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  1. As I remember it most people complained about the annoying in-level dialogue. Nobody liked hearing the same lines every time they went through a loop in Heroes or every partner character shouting at Shadow in ShtH. And Classic Sonic was silent in Gens because finding the right voice for a character is a tough thing and they just decided to pass on the risk rather than pick one and disappoint people. It's not fundamentally different from the complaints some Modern fans have made about Modern Sonic's VA changing.
  2. I've got issues with the lack of real 3D gameplay in the series myself, but a game isn't inherently worth less just because it's 2D.
  3. What did that have to do with classic fans? I figured they cut it because it was almost entirely meaningless fluff, and it got annoying to hear the same things repeated a hundred times.
  4. I'd say parts of this fanbase have developed an unhealthy hoarding mentality, where everything's got to be saved because surely it'll be good and useful eventually. Sometimes it's ok to get rid of things. Sometimes you need to get rid of things. And it's not just "classic pandering" to try to tell a story in a different way.
  5. While I wouldn't do away with dialogue/voice acting in the series entirely I'm not really bothered by the idea of the characters not talking some of the time. There's a lot that can be done without dialogue and Sonic characters are well suited for silent acting, with their expressive oldschool cartoon-inspired designs and big, bold personalities. We saw it in action with both Mania Adventures and TSR Overdrive, and the characters have hardly ever been more appealing even with that "limitation". If Sega was actually up for it, and could afford to do the animation properly, I can't see any reason why a voiceless game couldn't work just fine. The only time I feel it's been an actual problem is Generations, not because I think Classic Sonic should have talked, but because he was the only one who didn't, other Classics included. If everyone was silent, or if they at least made it a trait of the Classic characters it'd be fine, but when it's just him it reads as a personality trait and that doesn't fit his personality.
  6. No this issue is a flashback, it happens at the same time as last issue, while Tails was at his lab.
  7. All mobian parents are to be executed during their child's sixth year of age to maximize their child's freedom and foster a sense of independence.
  8. Pretty sure more than one snowy mountain is allowed to exist. And if you don't buy that, we could pretend the crevasse Sonic jumps to escape the avalanche is the border between Angel Island's Ice Cap and an unnamed snowy mountain on the mainland and they just happened to line up when the island fell.
  9. Sometimes space is weird in video games, some stuff is compressed, some stuff is stretched, but when a game shows you a thing is in a certain place, you should accept that even when it is weird unless you have a damn good reason to think otherwise. Sky deck is still part of the Egg Carrier even if you can't see it in cutscenes or the adventure field, we don't go assuming it's actually somewhere else. When the designers choose to put the entrance to Ice Cap on Angel Island, that is them saying that Ice Cap is on Angel Island. e: also Knuckles is weird around girls because he is an awkward hormonal teenager.
  10. Days, going by the Japanese manual. Doesn't actually work in reality though, since you get there from Angel Island...
  11. SA2 gave us a pretty good look at how Eggman would react. He's got a measure of respect for Sonic, he might take a moment to show it, but he's still gonna get back to executing his evil plans pretty quick. Everyone else...well, I'd say Forces is reasonably close. Some characters (Amy in particular, see again SA2) would be more broken up if he was unambiguously dead rather than missing and possibly dead, but they'd still pull together and do what they could. What shape that would take and how successful they'd be depends on what exactly Eggman's up to; I don't believe the point of Forces was ever that, without Sonic, everyone else is incompetent, but that they were fighting a losing war against a seemingly untouchable opponent but with the help of Sonic, other Sonic, and You they were able to turn the tide back in their favor. If Eggman managed to pull some similarly overpowered ace out of his sleeve things could end up like Forces, otherwise there's enough superpowered animals around to beat him back, if maybe not as efficiently.
  12. "Leaks are usually always legit", what? How long has this guy been on the internet?
  13. Not really. It's not like many Sonic characters have had their powers explained. Pretty much just Shadow I think.
  14. Looks vaguely close to when he's in his ship in the skyscraper scene...it's not a match (he's got way more neck in the trailer), but the "leak" looks kinda warped to me, like someone fucked around with the liquefy tool or something, so who knows. Sonic...I guess he looks better, but...not good. First one looks like an awkwardly posed figurine.
  15. Okay. Do you maybe want to explain the relevance of this to the discussion at hand, instead of making a dozen more vague posts?
  16. ok but what about sonic's oral limits


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      brb I'll go all someone on Deviant Art if they know 

  17. If Knuckles wanted Sonic dead his best chance was after knocking him on his ass and stealing the emeralds, yet all he does is laugh and run off. I could believe he wasn't really trying to kill Sonic, just chase him off. Though I could also believe he wouldn't have been too upset if one of his traps did end up killing them.
  18. They're weird magical demon monsters, they can poof away when beaten without that being death. And they're not "gone for good", they've very clearly come back in TSR and IDW Sonic (which, even though it's separate from the games, has been aligned so closely with them that I doubt Sega would let them be used if they were meant to be dead). Even Lost World doesn't assume they're dead, at the end Eggman says he'll get a new conch and reenslave them.
  19. You can hardly say Sonic killed the D6 when we've been shown they're still alive. It's no different from Mario dumping Bowser in lava; that would kill an ordinary person, sure, but we're not dealing with an ordinary person. Sonic's pretty much a "live and let live" kind of guy; he usually only goes as far as is necessary to stop someone from fucking up other people's lives. If it's some mindless or inherently-evil monster he might have to take it down permanently but if it's any kind of "person" they'll get a chance to repent and stop being a dick.
  20. For me it's because they're supposed to be analogous to actual echidnas' big gnarly claws. Having his knuckle spikes just be part of his gloves is like if they came out and said Sonic's spikes aren't actually spikes, just regular hair that he spiked up with gel and hairspray, or Tails doesn't actually have two tails, but just built himself a prosthetic helicopter ass. Part of the fun of Sonic character designs is how they adapt traits from the animals they're based on into their design and abilities.
  21. May as well go ahead and give him fingers too while they're at it.
  22. A chaos emerald radar, a fake chaos emerald, extreme gear, a spaceship (twice, Fighters and ShtH), the Miles Electric (plus wisp translator), all the vehicles in Rush Adventure, a TV (out of paperclips), just off the top of my head. And I don't think the Cyclone should be discounted just because it can be a plane in addition to being a mech and a car. He's never been solely interested in planes and I don't see any reason to change that.
  23. The only Freedom Fighter I could see myself adding in would be Bunnie, since I think her being a cyborg could be both unique gameplay and unique story hooks . Otherwise, not being a fan of them to start with, I just don't see the point. The FF as a group don't really fit the games, where Eggman's plans always get shut down long before any kind of organized resistance is necessary (Forces excepted obviously). Sally can't lead a group that doesn't exist and Sega obviously wouldn't allow her as Sonic's love interest, Rotor's just another tech guy, and...was there ever anything appealing about Antoine? There's a lot that'd have to be changed or added just to get them up to functional and the only reason to bother seems to be courting their existing fans rather than the characters bringing something interesting to the series.
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