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  1. I dunno about that. Considering how little the games explain things beyond the immediate conflict and a vague backstory, I think it'd be pretty interesting if they pulled it all together and put together an official version of what happened, including all the stuff they didn't tell us the first time. Although, given that it'd most likely be bucketloads of retcons in a series with some pretty sketchy writing, it probably wouldn't be for the best...
  2. It's been in both of the Tropical Resort levels we've seen, hasn't it?
  3. We've already had screenshots with filenames calling them Act 4. 5 or 6 acts total really isn't unreasonable.
  4. Don't pull this shit. No one's saying she has to be an emotionless killer robot, but her actions should make sense given what she's done and how she's acted in the past, and this, doesn't.
  5. I really can't picture a better evolution for Smugleaf. Well, maybe but it's fine either way. What's so terrible about it?
  6. No, he's saying "well, I think it works best this way. And it's my job to decide how things go, so I'm going to do what I think is best." What is with people reading malice into everything? Do you really feel as if you're being intentionally and personally insulted/attacked?
  7. Are the bat and little dinosaur guy here their official artwork? 'cause they're on the character sheet too, and it looks like one was copied from the other.
  8. Yeah, it's not like the Genesis games had things like springs, boosters (of many sorts), warp tubes, slides, pinball flippers, hovertops, cannons, snowboards, ziplines, and that goddamn Wacky Workbench bouncy floor, that could shoot you off at high speeds automatically.
  9. Of the ones that still exist, the games. Not because it's especially well done...but because it's the only universe I follow. Not like the other stuff is any better, tho'... And I'll second Dabnikz's write-in for the OVA. It's very much unlike the games universe, but at the same time kind of similar (at least to the games universe as it existed at the time). It's fun.
  10. American Rockman is hardcore. Rockman is the character as originally intended (cute), and Megaman is the western interpretation (ANGRY EYES, because westerners won't play as cute things).
  11. I think the drill goes faster (the preview mentioned combining laser and drill to drill faster; maybe he was mistaken about the laser?), and the energy tether between the spike forms seems like a double Wisp effect. Not sure about the laser, tho'. Edit: The hearts have Eggman's logo on them. I'm not sure what to think of that.
  12. If it is, I'll eat my hat. I'm all for continuity, but shoehorning in an unrelated reference to a previous game just isn't worth the effort.
  13. I doubt it, since he mentions "a" counterpart, and there's at least two (and maybe more) robo-Sonics; the counterpart is most likely something unique or something related to Orbot.
  14. So this went up earlier today, with some small but interesting bits of info: So, hey! "Ergo" is back, apparently (...red robot?)! Eggman will actually have someone to talk to again! Maybe two someones, depending on what he meant by "counterpart". At any rate, this is good news; they're actually working with existing characters instead of dumping them at the drop of a hat. I'm a bit worried about that breaking the fourth wall bit, tho'...it wouldn't be the first time Sonic's done it, but it's something that can go bad real fast depending on how it's done.
  15. No matter the reasons, they've kind of got to run with it now.
  16. Hopefully it's more than just tossing the games from the original All-Stars onto a disk. I could get them all off the VC right now, if I wanted... Hm. Considering the game's only ~$30, and it's just a few dollars less to buy them all on the VC, I wouldn't be expecting many surprises out of this.
  17. Hm, well that's...interesting. So we know what the red rings are for, or at least, one of the things they unlock. I'm hoping it's not just this, as I don't have many opportunities to play multiplayer, so it's not much of a reward (though I'll end up getting them all anyway). I like the setup of having it be a simulation made by Eggman to explain why there's two (robo-)Sonics. It's not really necessary, but it's a nice touch. Combining powers seems neat, but it seems kind of odd to bury it in a separate multiplayer mode...
  18. Improper use of the term "Act"! *angry fist shake* Trailer's making the game look pretty exciting, though it's kind of hard to tell what sort of things they've changed, besides what we already know.
  19. Fake, huh. That's a shame. The pig was pretty solid, and that was probably the best possible Smugleaf evolution. At least Wotter gets another shot to win me over.
  20. ...I really don't see it. Similar body shapes, yeah, but not enough to think anything's copied.
  21. I used to have trouble with the bee enemies in the Wii version of Unleashed, but there's a few tricks to make them easier; thrown objects will usually hit them, the dash attack pretty much always hits and stuns them long enough to get in a few more hits, and trying to grab them then blocking their counterattack will leave them open for a bit. They're still kind of annoying, as you can't just smash through them like most enemies, but they aren't that bad. One of the worst enemies in the series, and one that most definitely embodies the "just die already!" sentiment, are those giant, hammer-wielding, helmeted egg pawns from Heroes. Their only vulnerable point is their head, which is covered by their helmet; the most efficient way to take them out is to knock them over, which requires them to do a specific attack (and all of their attacks take a while to finish), then hit them with a power attack while they're dizzy, then you pound its head in and hope you kill it before it stands up (in which case you'll need to knock it over again). Even in the best case, this takes way too goddamn long for one enemy, and it's tedious as hell. There are other ways to attack it, but they're even slower; I think you can get their helmet off with a tornado attack (I may be misremembering, tho'), and you can attack them while they're standing and helmetless with the Fire Dunk attack, but your partners will get hurt as well and you have to wait for them to get unstunned before you can attack again. The only way to take them out in a reasonable amount of time is with a Team Blast, and you really can't be expected to have one ready all the time unless you've already memorized where they show up. In a game full of crappy enemies that take too long to die, these guys are the worst. The Launch Base ones are pretty easy as Sonic, if you get the timing on the instashield down.
  22. And the conclusion we should draw from this is "we should work harder to prevent bigots and hatemongers from infringing on other people's rights", not "we don't want to make people angry, so minorities should limit their rights."
  23. Because you are an ignorant bigot, yes, we know. Actually, they have a community center to gain from this. And, you know, keeping their rights as American citizens. That's kind of a big deal.
  24. I, the man known by the name Diogenes, say this: not every religion is equally peaceful, and you are free to quote me on this. Now can we get past that pointless strawman and to the part where you realize that, even if Religion B is statistically more violent than Religion A, distrusting people from Religion B simply because they are from Religion B makes you an ignorant bigot?
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