save everyone (that isn't an evil monster) pretty much all the time. What happens in one continuity does not necessarily apply to other continuities. And my point is not that no character is ever allowed to die in Sonic, but that the realistic outcomes of these kinds of actions do not necessarily apply because this is an un-real series that deliberately avoids those kinds of tragic outcomes.
  5. Implications are one thing, but they never actually lead where they could, because this isn't the kind of series where the villain is going to shoot a 12 year old in the head. Eggman's a bad guy, he does bad things that, in the real world, would lead to people being killed, but he gets stopped before that happens, because this is a series about colorful superpowered funny animals, not a gritty drama.
  6. You're not supposed to overthink it. Take the game's tone at its word, don't assume the existence of bodies that are never seen or referenced in any way.
  7. "Sonic" and "RPG" are about as diametrically opposed as you can get. It'd be hard to find a proper compromise between a series based on speedy action/platforming that's always struggled with its storytelling and a genre typically based on slow, methodical (often even turn-based) strategy and a heavy focus on storytelling, if it's possible at all. I'd be interested in seeing someone try to solve the problem in a creative way, but if it was just going to be standard RPG design with Sonic characters slapped on, I'd pass on it.
  8. Well, the English manual, yeah. But the Japanese manual makes it clear that the emeralds are Eggman's ultimate goal. That's why they exist in the game at all; you collect them to prevent Eggman from doing so, which makes the difference between the good and bad (neutral?) endings. It'd make at least as much sense to use an emerald as the movie's macguffin as it does to invent a bag of warp rings or have people chase Sonic because of his innate powers.
  9. ...they were directly relevant to the plot in the first game, just that they were only explained in the manual, because the game had no dialogue and practically no cutscenes.
  10. I mean on the subject of "pureness"... They literally had a game where Sonic got blasted by so much dark energy that he mutated every night, but there's no actual conflict that comes from it because he's just too pure and nice and strong to be affected otherwise. Nobody's expecting award-winning drama and depth out of these characters but they should at least have enough of a personality that you can tell actual stories about them. Sonic was supposed to have at least a little bit of an edge to him; not "edgy", not morally gray, but not a boy scout either, but that's been sanded down over time and it's made him less interesting.
  11. Literally the only other major arc this comic has done so far ended up being about fighting Metal Sonic, we don't need the same thing twice. And unless they were going to immediately contradict his established character here this wouldn't have ruined Eggman's plans since Metal is fully loyal to him.
  12. Ah right, I forgot because it was kind of dumb and even the comic rushed past it. But yeah that's basically Super Mecha Sonic again, I don't think it's quite the same as a "real" Super form.
  13. Remember that IDW Sonic is basically the game continuity as of Forces; the only time we've seen the ME grant a Super form was Mecha Sonic back in 3&K, which was an unstable form that needed constant recharging, and may not even be considered canon anymore anyway. It might see some use by the end of this but it's (rightly) not going to solve everything on its own.
  14. Is that what worldbuilding means now Just naming places
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