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  1. If Knuckles wanted Sonic dead his best chance was after knocking him on his ass and stealing the emeralds, yet all he does is laugh and run off. I could believe he wasn't really trying to kill Sonic, just chase him off. Though I could also believe he wouldn't have been too upset if one of his traps did end up killing them.
  2. They're weird magical demon monsters, they can poof away when beaten without that being death. And they're not "gone for good", they've very clearly come back in TSR and IDW Sonic (which, even though it's separate from the games, has been aligned so closely with them that I doubt Sega would let them be used if they were meant to be dead). Even Lost World doesn't assume they're dead, at the end Eggman says he'll get a new conch and reenslave them.
  3. You can hardly say Sonic killed the D6 when we've been shown they're still alive. It's no different from Mario dumping Bowser in lava; that would kill an ordinary person, sure, but we're not dealing with an ordinary person. Sonic's pretty much a "live and let live" kind of guy; he usually only goes as far as is necessary to stop someone from fucking up other people's lives. If it's some mindless or inherently-evil monster he might have to take it down permanently but if it's any kind of "person" they'll get a chance to repent and stop being a dick.
  4. For me it's because they're supposed to be analogous to actual echidnas' big gnarly claws. Having his knuckle spikes just be part of his gloves is like if they came out and said Sonic's spikes aren't actually spikes, just regular hair that he spiked up with gel and hairspray, or Tails doesn't actually have two tails, but just built himself a prosthetic helicopter ass. Part of the fun of Sonic character designs is how they adapt traits from the animals they're based on into their design and abilities.
  5. May as well go ahead and give him fingers too while they're at it.
  6. A chaos emerald radar, a fake chaos emerald, extreme gear, a spaceship (twice, Fighters and ShtH), the Miles Electric (plus wisp translator), all the vehicles in Rush Adventure, a TV (out of paperclips), just off the top of my head. And I don't think the Cyclone should be discounted just because it can be a plane in addition to being a mech and a car. He's never been solely interested in planes and I don't see any reason to change that.
  7. The only Freedom Fighter I could see myself adding in would be Bunnie, since I think her being a cyborg could be both unique gameplay and unique story hooks . Otherwise, not being a fan of them to start with, I just don't see the point. The FF as a group don't really fit the games, where Eggman's plans always get shut down long before any kind of organized resistance is necessary (Forces excepted obviously). Sally can't lead a group that doesn't exist and Sega obviously wouldn't allow her as Sonic's love interest, Rotor's just another tech guy, and...was there ever anything appealing about Antoine? There's a lot that'd have to be changed or added just to get them up to functional and the only reason to bother seems to be courting their existing fans rather than the characters bringing something interesting to the series.
  8. For fun? If the other 3 of the 4 remixes they mentioned are also of SA music you might have some slight evidence in favor of a remake happening but just one song doesn't have to mean anything.
  9. Writing good stories about new things is surely possible but I'd also like good stories about things that already exist and I don't think that's something the series is equipped to do at this point. I mean...I don't really have many? I've got some vague ideas about the direction I'd take things (and maybe I'll try to collect my thoughts and write them out later) but my interest isn't in pushing my own specific interpretation at this point.
  10. And we got a continuation with Forces, and nothing worthwhile came out of that, either. I don't believe a reboot in itself would fix the problems the series has; it's a way of breaking away the built-up crust around the series and having more elbow room to do the actual work of fixing things. The point's not to retell existing stories, but to tell better ones. Ones that don't leave major characters as vague amalgamations of inconsistent traits, or with unnecessarily overwrought backstories, or without a clear purpose going forward. A reboot wouldn't need to retell Chaos' story because neither Chaos nor anything directly related to it's story have stayed relevant to the series; they could explore the history of Angel Island and Knuckles' people in an entirely different form. They wouldn't strictly need to retell Shadow's backstory because they could make a different one that still results in the same basic character. ...none. That's kind of the point; wipe the slate clean and rebuild from scratch, no 3-decades-long mishmash of different styles and tones existing together, no "read this fan-translated Japanese manual/strategy guide to understand what really happened", no retconning Eggman's name with a joke but then acting like it's always been Eggman, no sloppy plotholes about the moon or Blaze and Nega's homeworlds, no secret human world/animal world retcon, no second separate-but-intersecting-but-maybe-also-overlapping continuity sprouting up...just, whatever happens in the reboot game, and the games that follow it (obviously with the assumption that they wouldn't just go and fuck it all up again). It'd be no more confusing than understanding that Boom was a separate thing. Less, even, as it'd be the only game continuity, not a competing one.
  11. Total. As much as I like the classics, even back then there was a lot that feels pretty slapdash. May as well go all in and clean up everything, try to make the best possible start for the new continuity.
  12. Reboot. The series is a mess and I don't think there's a way to save what it's grown into. I'd rather try to clean things up and start fresh, actually make something useful out of the various parts of the series.
  13. Mario has had timed powerups and they generally worked fine, though. There's all different ways of handling powerups and they suit different needs.
  14. Because it's there. Considering people will go as far as making up their own challenges to wring more entertainment out of a game they like, for any reasonably popular game surely there'd be people who go for 100% of the game's own challenges regardless of any reward for doing so. Anyway it's pretty obviously fake. SA2 was a pretty popular game, 100%ing a game is not an obscure unlock method that could go overlooked, and it's hardly more effort than it takes to unlock GHZ. If this was a thing it'd be as well documented as GHZ is.
  15. We accepted it as one world because we didn't have reason to think otherwise, that didn't make it any less of a mess of a world.
  16. That's sort of the problem, isn't it; he's only one 'hog, he can fight off one mad scientist, but if there's a whole modern world out there...how has some country not already found and taken control of all this mystical stuff? I mean I'm not saying there shouldn't be any kind of modern civilization, I've got nothing against Spring Yard and Starlight and SA on its own is probably alright, but SA2 really doubled down on it and I'm starting to think it's been off balance in that end's favor ever since. Or maybe just that they filled in enough detail on that end that it's hard to see the two sides as part of the same world.
  17. Which left a lot less space for that magic stuff to hide in. It's not impossible, obviously, they still squeezed in stuff like the Black Arms temples/airships and the Gaia Temples, but an entire continent just hovering around is a bit harder to hide, and it's not like they've ever said it has a cloaking device or it's in a wormhole or anything that would actually explain why it hadn't been discovered. I'd say it kinda was, though. Not a complete outright fantasy world, but...fuzzy. That's where things like Angel Island and the Little Planet fit in, and even South Island's supposed to be some weird moving island that distorted spacetime.
  18. It was definitely a "legendary" floating island when it was first introduced. At this point it's a bit of a weird artifact from when the scope of the world was much smaller and less defined, when all we had seen was a couple of islands and we only knew of one guy with technology of any real significance. All sorts of weird shit could be lurking just offscreen. The Adventures changed all that though, making the world more clearly a mirror of our own and advancing the story to a global scale. It's a lot harder to imagine things like Angel Island, the Little Planet, and Lost Hex going undiscovered in a world with modern air travel and GPS satellites and the like. ...tbh it's kinda selling me on the value of the two worlds setup, at least one world can still be "magic".
  19. A planet is a floating chunk of land and I'm pretty sure that life exists on at least one of them.
  20. i've been playing batman arkham city and i've been rounding up the last of the riddler stuff and, man, one of the riddler trophies is just the dumbest shit. it was behind a cardboard panel, the kind that batman can just punch through, except on the ceiling. and batman, with all his gadgets and acrobatic stunts, apparently cannot attack upwards worth a damn. i spend like 10 minutes in this cramped room looking for any way to get around or through this shitty cardboard wall, even using the zipline tightrope walk move to get inches away from it, but he can't just punch up or use his explosive gel or anything actually sensible. so you know what the solution (or at least the only one I could find) is?

