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  1. Rouge is Shadow's Tails; she's probably in a safer spot than most of the cast, even though she's not the top tier of must-haves. As long as Shadow keeps appearing and there are games with more than just the few core characters, she'll likely stick around.
  2. toad, why


    1. iambitter21


      oh look, it's BEEG TODE.

    2. Ellipsis-Ultima


      you heard of big chungus, now get ready for wide face toad

  3. Yeah I just looked it up, it's in issue 25, Eggman says it'd take about 200 years. Silver shows up right after and basically says "yeah that's my time". Coincidentally, I also noticed Silver wondering if his failures are dooming his time, so they were kind of maybe setting up him being vital to fixing things there, but it gets lost in...everything else.
  4. I think it was mentioned that the virus is evolving in a way that meant the zombots would eventually disintegrate.
  5. I mean...yeah, probably? Sonic lays it out pretty clear, they lost in Silver's timeline, the only new factor in this go-around is Silver being present, so if there's any way out it'd make sense that it's got something to do with him. Same logic works whoever the time traveler is, regardless of what powers or abilities they may or may not have. Granted, what Silver changes so they can win could've been anything, butterfly effect and all, but they hadn't brought up the idea that Silver's presence could've been the deciding factor before, and it'd be lame to bring it up and then just say he's already done whatever was necessary. That said I don't feel like the idea really pays off, because Silver doesn't do anything that's especially impactful or uniquely "him" aside from the out-of-nowhere ability to hoover up the virus.
  6. Actually it's usually been incredibly boring to look at, because instead of doing anything you're just staring at Sonic's ass until the game decides to try to be a game again.
  7. The video's pretty much on point; rail grinding in SA2 was a bit of a mess, but it had some actual purpose to it, while rail grinding in subsequent games stripped all that out and left it as just another way of putting limits on the player so they didn't need to bother with actual gameplay or level design. Returning to a more polished form of (early) SA2 rail grinding, with a focus on shorter stretches of rail that are actually built into the level instead of floating over the void between level chunks, re-integrating momentum into it, and asking the player for some actual input to perform well rather than just holding boost would solve most of the problems with them. I don't think we really need different stats and trick moves for every character, though; kinda feels like extra complications just for the sake of it.
  8. cursed proto-yoshis


    1. Dejimon11


      I'm going to have a hard time sleeping tonight 

    2. StaticMania


      Raptor Boshi?

      Uhhh, Ok.

    3. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      They're actually kind of cute in an awkward, gangly way.

