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  1. I wouldn't mind a simple, fun story but this just never really got to the point of being fun. I think it would've been better if they had just focused in on one "wacky evil plan" instead of flitting between several (and ending on the lamest one). Risks losing Eggman's "ok Belle here are several ways how I am a bastard man" bit but I think they could've done basically the same with one well-explored idea (maybe make the spooky fake town into the endless noneuclidean maze? Instead of the admittedly cute slot machine the robots are cannibalizing parts from their fallen brethren to survive? Tangle saves the day by being the thread in the labyrinth? idk just spitballing), and I'd take the risk if it meant not getting 4 chapters that feel mostly like filler.

  2. Just about every developer wants to target a wide audience and draw in new fans, that's how they make money. The problem with recent games isn't that they aren't hard enough but that they're shallow and poorly designed; easy and welcoming games aren't inherently less fun. And poor writing isn't somehow more appealing to casual fans so those two points have nothing to do with each other. This feels like a lot of worrying over something that isn't actually a problem.

  3. 9 hours ago, VisionaryofSUPER said:



    I had to post this, just because the theorist put so much effort into this, its hard not to be invested in it. 

    The tdlr is that the letters are meant to spell CHAOS and the user theorizes the game has been renamed from "Rangers" to "Sonic Chaos".

    While its a stretch, it is probably one of the most thought out ones. 

    Effort? Thought out?

    They extended every straight line, added a bunch of parallel lines arbitrarily, and then filled in the spaces that gave them the answer they were looking for. There's no reason to take this seriously.

  4. 2 hours ago, Wittymations said:

    As others have noted that it's supposed to display the doctor's cruelty. And maybe abandoning some of them can be can be considered cruel. but getting upgrades is just something you'd expect for a robot.

    Having your body taken apart and remodeled without your consent, even if it made you "better", could easily be the basis for a horror story if it was done to a human. Obviously it's less messy with robots, but it still gets into issues of bodily autonomy and body horror.

    2 hours ago, Wittymations said:

    This also runs into the question of morality for actions against AI. Up until Adventure 1, no robot displayed true intelligence. Not even Metal Sonic.

    There was that case where Beta "requested" to stay aboard after losing to Gamma. Which the doctor granted, then upgraded him.

    But the rest, even Gamma up until he freed Amy? Can't say I see it.

    Not even the frog delivery scene? Because I feel like that really hammers in what they were going for, not just that they're intelligent robots, but that they're like children, all trying to please their "father". And then they all get thrown out or rebuilt as soon as they fail him, even though they couldn't have all found the right frog.

  5. The playable Tails dream seems pretty firmly dead, too bad.

    Kinda surprised they added a whole new collectable, but I guess they (understandably) decided Colors was a bit short and they're padding it out a bit further. The counter for them on the map screen is just a straight number, no x/y like with S-ranks and red rings, so I'm guessing they're used to buy the customization options. Hopefully they don't go too far with how many you need and expect you to grind for them.

  6. 4 minutes ago, herefor1reason said:

    Another thing to note about returning characters is that an open world pretty soundly solves the problem of their abilities breaking the linear level design. Smart level design can get around that anyway in a 3d Sonic game (Sonic GT has Ray and the level design still works fine) but an open world doesn't really require any caveats. No extra stuff the designers have to do to accommodate characters like Tails and Knuckles. If you're expected to check every nook and cranny, then having characters that can fly, glide, and climb walls stops being any kind of issue.

    It's not quite that easy; flight may not break an open world as radically as a linear level, but you still need to design things carefully so they can't just fly over or around every obstacle.

  7. 12 minutes ago, Soniman said:

    I wonder if this will just be a cleverly designed boost game where the open world is just a means to an end to reach the "main" boost levels and there's not much else to it? That would kinda suck 

    A big empty open world with a bunch of filler tasks would serve as the padding all boost games seem to need...

  8. 3 minutes ago, KingMario05 said:

    I mean, there has to be some way to climb the towers quickly. Otherwise, people are gonna get bored with it really fast. And because Tails hasn't been playable in more than a decade... why not kill two birds with one stone?

    ...because making an entire second character because you designed part of the game in a way that is not actually fun with your main character is kind of a terrible way to make a game?

    I mean there's a million ways they could solve the problem of getting Sonic to a high place quickly. You could solve this problem with a single spring. If they wanted to have a second character they ought to have a better reason and purpose for them than this.

  9. 30 minutes ago, Winston said:

    If Tails is playable, it is extremely odd to leave him out of the announcement trailer.

    They left other things out of the announcement trailer; we didn't know about the jade wisp or races against Metal Sonic being added until later, and while they technically show off some of the customization options they really don't draw any attention to it. If they are adding a playable Tails, they could easily be saving it for a future "okay here's all the cool new stuff" trailer.

    20 minutes ago, shdowhunt60 said:

    It's something that sounds like it's way out of the scope of a remaster. You'd have to implement an entirely new set of physics and animations and somehow make it to where he doesn't somehow just completely break a game that was never made for him in mind entirely.

    They don't need new physics if he's basically just a reskin.

  10. Just now, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    That said, are we sure that's what it's referring to? Because the trailer showed four Movie Sonic icons, similar to PSN avatars. I assumed that's what it was referring to.

    Yeah I'm thinking it's the movie Sonic icons they're referring to, at least as being "exclusive" player icons. I don't think a playable Tails is entirely off the table yet, though it's certainly not a fact yet either.

  11. 5 minutes ago, NoKaine said:

    EDIT: Also, it never mentions anything like attack buttons or combo strings, the only noted attack Sonic has is the spincycle so how exactly would it be button mashy?

    Because there are presumably attacks besides the spincycle? It mentions the spincycle in the context of unlocking abilities in a skill tree. And it does also mentions a "lock on attack" (homing attack I guess).

  12. 1 minute ago, Soniman said:

    See if they hyped it up it'd he one thing but they're like "yeah it's different but this still sucks" makes this more believable than if they just ran down the list of things people wanted in a Sonic game and pretended it was a real gane.

    Yeah but we expect Sonic to be garbage at this point.

    Anyway it's...suspiciously close to what little we've seen but it also sounds like a pretty wild shift away from anything they've done with Sonic before so I don't really buy it yet. Not really anything to bother with at this point anyway; tuck it into the back of your mind and wait to see if anything backs it up if you want, I guess.

  13. 3 minutes ago, NoKaine said:

    We explicitly did not know what to expect from Ultimate. That is what I'm talking about. People thought it was literally the previous game in the series. There was nothing in that teaser that told you "EVERYONE IS HERE!", which is the game's actual marketing ploy. 

    We knew it would be Smash, though. They could afford to be "mysterious" when they had already firmly established what a Smash Bros was like. Sonic doesn't have anywhere near that degree of consistency.

  14. 4 minutes ago, Kuzu said:

    Isn't that this franchise in general 

    Mania and Forces were pretty upfront about themselves in their reveals, so...eh, not so much?

    e: I mean reveals and teasers are almost always going to hold some things back to generate hype/speculation, but this one in particular is just nothing, and I feel like people are already rushing to latch onto any scrap of an idea about it, moreso than normal.

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