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  1. It's just fan art. If you check the twitter account, it's someone who makes Sonic fan art in much the same style as those pics. And that tweet was posted on March 31, or, given time zones and that their location is set as Japan...April 1.
  2. i don't think i ever go from 0 to blind with rage as fast as when i see people seriously arguing that the guy in the tapestry in botw is ganondorf

    it's basically meaningless so i really shouldn't care but it's just so stupid

    1. Wraith


      (it is ganondorf and they'll explain it in the second game)

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Guy in the tapestry? Like, the three characters in the middle are Link, Zelda and Ganon, right? What am I missing here?

    3. Diogenes



      Guy in the tapestry? Like, the three characters in the middle are Link, Zelda and Ganon, right? What am I missing here?

      some people think the guy on the right is ganondorf because his hair is red (even though actual red is used for ganon and this is just a slightly reddish brown that also doubles as link and zelda's skin color) and his face looks weird (it's clearly based on link's sprite from zelda 1 so the proportions are weird but it's still recognizable), and then they spin off into some ridiculous theory about how he turned good and was the real hero 10k years before botw despite nothing in botw even remotely supporting that. it's complete nonsense and yet it keeps coming up.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Christ all I had to do was type "BotW tapestry" into Google images to accidentallyend up on several pages peddling this exact theory. I don't know what you mean by "clearly based on Link's sprite from Zelda 1", cause I'm not seeing that at all. It's just the weird, swirly patterns of the tapestry. Either way, fan theories tend to be absolute crap upwards of 99% of the time. This one certainly is no exception.

    5. Wraith


      They were clear in depicting Zelda's features but "The hero" seems far more ambiguous. The only good reasoning I've seen for portraying Link with flowing red/brown hair is that it's supposed to represent the Barbarian armor set in game, but the rest of the colors don't really match that.  The thing they remind me the most of is Urbosa's champion armor.

      I don't see the resemblance with any previous sprite Link has had either.

      Meanwhile, Ganondorf is hardly referenced at all in BOTW's backstory but this alleged red haired hero in a cloak is referenced constantly. If they aren't one and the same I'll be shocked. A tragic angle would add another dimension to Ganondorf's character in a similar way that the first game's backstory tried to add a dimension to Zelda.

    6. Diogenes


      it's based on his side view attacking sprite, just with the sword held vertically:


      the head in particular is nearly a perfect match save for not having a hat (because botw link doesn't wear one), but even then the hair gives a similar silhouette. and the hair/skin color i imagine is just because it would blend in with the background if they used a more accurate color; the gold they use for zelda's hair and magic is already hard enough to see, and botw-link-accurate hair and skin colors are even closer.

      plus a section of the tapestry, focused on link and ganon, is used for the splash screen in the wii u version, which wouldn't make sense to use as a representation of the game if it's actually meant to be ganondorf. and age of calamity has character icons done up in a similar (though not identical) style with link's having basically the same facial features just less exaggerated. it's just...very clearly meant to be link. whatever they've got planned for ganondorf it's not "he took up the master sword and fought himself and then went evil again".

    7. Wraith


      maybe link grew a beard then idk


    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Okay, now I see what you mean. That's a neat little Easter Egg/detail/whatever that looks intentional but I'd have never noticed it. Really cool. Anyway, never doubted it was Link to begin with, and now it's doubly clear that it's him. The red hair is stylistic. It's not Ganondorf. 

