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  1. ...no, it's sexist to make a blanket assumption that all females are physically weaker. In some species the males tend to be larger and stronger. In some species it's the reverse. In others, they're essentially the same. And we're talking about a video game about fictional monsters so nothing about the actual animal kingdom has to apply unless the designers decide it does, anyway. It was a dumb, slapdash decision that was rightfully fixed in later games.
  2. I'm open to a solution that pleases both sides, but I've neither come up with one myself nor heard one suggested that convinces me. Durability's not a trivial mechanic in BotW; any changes to it are bound to have knock-on effects on other mechanics, and the solutions I've seen don't really account for how much else would need to be changed.
  3. Honestly? I hate it. The way the system currently works you can stay out exploring practically indefinitely. If a weapon breaks you just pick another one up off an enemy or from a chest or just laying around somewhere and you go on your way. If weapons stick around in a broken state they'd clog up your inventory until you either throw them out (people won't, or they'd be fine with them disappearing) or take the time to go repair them. And it's not as if any weapon in the game is so rare or precious that you can't just go out and find another one of it anyway; aside from chests everything respawns, so if that flaming greatsword is so important to you you can just go back to the whale skeleton where you found it and pick up another one.
  4. Alternate ways of playing are good, I'm all for accessibility options and the like, but I think there's also times when the player needs to be protected from themself. It's the designers' job to shape the experience of playing the game, and if there's a situation where human psychology will lead players to choose to play in a way that isn't as fun or interesting, they should guard against that. And I think just throwing unbreakable weapons into BotW as is and expecting people to choose whether or not to use them would make it a worse experience for everyone.
  5. You think people wouldn't riot just the same if they did that? They're in an unwinnable situation here.
  6. Personally I think durability worked pretty well, and rather than trying to compromise with a desire for more permanent weapons it should be pushed even harder. I think giving players a permanent, weak weapon would just encourage hoarding even more and lead to a less enjoyable experience; if everything breaks they at least have to confront the mechanic and pick what they want to save and what they want to sacrifice, but if they've got something unbreakable to fall back on they're likely to keep choosing that and save the more powerful breakable weapons for when they "really" need them. At most I'd add maybe a 1 (or even 0?) damage sword just to be sure you always have something to hit switches with or slap an enemy away if you're really in a desperate spot, but even that isn't necessary as long as they keep the bomb rune around. More than that and I think you'd unbalance the system so much you'd be better off finding a way to go without durability at all. Instead I'd try to juice up the feel of breaking weapons, try to make it feel enjoyable rather than like losing an item. Figure out some way to smooth out inventory management so there's less downtime when you break one, increase the damage multiplier on the last hit so it's more enticing to work towards a break, maybe have weapons drop some items when they break so there's a material reward for doing so.
  7. I don't buy the argument that this is TPdorf. A lot of the connections he tries to draw feel pretty spurious. TPdorf wasn't the only one to be killed; WWdorf was as well, or at least that's what I'd assume from him being stabbed in the brain. He points out the forehead gem to try to connect Ganoncorpse to TPdorf, but every iteration of Ganondorf has had a forehead gem, and the design of this one isn't any more like TPdorf's than any other's. He says Ganoncorpse's neck cracking is him fixing the broken neck that Zant inflicted, but I'd expect an ancient corpse springing back to unlife to crackle and pop regardless of what injuries it had sustained in life. It's all very flimsy, especially for the sequel to a game that basically said fuck the timeline and placed itself as far removed from it as possible.
  8. Kinda sucks to have to dump on something I should've been excited to see, but it is what it is.
  9. I mean, yeah, that's the level of initial justification I'm talking about. And yeah, introducing the character to the audience is important, but why they are in this particular place on the planet at this particular point in time doesn't necessarily have to be part of that.
  10. Honestly I don't think it's a problem. With a series that's more grounded in reality, maybe, but Sonic plays pretty loose with this kind of thing. Few characters have any real responsibilities that should prevent them from being wherever's narratively convenient; nobody goes to school, nobody has a real job, money basically doesn't exist. Throw in a quick justification for why they're in that particular place, and as long as they justify their presence through their role in the actual story I don't think it matters much why they first show up. The story you tell with the characters is much more important than the logistics of how they end up in place for it to start.
  11. That's about how the games have always worked, though. Tails crashes his plane right near the hotel Sonic happens to be staying at. Tails and Amy independently decide to break into a military prison to save Sonic, and Knuckles pops out of a sewer right next to them halfway through the game. Tails just happens to be in Apotos while Sonic's running around there, and Amy just happens to be in Spagonia after Sonic's traveled there. It's a bit contrived, sure, but I'm plenty willing to overlook that for the sake of a better story, especially if the alternative is boring, meaningless realism.
  12. I'm sure there's been consequences to various additions that weren't realized for years too. Pokemon is fucking huge, no developers can fully account for every effect of every decision. Aside from the fact that it sucks to not be able to use your favorites it's mostly just a difference in scale.
  13. I mean yeah that's like...game design? Some strategies aren't going to carry over, and sure that sucks if you spent the absurd amount of time it takes to actually train a pokemon up to a competitive level for that certain strategy, but...that can happen anyway. The meta changes each generation anyway; new 'mons, new moves, new gimmicks can all render an old team irrelevant, even if previous games rarely outright prevented their use.
  14. Maybe that...people have actual, long-standing complaints, that deserve to be discussed honestly and not just brushed off with "well it's just starting you can't judge it!"
  15. pokemon's overdue for a reboot anyway

