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  1. Dude I'll miss you.  We didn't get to talk ever, but you were quite the amazing guy.

  2. I’m heartbroken about your death! You were a lot of fun to interact with! RIP!

  3. Happy birthday, my birthday brother. ;) Maybe you'll log in someday to see this.

  4. Hey deary, hows it going?

    When are you coming to London?

  5. Well honestly, I don't see any immediate need for one. Considering how incomplete Diamond and Pearl were, they REALLY needed a third release. However, Black and White are close to perfection, Theres a couple things that I'd like to be done better and added in, but this is the only pokemon game that has ever been this close to being perfect, so I don't think there's any immediate need for a third version anyways. -Iceman
  6. Yeah the wifi is REALLY fucked up.
  7. I just want to give a big thank you to you guys for using spoiler tags, it really is appreciated by guys like me who want to know of nothing before it happens. xD -Iceman
  8. Yeah, I just headed downstairs wit the rest of my Poke Obsessed nerds. I just thought it would be bigger than the D/P launch 4 years ago.

  9. Nope xD I didn't hear a single song or anything like that, it was actually only the very end I caught. xD But yeah, once I got the game, I headed straight to that overpriced pizza shop across the street. XD

  10. I picked mine up around 4:00, did you ever spot me in the crowd? XD
  11. Ya know, being one of the more well known NYC residents here at the SSMB, you know I had to make an appearance at the New York event. Here's how it went, there was a massive line that went down about eight city blocks when I got there. The funny part is, I got there at 12:00PM, around three hours before the event officially started. I should've come much earlier. Yet still, thanks to good friends and all the excitement, I had an awesome, memorable time! Check some of the photos! If you want to see more, I have plenty in an album on my facebook, give it a look if you're bored. But yeah, this was definitely the best release event I've ever attended. Now, without further ado, I will begin my journey of Pokemon White! Stay cool, my friends. Shit, hope the pictures aren't too big. -Iceman
  12. Yup, it was purple, thank goodness, now I know exactly the flavor to ask for :P

    And grats, not on completing the game, but just being able to endure it to the end, I didn't come close to finishing mine xD But yup, I'll be at SoS this year, and much longer than last year, a whole month total!

  13. I think that flavour was called tarot, was it purplish? I finished Sonic Chronicles the other day and thought of you btw. I took your advice and grinded those PP moves ^^ Will you be able to make SOS this year?

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