  3. I mean it's basically just fanboying. They expect everybody else to like Cream as much as they do and blame everybody else for not giving her a chance, not considering that people already have and can legitimately just not like her that much. And it's not like the story's some hit piece against her; she's one of the youngest characters in the series, she was always meant to be cute and innocent and nice, showing that people worry about her getting involved in dangerous adventures but also showing that she can contribute in other ways than fighting is an accurate and overall positive take on the character.
  4. I do agree that they fumbled Shadow pretty hard after SA2 but I feel you can use that same point to argue that it would be good to rewrite the character and cut all that stuff. If the problem is that he was directionless after all the ARK business got tied up, then rewriting him so his origins and motivations are different and aren't going to be so neatly tied up and moved on from, then you no longer have that problem.
  5. It would be too early to introduce Shadow, if they intended his backstory to be the same or similar to the one in the games. But this isn't the games, and as long as they can get Sega's approval things could spiral away from what we know in any number of ways. The end of the first movie teased that Robotnik still had Sonic's quill, and using it to create an evil clone would be a pretty natural payoff. And if they're referencing SA2, not just with GUN existing but seemingly something as minor as the call sign of the helicopter, that could be a sign of where their heads are at when looking for inspiration. Emerald Hill is the first zone in Sonic 2. This is Sonic (the movie) 2. They could introduce the emeralds for all we know but I don't think the town's name is any indication of it.
  6. Unfortunately I don't think it holds together too well. First off, I get that this is a rough pitch and it'd be fleshed out in a full story, but it's hard to buy into this idea of some random little girl with a world-endangering "dark secret" without knowing anything about it or how she came to have it or what. The believability of it could make or break the whole story; if the audience can't buy into it, they're not going to see her as a person and sympathize with her and the moral dilemma of how to handle the situation, they'll see her as a contrivance created by the author to force that dilemma. Second, while I'd agree that Shadow is more likely to solve problems by killing than Sonic and that's a worthwhile angle to explore...it's really hard to buy into the idea that he'd be willing to kill an innocent girl, even for the greater good. Especially given Maria; I just can't buy the idea that it'd take nearly a whole game for him to realize he'd be making about the most direct betrayal of his moral core as is possible. It'd be easier to buy if it was someone or something less obviously "good" or "innocent". Third, this again might just be a matter of this being a rough pitch, but there isn't anything in here about the girl as a character in her own right. This goes back to her coming off as a contrivance; if she's just there to be cute and innocent while other people decide if she will live or die, if she's essentially replaceable with a puppy, then she's not much of an actual character. Fourth, there's just no connection between all this stuff and the fight with Eggman. You'd spend a whole game going back and forth on this moral issue regarding the girl, you finally solve it (somehow), and then...that's it for her role in the story, random Eggman fight, roll credits? I mean I get that there's something of a through line, "are you willing to kill to save the world" and all that...but if they already decided to save both the girl and the world, then the moral question's already been answered, this is just repeating it but in a way that's less compelling. If you really want these points to connect, wouldn't it make far more sense to have the girl be the power source instead? Instead of repeating the same question, it'd be a moment of ramping up the tension; she wouldn't simply be dangerous at some unknown future point, she'd be dangerous now, and they'd need to decide and act now on whether and how to save her. And fifth, the solution to the whole Eggman machine problem, chaos controlling around the explosions to save everyone, just isn't satisfying. There's no meaningful realization, there's no sacrifice, there's no real risk, It's sort of, "turns out we have the power to just win, no moral." Admittedly I don't know what a better solution would be offhand, it would probably require fleshing out the story more to get a sense of what would work both mechanically and thematically.
  7. Oh no, how can society possibly survive when Sexual Harassment Skunk is under attack? There are some actual problems with bad faith "cancelling", harassment, digging up of old issues, what it takes for someone to make things right after they've done something shit, that are worth discussing, but "rapey cartoon skunk is being retired" and "bunny girl has less tiddy" are not serious issues to be concerned with. I mean you want to talk about people looking for reasons to get offended and outraged, just look at the guys who are real mad about the cartoon rabbit in a children's movie not being sexy enough.
  8. Well remember that the OVA was originally two separate episodes; Metal Sonic's not exactly a secret, he's in the very first scene, but otherwise he doesn't appear at all until the second episode. Metal Robotnik lets them have a big fight and give the heroes a win to conclude the first episode. That said it could all be rewritten to be more straightforward; Robotnik imprisons Sara in Robotropolis, "Metal Robotnik" is just Eggman's new mech that he uses to confront the heroes at the end of episode 1, they go to rescue Sara at the start of episode 2 but Sonic gets trapped and scanned to finish Metal Sonic...but I'm not sure if that'd actually be a meaningfully better story than what we got. The OVA is pretty goofy and the whole farce of the Metal Robotnik plan is part of the fun.
  9. I mean I'm certainly not defending the boost here, I've been calling it a dead end for years. But I also don't feel like the Adventure gameplay has all that much to contribute, what it gets right is pretty basic and it mostly looks good in comparison to gameplay that's even more poorly designed. And '06 in particular, an utter disaster of a game, that's gotten more discussion than probably most games of the series, probably doesn't have much to learn from that hasn't already been discussed. Anyone's free to prove me wrong of course, if someone thinks there's something important that's been overlooked they can bring it up, and of course there's been worthwhile lessons learned throughout the years of discussion, but I think real progress in figuring out 3D Sonic is only going to come from looking beyond what 3D Sonic has already tried.
  10. Sure, you could say '06 is closer to Sonic's core than Unleashed. You could also say SA was closer to Sonic's core than '06. So why is boost gameplay considered to have "strayed so far" from the core, while '06 is deserving of a closer look as if it's representative of the core? The boost games aren't some completely different beast, most of their DNA (and most of their problems) can be traced back to the Adventure era. The same overuse of automation, the same homing attack chains, the same stripped-down grinding, the same narrow-path level design, and what's a mach speed section but a prototype for the boost at its boostiest? I'm not saying there's no division to make between them, but it's more of a larger-than-usual evolutionary jump than some singular radical shift away. I don't consider '06 to have any greater claim to the series' core essence just because we can draw a slightly clearer dividing line between it and Unleashed than between, say, SA2 and Heroes or Unleashed and Colors. It's been the same kind of decay and stripping away what works for over 20 years now.
  11. Sonic Team had slowly been stripping the "physics-driven" part out of the series since it entered 3D. Even the best possible '06 would've still been full of automated loops, dash pads, and other scripted sequences because that's what 3D Sonic had always been. Rejecting '06 wasn't rejecting Sonic's core design ethos because '06 (and a lot of 3D Sonic design up to that point) was a rejection of Sonic's core design ethos itself.
  12. what if they put the mother wisp into the colors port

    1. Wraith


      would be nice

    2. Adamabba


      Yea I'd be interested if they incorporated some elements of the DS version into it

    3. Adamabba


      put in the special stage music somewhere

    4. Kuzu


      It's something. 

