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  1. Actually that's kind of a big thing. If I remember right, his profile in the leaked '06 script basically said he's a Trunks ripoff. And I think that's where his problems start...he's not really an original character built for the series, he's a knockoff of an existing character, and not even a particularly good one. I also think his design is pretty terrible. The pot-leaf head, mostly; I really wish they had gone with the slightly earlier design (first picture here), where his spikes flow backwards when he's not using his powers. The shape of them always looks so bizarre in 3D, too...
  2. I don't really like either boxart, but then again I usually don't care about boxart anyway, unless it's either extremely good or extremely bad.
  3. A live action Sonic film is doomed to fail. I haven't seen any of the guy's work, so I can't really comment on his skill, but I really can't see any way he could pull this off.
  4. This is good news, but now I'm even more pissed that my two wavebirds are slowly dying. Maybe this'll finally be my excuse for getting a classic controller...or finding something to pry my controllers open and dig out the gunk...
  5. Well, the spring suit was reduced to a single star (and it's not even needed for most of the level if you're good with jumping, though I wouldn't expect them to count that in the review), so while the suit itself is the same, it's less of a problem overall. I don't think anyone really uses 10/10 to mean perfect, tho'...
  6. That really doesn't sound like a point in its favor. I dunno for sure, but I think it was some time between SA and Heroes. Though, it was the PC version, and I've always been crap playing games with a keyboard, so the first time I put any serious effort into it was when Gems Collection came out. And I gave it a fair shot, tried to play it its way...but its way sucks and my way only makes it a bit better.
  7. I'm kind of setting myself up for failure, here, as I just finished the anime...and I started reading the manga while I was waiting for the last episode. And I'm hooked. Again. I just know it's going to punch another hole right next to the first when I get to the end.
  8. I don't see being "samey" as a flaw in itself, but it amplifies an already bad game. If a game is largely the same as a previous one, but still adds enough new stuff and does both the good and the old well, it's not a problem. But if a game isn't all that good in the first place...well, I'd rather have a mediocre game that tries new things than a game that seems like an older one but worse.
  9. I think being separated by time or dimension is a hell of a lot harder to explain away than guarding the Master Emerald or...wait, why does Shadow "need" the ARK to be relevant? Whatever, the point is it's a lot harder to justify a character jumping through time or across dimensions than it is for a character in the same world and time period to get involved. It may not require the entire game to revolve around it, but it's got to be a much bigger part of the story for it to be believable. Also regarding Amy joining GUN...I support characters developing over time, but that seems way too far out there. I really can't see any part of Amy's current personality leading to that...proper character development needs to work with the existing traits, not counter to them.
  10. I was actually thinking the opposite recently. The first preview (more a teaser, really) that I saw just hinted at it being about some sort of mad genius master thief, or something of that sort. Next trailer I saw? KIDSKIDSKIDSKIDSKIDSKIDSKIDSmad scienceKIDSKIDSKIDSKIDSKIDS... Honestly, that kind of put me off. Made me worry they'd be "obligatory cute kids" stuck into a story where they weren't needed. That said, it's not as if I've written the movie off; I'll probably see it eventually, the concept of balancing supervillainy and fatherhood has potential, and the (apparently) good reviews are helping.
  11. The seeds have been there from day 1. Tails goes from loving machines and vehicles, to flying a biplane, to repairing said biplane and strapping a rocket booster to it, to building his own planes (somewhat unsuccessfully at first), to finishing his own transforming plane, to building a plane that transforms into a mech, and so on. If you can't see where it came from, it's only because you're willfully blinding yourself to it.
  12. What?! Really? If you're just going to have it show up in one game and then snap back to normal by the next, what was the point of doing it in the first place?
  13. Chronologically 50, but in terms of actual time spent "awake", he's probably the youngest character in the series... Can't argue with the "no sense of humor" bit tho'. Edit: I prefer to chalk that bit up to the amnesia...
  14. Not so much fried as separated, I think. Light Gaia wasn't any more ready to emerge than Dark Gaia, but while Dark Gaia tried and ended up collapsing into pieces, Light Gaia manifested in an incomplete form, and thus was weakened, immature, and amnesic, but stable. Chip then luckily (or perhaps subconsciously) found and latched onto Sonic, who helped restore the emeralds, which allowed the rest of Light Gaia to gain strength and call Chip to it, and the two pieces merged.
  15. Then why were there so many badniks in the Genesis games, some badniks in the Adventures, and none for quite a while after that?
  16. This is pretty much what I go with. It's about the only way I can see the whole "stuffing animals into robots" thing making any sense. I think having the animal separate from the badnik makes more sense for the mass-produced and easily defeated robot armies. More logical for Sonic to be able to just bop 'em and keep running that way. That said, having them intertwined (physically, mentally, or both) makes for more dramatic situations. I think the two could work well in tandem; make Western style roboticization much more costly and thus suited for specific targets, and use the Japanese bird-in-a-'bot style for the generic goons.
  17. I dunno, one could argue his constant reuse implies that he is more important. Plus, Ridley also has the connection to Samus, whereas Kraid is, to my knowledge, just some bad guy to her. I'm not going to deny popularity isn't a part, but I think you might be exaggerating it a bit. But, uh, Zelda. Frankly I would rather see all the major species (hell, all the minor species too) show up in some form, but they don't always need to be vitally important. Just have them as elements of the Zelda world, rather than each one being associated with a specific dungeon or whatnot.