    axe like 2/3 of the fuckers and build a better game with the rest

    1. Strickerx5


      ...or just take your time and deliver the experience your fans expect...

    2. SupahBerry



      It's amazing how Animal Crossing New Horizons delayed itself so it could do just that. Yet GF doesn't get the same clue.

    3. Dejimon11


      @Strickerx5 but if they do that people will complain about how long nintendo takes to develop games and they should hurry up with it.




    4. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      sinnoh is the only region that matters anyway

    5. Wraith


      this doesn't appeal to me please scrap everything everyone likes and start over until it does

    6. Diogenes


      i just wish pokemon could be more than "the cutting edge design of a game boy game from 1996, and you can load a 15 year old digital representation of a fictional animal into it"

      like it's such a cool concept but every time i consider actually trying to play a game it's like, fuck, this is the same exact shit i got tired of two decades ago

      but i guess it's never actually going to change

  16. will smash have stop 'n' swop now

  17. I think that was just a mistranslation anyway. And I mean, shit, it's Ganondorf. He always comes back. Zelda has some decent writing sometimes but it's still very oldschool formulaic "the villain always escapes/comes back".
  18. The only connection Demise has to the Gerudo is through Ganondorf. If they intended this to be Demise, they'd use symbols that are actually related to Demise, like the inverted Triforce or the Imprisoned's scales, not a symbol that only relates to a specific incarnation that is his own separate person. We're probably not going to see any more of Demise unless they decide to do a prequel to Skyward Sword or something. He was only really meant to be an origin for Ganon/dorf (and evil in the series in general, probably), not a character to really dive into detail about.
  19. The best part of the Direct is that Banjo is in Smash. The second best part of the Direct is that Steve is dead.
  20. It's probably Ganondorf, considering he's wearing a bunch of Gerudo symbols. Anyway yeah this looks rad as shit, BotW was incredible and I'm very excited to see where they go with this, both mechanically and storywise. And short hair Zelda is cute, but I hope they do more than "yeah she's in the intro with you, but then she gets captured so go save her lol". Dare I dream that they trimmed her hair so it's easier to animate when she's playable?


  22. well since everyone is doing it i made one of those uhhh prediction card things


  23. Personally I don't consider Tails' Super form to be canon, but setting that aside...let's say it's a reflection of his role as Sonic's sidekick and his desire to be more like him. He puts himself into Sonic's role, mimicking Super Sonic's speed and invincibility and manifesting sidekicks of his own (which, not coincidentally, have the ability to fly and are the type of character that he already helps out). Considering that, a post-SA Tails would likely have a different Super form under this headcanon.
  24. Super forms don't inherently grant super speed and invincibility; what they do is amplify and reify the user's thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, etc. Super Sonic is as he is due to how important Sonic's speed is to him and his belief that he's already essentially unbeatable. Other Super forms are similar in part because the characters share similar traits (Shadow matches Sonic's speed and believes himself to be the ULF, etc), but also because beliefs about how Super forms work are self-reinforcing; seeing Super Sonic plants the idea that they grant super speed and invincibility, going Super acts on that belief and makes it true for them, which further reinforces the belief, etc. If someone completely unlike Sonic, and with no knowledge of other Super forms, managed to attain their Super form, it would manifest as something completely different from the Super forms we've seen. This is also why Super Sonic drowns, but can survive in space; Sonic has a preexisting fear of water and drowning that counters his otherwise boundless confidence, but suffocating in space is too abstract to him so his "invincibility" protects him. And then of course his experiences as Super Sonic reinforce those abilities, or lack thereof.
  25. By making a deal with the devil and meddling with the timeline Silver has been cursed with the Sisyphean task of saving his time from utter ruin while simultaneously dooming it to new tragedies through his interference in the past, resulting in an endless chain of suffering for its inhabitants and continually alienating him from what he once called home.
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