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  1. SA2's style didn't come completely out of nowhere but that doesn't mean it can't be considered the tipping point where things had changed too much from what they had previously been.
  2. How's there any difference? The Adventure-'06 era does its own thing, different from the classic games, the Colors-Forces era does its own thing, different from the Adventure era. If it justifies one it should justify both.
  3. If we've accepted Chaos, the Black Arms, Iblis and its spawn, and Dark Gaia and its minions as part of the series, I don't see why there should be any concern with the D6's designs fitting in.
  4. real nice how vesperia's coliseum puts a single character against multiple opponents (probably the battle system's biggest weakness), expects you to beat it with every playable character including ones that can't reliably outpace enemy attacks, and includes a "boss" that can just instakill you after landing enough attacks so you can't even grind levels to cheese it.

    because i totally didn't get stunlocked in a corner by 3 enemies and then instantly killed with no apparent way out, and i am definitely not mad right now

  5. Omega absolutely could've waited in that room, guarding Shadow, as Eggman presumably intended. He wouldn't have liked it, but, well, that's him making the choice whether to continue following Eggman's orders or to rebel.
  6. You reap what you sow. Every game, cartoon, comic, and now movie is somebody's first exposure to the series and it's gone off in such different directions that it can't even nearly please everyone at once. It sucks, and obviously it doesn't justify the worst actions/attitudes among fans, but this was just about inevitable with the way the series was handled and there's no easy solution to it. Best they can do is find something that works to stabilize the series around for a while and try to build a more stable identity and fanbase even if that means some fans drift away. Obviously, though, they should choose to do All Of The Things That I Want, instead of the things other people want.
  7. I mean, think about how much the existence of SatAM has affected the series and the fanbase, though. SatAM brought in a fanbase that far outlasted the cartoon itself, it had a huge influence on Archie Sonic which accumulated its own fans, the two series had an (admittedly minor) impact on the games via Spinball and Chronicles, and a lot of the creative team from late Archie Sonic is now on IDW Sonic. There are still arguments about putting the Freedom Fighters in the games, decades after the cartoon they were created for was cancelled. The movie could end up being as formative for a lot of new/young fans as SatAM was in its day, especially if it ends up getting the sequels everyone is suddenly expecting. There's no telling what kind of fan desires are going to crop up because of it or what Sega/Sonic Team might do to try to harness that part of the fanbase.
  8. I wouldn't say harmless. It's not impossible to work around, but Sonic in particular has really struggled with its identity, and the movie being a completely different take on...basically everything about Sonic, means it's one more interpretation that it has to deal with, whether it's pursuing it, rejecting it, or finding some sort of compromise.
  9. Not what I actually said. I'm tired of going in circles on this subject so, whatever, I'm out.
  10. Again, my point is not that no characters are ever allowed to die. It's that you should not act like the worst possible outcomes of the villain's actions were ever seriously on the table. Eggman was never actually going to get to laze entire countries off the map in SA2. This isn't the kind of series that would do that kind of massacre. You're not supposed to look at that and seriously consider the staggering loss of life, the enormity of the tragedy, that would occur if it happened in real life; you're supposed to take it as the over-the-top doomed-to-fail supervillain plan that it is. Eggman isn't a horrifying monster, he's a clown.
  11. Literally everybody is going to be back to flesh and blood by the end of this arc. But this is the kind of un-real series that has avoided it, far more often than not. Blow a chunk out of the moon and then immediately forget about it because it doesn't affect anything. "All's well that ends well", as they stand in the flooded ruins of a city.
  12. Implications are one thing, but they never actually lead where they could, because this isn't the kind of series where the villain is going to shoot a 12 year old in the head. Eggman's a bad guy, he does bad things that, in the real world, would lead to people being killed, but he gets stopped before that happens, because this is a series about colorful superpowered funny animals, not a gritty drama.
  13. You're not supposed to overthink it. Take the game's tone at its word, don't assume the existence of bodies that are never seen or referenced in any way.
