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  1. I mean, that's a choice the developers make; they weren't forced to have the final boss take place in space, or the sky, or an empty cavern over the planet's molten core. And even once they chose to, they weren't forced to keep out anything that could've acted as a platform; Doomsday could've had you running along the crumbling remains of the Death Egg and hopping from asteroid to asteroid, Metal Overlord could've involved the ships from the Egg Fleet, and Dark Gaia could've had any sort of rock formations that they wanted.
  2. That's not how either game presents it, though. SA2's version of the scene has them running through the corridor, the gunshot, then the capsule coming down around Shadow. ShtH's version has them running through the corridor, entering a room and turning around to see soldiers right behind them, then gunshot and end scene with no sign of the capsule.
  3. They're canonical in the sense that some person existed who did all those things, but the whole point is that that person is whoever you wanted them to be, so it wouldn't make much sense for there to be a singular canon design. And they'll almost certainly never show up again, so it doesn't matter that they don't have an official design.
  4. Only Big the Cat is worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. He leads a simple, dignified life, living off the land with his own strength, only raising his fists in self defense or in defense of his friends.
  5. Admittedly I still haven't seen the movie so I don't have a full grasp on its version of things but I don't really feel this one working. Movie Sonic had to do some growing compared to most other versions but by the end of the movie he's done some pretty wild stunts and beaten Robotnik so he's got some experience under his belt, and Tails...well, I don't exactly get the impression that he's a battle-hardened 8 year old from that post-credits scene. If I had to pitch something off the cuff, maybe take a "don't meet your heroes" angle, initially? Tails has presumably been jumping worlds looking for Sonic for a while, he could've built up his idea of Sonic to the point that the real thing doesn't measure up. That'd allow for some friction between them, which could be resolved by Tails having his expectations tempered a bit but also Sonic stepping up and proving that Tails wasn't entirely wrong to look up to him. Bringing in Metal or Shadow is definitely an option, and would be a natural payoff to Robotnik having that quill. Metal would probably be the better choice; as long as you've established Sonic and Robotnik you've got everything you need to tell "the" Metal Sonic story, while Shadow would have to be entirely rewritten and I imagine it'd end up something like Metal's story wearing Shadow's face. I could still see them trying it just because of Shadow's popularity and it being hard to imagine another opportunity to bring him into the movieverse, though. e: well, thinking about it, it might not be too hard to find an explanation for Shadow; movie Sonic's got big flashy "superpowers", decide on what the source of them is supposed to be and say "yeah this Shadow guy's got that too" and have them fight about it. Bigger issue I guess is that there's probably only going to be room for one doppelganger before the movie's inexplicable success burns out and having Robotnik make one using the quill is so obvious a way to go.
  6. I've been out of Pokemon for a while now, but Legends...well, it's at least got my curiosity. Real-time action/adventure "hunting" has the potential to be a lot more engaging than RPG menuing, but I need to see more before I can judge the execution; it seems like battling is an entirely separate system from catching, so if catching is just action rolls and throwing balls it may not stay interesting for very long. Also the ~5 FPS pokemon do not look great but performance is something to worry about later. Remakes are remakes, whatever. They look fine but gen 4 is where I burnt out so I'm not really interested in going back.
  7. Considering what all is available on Steam I'd say the only "must haves" that aren't relatively easily available are Unleashed and Colors. Throw Generations in with them to round it out. If they can be bothered to make a decent port of SA for once they might as well do some kind of Adventure collection. I'm 50/50 on whether they should include Heroes and ShtH; one one hand they sort of continue Shadow's story off of SA2, but on the other SA2's story stands fine on its own (aside from leaving newbies hanging regarding why Shadow isn't dead, but it's not like Heroes/ShtH did a good job of explaining that either). Also they're not the easiest games to access at this point, but they're also not...good. Alternatively if the Adventure remakes people keep begging for end up happening just do the two of them. The classic games don't terribly need a collection but they're already port-happy with them so just mash the Mega and Gems collections together, ideally using existing updated ports when available. Or maybe just have the main classic games and put the Advance games here and say it's a sidescroller collection. I feel like that's about it. Some other notable games like the Rushes and the Storybook games are kind of married to their hardware; it's not trivial to translate all those dual-screen, touchscreen, and motion control elements to more standardized hardware, and even if you can it may not always be in the game's best interest. There's a bunch of racing games but that feels like it'd be odd as the focus of a collection; online feels kind of necessary these days but they'd need servers to handle it, a lot of the earlier ones didn't have it, and they'd be splitting their base between games. And past all that you start scraping the bottom of the barrel; there might be a few more games worth squeezing in somewhere above but nothing's jumping out at me and I can't think of any that warrant their own collection.
  8. So has he always done the right thing or has he done nothing positive for four years.
  9. I mean Knuckles continues to be dumb and gullible so this probably will happen eventually, yes.
  10. What's important isn't whether or not Shadow stopped the avalanche, but that he put off going after Starline and put aside his grudge against Sonic to try to help protect people.
  11. Better than the worst? Yeah, probably. Even '06 was followed up on by Unleashed, which while it certainly has its flaws is significantly better than its immediate predecessor in basically every way. As good as its best? Sadly I doubt it. While the series has generally rebounded a bit after its worst mistakes, it never fully recovers. They always seem to end up falling back into old mistakes and finding brand new ones. It's not impossible for them to shake it all off and get the series back on the path to success, but it gets harder and harder to believe they ever will.
  12. That's the nature of the game, though. Whatever new stages they add will almost certainly all be based on places from BotW just the same. And I mean I get why that might not feel as exciting, but personally I like that they've stuck to BotW's Hyrule. HW1 did a great job as the crazy Zelda crossover and with DLC included there wasn't much of significance that it didn't cover, but it was nice to do a deeper, more self-consistent dive into just one game's world, rather than repeating elements from the first game or digging for the few remaining untouched scraps.
  13. the only thing worse than a direct is the post-direct discourse

  14. At this rate it's gonna be Sirfetch'd. I've got nothing against Xenoblade in itself but man I am so tired of sword fighters.
  15. please, no more anime sword fighters

    this is really getting ridiculous

    1. Kuzu


      Can't stop, won't stop. 

  16. The fangame I am always planning but never actually making. 3&K/Mania, obviously. Nothing else the series has done compares to using intuitive and natural-feeling physics to go faster and jump higher. Anything else they've tried is either a lesser, compromised version of that, or abandons it in favor of something more restrictive.
  17. I'm no expert on Megaman lore but as far as I know the connections between the two are pretty minimal and don't amount to much more than distant backstory for X and Zero. Regardless I don't think the tweet BadBehavior was referring to was saying that the Sonics and the Megamans could have the exact same relationships, just that two different takes on an idea can coexist.
  18. But now the Sonics are different people and only interact due to spacetime shenanigans, so it's not that different.
  19. That's why everyone wears gloves.
  20. Actually they should be bigger, the ideal Sonic design is at least 70% hands. In fact Sonic should stop running and instead use his massive fingers to scuttle around like a spider.
  21. You say this like you think I don't already know it.
  22. No? It's there. I don't deny it. I just prefer the classic design and don't think the modern design is the only thing that can work.
  23. You realize there's more than one way to tweak a design, right.
  24. Okay, then tweak it. I'm not saying they need to do a perfect recreation of Sonic 1's official art to be valid.
  25. Sonic Team's classic Sonic model doesn't look that great regardless of what angle you're looking at it from, I don't think the length of his limbs have all that much to do with it.
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