  9. That's...not really what happened.
  10. I don't think there's any contradiction in being both opportunists riding on someone else's power and villains posing a serious threat, though. I mean, that's what Eggman's been doing too, more often than not; chasing magic rocks or ancient monsters or hyperactive aliens or whatever, trying to steal whatever power he can to gain the upper hand.
  11. Debatable whether or not it counts as part of the ending, but I appreciated how Colors ended with some token "escape sequence" gameplay. It's kind of a surprise more games haven't done that; an escape sequence feels like a very "Sonicy" kind of thing, and it's nice to end with a bit of "actual" gameplay, compared to the chronically kind of awkward boss fights.
  12. This is nonsense. People are fine with Mario using a hammer because using a hammer is one of the first things Mario ever did. It's an established part of his repertoire, calling back to the original Donkey Kong. Sonic, on the other hand, has traditionally not used any sort of weapons, due to basically being a living buzzsaw on his own, and the bulk of a hammer would likely only slow down a character known for his speed. Plus Amy already fills the role of hammer user in the Sonic series anyway and it'd be sloppy to suddenly double-up on it. And there's a reason Mario's never been given a sword, despite having ample opportunity; it doesn't suit him any more than it suits Sonic. IIRC they even considered it for Super Mario RPG, but it got rejected in favor of the hammer he was already known to have used. It's 2020. The Mario vs Sonic wars should be long dead by now, and there's no reason to be viewing either series through that lens.
  13. It's not like I'm making major leaps in logic, I'm hardly doing more than stating what the game explicitly shows us. Is it really that hard to believe a mess of a game like Forces got hacked up enough that an arc was started but not properly finished? Compared to such a straightforward setup being sheer coincidence?
  14. They tried to write an actual, meaningful character arc, but (for whatever reason) the bulk of it got cut and only the setup was left in. Everything they do with Tails up through that scene has a clear direction to it. He gets rescued by Sonic, but fails to help Sonic when he's the one in trouble. His hero and best friend is defeated right in front of him, captured and possibly presumed dead, while Eggman takes over the world in a matter of months. He's a kid and the world's gone to shit around him, and he's lost the person closest to him. He's "lost it", he can't fix Omega, and blames himself for not being smart enough. And then one of the guys who beat up Sonic shows up and he breaks down; he doesn't have the confidence to fight back, so he calls out for the one person who's always been able to set things right. And in a way he gets his wish, not his Sonic but still a Sonic shows up and rescues him, and that's enough to shake him out of his funk and believe there might be a way to set things right. Then they basically ignore that this was ever a thing and Tails hardly does anything or gets any focus for the rest of the game because Forces is garbage. But up until then? They clearly had a plan in mind. They didn't just pick Tails to get rescued for no reason.
  15. I don't think the games even care about when/where the characters met Silver, at this point.
  16. He was really more a character who tried to keep up with Sonic, but often fell behind.
  17. Even at his most "active" I wouldn't have called him a particularly strong fighter. He's younger than most of the cast, his abilities aren't particularly suited to fighting, and he's consistently been in the role of a sidekick or supporting character, not an independent, equally-skilled hero. He's certainly capable of fighting when it comes down to it, but it's clearly not where his strengths or focus as a character lie.
  18. I hate it. The controls may be better than Heroes', but only by a fraction; you'll still be careening around like a rocket-propelled drunk on ice if you ever try to go fast, the homing attack is just as limp and unreliable as it was in Heroes, and the awkwardness of most attacks, weapons, and vehicles still counts against it on this point. The gunplay, if you can even call it that, is never satisfying even when it works. You don't have the precision nor the visceral effects of an actual decent shooter; you just hold/mash fire while pointing vaguely towards enemies and eventually they fall over. If I want to be a gun-toting edgelord, why would I be satisfied with a game where the human enemies just grunt and fall over, compared to one where I can pop their heads like watermelons with a well aimed shot? The branching story and moral choices to explore different sides of Shadow could've been interesting...but in practice it's just nonsense. Not only do your choices not drive the story, they hardly even make sense; you can reach most levels through a number of different moral paths, you can work with one side for one stage then betray them the next with no logical explanation, and where you end up next almost never has anything to do with what you just did. And then they don't even have the guts to commit to letting the player choose their own Shadow, with the Last Story ignoring everything you did and deciding Shadow's fate itself. And it's not even dumb in a fun way. If it was big dumb action schlock I could appreciate it on that level, but it takes itself too seriously, never truly letting loose and going over the top. It's not quite the worst game in the series and if you just went for one or two endings it's bearable (excluding a couple of particularly awful missions) but there is very, very little in it that I could possibly praise.
  19. I wouldn't say that Sonic characters shouldn't talk, but I do think that they've relied on spoken dialogue too much, while neglecting animation and physical acting despite the characters having such strong designs. So many cutscenes in the series are basically just the characters standing around talking to each other, and it just ends up being boring. The way a game tells its story should match the rest of it stylistically, but you can't match Sonic's speed, energy, and style with characters just spitting exposition. But again that's not to say voice acting is wrong for the series. I think Sonic's attitude, and thus his overall presence, could really be amplified with solid dialogue and voice acting, it's just that the writing rarely hits the mark. And I think Eggman has really benefited from being voiced; you take classic era Eggman and he's a fine enough video game villain for the time period, but it's when the character's given a voice (not just in games but in other media as well) that he really crystallizes into something memorable and iconic. Plus you can't really put the genie back in the bottle anyway, certainly not 20+ years later. Classic aside, these characters aren't going to stop talking, so they need to pull back and reevaluate how they're using spoken dialogue to figure out how to get the most out of it.
  20. They got too wrapped up in their new alien story to bother actually following through on the elements they had set up in Heroes. If someone involved with the game came out and said they straight up forgot to actually resolve that question until the game was already fully written so they just shoved it into the boss fight dialogue, I wouldn't doubt them. It's a shame, because exploring the possibility that he doesn't simply have amnesia but actually isn't who he thinks he is could've been way more interesting than "yep you're you, also your other daddy is an alien".
  21. Since you seem more interested in imagining arguments than actually reading what I post, you're free to continue arguing with yourself; I'm not going to bother wasting my time on you.
  22. Yeah. Some of my opinions are very far off the mainstream, but I stand by them.
  23. I mean, the GUN robots are, well, robots, something he's got experience both fighting and building himself. As for ShtH and '06...personally, I say they're bad games and he's boring in them so I would rather decide that they are the wrong interpretation of Tails.
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