  14. "Sonic" and "RPG" are about as diametrically opposed as you can get. It'd be hard to find a proper compromise between a series based on speedy action/platforming that's always struggled with its storytelling and a genre typically based on slow, methodical (often even turn-based) strategy and a heavy focus on storytelling, if it's possible at all. I'd be interested in seeing someone try to solve the problem in a creative way, but if it was just going to be standard RPG design with Sonic characters slapped on, I'd pass on it.
  15. ...they were directly relevant to the plot in the first game, just that they were only explained in the manual, because the game had no dialogue and practically no cutscenes.
  16. Literally the only other major arc this comic has done so far ended up being about fighting Metal Sonic, we don't need the same thing twice. And unless they were going to immediately contradict his established character here this wouldn't have ruined Eggman's plans since Metal is fully loyal to him.
  17. Ah right, I forgot because it was kind of dumb and even the comic rushed past it. But yeah that's basically Super Mecha Sonic again, I don't think it's quite the same as a "real" Super form.
  18. Is that what worldbuilding means now Just naming places
  19. I feel like having enemies that actively chase the player would be more trouble than it's worth. They'd need more complex AI/pathfinding to even have a chance to keep up, and even if they can, what then? Do they just get taken out in one attack like usual? Do they harass the player enough to get in the way of platforming if they don't stop to deal with them? I'd rather they stick with simple enemies but figure out how to make them more effective obstacles. Sonic's a platformer, he's about movement rather than combat, so enemy design should focus on how he moves. Enemies that attack at particular directions/angles/areas to encourage the player to move in a certain way, or that have effects other than damage, like wind or bounciness pushing him off track or sticky goo or something that slows him down.
  20. I think one of the biggest level design issues that 3D Sonic has struggled with is that levels are still designed as a series of hallways rather than as full 3D spaces. Even when there are multiple paths, they're usually entirely separate from each other aside from where they begin and end, meaning that the only decisions you have to make in a level are a few binary choices of which paths to take. The different paths built into the level shouldn't exist entirely separately from each other; they should be part of the same playable space, interwoven with each other, with naturally-occurring opportunities to move between them rather than just specific branching points.
  21. The logic was never "all of the bad things in the series are because of the other characters". And it did solve the problem of "there are a whole bunch of characters we don't like taking up time and resources". It worked in Generations because it was a special (seemingly) one-time anniversary crossover event. But people hated Classic being in Forces from the moment he was revealed, and he ended up contributing nothing of value to the game. Classic Sonic genuinely did not belong there, and it would've been better for everyone if he hadn't been.
  22. Does it matter? Just throw some technobabble at it. The chaos emeralds opened a portal near the echidnas because why not. Gerald built a gateway but there was just no reason to mention it in any material we've seen. These things aren't the point, no more than how the echidna civilization originally came about in a one-world continuity, or where Gerald sourced the hedgehog DNA for Shadow in a one-world continuity. I always figured the storybook worlds were kind of malleable; the characters don't look like Sonic's friends because they objectively are like that, but because of Sonic's influence on the worlds. Regardless I still don't see how this is any kind of concern? A world in a book can be whatever it was written to be regardless of what outside reality is like. And even with the two worlds, humans and anthros share the human world, just not equally or by default.
  23. I never said either two worlds or the classic/modern split are good solutions. The problem is that there really aren't any good solutions, at least as far as I can see; either they do nothing and leave the series a confused mess, they try to split things to at least have coherent branches going forward even if the past is a mess, or they reboot the series and toss the whole mess out in favor of something (hopefully) better and hope fans go along with it. I think you're overstating it a bit. I think most of the two worlds issues could be solved just by stating that cross-world travel is maybe uncommon but not unheard of. The ancient echidnas? A tribe jumped worlds at some point and established a civilization in the human world. Shadow being created in the human world? Gerald researched ancient civilizations, like the echidnas, so he knew about Sonic-style anthros, and potentially could've jumped worlds at some point himself. This probably wouldn't solve every last issue but you don't need to tear down the entire continuity because of it. And Merlina is just about the least problematic part of all this, given that she's from a magical storybook world that's separate from the whole two worlds bit. "Almost all surface level" is this series in a nutshell. I don't think there's much to dig into.
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