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  1. My new vice: Terraria.

  2. When will I ever get a hang of these warnings? Do those things expire or they become a permanent stain?

  3. SEGA, do you want to celebrate Sonic's 25th right? Do two things:
    > Bury Sonic Boom in hell (Includes cancelling Fire & Ice and canning the cartoon)
    > Make a decent Sonic game

    1. ZDozer


      As a bonus, make Taxman Lead Programmer and Ian Flynn the Lead Writer. Kick Pontac and Graff into oblivion.

    2. FriendBot


      What if Fire & Ice does become a decent game? And cancelling the show, ha! You wish.

      I guess Mr. Whitehead and Flynn would be a nice addition to Sonic Team but Pontaff aren't all crap.

    3. SSF1991


      There's more to being a Lead Programmer than making a couple of mobile ports...

    4. FriendBot


      Well since Taxman and Stealth rebuilt the classic games from the ground up, I'd say they're pretty talented though maybe they could work on the level design, from what I've seen. 

  4. Happy Birthday. 

    1. ZDozer


      Oh, thanks.

  5. happy birthday

    1. ZDozer
    2. Rey Skywalker-Ren

      Rey Skywalker-Ren

      no problem man :)

  6. So they're finally getting God Eater 2 launched on the West. About fucking damn time.
  7. Oh, so warnings DO expire here. Nice to know.

  8. I think I am sick to my stomach.

    1. Osmium


      what's wrong 

    2. ZDozer


      I just got fed up after the discussion on the Ken Penders thread. Took a warning for criticizing political correctness.

      Man, what am I actually doing here? Most people here are totally contrary to me, even I am feeling like an alien here.

    3. Osmium


      Oh. Well, I guess just be a bit more careful about what you say. You won't get off too well by insulting people or calling them retards especially around here. Just think a bit more about what you say. I think you are an alright person, even though we don't talk to each other really at all. 

    4. ZDozer


      Man, it wasn't even for a forum member, the target in question is a widely hated man. Why should I actually respect the guy who screwed Archie and the Sonic comic over?

      I also can't stand for political correctness if it limits free speech, honestly.

      The man didn't have any heart for anyone beside him, why should I have any heart for him?

    5. Osmium


      I don't really respect him either, and most people here don't either. Listen, there's a difference between not really having respect for people and needlessly insulting them. I think he's an absolutely terrible writer and artist, and he does a lot of really dumb things but I'm not really gonna call him retarded because he really isn't. 

    6. ZDozer


      I also won't pretend I'm a colorful person in a world of ponies. That's the conflicting problem.

    7. Osmium


      Alright. I don't really either, but I at least consider how people are going to react to things I say around here. 

    8. ZDozer


      That's the problem, why do people here feel offended if I never actually targeted anything at them? Maybe Webber, but I didn't even dream on the idea he was a member here until he showed up.

  9. Nepenthe's younger than me. Yeah, I'm curious about people's ages.

    Well, happy birthday, anyways.

    1. Kaze no Klonoa

      Kaze no Klonoa

      The age number never matters to me. It's the maturity of that person.

  10. Hm, that'd be... Interested: > Sonic Colors (Wii) Not Interested: > Sonic '06 > Sonic Lost World > Anything related to Sonic Boom Simple as that.
  11. Why do people have to be so annoying with political correctness? Seriously.
  12. ...What? He got off on his OWN ACCORD? What a retard. No, seriously, this actually gets Penders' lawsuit that fucked the entire comics as a blatant demonstration of Full-Retard Mode.
  13. I'd just wish Penders just... stopped with all of that shitty behavior of his. Man, he really wants to end Archie for kicking him out. He's so stuck in the past with this, someone should punch his head to make it work for once so he would realize the kind of shit he does.
  14. At this point I think it safe to say that I see Penders as a mentally disturbed man. But I actually liked the material he created. Made Knuckles more than, you know, just Sonic's buddy. Flynn was putting his creation to good use and he would never acknowledge it because he thinks of himself as the biggest pro around. A shame that he's actually nothing but a delusional man with something that some would describe as a mental sickness.
  15. God Damn it, since I've come back to the Power Sonic Forum in Brazil, I've been attracting brazillians to my profile like a magnet.

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