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  1. Werewolves existed before Twilight Princess.
  2. It's not quite that easy; flight may not break an open world as radically as a linear level, but you still need to design things carefully so they can't just fly over or around every obstacle.
  3. A big empty open world with a bunch of filler tasks would serve as the padding all boost games seem to need...
  4. ...because making an entire second character because you designed part of the game in a way that is not actually fun with your main character is kind of a terrible way to make a game? I mean there's a million ways they could solve the problem of getting Sonic to a high place quickly. You could solve this problem with a single spring. If they wanted to have a second character they ought to have a better reason and purpose for them than this.
  5. They left other things out of the announcement trailer; we didn't know about the jade wisp or races against Metal Sonic being added until later, and while they technically show off some of the customization options they really don't draw any attention to it. If they are adding a playable Tails, they could easily be saving it for a future "okay here's all the cool new stuff" trailer. They don't need new physics if he's basically just a reskin.
  6. You hack something up enough you can get it to say anything you want.
  7. Yeah I'm thinking it's the movie Sonic icons they're referring to, at least as being "exclusive" player icons. I don't think a playable Tails is entirely off the table yet, though it's certainly not a fact yet either.
  8. Well that is interesting. Though, the laser screenshot shows they're playing as Sonic, so...? Work in progress feature, maybe?
  9. Because there are presumably attacks besides the spincycle? It mentions the spincycle in the context of unlocking abilities in a skill tree. And it does also mentions a "lock on attack" (homing attack I guess).
  10. Yeah but we expect Sonic to be garbage at this point. Anyway it's...suspiciously close to what little we've seen but it also sounds like a pretty wild shift away from anything they've done with Sonic before so I don't really buy it yet. Not really anything to bother with at this point anyway; tuck it into the back of your mind and wait to see if anything backs it up if you want, I guess.
  11. We knew it would be Smash, though. They could afford to be "mysterious" when they had already firmly established what a Smash Bros was like. Sonic doesn't have anywhere near that degree of consistency.
  12. Buddy, you are this mad about someone not being excited about Sonic the Hedgehog.
  13. Mania and Forces were pretty upfront about themselves in their reveals, so...eh, not so much? e: I mean reveals and teasers are almost always going to hold some things back to generate hype/speculation, but this one in particular is just nothing, and I feel like people are already rushing to latch onto any scrap of an idea about it, moreso than normal.
  14. By making a teaser completely bereft of actual information, fans are free to project whatever they want onto it. A brilliant strategy, right up until they have to reveal what the game actually is and everybody realizes it's nothing like what they imagined.
  15. It means "get yourselves excited for when we actually reveal something that means anything". I mean if someone finds an actual hint then fine, I'll eat crow, but I've done my own looking and thinking and it just seems like nothing.
  16. Planet's gone, what's Eggman supposed to rule over now.
  17. "Expected to dissect" in the sense that they want a mystery for people to talk about to keep their attention on the game, sure. As something actually solvable? Not likely, and certainly not without anything else to go on.
  18. Almost certainly just cosmetic, like the shoes and gloves.
  19. You can see it in the side view shot, he looks exactly the same as always.
  20. Oh man this new game teaser shows Sonic running around in a huge environment, it's going to be so open and free, it's gonna be great! e: anyway this teaser is basically nothing, "a game exists". May as well have not even bothered.
  21. well, the rise of the wisps thing should be neat, at least.

    otherwise, lol.

  22. come on sega, hurt me like you mean it

    1. Kuzu


      So you're an M huh

  23. I feel like you can probably beat most levels in Colors without wisps, but I don't feel like "technically you don't have to use the game's main gimmick much" is much of an argument anyway; you can beat most levels in the boost games without boosting, but I certainly wouldn't recommend doing so even if you don't like the boost. In both cases the mechanics shape the gameplay enough that you'd have a severely stripped down experience if you went without them.
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