  18. If a character has to rely on surprise to be interesting, then it wasn't a very good character in the first place (or you just don't like them as much as you thought). And it's not as if there's no reason at all for Ridley to be involved; just being a high ranking space pirate justifies him showing up often, when the pirates are involved.
  19. Necessary, no, but I don't think it harmed things in the least. And, I mean, he's a major factor in Samus' life and a high-ranking officer of the space pirates; he's got plenty reason to appear often.
  20. I dunno, they did play with it a bit in the first game, just not nearly as much as in the second. I remember a few times when Mario'd float down like a piece of paper, and at the time having characters as thin as paper and flipping around as they moved was pretty new.
  21. Not a chance. I mean...what characters could even believably be in an FPS? Not even Shadow could be taken seriously with a gun in his hand. Rouge, maybe. Fang, if he were revived. Eggman? Various GUN personnel? That's barely enough to make a game around...and Eggman aside, they're all second tier characters at best. There's no way they'd put out an FPS starring any of the series' main characters...and without them, I doubt you could even convince them to make a bog standard platformer, much less something as unlikely as an FPS. I don't think Chronicles failed because it was an RPG, more because it was a crappy RPG. It's an uphill battle, yeah, but the (lack of) quality did far more to hurt the game than being a Sonic RPG did. Honestly, if it was done right, a Sonic RPG would probably be a fair spinoff.
  22. Sonic CD. Going from Sonic 1 to 2 to 3&K, there's always some solid improvements. Faster and more complex level design, new moves, new characters, new powerups, etc. But Sonic CD is just Sonic 1+Things That Don't Work. I can never understand why people praise Sonic CD's level design. To me, it always seems exactly the wrong way to design levels for a Sonic game. Rather than being designed to work with the player and Sonic's abilities, it seems to work against them; whenever you start to get up some decent speed, you're guaranteed to run smack into something unless you already know it's there ahead of time. Most of the game ends up being more like an ordinary platformer than one that takes advantage of Sonic's unique abilities. The time travel could've been a fun gimmick, but not the way it was implemented. The worst of it is that you don't really have much control over it. First off, you've got to find the appropriate signpost for the direction you want to go. Then, you have to build up speed and hold it for a few seconds...harder than it sounds, thanks to the level design. Most of the time I end up using some chunk of level design that's obviously there solely to activate time travel (two springs facing each other, usually). And of course, when you don't want to travel...chances are you'll hit a signpost anyway, so either you have to avoid going at full speed, or you have to go fast enough to almost time travel, then quickly slow down so you don't. But if you're flying through the air or in some gimmick that doesn't kill your speed when you're about to warp, well, you're screwed. And I've never found much reason to do the whole time travel thing, anyway; finding the robot generator is boring and annoying, and even if I get it, I have to time travel twice more if I want to see any real effect. The special stages are kind of dull, too. They don't have the same surreal other-dimension style of Sonics 1-3&K, and trying to hit things in midair in pseudo-3D is annoying. And the only reward for finishing them is good futures...saves on time travel, but it's a bit of a weak reward. The spindash sucks. Hard. The peel out is a bit better, and at least having some sort of speed-gaining move is an improvement over Sonic 1, but the spindash from 2 onward is just so much better.
  23. I don't know enough about MGS to understand the connection, but in Mickey's case...I think that's sort of the point. The game's contrasting the squeaky-clean hero Mickey with the mischievous scrapper Mickey.
  24. I don't think being chained to the Master Emerald/Angel Island is hurting Knuckles, so much as the flagrant disregard for his responsibilities. When we've got Knuckles running off to be Eggman's delivery boy, or to go race hoverboards, without even a mention of what he should be doing, it gets hard to take that aspect of his character seriously. I don't think there'd be much of a problem in this area if they split it 3 ways: games without Knuckles, games where Knuckles' duties are directly relevant (anything actually involving the island or the emerald), and games where there is a plausible but tangential reason for him to be involved ("something's up with the emeralds!", "this could eventually affect my island!", etc etc). They don't have to be in equal proportion, but they should all be represented. I don't really sense this in the games, but it'd be an interesting angle to pursue. I don't really get the whole rival thing, anyway. Maybe I just didn't get into all the hype between S3&K and SA, but I've always seen Knuckles as the hotheaded friend, the lancer to Sonic's hero. I mean, in S3&K they were genuinely enemies until Knuckles realized he had been tricked, at which point they cooperated with no hesitation. In SA, Knuckles was tricked again; their fight wasn't a matter of being rivals so much as "you have my shit!" "wtf, no I don't!". By SA2 there doesn't seem to be any bad blood between them, and of course Heroes is all "teamwork is awesome!", and that's about the point characterization in the series went downhill. Another thing, I kind of miss his loner side. S3&K had him as the whole "last of his race, sole protector of the island and emerald" thing, and they pressed it pretty well in the Adventures, too; until he runs into Tails and Amy in SA2, he's always off doing his own thing, just coincidentally running into other characters. Even after that, he's more concerned with putting the emerald back together than stopping Eggman; it's only after that's done and Sonic asks for his help that he's really part of the team. Of course then came Sonic Teamwork, ShtH (he's alone in his levels, but so is everyone else, and he's with the rest in the last story), '06, the Riders games...and it starts to seem like he's Sonic's second sidekick. I suppose part of it could be passed off as character development, but it just doesn't feel like development. More like a switch was flicked, and suddenly he's all buddy-buddy.
  25. Yeah I mean it's not like people are going to throw fits and argue over a few small changes to a character's design like expression and eye color and body shape and spine length and-oh. Oh dear.
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