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  1. They probably just didn't have any reason to. It's not like "Super" Mario was a new design specifically for 3D, it was already his default look, even if the 2D games started him off small.
  2. ...except the render you used as an example of small Mario, is from 3D Land.
  3. If we're imagining the series being handled by people who are competent and actually give a shit, I'd probably go full reboot. Start it all over and actually try to think ahead, set up a world they could build consistently within, have some overall direction for the series' storytelling in mind. A world and direction that are more in the spirit of classic Sonic than the Adventures or the boost games or Boom, but not one that just straight excludes every element from them. Like if they've got a good idea for a rebooted version of Big or Rouge or the Chaotix or whoever, sure, go for it. I can't really go into more detail than that since I've never felt it worth trying to construct a whole alternate take on the series that'll never happen (even if they reboot they certainly wouldn't give a shit about my personal ideas, of course).
  4. Ditch the gatekeeping, then. Classic Sonic existing doesn't mean they can't try to make good 2D/physics-based gameplay with modern Sonic. Of course Sonic Team is about as likely to realize that as they are to realize it's worth making good gameplay. Merely allowing classic to exist is scraps. What they should be doing, if they intend to keep it alive, is build a proper side-series out of it, whether out of their hands or someone else's. If all we'd ever get out of classic Sonic is more of Sonic Team's halfassed attempts like Gens and Forces I'd be wishing the little blue fucker dead as much as anyone, much as I regularly wish modern Sonic dead in the hopes of something not shit rising from the ashes.
  5. Right, scraps. Halfassed attempts at addressing secondary issues, making weird compromises with modern Sonic, satisfying basically nobody. It may have been "for us" but very little of it is what we actually wanted. Merely allowing classic Sonic to exist is still just scraps. I'm not giving Sega/Sonic Team any praise for cheap, surface-level pandering just because iterations like Boom and the old cartoons are dead and buried. Sounds like a good reason to not axe classic Sonic, then. If they weren't doing it with modern Sonic before, and they aren't doing it with modern Sonic now, why should we expect them to do it with modern Sonic after they ditch classic?
  6. "A whole branch" which consists of, what? Some merch? A couple of animations? Sonic Team stopped caring about physics-based gameplay long before classic Sonic's return. Hell, they don't even care about it with their takes on classic Sonic. And it's not like they've stopped giving modern Sonic 2D gameplay.
  7. One game by an outside team is not 11 years of "getting our way".
  8. That existed long before this formal classic/modern split and it will continue to exist long after it's gone.
  9. 6bz1nqQ.png

    1. azoo


      knowing you posted this analoging "good and bad things" with "classic & modern sonic" says a lot here, freud

    2. Wraith
  10. All "bring back classic Sonic" has ever been, from my perspective anyway, is "go back to the things that were good and that worked and build from there". The idea that it was supposed to be nothing more than endless sequels to 3&K or whatever, as if this game from the early 90s is the absolute apex of what Sonic can and should be, is baffling.
  11. I guess it's hard to argue against SA Big; he's designed to do one thing and not much else, and his "one thing" is kind of the antithesis of a Sonic game. But there's not much more to say since it's so obviously wrong that even Sonic Team knows not to do it again. Probably. This is definitely true. I think just being able to drop out of flight into ball form would do a lot to make him feel better to play, though I wouldn't be against a more significant reworking of his flight. Honestly I don't feel any game, 2D or 3D, has figured out a good way of handling it. Speaking of Mighty in Mania, he doesn't exactly feel bad to play as, but his unique abilities do end up feeling kinda useless. His passive defense is fine but doesn't really change how I play, and I've never found much use for his stomp/ground pound; he can smash a few things other characters can't, but an ability to drop down faster just doesn't open up interesting options. He's probably my least played of the five characters by a wide margin; even if Tails' flight isn't fun, it gets me places other characters can't (or at least not as easily), and that's more valuable than Mighty's abilities.
  12. Not nearly as much as I'm tired of it being true. Obviously it's no fun to have something you like get bashed on the regular, but the series has been facing serious problems for a long time now; it's largely earned its reputation. And I feel like a lot of the bashing comes with at least some degree of sympathy; it's not just that Sonic's an easy target, but I think a lot of people, whether they consider themselves fans or not, have some fond memories or lingering respect for the series, and bashing what it's become is a way of venting and commiserating over it. Of course there's always going to be some assholes, but every fanbase has to deal with some assholes.
  13. recent news has me thinking about theoretical sonic reboots and whenever i think about rebooting sonic i end up thinking about how he's a weird, kind of uncomfortable mix of man and animal. and i don't mean that he's a talking animal that's obvious i have in fact seen cartoons but like...he's such a civilized animal, that i don't know why he's even an animal anymore. or even, almost, why was he one to start? even if you go back to the beginning when the series had some environmentalist themes, having sonic protect small animals from an avatar of unchecked industrialization, he still wasn't "wild"; he wore sneakers and owned a biplane, and he certainly didn't find them growing on a tree somewhere or trade some berries to a little pig or bird for them. so what is he, in this world? what are any of the characters? are they animals that learned to stand up and talk or basically just a bunch of weird-looking humans? if you had asked me a couple years ago i would've loved to see more things like blaze's world where the anthro characters have their own kingdoms or countries or however they'd want to organize, but now sometimes i think that would be unfulfilling, just replicating the human world only they're all short and furry and the fact that he's sonic "the hedgehog" is hardly more than an aesthetic choice. but then i see reboot concepts trying to push those old environmentalist themes to the forefront and i can't stop thinking about his sneakers, such an iconic and irreplaceable part of his design, but utterly out of place as you try to frame him as a defender of nature from the evils of man. so if neither of these, then what? how do you write these characters, both as individuals and as a "species", to believably have a foot in both worlds? as much as i turn the idea over in my head i've never found a satisfying answer, and it gnaws at me.

