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  1. "Too much Fire Emblem" has been a running complaint at least since Smash 4, though, and Corrin still gets hate for basically being in the same position Byleth is now. Plus the rest of the pass was all surprising third party additions, so Byleth sticks out like a sore thumb. It should've been immediately obvious that this would be divisive, at the least.
  2. Why not put them in the middle, then. Two hype characters at the start to draw in early adopters, two hype characters at the end for a strong finish to pull in the stragglers. Start strong, end strong, if there's got to be a lull, put it in the middle.
  3. well that was a fucking waste

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      At least some of the Mii costumes were okay?

    2. Diogenes


      meh. cuphead's ok but doesn't have nearly the impact sans had, and the rest are forgettable

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I thought Altaïr was cool. But that's as much as you can say for any Mii costume. "Oh that's nice", and then it never crosses your mind every again unless you happen to really want to play as a barely animated, off model version of your favourite character with a generic moveset.

  4. oh for fuck's sake nintendo


    fuck off

    1. Diogenes


      how many hundreds, thousands of characters out there and they pick marth #5 (or whatever, i've lost count, who cares)

  5. watch dorohedoro

  6. He's an eccentric genius that they bring in out of desperation, he's not working with standardized military technology, there is no reason his machines have to be boring and generic.
  7. Even if they insisted on making it an origin story, there's any number of ways they could've written him, they weren't locked into this specific interpretation.
  8. Everybody's sick of Green Hill.
  9. Personally I would've rather they got Eggman's sense of style right the first time instead of having bland robots in the one movie we know will be made and waiting until unlikely hypothetical sequels to give them actual personality and appeal.
  10. New year, new art, new Jilli
  11. I think it's better if 100% rewards aren't anything too significant. Unlockables are an incentive to keep playing, but they shouldn't be so strong that players feel compelled to keep playing just for the reward even if they aren't enjoying what they're doing. Playing the game is supposed to be the fun part, not a chore you have to power through. Also, if it's not something inherently sectioned off like a bonus level, I'd like if more 100% rewards worked like a new game + or were otherwise not tied to the save file where they were unlocked. One of the problems with 100% rewards is that, by definition, there isn't really any game left for you to use them on. This is less of a problem if the game has a level select, but even then I usually replay games on a fresh file when I come back to them, and it'd be nice to have access to the stuff I've unlocked there, rather than on a file I have nothing left to do with.
  12. Sega very clearly doesn't let the comics writers go off and do basically whatever they want, the way things were for a long time with Archie Sonic. That's only reasonable; every company wants to protect their intellectual property, and after seeing how off-track Archie Sonic had become, as well as the series as a whole dealing with an ongoing identity crisis, it makes sense that they'd have stricter oversight in place than they used to. But nobody who isn't directly involved in the comics actually knows what rules are in place, besides the few that the people involved have let slip. That makes it easy to blame them for anything in the comic they don't like; it's always big bad Sega ruining the writer's pure and faultless vision, and nobody can prove otherwise.
  13. But Sonic was a wacky animal series, or at least close to it, at the start. I'd agree it was probably for the best that they dropped the whole Madonna thing, but if she had made it into Sonic 1 she wouldn't have been received at all like Elise. She'd just be the hipper, more contemporary alternative to Princess Peach (much as Sonic was to Mario).
  14. ok so if anyone here has played tales of vesperia, is there a reason the game swings wildly between decent and absolute pig shit?

    twice now i've stumbled into one-vs-multiple battles with little advance warning where the enemies can stunlock you for half your health, and there seems to be no reasonable way of dealing with this.

    1. Kuzu


      What difficulty are you playing on?

    2. Diogenes


      normal. i've played symphonia so i understand the gist of the combat, and i haven't had much trouble with normal fights or most bosses, but the combat system just seems to break down when you have no allies and enemies can gang up on you.

    3. Kuzu


      You basically need to combo enemies in long strings and kill them before they can get the jump on you. Run off, heal with a gel, lather rinse repeat. 

    4. Diogenes


      yeah except that if i try to combo one guy, the other stabs me in the ass. and while i'm recovering from that, the first guy stabs me in the dick. and if i try to block i get stabbed in the ass, and if i try to run and heal i get stabbed in the dick.

  15. Finally got a chance to read #24. Pretty solid overall, they're actually selling the characters being worn down and broken, and Tangle is great here, she's definitely the highlight of the issue. I'm kinda underwhelmed by Whisper's breakdown, though. I mean I get that it's stomping directly on where she's most emotionally vulnerable and the art's pretty visceral, but it's another case of things feeling a bit rushed, and with a little more time and a little more space I think they could've twisted the knife harder.
  16. Looks like he's wearing the same shoes in every scene we've seen though, even ones where he's seemingly still in hiding. Did he bust into some random house that just happens to have a kid who offers him some shoes?
  17. I can't really give Heroes much credit just for hamfistedly setting up a plot point for a future game. All it amounted to was throwing a few points out there for people to frantically speculate over; nothing about it is good writing in itself. And considering how irrelevant it is in ShtH, I don't think they even did it in good faith, with a real plan in mind. This is a complaint that I honestly don't get. I mean it's not even true first of all, that the characters joke around in several scenes doesn't mean scenes like Tails getting mind controlled, the heroes being horrified at the wisps being processed into nega wisps, or Sonic pushing Tails to safety to face Eggman alone don't exist. These aren't spectacularly written scenes of course and the game doesn't follow up on them too strongly, but the game is not, in fact, 30 minutes of characters saying "Baldy McNosehair". And second...it's Sonic, y'know? Taking things very seriously is not his default mode. Dude cracks jokes while escaping from the military, somehow that didn't ruin SA2.
  18. Man if Heroes had "actual stakes" I'm not sure how any other Sonic game hasn't.
  19. Starline just said last issue that that was way too dangerous. I'm guessing it's meant to represent the D6; we already know Starline's planning to bring them in to control the zombots and the preview blurb for issue 25 sounds like they've done so.
  20. Well there's the part in SA2 where she wants to marry him. And the part in SA where they get into Twinkle Park because "cute couples get in free".
  21. I mean Amy has her hammer, Tails builds machines, Shadow uses guns...a character's not necessarily less just because they use a weapon rather than innate abilities. But I do agree that they should be part of his body.
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