    fucking...grapple launch up a ledge and smash into it face first

    world's greatest fuckin' detective

  21. Post-SA2 Shadow being the real Shadow. Maybe the only time in the series they actually tried to set up a plot point ahead of time and then they almost completely ignore it in favor of aliens and resolve it with a single line at the literal last minute. I think it would've been way more interesting to commit to having killed off Shadow and have this effectively new character try to figure out his place and his identity relative to him, rather than just giving Shadow amnesia and halfheartedly implementing "moral choices". They could even deus ex machina the original Shadow back later anyway, to placate his fans if they needed to...just actually do something interesting with the whole android thing. Though I'm sure Sonic Team would've ballsed it up anyway.
  22. Aside from the few games from SAGE that I've gotten around to, it's been a while. Not so much because I'm not interested in playing Sonic, moreso that there isn't much left that I'd want to play that I'm not already burnt out on. It's hard to go back to the Genesis games or the Adventures when I feel I've already done everything I'd want to do in them several (dozens of) times over, and I'm not going to pay actual money for a game like Forces no matter how much of an itch I've got.
  23. The only thing I'd want from a new Eggman is to actually just be the current Eggman. There's nothing I'd change that couldn't easily be done with the real Eggman (basically just have him go fight Sonic in his robots more often, at this point) and a replacement would have to change too much to not just be a cheap copy.
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