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  1. I wouldn't say blue arms are the right choice here, but looking at it, I am starting to think the tan arms work better with his usual stylized anatomy, with the tube-arms more ambiguously connected to the body, compared to somewhat more realistic anatomy and the color being the only thing clearly separating them.
  2. It's not about wanting the movie to be bad, it's about expecting that it will be based on what we know of it, and not wanting a bad movie to succeed, because that encourages them to create more bad movies. We'd all be happier if we could confidently put our money towards a movie we were sure was going to be worth watching, but we can't will that movie into existence just by wanting it.
  3. I saw someone point out that the description for the Japanese stream seems to say that there won't be any information on unannounced fighters. Considering the Hero and Banjo demos were in the 20-25 minute range I'm wondering what the hell they've got to show that's making this one 45 minutes.
  4. Honestly it's not that hard for me to believe that fans jumped the gun a bit on Shadow working for GUN. As far as I can remember '06 is the only game where anything like that happens, and not only did that game un-happen, it's not really explicit about how the two are connected in the first place. He's clearly working with them at the start, but it's not clear if he's properly joined up with them or just working with them because their interests align.
  5. I really don't think that's what we're supposed to take from that minor background detail.
  6. It's kinda more like, what periods have actually not been bad for Sonic. Whenever it manages to have a couple of good games it ends up shooting itself in the foot soon after. If I had to pick a "worst", I'd have to say the mid-00's. I don't think anything has done more damage to the series than the one-two punch of Shadow and '06. By that point they had broken everything about 3D Sonic gameplay that had ever worked and made a complete joke out of the story and characters, and sometimes it feels like every bad decision since has been either directly or indirectly a response to that period.
  7. Visually, well, I can kinda see it? I feel like the only major change is losing the ears; maybe they could add some hair tufts or something to get the same silhouette. Otherwise if this was actually rendered in a game-accurate style instead of being a Photoshop hackjob, I think I could believe it.
  8. Years ago I had vague ideas about some antagonistic plant people. Like, take the whole nature vs tech thing and twist it around, the metaphorical avatar of nature is pissed at what modern civilization has done, and Sonic and pals have to convince them that, yeah sure there's assholes like Eggman around but most people aren't trying to destroy the planet. Though I guess being most directly opposed to Eggman kind of limits their use in a rogue's gallery kind of situation. Rouge should've been more antagonistic than she ended up being. She's a jewel-obsessed thief, the series' main macguffins are jewels, there should've been some clashes between her and the heroes due to that. I've pretty much given up on them doing anything like that with her though so they should bring in someone else for that sort of role. More human-scale villainy rather than supervillainy.
  9. We don't know what all happened in the months between Sonic's beating and Classic appearing. Considering that even at his apparent worst Tails is out there in the still-smoldering ruins of a now-Eggman-controlled city trying to fix Omega it seems like a bit much to assume he never tried to do anything. He's clearly in a bad state but he didn't enter a permanent fetal position the moment Sonic went down. It's the difference between being in the heat of the moment and being beaten down by months of tragedy. What's going to help Sonic more, someone who's not primarily a fighter throwing themselves into the fight, or figuring out what the deal is with this impossibly fast guy and his inexplicable posse? Even Sonic wants Tails to figure out what's going on in that scene, not jump in and start swinging. Forces' Egg Pawns look like chumps but they're still meant to be at least moderately dangerous, and he's put himself between them and a group of innocents. He doesn't have a lot of options at that point that wouldn't end with someone being turned into swiss cheese.
  10. "Immediately", in this case, meaning at some unknown point across a several month span where his best friend is missing and possibly dead and Eggman has effectively taken over the world. And it's not really fair to compare Tails in his mech vs Eggman in a functionally identical mech against Tails, unarmed, against 5 guys who just effortlessly beat the shit out of Sonic.
  11. He's afraid of lightning, though it doesn't come up much. Also he was afraid to fight Eggman alone in SA.
  12. Well, the leak is looking pretty legit now. I guess I should be glad they at least updated the design from "dumpster fire" to "awkward imitation"...it still doesn't look great, and it's not going to save the movie, but at least this won't be giving anyone nightmares. ...probably. Probably should wait to see it in motion before saying that.
  13. Nuke animal world to cinders, survivors flee to human world, never speak of it again. The solution to the two worlds issue.
  14. Feels a bit contrived for someone infected to be able to sneak in when Gemerl can trivially scan everyone and has been hyper-vigilant about any zombots getting in. Minor complaint, though. Otherwise the issue's fine...though I still don't feel like the emotional beats land as well as they should. T&W continues to be much more successful at that.
  15. Most early Sonic media didn't give much focus to humans aside from Eggman. He was the only human in the (non-spinoff) games until SA, SatAM and early Archie were just him and Snively IIRC, AoStH may have had one or two randos but they were a clear minority. Compared to all of the heroes, most of the innocent bystanders, and the few other villains all being animals, it was easy to get the impression that the few humans were outliers in an animal-dominated world...until SA came about and made that very clearly not the case.
  16. where's my marine the raccoon spinoff sega

    1. Diogenes


      spunky kid goes on pirate adventures, it's a solid concept

    2. Wraith


      I'd back this 

    3. Ferno


      something something sticks

    4. TCB


      hell yeah I love one piece 

    5. Polkadi~☆


      literally one piece

    6. Flame Lance

      Flame Lance

      Joke or not, I would buy this. SRA had one of the best stories IMO and I’d kill for more games like it. 

  17. Budget's not the concern, reception is. How your main character sounds is a pretty big deal, and Classic Sonic's never had a canon voice. Instead of risking picking a voice that people wouldn't be happy with they just kept him silent.
  18. As I remember it most people complained about the annoying in-level dialogue. Nobody liked hearing the same lines every time they went through a loop in Heroes or every partner character shouting at Shadow in ShtH. And Classic Sonic was silent in Gens because finding the right voice for a character is a tough thing and they just decided to pass on the risk rather than pick one and disappoint people. It's not fundamentally different from the complaints some Modern fans have made about Modern Sonic's VA changing.
  19. I've got issues with the lack of real 3D gameplay in the series myself, but a game isn't inherently worth less just because it's 2D.
  20. What did that have to do with classic fans? I figured they cut it because it was almost entirely meaningless fluff, and it got annoying to hear the same things repeated a hundred times.
  21. I'd say parts of this fanbase have developed an unhealthy hoarding mentality, where everything's got to be saved because surely it'll be good and useful eventually. Sometimes it's ok to get rid of things. Sometimes you need to get rid of things. And it's not just "classic pandering" to try to tell a story in a different way.
  22. While I wouldn't do away with dialogue/voice acting in the series entirely I'm not really bothered by the idea of the characters not talking some of the time. There's a lot that can be done without dialogue and Sonic characters are well suited for silent acting, with their expressive oldschool cartoon-inspired designs and big, bold personalities. We saw it in action with both Mania Adventures and TSR Overdrive, and the characters have hardly ever been more appealing even with that "limitation". If Sega was actually up for it, and could afford to do the animation properly, I can't see any reason why a voiceless game couldn't work just fine. The only time I feel it's been an actual problem is Generations, not because I think Classic Sonic should have talked, but because he was the only one who didn't, other Classics included. If everyone was silent, or if they at least made it a trait of the Classic characters it'd be fine, but when it's just him it reads as a personality trait and that doesn't fit his personality.
  23. No this issue is a flashback, it happens at the same time as last issue, while Tails was at his lab.
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