    in conclusion:


  14. Those are incredibly generic statements, though.
  15. tails but instead of being born with two tails he was born with no tails so he made prosthetic tails

    1. Tarnish


      Why would he make more than 1 tail tho?

    2. Diogenes



    3. Wraith


      -sonic prime writers room aggressively takes notes-

    4. Tarnish


      Does he go overboard and make 9 tails?

    5. Soniman


      If he had no tail why would obsessively want one?

    6. Diogenes



      Does he go overboard and make 9 tails?

      that'd be unbalanced again


      If he had no tail why would obsessively want one?

      teased about his weird butt

    7. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I'd be pretty unamused myself if my birth name was _____ The Fox.

      (yes i know its actually miles, shhh)



      His butt ain't any less weirder even now




    8. shdowhunt60


      I feel like this is the premise of at least 50 edgy fanfictions.

  16. hmm. i was vaguely considering getting immortals fenyx rising in the hopes of it scratching a botw-ish itch, but after a couple minutes with the demo...it is extremely not that. it may be a good game for all i know but being dumped into things with a million icons and abilities i have no context for while people i don't care about babble about things i don't care about...well, it'd take an effort to make a worse first impression. admittedly i went into botw actually knowing some things about it but it still did a much, much better job of letting you build up your understanding of the game naturally, instead of feeling like you forgot to study for a test in a class you never even went to.

    1. Wraith


      You try Genshin Impact?

    2. Diogenes


      nah, i'm sure my laptop can't handle it and my only console is a switch. though it's apparently supposed to come out on switch eventually so i'll probably give it a try then.

  17. The way I read it, the "giant Sonic universe" is just all the Sonic stuff that already exists, games, cartoons, comics, etc, and this show is another thing to add to that big pile. Nothing that implies it's based specifically on the games or any other work.
  18. Never said that it would be good, just that it could be done.
  19. Tons of stuff, just keep inventing new 'verses.
  20. Nah that can totally be the premise for a whole series. Spacetime gets fucked, Sonic Prime has to jump dimensions to fix it, each episode he goes to a new dimension with a new alternate-Sonic who has a problem that's conveniently solvable in the duration of one episode and sometimes Sonic Prime learns a little something about himself from it. Quantum Leap-esque.
  21. Hmmmmnope don't think I like that. Sonic's fragmented enough as it is, I don't think we need a series trying to deal with multiversal stuff.
  22. I mean...he was using them. He wasn't actually being friendly, he was telling them what they wanted to hear so they'd get the emeralds into the Eclipse Cannon for him.
  23. But the "Adventure" era has games as disparate as Heroes and '06, two different sets of VAs, and '06 was intended as some kind of semi-reboot despite also very obviously being SA3. Then Unleashed introduced a new gameplay style and moved away from a lot of Adventure-era elements but it predates the VA and writer changes of the "meta" era; it doesn't fit cleanly into either. It's fuzzy no matter how you try to cut it.
  24. I don't think the series has ever been consistent enough to categorize like that, though. The series doesn't really have clean breaks between different "eras", it just keeps on mutating until eventually it ends up as something else, and then there's all the different spinoff media on top to muddle things further.
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