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  1. ^ Makes me think, if we get animal NPCs, are we ever going to get human PCs? Besides Eggman in a mech, that is; I'm talking more traditional Sonic gameplay. Probably not. That might be for the best.
  2. It doesn't free them, because they aren't trapped. They're hiding.
  3. My Evil Plan by Dr Eggman (age 50) 1. Take over planet 2. Beat Sonic 3. Be a dick to animals 4. Lunch?
  4. Why would animals have them? Is every animal coordinated enough to bounce from a spring safely? Is every animal fast enough to run around a loop? Do rings protect all and only animals from damage?
  5. Among other things...but I still don't see how you see so much more "soul" in a game so fundamentally broken. Like, just comparing the hub worlds, '06's are big but damn near empty. They're cold and uncaring. There's some copy-paste NPCs with missions that aren't worth bothering with and that's about it. Unleashed's are so much more...cozy, you could call it. Smaller, but filled with memorable characters. How is Unleashed the game that's lacking? This doesn't help either of us understand the other. e: You talk a lot about some vague "feel", and I think that's why the conversation will go nowhere. You need to dig in and find out what it is that creates that feel, and how and why. Those are things that can actually be discussed properly, rather than just throwing personal opinions against each other.
  6. The continuity is as intact as it's ever been. Also I don't see how you could say that '06 had a "soul" and Unleashed didn't.
  7. I don't see how such a slight variation in clothing is so important. All they've done is trade the gloves for a hat and maybe a scarf or vest or something. They are not the first male Sonic characters to wear something besides just shoes and gloves; Big has a belt and Storm has a necklace, and going back to old characters Fang had a hat and a belt, Bean had a scarf, and Bark had a hat and a scarf. Adding generic NPC anthros doesn't change that. The Coconut Crew is not a secret team of super-koalas.
  8. They look fine, man. The only thing that doesn't fit the typical Sonic character design is the eyes, which I don't think is a problem. And they're as generic as NPCs should be, while still having enough differentiation to be unique. They're special because they're superpowered heroes, not because they're the only animals to walk on two legs. I see hands.
  9. Habit and hope, mostly. This is a series I've followed in depth for about 10 years now, and one that was a not-insignificant part of my childhood before that. Even if I don't really like a lot of the games that have come out recently, even if I'm not really happy with the main direction the series seems to be going in, it's not something I can easily drop. The good memories of past games, the small hints that they might return, and plain old inertia have kept me from cutting ties with the series in spite of how often it's disappointed me. In somewhat less unhealthy matters, I do genuinely enjoy discussing the series; what works, what doesn't, why, how to fix this or that, etc.
  10. Nothing. The plan was Nothing. The plan would suddenly become Something when Sonic Team decided what the next game was about.
  11. Oh, hey. I remember watching these guys when they were on the Escapist, before there was...some kind of drama, I didn't really pay attention. Cool to see they're still doing stuff, I really enjoyed their videos.
  12. There are robots. You gotta stop all those Eggman robots!
  13. I'm not entirely familiar with tumblr stuff; can/how would I submit a picture of my choice along with/as my submission (or do you want to stick with text-only?)? Can I just link to it in the submission and you'll include it? I'd like to include a picture of the Hidden Palace mural along with my theory that it's what led Gerald to create a hedgehog ULF...
  14. I don't think I'm asking too much for them to do their job and refine the game's controls properly.
  15. Why don't we just make the turning less stiff, then.
  16. I don't like it. It seems like a solution to a problem that they invented; they set up these LCD-game-like sections where you run down a hallway and dodge from lane to lane, and in some cases I think they cripple your normal left-right movement to make you rely on the quick step. You should have the mobility to dodge obstacles like that naturally, and they shouldn't be making such shallow sections anyway.
  17. It's less terrible than the rest of E1 but it's still mostly rehash.
  18. I'm not going to try to stick him with one particular characterization; there's plenty of things that could work. But looking at it from the other direction: What is it that he wants for himself? What is missing from his life that he's looking for? What challenges does he have to overcome, besides progressively larger robots/monsters? What drives him? Why does he risk his life for other people? What do his friends mean to him? What does he gain from them?
  19. And the problem is that Sonic has very little beyond the basics of that archetype. Just think of every anime where the hero spends a significant amount of time beating up dudes, making friends with dudes, or making friends with dudes by beating them up.
  20. I don't think Sonic being friendly is particularly deep characterization. Okay, so, optimism. Look forward instead of back. Not particularly special. He fights for what he believes in, and because he's the good guy, he wins. So he's friendly, optimistic, and fights for what he believes in. Sorry man I'm just not seeing it.
  21. I don't think co-op works with Sonic. Large levels with multiple routes traveled at high speeds means people are going to be separated almost immediately. Even if you take steps to minimize it, I don't think you can come close to eliminating it, and once you're separated it pretty much ceases to be co-op in any significant way. Competitive multiplayer can work okay, as long as they put some thought into it.
  22. "Some interesting quirks" are not enough to make a character not shallow, in my mind. "Shallow" is not the zero point, with "not shallow" as everything above it; there's a range of development levels that fits under the label of "shallow".
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