    5. JezMM


      Only if it still unceremoniously and repetitively goes "DUHHHHH =C" after every hit including even the last one.

    6. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      The 3DS version had some exclusive wisps too. Might as well bring those suckers over too.

  13. sonic colors is

    a pretty cool game


    1. TheOcelot
    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      YOU WHAT

    3. Soniman


      There's not a single cold area in the game 

    4. Wraith
  14. It was near the start, Eggman watches a news report showing him up on the bridge in Radical Highway. It did misidentify him as Sonic so maybe an argument could be made that people wouldn't know him from that...but considering the same report referred to Sonic as a "world renowned hero", implying his adventures are reasonably well known to the general public, Shadow's existence likely wouldn't remain a secret for long anyway.
  15. Personally I think the ULF one works as long as it's not taken too literally (as in, no, Sonic is not Gerald's extra-super-secret Project Shadow creation), since SA2 does bring up the subject. It's not about taking the title from Shadow so much as it is highlighting their similarities and implying there's something significant that they share, which makes sense for the whole doppelganger element. Plus I feel like it's less important that Shadow be the ULF than it is that he was created to be the ULF anyway. I do agree that Sonic isn't(/should not be) an emerald "guardian", but then I also don't feel like "guardian" is the kind of official position that someone could "secretly" be in the first place. I see it as more of a practical description of what the characters do ("there are some powerful magic rocks here, somebody ought to guard them from assholes") than referring to some kind of grand connection between the guardian and whatever rocks they protect.
  16. Not in so many words, but they've apologized more than once for the drop in quality of the games and made significant changes to how Sonic plays.
  17. Eh I feel that's a bit of a stretch, the emeralds aren't exactly "his", they're what both sides fight over.
  18. "Who cares about some crazy old man's ranting? He'll be dead in 5 minutes anyway, and then all this ARK business will be over forever." And in fairness it worked out pretty well for them, for about 50 years.
  19. I think a fish's body plan is closer to a human's than an octopus' is...
  20. Telekinesis is a power that can be put to a variety of uses and Silver's playable appearances have mostly used it in simple and nondescript ways that leave plenty of room to explore different applications. So not only can "Silver gameplay" work, there's probably dozens of viable directions you could take it in, it's just a matter of them deciding how they want him to play. To throw one of my own ideas out there, he could passively collect scrap/debris from destroyed enemies, item monitors, breakable walls, etc, and use it to create platforms, a bit like Cloud Mario. More than just simple platforms, though, he could create entire paths, forming underfoot as he runs, and (depending on if anyone could come up with sensible controls for it) curving it to create your own slopes and halfpipes, basically moving like Rundas from Metroid Prime 3 or Frozone from The Incredibles. Admittedly that might be a bit too complex and hard to balance/control, but I think it shows that there's a lot more options for a character like Silver than just floating and throwing things like he's usually done.
  21. I watched this one a while back, it's got some interesting ideas, but it's got a real big problem where it basically has to be a one-and-done story, not a series. And as a thought exercise that's fine, but Sega would obviously never reboot the series into something they could only possibly get one game out of, and I can't imagine fans being very happy with that either.
  22. I think some fans have taken the tarot card thing far beyond what it was intended to mean. I think it was only meant to be something similar to reading your horoscope or playing with a cootie catcher; she's a young girl with a crush, looking for fate to endorse it. She didn't necessarily have a huge inherent interest in it, and there certainly wasn't enough evidence to conclude that she had any sort of actual "magic" abilities, so once she had her fated romantic encounter it stopped being relevant compared to the actual adventures she ended up going on. That's not to say it's a trait that needed to be cut, it could've been an interesting angle to explore (either as actual powers or just a personal interest), but when people point to it as some major lost character trait or redesign her around magic, I think they're overthinking it.
  23. The two games don't contradict each other, they just don't show the entire sequence unedited. The flashes don't imply that the sequence is jumping around in time, just that there are cuts, and I can't imagine any benefit to scrambling these shots. And what X shows doesn't supersede what the games show unless we're talking about X's continuity specifically.
  24. I mean, that's a choice the developers make; they weren't forced to have the final boss take place in space, or the sky, or an empty cavern over the planet's molten core. And even once they chose to, they weren't forced to keep out anything that could've acted as a platform; Doomsday could've had you running along the crumbling remains of the Death Egg and hopping from asteroid to asteroid, Metal Overlord could've involved the ships from the Egg Fleet, and Dark Gaia could've had any sort of rock formations that they wanted.
  25. That's not how either game presents it, though. SA2's version of the scene has them running through the corridor, the gunshot, then the capsule coming down around Shadow. ShtH's version has them running through the corridor, entering a room and turning around to see soldiers right behind them, then gunshot and end scene with no sign of the capsule.
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